Reincarnated As a Fox With System
279 Chapter 279: Four Evil Fiend Beasts!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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279 Chapter 279: Four Evil Fiend Beasts!

Tang Li Xue took out the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] from her system inventory.

Although, this [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] only looked like an ancient-looking thick book, but there were truly many kinds of different information recorded inside this [Immortal World's Newbie Guide].

The information contained inside this thick book of [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] probably more than the entire international-class library.

Tang Li Xue also did not understand how her system recorded all of that information in a single book like this [Immortal World's Newbie Guide].

"My system should just make this [Immortal World's Newbie Guide]'s form into a tablet instead of an ancient book like this... It will look more high-tech that way!" Tang Li Xue complained a bit.

Tang Li Xue would probably need to read this [Immortal World's Newbie Guide]'s content diligently every day for at least several years to finish reading it. 

Tang Li Xue opened the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] and found a bit of information about Little Loki's species, Tao Tie, in the Myth and Legend section.

Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise and shock when she read about Tao Tie's information.

Tao Tie, The Leader of Four Evil Fiend Beasts, The Four Perils!

Every world or realm always consisted of Yin and Yang, Evil and Goods, Destruction and Rebirth...

Both sides were equally important to maintain the world balance, so that world or realm would not crumble apart.

In the Yang's side or the good side, there were Four Mythical Guardian Beasts: Azure Dragon, Crimson Phoenix, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger.

While in the Yin's side or in the evil side, there were Four Evil Fiend Beasts.

Hun Dun, the Evil Fiend Beast symbolized the Chaotic Torrent, capable of controlling its target's emotions, yet it cannot distinguish right from wrong, and always do anything it likes, creating chaos everywhere.

Qiong Qi, the Evil Fiend Beast symbolized the Destitute Strangeness. A monstrous creature that can speak all languages, good at confusing any creatures' mind, its hobby was triggering wars and likes to make anyone in conflict toward each other.

Tao Wu, the Evil Fiend Beast symbolized the Ignorant Stump. An arrogant and stubborn beast with peerless might, it thrashes wildly through any realm and fights any living being it encounters to the death. Reviled for its ignorance and cruelty, it was given its unflattering name as a stupid beast.

Tao Tie, the Evil Fiend Beast symbolized the Ravenous Gluttony, the leader of four Evil Fiend Beasts, a greedy monster that always hungry. It devours everything it sees, and it will grow even more powerful every time it eats.

At first, these Four Evil Fiend Beasts' prowess was on par with Four Mythical Guardian Beasts.

But after many powerful mythical beasts such as Qilin, Nine-Tailed Fox, Pixiu, Fenghuang, Four Dragon Kings, and so on joined Yang side or good side, the balance law of Divine World gave the Four Evil Fiend Beasts even more power to balance it.

The current Four Evil Fiend Beasts were so powerful that even all of the Four Mythical Guardian Beasts could only fight on par with one of them.

Especially their leader, Tao Tie, the peak matured Tao Tie could practically devour an entire high-ranking realm like Immortal World in one single gulp!

Tao Tie was an almost invincible being even in the entire Divine World. Its existence was akin to natural disasters like the flood or earthquake in the mortal world.

Currently, no God in Divine World was stupid enough to fight one on one with matured Tao Tie no matter how strong they were.

There must be hundreds of Gods to sufficiently drive Tao Tie away from their world or realm, and more than half of them were fated to perish every time in one clash.

Tao Tie did not have any weakness and almost impossible to be killed.

But it did not mean Tao Tie itself was invincible, eternal, or undying.

In fact, there was only one way to kill Tao Tie.

Tao Tie could eat anything without exception, and Tao Tie's power would certainly grow stronger every time it ate something. 

However, what if Tao Tie ate too many things until it could no longer control its own massive growth of power?

In short, the only way to kill Tao Tie was to make it overeating until its own devouring power went out of control and devoured its own body and soul!

Tang Li Xue: "....."

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock and even forgot to close it for a while.

'This... This is really crazy! Little Loki is so awesome! Too OP! Wait a minute... Doesn't it mean I will have a nearly invincible battle pet in the future?' Tang Li Xue thought as she gulped her saliva loudly.

Tang Li Xue grabbed Little Loki on her lap and lifting it high while spinning around while laughing happily for a few moments.

After she calmed down her excited and cheerful mood, Tang Li Xue wanted to close the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] and stored it back into her system's item inventory, but she realized that there was still some unnoticeable words written below the page about Four Evil Fiend Beasts.

(PS.1: If you get any eggs of Four Evil Fiend Beasts, you can store them first until you use them as the main pill ingredient for Fiend Body Essence Pill. But if you somehow get Tao Tie's egg, please destroy it immediately on the spot before it could devour anything and turn into a huge disaster to any realm.)

(PS.2: MAKE SURE TO NEVER HATCH THE EGG OF EVIL FIEND BEASTS AND MAKE THEM YOUR COMPANION PET!!! All the Evil Fiend Beasts are treacherous and extremely wicked. They would surely bring misfortune, harm, and death to their master!)

(PS.3: Even if they somewhat do not cause the death of their master, their master would still be hunted down by all the Gods and their followers sooner or later until they met with the horrible end. SO, BE SURE TO NEVER EVER HATCH THE EGG OF EVIL FIEND BEASTS, ESPECIALLY TAO TIE, UNLESS YOU ARE TIRED OF LIVING!!!)

Tang Li Xue: "....."

Cold sweat started to damp her forehead and the back of her clothes.

Her brain felt short-circuited and could not process the last notes quite well, so she read the last notes carefully again and again before taking a really deep breath.

"Uuuuhhhyaaaaa~~!!! Why… Why… Why… do you only tell me now?!" Tang Li Xue screamed hysterically in panic and anxiousness.

"Wait… wait a minute… I do not even know whose egg it is?! I got that egg from the system! So how the hell I know which creature inside that egg?!" Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth in resentment and blamed it all on her unreliable system.

"S, s, s, s, should I throw it away now?! It is not too late for me to throw it away right now, right?" Tang Li Xue stuttered in fear and almost threw down Little Loki in her embrace.

But when she glanced at Little Loki's cute sleeping expression just like an innocent tiny kitten with overwhelming cuteness, her heart melted, and she hugged Little Loki gently in her warm embrace again.

"Sigh… No, no, no, no…. Definitely no way! I already vow to never betray or abandon Little Loki before it hatched! How could I change my mind now just because these notes say so?!" Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and strengthened her wavering resolve.

Tang Li Xue did not realize it, but Little Loki in her embrace could still hear everything she said very clearly, even in its unhealthy condition. Its tiny little mouth involuntarily curved slightly upward in relief and glad.

Tang Li Xue stored back the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] into her system's item inventory.

All this time, Tang Li Xue always felt that her system was very reliable, but now, she felt really unhappy because her system actually gave her something so dangerous like Tao Tie's egg!

Honestly, Little Loki in her embrace was like a ticking time bomb placed on her body, but she really did not have any heart to abandon or throw it away.

No… she would never ever throw Little Loki away like her father dumped her sickly self and her big brother away.

But at least, Tang Li Xue got many clues from the information about the Four Evil Fiend Beasts from her [Immortal World's Newbie Guide].

Thanks to that critical information, she could take some precautions to prevent Little Loki's identity from leaking to anyone.

"I have 2 most important things to do now! First, I must find some ways to disguise Little Loki's appearance and aura before anyone noticed it. Second, I need to find a way to cure his high fever." Tang Li Xue concluded while her slender soft hand kept gently stroking Little Loki's smooth black fur.

Tang Li Xue also got some clues about Little Loki's illness from the information in the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide].

Little Loki probably could not control its power right now since its power must be growing too quickly after it greedily devoured the fragment of divine treasure from the blood pool before.

Little Loki's tiny little body was currently overheating when it was automatically trying to suppress the overflowing power it got from the fragment of divine treasure. 

If Little Loki forcefully devoured more fragments of divine treasure now, its devouring power would surely go out of control and devoured itself just like what already explained in the [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] about how Tao Tie died.

"In short, the true cause of Little Loki's illness is because its body as the vessel is not developed or strong enough to contain its own power. I must find a way to strengthen its tiny body as soon as possible before its power grew too strong and devoured Little Loki itself!" Tang Li Xue said as her topaz blue eyes shone with determination.


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