Reincarnated As a Fox With System
277 Chapter 277: Returning to Myriad Foxes Academy!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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277 Chapter 277: Returning to Myriad Foxes Academy!

Elder Yang chuckled softly at Tang Li Xue's funny reaction.

While Tang Li Xue got even angrier after she realized that Elder Yang was only teased her. She glared in anger at Elder Yang and said: "I do not know if you really know my husband or not, but it is not good for a married woman like me to hang around with any other man besides my husband. Farewell, Young Master!"

Tang Li Xue gave the fist and palm salute to Elder Yang before turned around and walked away from him.

Elder Yang pondered for a few moments before took out something from his spatial ring and threw it to Tang Li Xue while shouted: "Catch this!"


Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] immediately sensed something flying fast toward her, so she swiftly turned around and caught the item thrown by Elder Yang to her.

"This is..." Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise when she saw the item in her grasp.

It was actually a jade insignia with 'The Elder of Immortal Sword Sect' written on its surface. There was also the 'Yang' word written at the center of the jade insignia.

"My name is Yang Zhiyun, the Honorary Elder of Immortal Sword Sect. If you met with any trouble on your way home, just show that jade insignia, and say you are my good friend." Elder Yang introduced himself while explaining about the jade insignia.

"It can probably solve all your troubles with any people in Lightwind Continent. But it still cannot save you if you meet with any ferocious demonic beast, so I still think it would be much safer to just let me escort you back..." Elder Yang continued.

Tang Li Xue's eyes brightened when she saw the jade insignia, and she quickly stored it carefully in her space pouch.

Immortal Sword Sect was the sect recognized by everyone as the biggest and the strongest virtuous sect in Lightwind Continent right now. The sect was even kept expanding furiously until today without any sign of stopping.

There were probably hundreds or even thousands of elders in the Immortal Sword Sect. But the Honorary Elder was reserved only for the most important few people who valued greatly by the sect master himself.

The rumor said the reason for the Immortal Sword Sect could expand so quickly like now because it was backed by the strong powerhouse from the other continent.

But it was not Tang Li Xue's business to worry about for now. In short, the Immortal Sword Sect was very powerful and influential right now. So, this jade insignia would definitely prove to be of great use to her sooner or later.

"Young Master Yang, thank you very much for your generous gift. There is no need for an honorable person like you to personally escort me back home. I will excuse myself now. Please take care of yourself." Tang Li Xue's smile bloomed beautifully at Elder Yang, and she waved her hand to say goodbye to him.

After received the precious jade insignia as a gift from Elder Yang, Tang Li Xue's attitude toward him changed 180 degrees. She became more polite and even smiled friendly at him before bid her farewell to him right now.

Elder Yang was dumbfounded for a few moments by Tang Li Xue's sudden change of attitude. He chuckled softly as he kept staring at Tang Li Xue's back, which went farther and farther away from him.

A sense of loss and loneliness flooded his heart as Tang Li Xue vanished from his vision.

Elder Yang also did not know the reason why. But he also felt this way when his late Xiao Bai died.

'Why do I feel this way? Maybe because that girl is so identical to Xiao Bai... but... she is not Xiao Bai in the end...' Elder Yang sighed and decided to stop thinking about it.

He took out the flying sword from his spatial ring and jumped on top of it.

Elder Yang controlled the flying sword under his feet and speedily flew back to the direction of Immortal Sword Sect.

Elder Yang took one more glance at the direction where Tang Li Xue was heading for one last time before entering the sea of clouds.




Tang Li Xue dashed away from Elder Yang and entered the nearby forest, but she still did not lower her vigilance at all.

With her [Extrasensory Perception], Tang Li Xue kept watching on Elder Yang's every movement carefully until she went far enough and could not sense Elder Yang anymore.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and used her [Energy Manipulation] to create a flying disc.

She rode on the top of her flying disc and flew towards the forest where the hidden space gate was located.

On the way, Tang Li Xue took out the two disciples from her medium-rank space pouch and put them on top of her flying disc too.

The two disciples have blood-like sticky substances all over their bodies, and they stuck so tightly to the stone block, which was the small part of the street in Quanhai City. Tang Li Xue had to cut it, so she could take the two disciples away with her from Quanhai City.

"Mhffff... Mppphhhff... Mpfhhh..." The male disciple glared fiercely at Tang Li Xue. He seemed to have something to say to Tang Li Xue. He probably wanted to shout angrily to scold and curse at Tang Li Xue again.

The female disciple was the same. She glared at Tang Li Xue and seemed to have something harsh to say to Tang Li Xue too.

Unfortunately for both of them, not only their bodies were sticking so tightly with the stone block, but their upper and lower lips were also sticking so tightly, and they could not open their mouth. 

Tang Li Xue felt really glad that she never touched this super sticky blood before, even after battling so fiercely against the nine-headed humongous dark crimson snake for such a long time.

Tang Li Xue ignored the sharp glare from the two of them and explained: "You two do not need to worry anymore. I already bring you two out from Quanhai City, and we are on our way back to Myriad Foxes Academy right now."

The two disciples sighed in relief at the same time after they heard Tang Li Xue's explanation.

"The problem right now is I do not know what exactly this sticky substance so I cannot free you two from it. But if the two of you still cannot move like this, then how could we open the space gate back to Myriad Foxes Academy?" Tang Li Xue said as she was lying through her teeth.

Of course, she could free them from that sticky blood-like substance if she wanted to. But it was just too troublesome, and who knows if these two troublemakers would make more trouble or even scold her rather than thank her later if she freed them.

What if they made a large ruckus or brainlessly shouting out loud in the forest later and accidentally called the [Obsidian Bear King] again just like before, Tang Li Xue could only fight fiercely against the [Obsidian Bear King] again while crying in anger and frustration.

'Nope! Just no! I will not let them free just yet! I just need to find those ticket things from their space pouch to open the space gate and throw them back to the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association in Myriad Foxes Academy!' Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth and decided firmly in her heart.

"That's why I need to find the ticket back to Myriad Foxes Academy in your space pouch. I hope you two can understand." Tang Li Xue said to the two disciples before she started to think about how she should get their space pouches without touching the sticky blood-like substance since she did not want to stick to them.

"Hummppphh… Mmmmuuhhhhpph…" The two disciples started to struggle as if they wanted to refuse Tang Li Xue from taking their space pouches.

The stone block below them started to crack, but they still could not move, since their sticky body did not only stick at the stone block but also with their other body parts.

They even felt in extreme pain right now because when they forced themselves to move, their other body parts made loud cracking sounds as if something was broken.

Tang Li Xue did not mind their reaction. She created a few white daggers with her [Energy Manipulation] and started to poke them using it.

Each time Tang Li Xue poked them using the white daggers, they would scream with their muffled voice.

Of course, Tang Li Xue only poked gently at them to find their space pouches. She did not really stab her daggers too deeply… She did not mean to hurt them or exact revenge for her grievance… Oh well, maybe just a little bit…

It did not take long for Tang Li Xue to find their space pouches, which were hidden in their long sleeves, but Tang Li Xue pretended to not realize it and stabbed them a few more times… I mean poked at them gently with her daggers to check if they hid more space pouches… really… it was not because of her grievance with them at all.

After carefully taking their space pouches without touching them, she began to rummage through them.

Different from the spatial ring of the human race, which could only be opened by the owner, the space pouch of the beast race could be opened by anyone, so Tang Li Xue could easily insert her hands into the space pouch and search for the ticket.

There seems to be a lot of good things inside their space pouches. Although Tang Li Xue did not know how to use any of them, but she could still sell them for a lot of credit in Myriad Foxes Academy later.

Of course, Tang Li Xue did not take all of them. It would be bad if these two scions of important foxes from Pharmacy and Alchemist Association informed their parents or higher-ups about it.

She only took a golden ticket from their space pouches… Okay, maybe along with a few unnoticeable items… those two disciples were extremely rich anyway. They probably would not notice it if two or three things were missing from their space pouches, right?

After taking the golden ticket from their space pouches, Tang Li Xue returned their space pouches and threw the two of them back into her medium-rank space pouch.

When Tang Li Xue had approached the forest, she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form], and her slender figure turned invisible.

All the demonic beasts in the forest included the [Obsidian Bear King] could no longer detect her presence or see her anymore.

She leisurely sprinted towards the place, where she arrived in this forest for the first time.

It did not take her long to find that place, since she already scanned the map of this entire place from the two disciples into her consciousness before.

After reached that place, Tang Li Xue silently canceled her [Ethereal Form] and took out the golden ticket from her space pouch.

The moment Tang Li Xue tore the golden ticket in her grasp in two, the space in front of her split into two!

Tang Li Xue quickly stepped into the space gate before it closed.

A few seconds after Tang Li Xue entered the space gate, the space gate was closed, and the space inside the forest rippled a bit. The scene inside the forest returned to normal like before, as if nothing happened here.


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