Reincarnated As a Fox With System
271 Chapter 271: Escaping!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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271 Chapter 271: Escaping!

The silver masked young man was holding the unconscious Ye Zhen in his grasp, and the black-masked old man was holding the dazed skull masked man in his grasp.

The silver masked young man was still calm. In his opinion, Ye Zhen was already doing a very good job of stopping the blood barrier from working.

On the contrary to the silver masked young man's mood, the black-masked old man's expression was turned dark like the bottom of a pot.

He has already come here as fast as he could, but he still could not find any sign of their sect's divine treasure fragment. He could not even find the demon masked woman's whereabouts.

When the black-masked old man checked the demon masked woman's life tablet in his spatial ring, he realized that her life tablet had already been shattered. It means she was already dead!

The black-masked old man's face turned even paler. He immediately channeled his Qi to the skull masked man to wake him up as soon as possible.

The black-masked old man impatiently wanted to ask about what happened and where their sect's divine treasure fragment was.

There was no wound on the skull masked man's body, so he was probably trapped in the enemy's illusion or hypnosis right now.

The black-masked old man thought he only needed to use his Qi to forcefully help the skull masked man to break free from his illusion or hypnosis.

But the black-masked old man has clearly underestimated the power of Tang Li Xue's [Eclipse of Desire] too much!

[Eclipse of Desire]: locks the target's mind and soul within their own desire make them unable to return to reality.

(The number of targets and the might of this power depend on the user's Spirit stat.)

(The duration of this power depends on the target's attachment with their desire.)

Tang Li Xue's spirit stat already almost reached 1,000 right now, and the duration of this [Eclipse of Desire] was proportional to the target's attachment to their desire.

If Tang Li Xue used her [Eclipse of Desire] to the dark crimson snake, it could probably only affect the dark crimson snake for a few seconds at most.

But for an ambitious person like the skull masked man, the effect could probably last for a very very long time. There was even a high chance that the skull-masked man himself chose to indulge in his own desire and refused to wake up forever.

The black-masked old man got even more irritated after he failed to wake the skull masked man in his grasp several times.

His eyes turned red in anger and irritation as he stared at Ye Zhen in the silver masked young man's grasp.

Since he could not wake the skull-masked man, the black-masked old man planned to steal Ye Zhen from the silver masked young man's hand and used the soul searching technique on Ye Zhen.

Of course, the silver masked young man knew what was in the black-masked old man's mind from watching his expression.

The silver masked young man laughed and said with a mocking tone: "What do you want old man? Do you still want to have 'fun' with me? Come! But I doubt that your old senile body can last for any longer!"

What the silver masked young man had said was completely right.

The black-masked old man already fought his hardest against the silver masked young man before, but he could not even land any hit.

On the contrary, the silver masked young man seemed so leisurely when fought against the black-masked old man.

It was as if the black-masked old man was already sprinted with all of his strength, but the silver masked young man could still catch up to him while jogging leisurely.

The silver masked young man did not even summon out his martial soul yet from start to finish.

It was clear the silver masked young man did not want to use his true strength to fight the black-masked old man for some reason, if not, the black-masked old man should have already defeated by the silver masked young man by now.

'Cocky bast*rd! Let's see if you can still remain cocky like now after I assimilated with Lust! Lust! Where are you?! Can you hear me?! I do not care what you are doing right now, you must come back to me now!' The black-masked old man shouted angrily to the dark crimson snake in his mind and ordered it sternly with his mental connection.




Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue in her [Ethereal Form] was still being chased by the humongous nine-headed dark crimson snake from behind right now!


'Damn it! This nine-headed giant worm is really persistent in chasing me! Big dude, you cannot even see or touch me now! Just go back to your owner and ask for your food from him!' Tang Li Xue grumbled in annoyance.

That was right.

The humongous nine-headed dark crimson snake could detect Tang Li Xue's whereabouts from sensing the Flame of Pride assimilated in her body, but it actually could not see her at all.

Since the humongous nine-headed dark crimson snake could not see Tang Li Xue, it could only indiscriminately attack everything according to its sense and instinct in the hope to luckily hit Tang Li Xue to cancel her invisible mode.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue did not only turn invisible, but she also immune to any physical attack! Any physical attack would only harmlessly pass through her transparent body.

The nine-headed dark crimson snake already used its gigantic tail and giant nine snakeheads to sweep toward Tang Li Xue several times, but all of those efforts were futile.

Tang Li Xue wanted to run towards where Yaya and those two disciples were then brought them out from here as soon as possible, but she clearly could not bring this humongous nine-headed dark crimson snake with her!

The fragment of divine treasure was clearly a super important object for the skull-masked man and his faction, but it had already been eaten by Little Loki.

It was not hard to guess who had that fragment of divine treasure even though no one had seen the person who took it.

There were only the unconscious Ye Zhen and the skull-masked man left in that hall while only Tang Li Xue was missing from there. So both Ye Zhen and the skull-masked man would definitely know that Tang Li Xue who took it if they managed to regain their consciousness later.

When Tang Li Xue imagined that the skull-masked man, black-masked old man, and all of the red-robed guards furiously chased after her to get back that fragment of divine treasure. She started to shudder in fear and horror.

'That seems really bad! I must bring Yaya and those two idiot disciples out from this Quanhai City as soon as possible and go back to Myriad Foxes Academy before Ye Zhen and that masked man wakes up!' Tang Li Xue immediately decided.

Thankfully, Tang Li Xue already moved more than a hundred unconscious civilians she saved before from her medium-ranked space pouch onto a safe place near the mansion before she got chased again by this nine-headed dark crimson snake now.

If she did not do it before, she probably would not have any more time to do it under the hot pursuit of this ferocious nine-headed dark crimson snake.

Tang Li Xue stopped to care about the nine-headed dark crimson snake and headed in the direction of Yaya and the two disciples.

Right at this time, the nine-headed dark crimson snake got a stern order from the black-masked old man to come back to him right now.

It hesitated for a while before finally decided to…

Ignore the stern order from its master and kept pursuing Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue felt really helpless this time. 

The Phoenix of Pride already ran out of juice long ago after Tang Li Xue slew the demon masked woman before. Their perfect assimilation automatically got canceled, and the Phoenix of Pride fell asleep in her Dantian again because of exhaustion.

Although, the perfect assimilation with Phoenix of Pride did not have any backlash like entered [Divine Possession Mode] with Yaya, but Tang Li Xue started to feel her fatigue encroaching on her body right now.

Her movement became even more sluggish, and the sense of weakness was spreading on all her limbs.

'Come on, my body! Please, hold on for a bit longer! We only need to find those two disciples! Then I will enter [Divine Possession Mode] with Yaya and bring those two disciples away from this Quanhai City!' Tang Li Xue encouraged herself while thinking about her next plan.

Tang Li Xue was very sure that the nine-headed dark crimson snake behind her would never be able to catch up with her lightning speed after she entered the [Divine Possession Mode] with Yaya.

It only took ten minutes or so for Tang Li Xue to reach Yaya's location.

"Wha… what is that monstrous creature?! Big Sis Fairy, let's run away! There is no way we can win against that thing!"

 Tang Li Xue could already hear the male disciple's unpleasant voice from tens of meters away with her [Extrasensory Perception].

Tang Li Xue was already breathing heavily. 

Her stamina was already exhausted, and her vision already turned blurry.

'Yaya! Divine Possession! Now!' Tang Li Xue told Yaya with their mental connection.

Yaya was still a dozen meters away from Tang Li Xue, but she already turned into green light and shot toward Tang Li Xue, then sunk into Tang Li Xue's forehead.

 The four pairs of crystal-like fairy wings sprouted from Tang Li Xue's back.

Her topaz blue eyes changed their color into emerald green, and a glittering tiara appeared on the top of her head.

The tip of her silky smooth silver hair was also dyed with green color.

[Divine Possession Duration: 00:05:00]

The Divine Possession's duration was far a lot shorter than usual. It seemed not only Tang Li Xue, but even Yaya was also exhausted.

Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes when she saw the two brainless disciples ran away farther from her.

After Tang Li Xue entered the [Divine Possession Mode] with Yaya, her [Ethereal Form] automatically canceled, and the nine-headed dark crimson snake could finally see her once again!

The nine-headed dark crimson snake would never let this chance go!

It immediately opened its nine huge mouths, and rapidly shot the blood cannonballs from it.





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