Reincarnated As a Fox With System
270 Chapter 270: Little Loki Making a Move!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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270 Chapter 270: Little Loki Making a Move!




When the ethereal eclipse light from Tang Li Xue's mysterious eye illuminated the skull masked man, he already fell into the illusion from Tang Li Xue's [Eclipse of Desire].

The skull masked man's eyes turned blank and soulless, but the black saber in his grasp was still slashing toward Tang Li Xue because of the momentum and strength used by the skull masked man previously.

Before the skull masked man's black saber could touch Tang Li Xue, she already used one of her equipment skills, the [Shadow Flash], and vanished from where she was before.

[Shadow Flash]: Teleport to any shadow up to 100 meters away in an instant. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

Using the [Shadow Flash], Tang Li Xue instantly teleported to the demon masked woman's shadow on the floor behind that woman.

 [Sun Dragon Claw]!

Tang Li Xue did not hesitate to condense the [Sun Dragon Claw] from her deep-blue Flame of Pride and [Energy Manipulation].

The extremely high temperature from the [Sun Dragon Claw] was spreading around the hall in the 2nd-floor mansion in an instant, burning all the furniture and melting all the metal in the hall.

"Who?! Wha..." Because of the unbearable heat coming from behind her, the demon masked woman finally noticed Tang Li Xue, who already appeared behind her. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

 Tang Li Xue already thrust the sharp and scorching [Sun Dragon Claw] to the demon masked woman's back!


Tang Li Xue's [Sun Dragon Claw] stabbed deep into the demon masked woman's back until it penetrated through her front chest.

The extremely hot temperature instantly evaporated the blood in the demon masked woman's body.

She did not even have any time to feel pain or screaming and died almost in an instant.

It only took a moment for her corpse to turn into nothingness under the Tang Li Xue's deep-blue Flame of Pride!

The demon-masked woman was also an expert of Foundation Establishment Stage at the same level as the skull-masked man.

It was impossible for Tang Li Xue to instantly kill her like this under normal circumstances.

Fortunately, the demon-masked woman put all of her Qi, energy, and focus on controlling the fragment of divine treasure, so Tang Li Xue could easily sneak attacked this demon-masked woman and kill her in one fatal attack.

After killing the demon-masked woman, Tang Li Xue stretched out her right hand.

 Her [Sun Dragon Claw] flew toward the black fragment of divine treasure in the middle of the blood pool to take it and also to stop the blood barrier outside from working.

The blood pool instantly evaporated when Tang Li Xue's [Sun Dragon Claw] flew right above it.

But before Tang Li Xue's [Sun Dragon Claw] could grasp it...


The terrifying pressure descended onto the hall, and a blinding crimson light illuminated the mansion.

"What?!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed in surprise as her [Sun Dragon Claw] broke apart and destroyed before it could touch the black fragment of divine treasure.

Of course, what happened now was not something good like in the skull masked man's dream!

The black fragment of divine treasure did not get restored, but the enormous energy inside it became unstable and started to go berserk instead!

This was also the reason why the demon masked woman tried her hardest to suppress and control this black fragment of divine treasure before!

In fact, these people from Blood Devil Sect were trying to do something far beyond their abilities.

It was true they could pour the blood, power, and life energy from many people to restore this divine treasure from Divine World, but they did not even know how many lives they would need to sacrifice for them to successfully do so!

What they were doing right now was no more than trying to fill an entire ocean with a teacup.

But all of that was not important anymore right now. The black shard was still a fragment of divine treasure, so the energy contained in there was simply immeasurable.

If the immeasurable energy inside that black shard really went berserk and exploded, not only this Quanhai City would disappear from the map, even the Lightwind Continent would suffer substantial damage!

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue and Ye Zhen did not know any of this. If not, they would not dare to carelessly stop the demon masked woman or even killed her.

"Oh, no!!! This looks bad! What should I do now?!" Tang Li Xue murmured anxiously, and she started to panic when the pressure coming from the black shard kept increasingly dangerous in every second passing. 

"Young Miss Xiao! Retreat from there quickly! We must get out of here now!" The exhausted Ye Zhen shouted to Tang Li Xue from behind.

Ye Zhen tried to approach Tang Li Xue, so he could pull her hand and bring her out from this mansion. But he could not even take a step closer to the blood pool because the pressure emitted by the black shard was getting more and more intense.

The cracks already started to fill the mansion's wall. This mansion probably could not hold on any longer and could collapse at any moment.

Just when their situation was getting worse, and the black shard in the middle of the blood pool trembled more violently...

"Nyaaa~~!!!" Little Loki rolled its third eye as if it already knew this would happen, and it finally ran out from its hiding place behind the corridor.

Tang Li Xue could no longer stand under the immense pressure of black shard and forced to fell on her knee, but her sharp [Extrasensory Perception] managed to detect Little Loki ran toward her.

"Little Loki, stop! Do not come here! It is really dangerous! Go away!" Tang Li Xue anxiously shouted to Little Loki to warn it while waved her hand to shoo it away.

Little Loki did not listen to Tang Li Xue's words this time and kept running toward her with its tiny short furry feet. It looked really cute, and anyone who saw Little Loki right now would have an urge to hug it.

However, they were not in that kind of mood and situation to do that. Tang Li Xue was the closest one with the black shard, so she was currently in the most dangerous situation.


The mansion's ceiling already started to collapse, and the plafond was the first one to fell apart.

Tang Li Xue felt her body was really uncomfortable and powerless as if her strength was sealed by something powerful.

She also felt her blood and internal organs wanted to leave her body and flew towards the black shard. Thankfully, the divine treasure in her body, the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl], and her [Pure Sun Dragon] bloodline protected her life to some extent.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue could not wield the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] in her Dantian yet, so it could not help her much.

Little Loki went in front of Tang Li Xue and sat leisurely there.

In that instant, Tang Li Xue felt her strength miraculously returned to her body, and even all of her uncomfortable feeling had vanished too.

Little Loki opened its tiny little mouth, and the black shard hovering in the middle of the empty pool was sucked into its mouth!

 The immense pressure and the crimson light in the hall instantly disappeared!

Even the thin red barrier covered the mansion and the blood barrier enveloped Quanhai City had completely dissipated too!

Tang Li Xue glanced at the hole on the ceiling and sighed in relief as she saw no more blood barrier outside.

But she quickly remembered that Little Loki had already eaten that dangerous fragment of divine treasure, so she quickly took Little Loki into her embrace and anxiously checked for its current condition.

"Little Loki is only falling asleep? Sigh... It seems the energy contained in that divine treasure's fragment is too much for Little Loki to handle right now, so it needs to fall asleep first to slowly digest it? That is good then. At least, Little Loki is all right." Tang Li Xue murmured and sighed in relief again.

Tang Li Xue smiled softly in gratitude while kept caressing Little Loki's soft and smooth black fur gently.

Tang Li Xue really felt grateful and touched by Little Loki this time. Despite Tang Li Xue's stern warning, Little Loki still chose to face the danger to save her.

Tang Li Xue gently kissed Little Loki's forehead before she stored it in her system's pet storage.

According to the experience from Yaya, all the companion pets usually recovered much quicker from any injuries or backlash in the system's storage compared to the outside.

Tang Li Xue stood up and patted the dust away from her white clothes and black cloak while scanning her surrounding with her [Extrasensory Perception].

The skull masked man was still alive and breathing, but he was still drowned deep in the dream made by Tang Li Xue's [Eclipse of Desire].

While he was in that condition, his blood armored tiger automatically canceled and turned back into a puddle of blood.

Ye Zhen was also still alive, but he already passed out. He was completely exhausted before, so he did not have any more strength to resist the increasingly heavy pressure from the fragment of divine treasure for long.

Ye Zhen could just run away out from this mansion alone before, but he still insisted on bringing Tang Li Xue out with him, so he forced his exhausted body too far just to approach Tang Li Xue and lost his consciousness before he could touch her.

"Should I kill both of them to silence them? No… this Young Master Ye is a good guy. It is a shame to kill a good guy like him. His condition is stable, he should be all right. He is only passed out from exhaustion. As for this skull masked man…" Tang Li Xue murmured to herself, but her eyes turned cold when she glanced at the skull masked man.

But before she could do anything to the skull masked man, her [Extrasensory Perception] immediately sensed something powerful and dangerous approaching here fast!

"Oh, no! Those two Core Formation Experts are coming here! I must run away from here right now!" Tang Li Xue said with an anxious tone as she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form] and turned invisible.

Without the bloody barrier's draining effect, Tang Li Xue could finally use her [Ethereal Form] again to escape from here!

Tang Li Xue's transparent body easily passed through several walls in the mansion one by one before jumping down from the mansion.


A few seconds after Tang Li Xue escaped from the mansion, the 2nd floor of the mansion was completely blown out, and the two Core Formation Experts were hovering with the flying sword under their feet above the mansion.


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