Reincarnated As a Fox With System
267 Chapter 267: New Plan!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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267 Chapter 267: New Plan!




Meanwhile, the real Tang Li Xue was currently facing the nine-headed humongous dark crimson snake in her fox form.

She did not have any other choice since she would certainly die if she did not turn back into her fox form to use her full strength.


Tang Li Xue's martial soul, [Golden Winged Serpent] was thrown tens of meters away and crashed onto many buildings on the roadside.

Although, the size of Tang Li Xue's [Golden Winged Serpent] could be said to be quite humongous too, but the nine-headed dark crimson snake was more than five times bigger than [Golden Winged Serpent].

Fortunately, the [Golden Winged Serpent]'s overpowered passive skills such as [Golden Scale] and [Dragon Blessing] helped it a lot to withstand all deadly attacks from the nine-headed dark crimson snake.

However, several cracks started to appear on the [Golden Winged Serpent]'s thick golden scales. It seemed the deadly attacks from the nine-headed dark crimson snake was still too much for the [Golden Winged Serpent] to take at its current [Uncommon] grade.

But the [Golden Winged Serpent] immediately used its [Healing Bubble] to heal its injuries and restored its cracked golden scales. 

Actually, this healing-type unique skill was the main reason for it to survive from the nine-headed dark crimson snake's heavy attack until now.

[Healing Bubble]: Covered the target/wound with a water bubble to increase the HP regeneration by 300% and heal the target for 500 HP every second.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to let her [Golden Winged Serpent] use the [Tidal Wave] unique skill since the [Golden Winged Serpent] would get several times stronger if it fought in the water because of his [High Water Affinity].

But after Tang Li Xue pondered carefully again, fighting against the water elemental spirit in the water sounded really reckless and plainly stupid, so she immediately rejected that idea.

Tang Li Xue really has her hands full in this battle. 

It was true she could use her [Golden Winged Serpent] as a shield to protect herself for now, but the nine-headed dark crimson snake was not an idiot. 

In fact, some of its nine snakeheads almost swallowed Tang Li Xue several times.

While Tang Li Xue did not only need to avoid being swallowed by it and dodged its deadly attacks, she also needed to pick the unconscious humans on the streets or buildings so they would not crush to death.

Currently, Tang Li Xue has almost one hundred humans in her medium-rank space pouch.

'Ah, dammit, dammit! Why the hell I must save all of these humans?! I am a fox right now, not a saint or goddess! Wait... I am the future goddess... a deity candidate... so saving any living creatures from calamity is my responsibility! That must be it... My karma will accumulate after I saving them and I can become a deity easier in the future.' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and thought.

She tried to convince herself that she did not do all of these troublesome things for free.

 After throwing the [Golden Winged Serpent] away, the nine-headed dark crimson snake started to target Tang Li Xue again!


The nine-headed dark crimson snake opened their nine giant mouths at the same time and aimed at Tang Li Xue at the same time!

'Wait... what are you trying to do? Whaaa...' Tang Li Xue screamed in her mind when each of the nine snakeheads shot a blood-colored cannonball toward her!

[Extrasensory Perception]!

[Blood Ignition] - Quadruple Amplification!

Tang Li Xue jumped around agilely, leaving several afterimages and silver streak of light on her way while the blood-colored cannonball flew past a few centimeters from her one by one. 

Even the silver fur on her body could feel the violent wind coming from the cannonballs' movement.


Tang Li Xue saw that the blood cannonballs did not explode like the usual cannonball, but it splattered instead and become a sticky substance like super glue.

'Damn! So it wants to restrict my movement first before swallowing me now? This cunning snake! It must be thinking that I am too fast for it to catch right now so it decided to do this!' Tang Li Xue frowned deeply.

At this time, the thought of her perfect copy transferred into her mind.

'Ahhhh! My real self! You slave driver a*shole! How can you forget to give me something really important like the talisman?! The heck, not only you did not give me any buff talisman, but you also did not even give me the [Talisman of Regeneration] to heal myself!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy was lamented.

'Oi, oi, oi! That is not my fault, okay? Even you also forget about it, don't you?! And why the hell do you call me a slave driver?! We are one, okay?! So this is our will!' The real Tang Li Xue complained.

'All right! Let's stop our meaningless argument! Both of our situations are not looking good… We clearly need to think of a new plan fast!' The real Tang Li Xue suggested.

'New plan?! What plan?! This bloody Qi is too lethal! I am on the verge of dying now!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy grumbled.

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy were connected in mind and soul. 

They were one and the same, but with two different minds just like two connected computers with one user, so the Tang Li Xue was aware of her perfect copy's current situation just like how her perfect copy was aware of the real Tang Li Xue's current situation.

'Sigh… It seems we do not have any other choice other than sacrificing you this time…' The real Tang Li Xue sighed in frustration.

'What?! You… You heartless fox! How could you throw me away after you used me like this?!' The perfect copy complained with a voice filled with agony.

The real Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched as she replied with an angry tone: 'Stop whining! You will completely recover in 9 nights anyway! Just do as we planned in our mind now!'

The real Tang Li Xue reprimanded her perfect copy as she threw another two [Compressed Fire Bombs] to counter the sticky blood cannonball.



Tang Li Xue's perfect copy pouted and pursed her pink lips in dissatisfaction. 

Although she was only a perfect copy, and she would automatically recover after 9 nights, but no one ever liked the feeling of death.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood again as she staggered a bit.

"Young Miss Xiao Xue! Please hold on!" Ye Zhen quickly supported her from behind with a worried look as he channeled his Qi into the perfect copy's body.

Unfortunately, the blood Qi invaded the perfect copy's body was more powerful and tyrannical. Ye Zhen's Qi could hardly do anything to it, and could only slow down its corrosive effect on the perfect copy's inner organ.

"Elder Demoness, are you all right?" The skull masked man asked.

��Shut up! I almost died because of you! Finish them quickly and help me control the demonic fragment! I can only forcefully control it for another 5 minutes at most!" The demon masked woman gnashed her teeth in anger and shouted to the skull masked man.

"That is more than enough. I will defeat them in 4… No, 3 minutes should be more than enough!" The skull masked man said with his hoarse voice while snickered coldly.

'Aih… it seems I really have no other choice… Sigh… 'Tang Li Xue's perfect copy muttered in her heart.

"Young Master Ye, I am all right. Please, prepare yourself! We will attack them again together just like before. The better we finish this battle, the faster I can rest and restore myself from this internal injury." Tang Li Xue's perfect copy whispered to Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen nodded to Tang Li Xue's perfect copy with a solemn expression.

He grasped his silver spear tighter and set his battle stance with his silver spear aimed at the skull masked man.

While the battle between them entered the final phase, which will decide their life and death, Little Loki stuck its cute head out from its hiding place to peek at them with an expression filled with confusion.

Little Loki was a mythical beast's cub, so it was very smart.

With only one single look, it could already see through all of these humans' martial arts along with its advantage and weakness.

But no matter how smart it was, Little Loki only hatched out from its egg for two days! Its current mentality was no different than a human's baby!

It wanted to jump out from its hiding place and help Tang Li Xue's perfect copy now, but Tang Li Xue's perfect copy already ordered it sternly to never come out unless she told it to do so.

Actually, Little Loki was already drooling and wanted to eat that black shard so badly since the first time it set its eyes upon it.

As for those two masked elders? In the eyes of Little Loki, they were nothing more than appetizers, just like the potato beside the sirloin steak.

In short, Little Loki's current situation was like a little child drooling after looking at the delicious warm food on the table, but its mother said they would have to wait for a few more hours until dinner time.

Do not think that Little Loki does not know everything that happened when it still has not hatched out from its egg!

In fact, Little Loki knew clearly what happened when it was still an egg before!

That was including when it was greedily devoured many things in Auction House of Myriad Foxes Academy and even Tang Li Xue's sincere vow before it hatched out from its egg!

Regarding the case about it greedily devoured many things in Auction House of Myriad Foxes Academy, Little Loki still felt really guilty about it since it brought many troubles to Tang Li Xue, but Little Loki could not help it because it was very starving at that time.

This was also the main reason why it did not dare to jump out and ate that delicious black shard… because it was afraid to repeat its mistake and brought trouble for Tang Li Xue again.

It was still okay before because Little Loki honestly did not really care about what Tang Li Xue's feeling at that time… until it heard Tang Li Xue's sincere vow and felt touched by it.

No one realized… 

Not even Tang Li Xue realized it… that the time when Tang Li Xue was overwhelmed by the evil aura which whispered to destroy Little Loki's egg, it was actually Little Loki's itself who was trying to test Tang Li Xue's attitude toward it!


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