Reincarnated As a Fox With System
265 Chapter 265: Black Shard!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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265 Chapter 265: Black Shard!

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy cleared her throat and smiled gently at Ye Zhen while nervously pulled her black hood a bit and make sure that her silver fox ears were still covered by it.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy gave a palm fist salute to the handsome disciple and greeted him with a polite tone: "Xiao Xue greets the young hero of the Immortal Sword Sect. Xiao Xue believes there is a misunderstanding between us."

Of course, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy was not stupid enough to mention her real full name here...

Tang Li Xue's greets woke Ye Zhen from his daze, and he almost dropped the silver spear in his grasp.

Tang Li Xue's sweet voice and gentle smile made Ye Zhen adored her even more.

Ye Zhen opened his mouth several times and tried to greet Tang Li Xue too, but no voice came out from his throat.

It seemed he was too nervous now and even forgot how to talk.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy thought Ye Zhen did not believe her words, so she tried to explain herself again: "Xiao Xue is a wandering cultivator and only wants to stay for a few days in this Quanhai City. Who knows that the villains from the demon sect would set their eyes on this city, so of course, Xiao Xue could not just stay quiet and do nothing."

"Thus, Xiao Xue slipped into this building to stop these villains from the demon sect in the hope of saving Quanhai City's people. Xiao Xue believes the young hero of the Immortal Sword Sect should have the same objective as Xiao Xue, right?" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy concluded her explanation.

Ye Zhen felt really awkward and embarrassed right now. Even his face turned red because of it.

He did not only sneak attack this nice and beautiful girl from behind before but he also almost killed this innocent girl.

Ye Zhen coughed a few times to calm his extremely fast heartbeat, which almost leaped out from his mouth before he replied to Tang Li Xue: "Greetings to Young Miss Xiao Xue! You can call me Ye Zhen. I really have to apologize to you first. I almost hurt you before because of my reckless behavior, and I even attacked you from behind."

"Young Master Ye Zhen does not have to worry about that. I understand it very clearly because I will definitely do the same as you if our situation was reversed before. Let's forget it and focus on what we need to do now. Honestly... I think we do not have much time left right now. How about we cooperate to defeat these villains from the demon sect? I am sure we can do it faster that way." Tang Li Xue's perfect copy offered to work together.

The mind of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy and the real Tang Li Xue were connected, so Tang Li Xue's perfect copy knew that her real self was in a dangerous situation right now.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not want to waste any more of her time to fight or talk to this disciple of the Immortal Sword Sect, so she decided to offer cooperation with him without further ado.

"Of course, I would gladly do that! Please do not worry, Young Miss Xiao Xue! I, Ye Zhen, will surely protect you from any harm!" Ye Zhen's eyes shone brighter in delight, and he replied with a tone full of excitement.

Ye Zhen admired Tang Li Xue even more now. Not only she was extremely beautiful, but she was also righteous and brave.

In the cultivation world, the woman who was too meek and fainthearted did not well-liked by the strong cultivator.

Any strong cultivator would certainly want to find a life companion who could follow by their side and not someone who will become their burden.

Of course, Ye Zhen also felt the same as them, and someone like Tang Li Xue matched his taste perfectly.

While Tang Li Xue's perfect copy rolled her eyes when she heard Ye Zhen would protect her.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not bother to argue with Ye Zhen and patted Little Loki's furry head.

But Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not notice that Little Loki in her embrace stared at Ye Zhen with its third eye in annoyance.

Ye Zhen felt really nervous when he stood side by side with Tang Li Xue's perfect copy.

He took out a Fengshui Compass from his spatial ring. It seems he would use this Fengshui Compass to determine their direction.

"Young Miss Xiao Xue, things will get more dangerous from now, on so please follow me from behind closely!" Ye Zhen kindly reminded Tang Li Xue's perfect copy.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy only nodded and stood closer to Ye Zhen before she used her [Energy Manipulation] to make another fox mask to cover her face.

Ye Zhen felt even more nervous as Tang Li Xue's perfect copy stood so close to him right now.

The atmosphere was really awkward, but both of them kept heading deeper and deeper into the second-floor mansion.

They met with several crimson-robed guards guarding at the long corridor, but Tang Li Xue's perfect copy and Ye Zhen could easily defeat them.

It took them less than one minute to reach a big hall on the second floor.

Ye Zhen hurriedly raised his palm to stop Tang Li Xue's perfect copy from advancing and put his index finger onto his lips then whispered: "Shhh... we are here!"

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy quickly halted her step and peeked at the big hall from behind the corridor.

There was a small blood pool in the middle of the big hall.

Two people sat in the lotus position beside the small blood pool while kept chanting the unknown mantra.

There was also a black shard fragment hovering above the small blood pool.

The black shard emitted a frightening amount of sinister aura.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy and Ye Zhen felt suffocating now because of that aura.

They could even see the thick crimson aura from the black shard flowing out to the hole on the ceiling and connected to the two barriers outside, the barrier which protected the mansion and the barrier which covered the entire Quanhai City.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy widened her eyes in surprise when she stared at the black shard.

'That is... THE FRAGMENT OF DIVINE TREASURE!!!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy astounded and screamed in her heart.

Even Little Loki in Tang Li Xue's embrace raised its furry head and greedily stared at the black shard as if it could not wait to swallow that shard in its mouth.

"The cultivation of those two masked people is high. They must be the elders of the demon sect. But the situation is not really that hopeless yet. They put all of their attention on the black thing at the center of that blood pool. If we can successfully land a sudden fatal attack on one of them, we will have the chance to turn the table." Ye Zhen whispered Tang Li Xue his plan.

Ye Zhen could not see the current cultivation of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy because of her [Conceal] passive divine ability, but he could guess that Tang Li Xue's perfect copy was quite strong since she could dodge his all-out sneak attack before.

"All right, I understand! Who will attack first, you or me? Or maybe we should attack together?" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy nodded and asked Ye Zhen.

Ye Zhen shook his head and replied: "It is too dangerous. Who knows if they set some traps there, so I will be the one who attacks first! You can attack after me, but be sure to aim for the one I attacked, understand? We must finish one of them as soon as possible."

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy wanted to refuse the idea since she has better stealth ability with her [Conceal] passive divine ability and partially learned the [Art of Concealment], but Ye Zhen already jumped out from their hiding place and flashed toward the man with a skull mask with his silver spear in his grasp.

Actually, Ye Zhen's stealth-type martial art was not inferior at all to Tang Li Xue's [Art of Concealment]. If not, how could he sneak attacked Tang Li Xue's perfect copy from behind with her [Extrasensory Perception] detection activated?

Just like what Ye Zhen predicted before, these people from Blood Devil Sect really had set the trap to detect the intruder!

Ye Zhen felt his body touches something!

'This is… invisible threads?!' Ye Zhen thought as he immediately halted his step or he would be shredded to tiny pieces by these sharp invisible threads.

However, Ye Zhen still refused to give up on his sudden attack!

He twisted his waist and threw the silver spear in his grasp toward the skull masked man!


"Who is there?!" The two elders from Blood Devil Sect immediately realized that an intruder touched the trap they set and shouted.

When they turned their head around to look at the intruder, Ye Zhen's silver spear already almost reached the skull masked man.

Unfortunately, the skull masked man still has a few milliseconds to shift his body a bit.

Ye Zhen's silver spear failed to penetrate the skull masked man's heart, but it managed to pierce the skull masked man's shoulder instead!

"Arrrgghh!!! Ba*tard! Who dares to hurt me?!" The skull masked man screamed in pain and cursed out loud.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy already sprinted out from her hiding place too, but she left Little Loki at her hiding place and strictly ordered it kept hiding there.

Her [Extrasensory Perception] immediately detected the sharp invisible threads around the blood pool, it even entangled Ye Zhen's body right now, and he could no longer move or it would cut him to pieces.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy kept dashing with her full speed and flicked her finger toward Ye Zhen.

[Moon Splitter]!


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