Reincarnated As a Fox With System
263 Chapter 263: Worst Compatibility?!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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263 Chapter 263: Worst Compatibility?!

"Compressed!" Tang Li Xue said as she carefully controlled more than twenty deep-blue flame swords and combined all of them into four compressed flame swords.

These four compressed flame swords were not only very sharp but also kept radiating extremely hot temperatures, which scorching everything near them!

"Go!" Tang Li Xue ordered with a cold tone as she waved her delicate white hand toward the two-headed dark crimson snake.

Tang Li Xue's control over her Flame of Pride was already improved so much after she has entered the memories from Sun Dragon King so many times every day.

'This [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] is really awesome! I should train more often in Sun Dragon King's memories so I can use my Flame of Pride's abilities more proficiently later!' Tang Li Xue silently thought.

The four compressed flame swords flashed and leaving a long streak of deep-blue flame. They swiftly chopped the two-headed dark crimson snake from four different angles.

But just like before, Tang Li Xue got the feeling as if she was cutting the water.

In short, it was futile to cut this Blood of Lust with any sharp weapon!


The giant two-headed dark crimson snake jumped forward and stretched out one of its huge head toward Tang Li Xue.

Despite its massive size now, its current speed surprisingly did not decrease at all! On the contrary, it seems a bit faster than before!

Tang Li Xue did not hesitate to use her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] to dodge the giant two-headed dark crimson snake's attack.

She even added two more skills to increase her speed!

[Phoenix Wings]!

[Fire Dash]!

Tang Li Xue compressed a pair of deep-blue flame wings behind her back with the combination of her [Energy Manipulation] and the compression of flame energy.

Tang Li Xue even used the deep-blue Flame of Pride's power to achieve jet propulsion and increased her speed by several times like a rocket.


One of the two heads of the dark crimson snake missed Tang Li Xue and only managed to smash the ground below her, but the other snakehead already chased after the flying Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue's four compressed flame swords already flew back, and all of them were currently hovering obediently behind her back.

Tang Li Xue could only gracefully dodged all of the giant two-headed dark crimson snake's attacks after she utilized her other divine abilities and skills too such as: [Auto Correction], [Extrasensory Perception], [Concentration], [Decrease Reaction-Time],[Focus], [Indomitable Will], [Sharpen Mind], [Calculation], [Prediction], and [Intelligence Enhancement].

Tang Li Xue waved her delicate hand once more, and one of the four compressed flame swords flew towards one of the two giant snakeheads.

The two-headed dark crimson snake sneered at Tang Li Xue as if it laughed at Tang Li Xue's futile action.

However, Tang Li Xue also sneered back at them while softly muttered: "Detonate!"


Tang Li Xue detonated the compressed flame sword the moment it cut one of the two dark crimson snakeheads and made it exploded into the blood mist!

"One more left!" Tang Li Xue excitedly controlled the three other compressed flame swords and shot it toward the dark crimson snake!

This was Tang Li Xue's true aim when she created the four compressed flame swords.

She already knew that the dark crimson snake could not be cut by the sharp weapons since even her [Moon Splitter] failed to cut it before, so she planned to blow it up like this instead!

"Detonate all!" Tang Li Xue ordered when the three compressed flame swords stabbed into the dark crimson snake's head, body, and tail.




The three simultaneous great explosions have completely destroyed the dark crimson snake's body and turned it into the blood mist without leaving anything behind.

"Is it working?" Tang Li Xue murmured doubtfully since the blood mist in front of her was giving her an ominous feeling.

As if answering for Tang Li Xue's doubt, the blood mist in front of her started to gather and coagulated!

"Sigh... So even THAT explosion is not enough to defeat it?!" Tang Li Xue groaned in frustration.

The blood mist turned into blood-colored liquid before solidified back into the snake form.

But this time, not only it became twice bigger than before, but it also has extra three heads!

Five-headed humongous dark crimson snake!

Tang Li Xue gasped a deep breath in shock as she stared at the mansion-sized snake in front of her in disbelief.

The ten big pairs of glowing red eyes stared down at Tang Li Xue made her shuddered slightly in fear.

'Damn it! Is your other name Hydra or Yamata-no-Orochi?!' Tang Li Xue cursed as the cold sweat poured out from her forehead and back.


The five humongous snakeheads bared their fangs to Tang Li Xue, and two of them immediately flashed to attack Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth and jumped up to dodge their attacks, but the other three humongous snakeheads followed Tang Li Xue's movement and chased after her.

Tang Li Xue carefully utilized her [Phoenix Wings] and [Fire Dash] again to dodge their assaults, but there were simply too many of them this time!

She could no longer dodge all of their violent rapid attacks like before. She would certainly become a snack for these five humongous snakeheads sooner or later if she did not do something very quickly.

Tang Li Xue finally realized her mistake now.

The fire and explosion were clearly ineffective against this dark crimson snake!

Amongst all of the 7 elementals, the water elemental spirit like this dark crimson snake was the least afraid of the fire elemental. Not to mention that this dark crimson snake was not the normal water elemental spirit!

If this dark crimson snake was the normal water elemental spirit, then Tang Li Xue might still have a sliver chance of winning with her Flame of Pride even if that normal water elemental spirit was a lot stronger than her.

But this dark crimson snake was the Blood of Lust, another one of 7 Earthly Desire Spirits just like her Flame of Pride!

Trying to win against it using her current Flame of Pride was the same as trying to evaporate a bucket of water with a candle flame!

This dark crimson snake was clearly unafraid of heat and burn. In fact, the reason Tang Li Xue could fight against it until this far was that she was relying on brute force.

In short, Tang Li Xue's Flame of Pride has the worst incompatibility with this Blood of Lust!

"Tsk! Since you are unafraid of my fire, then how about water?! Come out, my martial soul! [Golden Winged Serpent]!" Tang Li Xue yelled as she finally summoned out her martial soul.


The majestic serpent clad in golden scales was spreading its wide wings while roared to the sky.

Although, the [Golden Winged Serpent] was not as big as the five-headed humongous dark crimson snake, but the pressure and aura emitted out from its body were only a bit inferior to the five-headed humongous dark crimson snake.

It was thanks to the Pure Yang Dragon Bloodline in Tang Li Xue's veins, which got purer and purer than before, and it made [Golden Winged Serpent] get stronger bit by bit too, although its level was not increasing yet and still at level 1.

Honestly, Tang Li Xue still felt really worried right now.

Using her water elemental martial soul to fight the water elemental from 7 earthly desire spirits sounded really unwise, but she did not have any other choice right now unless she could summon Yaya back onto her side and enter the [War Goddess mode].

'No, I cannot! If I call Yaya back right now, those two idiotic disciples would surely be in big trouble! If even one of them died in this battle, I could never be able to explain myself to their parents! Sigh… troublesome!' Tang Li Xue sighed in frustration while dodging the rapid attacks of the five-headed dark crimson snake.

Unfortunately, she could not dodge all of the five snakeheads' rapid simultaneous attacks, and some of them crashed hard onto Tang Li Xue's slender body like a heavy truck.

Tang Li Xue already used one of the [Sun Dragon Claws] to defend against that attack, but it got destroyed by one of the five snakeheads' heavy attack before the other snakehead smashed directly onto Tang Li Xue's chest.

Tang Li Xue coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood, and her body was thrown off tens of meters away.

Tang Li Xue collided with several buildings behind her, and all of them collapsed into ruins.

Tang Li Xue only stopped after leaving a long deep trail on the street.

Obviously, the five-headed dark crimson snake would not let Tang Li Xue go until she and Phoenix of Pride entered its stomach, so it immediately chased after Tang Li Xue and ready to land another heavy strike onto her!


Tang Li Xue's [Golden Winged Serpent] also chased after the five-headed dark crimson snake and bit one of its necks to stop it from attacking Tang Li Xue, but the five-headed dark crimson snake clearly has another four necks and four heads.

The other two humongous snakeheads mercilessly bit the [Golden Winged Serpent] neck and body, while the other two were targeting Tang Li Xue.

Thankfully, Tang Li Xue's [Golden Winged Serpent] entire body was protected by its thick golden scales made it the perfect tanker for resisting the five-headed dark crimson snake's attacks!

[Compressed Fire Bomb]!

Tang Li Xue still has one more [Sun Dragon Claw], and there was the maximum compressed Fire Bomb in the dragon claw's grasp!

Tang Li Xue waved her delicate left hand, and the [Sun Dragon Claw] threw the [Compressed Fire Bomb] in its grasp toward the two humongous snakeheads which was heading toward Tang Li Xue.


The explosion this time was far more tremendous than the previous four.

Not only the five-headed dark crimson snake destroyed into the bloody mist, Tang Li Xue and her [Golden Winged Serpent] also thrown off again by the explosion shockwave.

Tang Li Xue crashed onto several buildings and buried under the rubbles, but she could easily jump out from the rubbles with her current strength.

Tang Li Xue could only last until now after receiving several heavy strikes from the dark crimson snake was all because of her [High-Speed Regeneration] skill.

However, Tang Li Xue still decided to use her [Talisman of Regeneration +3] on herself to speed up her injuries recovery.

Somehow, her instinct told her that this battle was still far from over.

Tang Li Xue's heart sank when the blood mist gathered and coagulated again into blood liquid just like before.

The blood liquid solidified and took the snake's form almost twice bigger than before!

Nine humongous heads!

Nine -headed dark crimson snake!

It seems the dark crimson snake thought that five snakeheads were not enough to defeat and eat Tang Li Xue, so it decided to add four more this time!

Tang Li Xue shook her head and smiled full of irony.

She silently prayed in her heart: 'Oh… My…God! I am really going to die this time if this keep continues like this! My perfect copy… You are my only hope! Please hurry up before I really got eaten by this ugly snake!'


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