Reincarnated As a Fox With System
262 Chapter 262:Bloodline Resonance! Perfect Assimilation!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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262 Chapter 262:Bloodline Resonance! Perfect Assimilation!


The dark crimson snake's big head swallowed Tang Li Xue's perfect copy upper body.

The scene in front of Tang Li Xue's eyes was so scary like in the movie.

So the upper body of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy was already in the dark crimson snake's giant mouth, while her lower body was still struggling to free herself.

The dark crimson snake lifted the body of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy in its mouth.

The dark crimson snake raised its huge head upward and made Tang Li Xue's perfect copy position turned upside down with her pair of legs facing the sky.

The body of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy slowly entered deeper into the dark crimson snake's mouth.

It would probably only take a few more seconds before the dark crimson snake swallowed Tang Li Xue's perfect copy whole!

Tang Li Xue quickly canceled her [Twin Moons] divine ability to unsummon her perfect copy.

The body of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy, which still stuck in the dark crimson snake's huge mouth, disappeared in an instant after the real Tang Li Xue unsummoned her.

The dark crimson snake felt confused for a few moments when its food all of a sudden vanished from its mouth, but it did not dwell too much on it and looked at its surroundings to find its next target.

It did not even take a half-second for the dark crimson snake to lock its gaze on Tang Li Xue and determined her as its next target.


The dark crimson snake bared its fangs and hissed to Tang Li Xue. The dark crimson snake was clearly preparing itself to attack Tang Li Xue.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue already took some distance from the dark crimson snake after she realized how strong that snake was.

The dark crimson snake decided to not chase after Tang Li Xue and impatiently opened its mouth once again to swallow the Phoenix of Pride in its grasp.

Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth in anger.

Thankfully, her [Indomitable Will] skill kept her mind cool and clear from any distraction so she could still think of some way out.

'Ah, that's right! How can I become this stupid now? I can still use that!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter, and she smiled mischievously.

The moment when the dark crimson snake pounced toward the entangled Phoenix of Pride, Tang Li Xue had shouted out: "Assimilation!"

The Phoenix of Pride's flame body turned into a ball of deep-blue light and flew toward Tang Li Xue!

The ball of deep-blue light entered Tang Li Xue's body through her chest, and the deep-blue flame exploded out from her slender body!

The feeling Tang Li Xue got this time was completely different from the previous one.

Her blood was boiling hot as if every cell in her body started to awaken.


An earth-shattering dragon roar echoed in Tang Li Xue's mind like the mythical beast rising from its long slumber.

'This is...?! My Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline is finally reacting?!' Tang Li Xue gasped her breath in shock.

Tang Li Xue never realized before, but every time she dripped a drop of her blood onto [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] and entered the Sun Dragon King's memories, the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] was actually also increased her Pure Sun Dragon bloodline's purity bit by bit.

Although, Tang Li Xue's current Pure Sun Dragon bloodline was still far from 100% purity, but it already increased so much compared with the previous Tang Li Xue before she ever entered the Sun Dragon King's memories. 

The Phoenix of Pride and the Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline inside Tang Li Xue's body started to resonance with each other. Their compatibility had reached an unimaginable level, especially since the Phoenix of Pride also already absorbed a bit of Pure Yang Sun Flame from the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl].

The strength and heat of her deep-blue Flame of Pride kept rising without losing any momentum at all.

Tang Li Xue's Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline and the assimilation with the Phoenix of Pride were working like adding fire to gasoline. It made the strength of her deep-blue flame strength exploded and reached another level!

"Hot... Ouch, ouch, ouch~!!! Hot! It's really hot! This flame... I am burned alive by it!" Tang Li Xue groaned in pain.

The Phoenix of Pride who already absorbed a bit of Pure Yang Sun Flame had unimaginable potential, and the Pure Sun Dragon Bloodline was also divine-ranked beast bloodline, both of them were equally amazing.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue was still at [Uncommon] grade demonic beast right now. She was clearly far too lacking as the vessel for both of them!

But the dark crimson snake did not care about what happened to Tang Li Xue or her current transformation.

The dark crimson snake felt really angry at Tang Li Xue right now!

'How dare this tiny weak creature snatch my food?!'

That's what the dark crimson snake was probably thinking right now!

The dark crimson snake magnified its body size by many times and made it looked like a giant dark crimson python!


The dark crimson snake greedily opened its large mouth.

It seems that this dark crimson snake planned to swallow Tang Li Xue along with the Phoenix of Pride at once in one gulp. That was the only reason why it enlarged its body-size.

The dark crimson snake pounced on the burning Tang Li Xue.

Despite having the massive body, its movement was still as swift as before!

The moment it moved, the dark crimson snake turned into a streak of crimson flash!

Tang Li Xue was still in extreme agony. Her body included her masked face turned red like a prawn and emitting a faint smoke as if she was fried from inside out.

She only realized it after the dark crimson snake's huge mouth was already in front of her face!

It was already too late for Tang Li Xue to dodge it even with her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step]!

Since she could not dodge or avoid it, Tang Li Xue decided to attack it head-on instead!

[Sun Dragon Claw]… plus [Energy Manipulation]!

A pair of colossal deep-blue colored dragon claws were instantly created from the Flame of Pride!

"Compressed!" Tang Li Xue yelled while making a hand gesture.

The ten meters pair of colossal deep-blue colored dragon claws has shrunk into two meters, but the heat and strength emitted from it increased by a few times instead.


The pair of strong dragon claws actually managed to stop the dark crimson snake's jaw from closing and swallow Tang Li Xue!

The dark crimson snake tried to close its mouth a few times but failed, so it planned to retract its huge head and prepare to attack for the second time.

Tang Li Xue felt the extreme heat in her body alleviated a lot after she used the [Sun Dragon Claw], and she immediately realized something crucial.

Oh? So I only need to release the flame out of my body to mitigate the heat in my body? Hehehe... That is so easy!" Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and giggled happily.

However, the extreme heat in her body was quickly built up again and became unbearable again in only a few tens of seconds after Tang Li Xue used her [Sun Dragon Claw].

"Okay, big guy! Your turn is already over. It is 'our' turn right now!" Tang Li Xue said while sneered at the dark crimson snake.

Tang Li Xue's current slender body was wrapped by the deep-blue flame. Her pair of topaz blue eyes had changed its color into the deep blue.

Even her furry tail, fox ears, and smooth silver were turned into deep-blue flames as if she was the true queen of blue flame.

The dark crimson snake became even angrier after it heard Tang Li Xue's words.

But before the dark crimson snake could launch another attack on Tang Li Xue, she already activated another divine ability to attack the dark crimson snake!

[Sun Dragon Fangs]… plus [Energy Manipulation]!

Tang Li Xue's deep-blue flame exploded out in an instant, and it took the form of a massive dragon's head!


The massive deep-blue dragon's head roared out loud to the sky!

"Compressed!" Tang Li Xue shouted again while making a simple hand gesture.

The twelve meters massive dragon's head had shrunk into two meters too, but the scorching heat it emitted out was increased by many times. Its pressure and strength also kept growing by many times.

"Bite that snake to death!" Tang Li Xue ordered out loud.


The deep-blue dragon's head bit the dark crimson snake's neck with all of its strength.

The dragon's fangs compressed from the deep-blue Flame of Pride was not only sharp but also have unimaginable heat!


It sank deeper and deeper without any resistance while evaporating the part of the dark crimson snake into red steam!

The dragon's fangs forcefully pulled the dark crimson snake's neck until the dark crimson snake's huge head separated from its body and dropped heavily onto the ground!

"Is it really over now?" Tang Li Xue murmured with a doubtful tone.

Tang Li Xue knew that she did not have much more time.

The fainted people of Quanhai City would grow weaker for every second she wasted to fight this snake.

Blub… Blub… Blub…

The huge head of the dark crimson snake on the ground melted into a blood-like liquid and flew back into its body along with the red steam on the air.

The blood-like liquid and the red steam attached back to the dark crimson snake's body and formed back into the snake's head!

No… It was not only one huge snake head this time, but TWO!

Ppppssshhhh~~!!! Ppppssshhhh~~!!!

The giant two-headed dark crimson snake hissed angrily toward Tang Li Xue!

"Sigh… I know it would not be that easy!" Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and complained.

Her slender body started to burning again as the heat within her body gradually built up and surpassed her maximum heat tolerance.

Tang Li Xue hastily activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability and summoned out her perfect copy out.

She also opened Little Loki's window status and pressed the \u003c\u003cSummon\u003e\u003e button there to bring out Little Loki from her system pet storage.

"Nyaaa~~!" Little Loki meowed to Tang Li Xue as if it wanted to complain to her.

Tang Li Xue did not spare any look to Little Loki and immediately threw it to her perfect copy.

Tang Li Xue was afraid that Little Loki will get burn to nothingness if she touched it for too long.

Naturally, it was only Tang Li Xue overthinking about it. Little Loki did not even feel anything when Tang Li Xue touched it.

'We are running out of time. You must slip into the biggest mansion at the center of Quanhai City as soon as possible! There is probably a strong barrier there, but Little Loki can surely make a hole for you to enter! There should be a core formation for this bloody barrier in there, and you only need to destroy it. Go now!' Tang Li Xue sent her thought to her perfect copy.

The giant two-headed dark crimson snake pounced toward Tang Li Xue's direction with a speed even higher than before!

Little Loki stared at the giant two-headed dark crimson snake for a while and squinted its third eye in hunger.

The two-headed dark crimson snake immediately stiffened and jumped backward in panic. It suddenly felt afraid without knowing the reason… as if a snake was being stared by a majestic eagle.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy nodded to the real Tang Li Xue and brought Little Loki in her embrace away from there.

Little Loki also stopped staring at the two-headed dark crimson snake and glanced in the direction of the mayor's mansion in excitement.

It seems something inside the mayor's mansion attracted Little Loki's appetite more than the two-headed dark crimson snake, so it decided to forget about the two-headed dark crimson snake for now.

The Blood of Lust, which in the form of a two-headed dark crimson snake could finally feel relief, but it still remained oblivious about the reason why she felt afraid before.

"All right! Let's start our second round!" Tang Li Xue said as the blue-flame dragon head was hovering above her head, and a pair of blue-flame dragon claws was hovering on her left and right side.

Tang Li Xue even used her [Energy Manipulation] and created tens of deep-blue flame swords behind her.

She was overflowing with flame energy right now until it almost burned her body, so she chose this method to spend some of it.


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