Reincarnated As a Fox With System
260 Chapter 260: Spoiler Title At the Bottom of This Chapter
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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260 Chapter 260: Spoiler Title At the Bottom of This Chapter

Suddenly, Tang Li Xue felt the Phoenix of Pride in her Dantian wake up, and it became really restless as if it met with something that provoked its existence.

Tang Li Xue quickly suppressed it, so it would not jump out from her Dantian all of sudden at this dangerous timing.

Tang Li Xue sent her thought to the Phoenix of Pride and tried to warn it: 'Woah, calm down, little guy! What is wrong with you? We will get caught by those two bad people there if you go out now!'

The old man with a black mask on his face was frowned and took a glance at the place where Tang Li Xue hid right now.

Tang Li Xue quickly pulled back her head and hid back behind the building.

Her heart was beating so quickly right now. 

Somehow she got a feeling that the old man with a black mask knew that she was currently hiding behind this building.

If he did not currently face the tough opponent like that young man with a silver mask right now, he would definitely chase after her by now.

'It should be impossible, right? I maybe cannot use my [Ethereal Form] right now, but I still have its [Conceal] passive effect. Combined with my [Art of Concealment], even the Core Formation Stage Experts like the uncle from Asura Demon Sect should no longer be able to detect me anymore!' Tang Li Xue pondered for a while.

At this time, the Phoenix of Pride in her Dantian answered Tang Li Xue's confusion, and it sent its thought to Tang Li Xue's mind.

'What?! You are saying that black-masked old man does not sense me, but you... and the main reason for that is because he has another one of the 7 Earthly Desire Spirits?!' Tang Li Xue exclaimed in surprise.

Yes, the 7 Earthly Desire Spirits could sense each other when their location was close enough to each other like now!

If Phoenix of Pride belonged to the fire elemental spirit of the 7 Earthly Desire Spirits, then according to Phoenix of Pride, that old man with a black mask has the water elemental spirit of the 7 Earthly Desire Spirits!

The Crimson Blood of Lust!

Moreover, it was the perfect counter elemental for Tang Li Xue's Deep-Blue Flame of Pride!

'Ah! So that is why my Flame of Pride did not work and failed to make a hole on this bloody barrier before!' Tang Li Xue deduced in her mind.

Tang Li Xue's Deep-Blue Flame of Pride should have much higher potential than this Crimson Blood of Lust since it already started to absorb the [Pure Yang Sun Flame] bit by bit, which generated by the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl].

But the potential was not the same with the true strength, just like the genius cultivator did not have enough strength to defeat the powerful matured cultivator!

Who knew how long this black-masked old man nurtured his Crimson Blood of Lust, but it was already much more matured than Tang Li Xue's Deep-Blue Flame of Pride!

In fact, the black-masked old man really wanted to rush as fast as he could toward the place where Tang Li Xue hid right now.

Unfortunately, this silver-masked young man in front of him could not be taken lightly at all even though he was still so young.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk… You are still so young, yet you already reach the early Core Formation Stage. It is hard to imagine what you will become ten or twenty years from now. Sigh… it seems the young generation will surpass us the old generation soon." The black-masked old man sighed while praised the silver-masked young man.

"Young man, I really do not want to kill a talented young seed like you right now. I will open the way out on the Blood Draining Barrier for you to escape. You can go away safely from Quanhai City." The black-masked old man said generously.

Of course, the black-masked old man was not really that generous. The reason for that was because his Crimson Blood of Lust kept urging him to check that location.

The Crimson Blood of Lust did not bother to explain everything in detail like what Phoenix of Pride did to Tang Li Xue, it only said something there could make it a lot stronger.

The silver-masked young man only sneered and replied with a mocking tone: "Why? Are you afraid? Afraid that I will beat you to the pulp? Senile old man, if you are really afraid of me, then just dispel this barrier and go away with the tail between your legs from here. Out of my respect for elderly people like you, I promise to not chase you. How about it?"

"Presumptuous! Young man, I will teach you how to talk properly to the elder in the place of your parents right now!" The expression of the black-masked old man turned completely dark as he shouted full of anger.

The body of the black-masked old man started to release the blood-colored fog.

The black-masked old man made a few hand gestures, and the blood-colored fog immediately solidified into a giant blood-colored dragon!

"Blood Flood Dragon, go and destroy that arrogant young man!" The black-masked old man ordered.

This was the martial art that combined the black-masked old man's blood cultivation art with his martial soul!

It was really powerful and fearsome!

The silver-masked young man did not sign of anxiety or scared at all. He chuckled softly and made a few hand gestures too.


The thick black Qi burst out from the silver-masked young man, and it instantly took the form of the giant pair of black hands!


The massive and majestic Blood Flood Dragon let out the deafening roar as if it felt its dignity had been challenged by those giant pair of black hands.

It flew with lightning speed toward the giant pair of black hands and brandished its pair of sharp dragon claws toward it.

The giant pair of black hands countered with a heavy fist to meet with Blood Flood Dragon's sharp claws.


Both of them flew backward for a few meters, but immediately charged toward each other again and again!



'Yes! Finally, they already started to fight against each other! Fiuh… Let's take a detour from here and enter that manor from the other side for our own safety!' Tang Li Xue sighed in relief, and she decided her next plan in an instant.

She immediately used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] to get away from here as soon as possible.

The battle between those two Core Formation Experts was too fierce.

If Tang Li Xue kept sitting and waiting here, she would certainly be dragged into their fight sooner or later.

Something like 'Fishing in the Troubled Waters' was only looked easy in the movie or novel.

In reality, taking advantage in the chaotic battle, especially between two super experts like them were almost impossible.

Since both of them would surely save their several trump cards for the last moment when their life got threatened before using them.

The Crimson Blood of Lust inside the black-masked old man's body got more anxious and irritated when it sensed that Tang Li Xue and her Phoenix of Pride has gone farther and farther away from it.

The black-masked old man got hesitated for a few moments because he felt his current opponent, this silver-masked young man was not simple at all.

He really wanted to fight all out and used the Crimson Blood of Lust to slain this silver-masked young man as soon as possible without giving this young man any chance to use his true strength or his trump card.

After a few tens of seconds of hesitation, the black-masked old man finally yielded and let his Crimson Blood of Lust did whatever it wants.

The black-masked old man used his Blood Flood Dragon as the cover and secretly summoned out the Crimson Blood of Lust from his body.

"Remember to finish your matter quickly and come back here as soon as possible!" The black-masked old man whispered with a stern tone.

Different from the Phoenix of Pride, the Crimson Blood of Lust took a dark crimson snake as its form.

The dark crimson snake was currently only as big as a small worm, but it could easily change its size in an instant.

Imagine if this tiny dark crimson snake entered the body of its target through any wounds, ear, nose, or mouth?!

It could do almost everything to its target! 

It could control the target's body, alter the target's body, it could even read or changed the target's mind or memories!

This was the true power of the Crimson Blood of Lust!

The dark crimson snake nodded nonchalantly to the black-masked old man for a moment, and it quickly turned into a red flash to chase after Tang Li Xue.

The young man with the silver mask was actually realized what the black-masked old man has done, but he did not know the real purpose behind the black-masked old man's action, so he could only raise his vigilance more.

The two of them kept exchanging blows one after another more violently, destroying almost all the buildings around the mayor's mansion.

But the mayor's mansion below them was still remained unscathed at all because it was protected by the thick protection barrier made by the other three elders from the black-masked old man's side.



Tang Li Xue kept sprinting at her full speed.

Her slender figure was flickering around while she was carefully maneuvering around to avoid any meaningless fight with the crimson-robed guards.

But not many crimson-robed guards around here anymore since most of them were already heading to where Yaya and the two disciples were.

Tang Li Xue started to feel really worried about Yaya's condition.

She carefully tried to feel Yaya's current condition through the connection in their mind.

On contrary to Tang Li Xue's worry, Yaya currently did not feel scared or worried at all, she even felt really excited and contented.

Tang Li Xue felt relieved after checking Yaya's condition. At least, she was not in any danger or wounded right now.

Strangely, no crimson-robed guards were heading toward the direction of the mayor's mansion, although the battle there was the most fierce and intense.

It seemed that their higher up already warn them sternly to never approach the mayor's mansion in any situation.

These crimson-robed guards were useless in the fight with that caliber anyway. They would not be able to provide any help and will only throw their lives away if they carelessly approached the mayor's mansion.

'Watch out! It is coming here!' The Phoenix of Pride could not talk yet, but it could still give a stern warning to Tang Li Xue through their mental connection.

"What?! What do you mean by 'coming here'? Those red guards?" Tang Li Xue asked in puzzlement as she increased her [Extrasensory Perception]'s output to the maximum.

Chapter 260: Another one of the 7 Earthly Desire Spirits!


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