Reincarnated As a Fox With System
259 Chapter 259: Familiar Person!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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259 Chapter 259: Familiar Person!

Tang Li Xue led the two disciples, and all of them dashed back toward the center of Quanhai City while Tang Li Xue briefed them clearly about her plan on their way.

"What we need to do right now is extremely simple. You two will only need to gather all the crimson-robed guards and distract them for a few minutes, while I would slip into the center of Quanhai City and stop this bloody barrier from working." Tang Li Xue explained patiently to the two disciples.

"It should not be hard for you two to face those low-ranked trashy human guards, right? Besides that, the strongest few people should be guarding right at the center of Quanhai City, and I would be the one who will face them all." Tang Li Xue tried to provoke their ego with her words.

Just like what Tang Li Xue had expected, these two ignorant disciples immediately became arrogant once more as Tang Li Xue's words boosted their courage even more. 

"Tsk! So we only need to face those low-ranked trashy human guards?! So boring! I thought we will face the strongest human in this Quanhai City! And you... Are you really sure that you can defeat those few strongest humans alone? Do you really not need our help?" The male disciple asked with a smug tone.

"Hahaha... Thanks for your kind offer, but there is no need for you to worry. I only need to turn off this bloody barrier so we can get out from here. I do not actually need to defeat them all." Tang Li Xue replied while giggled.

'Oh, no... Please, just no! If these two idiots make a huge blunder at the crucial timing, my reincarnated life that has just begun would certainly end! I rather have my trusted perfect copy than these two braindead idiots!' Tang Li Xue's mind and heart screamed in protest at the same time.

At first, Tang Li Xue planned for Yaya and Phoenix of Pride to become the bait and draw the attention of those crimson-robed guards, but now, she changed her mind since there were already these two disciples that would do that job.

As usual, Tang Li Xue did not plan to show the Phoenix of Pride to any fox in Myriad Foxes Academy besides Instructor Mei Lan, so she decided to bring the Phoenix of Pride with her.

Tang Li Xue assigned Yaya to help these two disciples on facing those crimson-robed guards alone as insurance. 

She also told Yaya to keep an eye on these two disciples, so they would not run away or do something strange to ruin her plan and really do their job properly.

After that, Tang Li Xue stared at Little Loki, who was lying comfortably in her embrace, and said: "As for you, Little Loki… You should hide for a while in the system storage. This is for your own good, so please bear with it patiently for now. I will bring you out once all of this is over!"

"Nyaaaa~!!!" Little Loki squirmed out from Tang Li Xue's embrace and shook its tiny furry head furiously to reject Tang Li Xue's decision.

Tang Li Xue did not care about Little Loki's reaction and opened Little Loki's status window in her system then press the \u003c\u003cStore\u003e\u003e beside its true name.

Little Loki's tiny black figure vanished from Tang Li Xue's embrace in an instant. 

When all of them spotted some crimson-robed guards from distance, the two disciples quickly took out a golden pellet from their space pouch.

Tang Li Xue stared at the golden pellet in their grasp curiously and asked with a tone filled with curiosity: "What is that? Some kind of strength-enhancing pill?"

Tang Li Xue already has all the knowledge at the Beginner Alchemist level, but she still could not recognize this golden pellet's name or function at all.

It was clear from that fact, this golden pellet was far from simple. It should be one of the items their parents gave them to protect them in the perilous situation.

The two disciples glared at Tang Li Xue in disdain and mocked her a bit: "It is normal for a peasant like you to never see this kind of priceless pill."

"This pill is called Spirit God Pellet. It is made from the combination of several different kinds of spirit beast's blood, many precious herbs, and rare ingredients. This Spirit God Pellet can awaken and strengthen the power within the user's bloodline. It would make the user many times stronger in one hour... but the user will enter 24 hours period of weakness after that." The female disciple explained.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes brightened, and she asked with the fawned expression: "Ummm... Do you have more of that pill? Can I have some of it?"

"Do you think this priceless pill is a cabbage or something?! No, each of us only has one!" The female disciple replied with a tone filled with displeasure.

Both of them quickly popped the Spirit God Pellet into their mouth as if they were afraid that Tang Li Xue would rob it from them.

'Tsk! Cheapskate! Ah, what a waste! That golden pill will become more useful if I am the one who used it! Such a shame...' Tang Li Xue puckered her pink lips and pouted.

After they swallowed that golden pill, the face of those two disciples turned red and savage.

They immediately turned back into their fox form and howled loudly.


The powerful beast aura exploded out from within their body as they kept howling louder.

The pressure and aura emanating from their body were growing stronger and stronger!

The two of them were clearly only at [Uncommon] grade like Tang Li Xue, but their current aura was already surpassing most of [Rare] grade level demonic beast!

"C... Crazy! This is really crazy! Just how powerful is the efficacy of that golden pellet until it can make those two useless foxes reach this level?!" Tang Li Xue murmured in shock and disbelief as she was completely taken back by their transformation.

"Good luck to you two! Don't worry about anything and go all out! Take all of those pathetic weaklings down! I will leave my companion, Yaya here, to assist and protect you two!" Tang Li Xue whispered to the two foxes before she went hiding behind one of the stores on the side of the street.

The loud howl of the two disciples in their fox form already managed to attract the attention of all the crimson-robed guards as they started to blow their whistle loudly to call for more help!


The two disciples in their fox form dashed really fast. 

They already arrived in front of the several crimson-robed guards when the guards only have a moment to blow their whistle.

The two disciples started to tear the several crimson-robed guards with their sharp fangs and claws!

They had slain the several crimson-robed guards in only a flash!

Tang Li Xue could hardly believe her eyes as she exclaimed in shock: 'Holysh*t! Those two are unbelievably strong now!'

At first, Tang Li Xue was still worried if these two morons would die and their parents would blame her for it, but it seemed that her worry was completely unnecessary right now.

The other crimson-robed guards swiftly came toward the two disciples and surrounded them from all directions.

Tang Li Xue quickly took this chance to jump onto the roof. She dashed swiftly while jumped from one building to another.

Since all the crimson-robed guards' attention was attracted to the two disciples in their fox form, Tang Li Xue could easily slip past them without anyone realizing it.

With their unstoppable momentum, the two disciples were like a pair of ferocious meat grinders. While Yaya supported them from behind, and she attacked the crimson-robed guards on their rear with deadly wind-elemental ranged attacks.

[Hurricane Barrier]! 

[Tempest Prison]!

[Compressed Wind Blade]!

Tang Li Xue also became more assured when she glanced at their current incredible momentum from afar before she went further and further away from there.

Tang Li Xue lowered her head while she kept running on the top of the buildings on the side of the street.

Many crimson-robed guards were heading towards where the two disciples and Yaya were fighting against the guards right now.

Several of them were wearing armbands, which showed their identity as the squad captains. These squad captains were surely troublesome to deal with, but she had no choice other than leaving them to Yaya and the two disciples.

With her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step], Tang Li Xue managed to reach the center of Quanhai City in only one minute or even less.


Tang Li Xue swiftly jumped down from the top of the building and hid in the gap between two buildings the moment she heard that explosion.

She stuck out her head a bit to peek at the source of the explosion.

Then she saw two people stood on their flying sword and hovering above the luxurious manor while warily staring at each other.

One of them was an old man with white hair and wore crimson-colored luxurious clothes and a black expressionless mask that covered his entire face.

The other one was a young man with silky long black hair and wore a white set of clothes and a silver mask that covered the upper half of his face.

Tang Li Xue did not dare to act rashly since she did not know which one of them was her enemy.

She was forced to wait and observed the situation for now.

'Damn it! This is all because of this shitty bloody barrier's effect! If not for this barrier, I could easily use my [Ethereal Form] to slip inside there!' Tang Li Xue complained in her heart.

Tang Li Xue frowned a bit when she glanced at the young guy with a silver mask.

She also did not know why, but the figure of this silver-masked man felt really familiar to her. 

Then she accidentally noticed the jade insignia hanging on his waist with 'Immortal Sword Sect's Elder' written on its surface.

'What the hell?! So he was in the same group as the old bast*rd who tried to catch me before! Tsk! Both of them are bad people then!' Tang Li Xue concluded as she gnashed her teeth in anger and hatred.


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