Reincarnated As a Fox With System
258 Chapter 258: Reinforcement!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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258 Chapter 258: Reinforcement!

Of course, Tang Li Xue only grumbled in her heart. She did not really plan to go back out after Little Loki used its ability to make them enter this bloody barrier.

Tang Li Xue used her [Energy Manipulation] to create a footing and used it to climb the tall stone wall.

After she reached the top of the wall, she only needed to jump down to the other side of the stone wall to enter back into Quanhai City.

Tang Li Xue used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] and her slender figure landed gracefully on the ground.

Tang Li Xue's expression turned grim when she saw all of the civilians of Quanghai City have already passed out. Especially the street, there were many people passed out on the side and the middle of the street.

Tang Li Xue checked their condition for a moment to make sure they were not dead yet.

'Their faces are already pale, and their breaths become weaker. If that bloody barrier keeps draining their energy and blood like this, they would certainly become dry corpses in 15-20 minutes! I do not have much time! I must hurry!' Tang Li Xue thought as she used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] to sprint towards the heart of Quanhai City.

Her graceful figure was moving so fast, leaving several afterimages on her way.

She was carefully avoiding the fainted people lying down on the street, and her silhouette was flickering to the right and left, her speed was not slowing down at all.

But when Tang Li Xue arrived a few miles away from the heart of Quanhai City, she was forced into hiding. Because there were several people in crimson-colored robes guarded the way to the center of Quanhai City.

Tang Li Xue deployed her [Extrasensory Perception] to the maximum. She tried to detect how many crimson-robed guards guarded in front of her.

'One... three... five... eight... ten... Okay, there are many of them!' Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched as she gave up counting on their number.

In short, there were at least thirty to fifty crimson-robed guards scattered everywhere.

Their cultivation levels were varied. Tang Li Xue could not even sense the cultivation of some of them.

However, Tang Li Xue guessed there should be at least ten worthy people among these guards, which could give her enough trouble.

Moreover, all of them held some kind of whistle in their mouth to call for help.

If Tang Li Xue recklessly charged in and defeated a few of these crimson-robed guards, the others would certainly call for more help with this whistle, and she would be surrounded by all of them in no time.

'Troublesome!' Tang Li Xue groaned as her mind spun quickly, trying to think of some plans.

She did not even have any spare time to waste fighting against these guards...

The easiest plan was to use Yaya as a diversion. Yaya only needs to draw the attention of all those crimson-robed guards while she stealthily dashed toward the center of Quanhai City.

Tang Li Xue immediately denied this plan.

Tang Li Xue was already traumatized in using Yaya as a diversion since Yaya previously almost died in the second trial of Myriad Foxes Academy's entry.

She already swore to never use Yaya as a diversion anymore since then.

"Ya~!!! Yayaya~!" Yaya flew from the top of Tang Li Xue's head and hovered in front of Tang Li Xue's face with a firm expression on her tiny little face.

Yaya knew what Tang Li Xue had thought. She tried to tell Tang Li Xue that the current her was on a different level from the previous her.

Yaya assured Tang Li Xue that she was ready this time and the incident like before would never happen anymore.

Tang Li Xue pondered carefully for a few moments while Yaya kept persuading Tang Li Xue to let her fight against these bad people and open the way for Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue also knew that Yaya had already become a lot stronger than before. She has already evolved into [Rare] grade and gained 3 more new divine abilities such as [Extreme Speed], [Wind God's Eyes], and the last one which even Tang Li Xue had never seen Yaya used before, [Shockwave Impact].

Yaya was usually well-behaved and quiet, but in her heart, she was actually also itching to fight.

She wanted to try to use her new divine abilities and tested her current battle prowess too. 

Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth in the unwillingness and said with a solemn tone: "All right, you can go! But you definitely cannot go alone! Pride will also go with you. You two must work together to draw their attention, understand?!"

Yaya puffed her cheek and pouted in dissatisfaction, but she still reluctantly nodded her head to Tang Li Xue since she knew Tang Li Xue did this because she was worry about her safety.

"Sigh... if only we can call for reinforcement from Myriad Foxes Academy or have more people to help us..." Tang Li Xue lamented in frustration.

Tang Li Xue could call for help from Myriad Foxes Academy if she destroyed the mission's bamboo tube, but she would be deemed to have failed this mission if she really has done that.

Of course, Tang Li Xue did not want that to happen since it also means she has failed her system's quest too if she failed this mission!

"Ah! That is right! Don't I have two more people in my space pouch?!" Tang Li Xue exclaimed as her topaz blue eyes brightened when she remembered the two disciples in her medium-rank space pouch.

Tang Li Xue went into a desolate alley first before pulling out the two disciples from her medium-rank space pouch. She knew these two would definitely make a big ruckus once she pulled them out from there.

"Damn you! How dare you..." As if proofed that Tang Li Xue was right. The male disciple shouted loudly as soon as Tang Li Xue released them. 

"Sssshhhhh~~!!!" Tang Li Xue put her index finger on her pink lips and signaled them to keep quiet.

The female disciple also wanted to angrily scold Tang Li Xue, but she immediately felt something was not right.

When the two disciples' attention was on Tang Li Xue, she pointed her index finger upward.

The two disciples stared skeptically at Tang Li Xue before reluctantly raised their heads and looked above.

The two disciples immediately scared silly and yelled: "What is that bloody thing?!"

The blood-colored barrier looked different from inside compared to outside.

From the outside, the barrier looked like the curtain condensed from the blood. But from the inside, the blood barrier was a bit transparent, and anyone inside could see the scene outside the blood barrier.

Anyone inside could also see the countless pulsating blood veins scattered on every corner of the blood-colored barrier. It looked quite gory and disgusting.

"Can you two feel it? That disgusting barrier kept draining our blood and stamina bit by bit. That thing is covering the entire Quanhai City, so we cannot go out from this city anymore. If we do not stop that thing, it would certainly turn us into dried corpses in a few hours." Tang Li Xue stated the current condition clearly to these two arrogant disciples.

Tang Li Xue hoped these two disciples could hear her instruction this time and help her to distract those crimson-robed guards with Yaya.

Tang Li Xue would never believe that the parents of these two silkpants just letting them ventured outside the Myriad Foxes Academy without giving them something to protect themselves from any harm!

As long as they did not get ambushed from behind like what Tang Li Xue has done to them, they should be able to protect their own lives!

"You... You... what the hell do you plan to do?! Don't tell me you planned to fight the mastermind who make that thing and stopped it from working? Stupid! Moron! Let's just escape out of this city quickly! Don't tell me you cannot even break that ugly looking barrier?!" The male disciple protested to Tang Li Xue with a harsh tone.

But from his stuttered tone and trembling voice, anyone could see that he was really afraid right now.

The female disciple quickly nodded with the shivered body as if she approved the male disciple's suggestion.

Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes and replied with an innocent expression: "Why do I need help from you two if that bloody barrier can be destroyed so easily?! I should have already fled out of this city by now and bring you two back with me to Myriad Foxes Academy!"

If these two disciples knew that Tang Li Xue brought them into the city again after she went out of the city, they would probably strangle her to death by now.

The two disciples might be looked very arrogant and reckless at first, but their courage was almost non-existent.

They kept demanding Tang Li Xue to bring them to escape or hide from that wicked mastermind who created the bloody barrier.

After wasting her precious time in trying to persuade them for doing her bidding, Tang Li Xue finally snapped out and punched their faces with her fist!


"Shut up, you cowards! You two said that 'humans are trash', but what about you two right now? You two are even afraid to face those trash humans! Are you two really from my great Fox Race?! Because I would be very embarrassed if I have the same race as the cowards like you two!" Tang Li Xue kept mocking the two disciples until their faces turned red from embarrassment.

"Aaaahhhh… That is enough! Who says I am afraid of them?! I only want to remain low-profile! If I really want it, those trash humans are nothing to me! I can crush them easily with my almighty paws!" The male disciple jumped as if his fox tail had been stepped on and shouted back in anger.

"Th… That is true! How… how could we afraid of those weak humans?! Those inferior creatures are nothing to us! Let's teach them a harsh lesson to remind them of their inferior place!" The female disciple added timidly.

"Good! How could we, as the strong prideful Fox Race afraid of those trashy humans?! We will make sure to beat them all until they kowtow and apologize to us! Glory to the Fox Race!" Tang Li Xue encouraged them more with her speech.

"Glory to the Fox Race!" The male disciple grasped his fist in excitement and shouted.

"Glory to the Fox Race!" The female disciple's mood was also swept away by Tang Li Xue's speech, and she yelled enthusiastically with them.

"Defeat that trashy human race!" Tang Li Xue shouted again.

"Defeat that trashy human race!" The two disciples followed Tang Li Xue and yelled again in agitation.

'All right… As I expected from the two pampered silkpants, they are maybe arrogant and braindead, but they are really easy to manipulate. Sigh… at least, they are still salvageable.' Tang Li Xue sighed in relief in her heart.


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