Reincarnated As a Fox With System
257 Chapter 257: Blood Draining Formation Barrier!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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257 Chapter 257: Blood Draining Formation Barrier!

Despite all of her thoughts to go back as soon as possible to Myriad Foxes Academy, Tang Li Xue still could not bear to abandon all the people in Quanhai City in the end.

Although, Hong Empire was already declined a lot because of the fierce power struggle between the crown prince and the 2nd prince, which made it appeared not as grandiose as the other human empires, but as the Capital City of Hong Empire, Quanhai City was quite crowded with people.

While Quanhai City did not look that big and majestic like the other capital cities or Myriad Foxes Academy, there should be more than a million people currently living inside Quanhai City now!

If that blood-colored barrier has a really sinister effect just like what Tang Li Xue had felt... then it means more than one million people living inside Quanhai City now would perish sooner or later today!

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath as she stopped driving her flying disc from flying farther from Quanhai City.

'Sigh... Am I really that moron? Am I really going to come back to Quanhai City and do the thankless job? Am I really going to risk my life for all the people I don't even know?' Tang Li Xue started to question her reasoning in her mind.

"Nyaaa~~!!!" Little Loki squirmed out from Tang Li Xue's embrace and cutely looked at the direction of Quanhai City as if it was worry that Tang Li Xue would abandon the city.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes widened in surprise, and she immediately patted Little Loki's head gently.

"You are right, Little Loki! How could I become such a cruel fox and abandon the life of one million people in front of me just like that?! If I really do that, the reason I train until now will lose all of its meaning! Just like the sharp sword without its meaning, it would be nothing more than a tool for murder!" Tang Li Xue grasped her fist and said with a tone filled with a firm will.

"Let's go, Little Loki! We will come back now!" Tang Li Xue stroke Little Loki's smooth black fur gently as she drove her flying disc back to Quanhai City.

Little Loki rolled its third eyes as if it thought: 'Please... Who told you to help those worthless people? I just feel very hungry right now, and I smell some delicious snacks in that city.'

Usually, Tang Li Xue could feel what her pets have currently thought from their mind connection. In fact, she already read Yaya and Phoenix of Pride's thoughts countless times before.

But Little Loki was different from Yaya and Phoenix of Pride. It could easily block their mind connection and prevent Tang Li Xue from reading its mind.

Of course, Tang Li Xue did not know all of these, and she already stealthily landed her flying disc near the blood-colored barrier.

Tang Li Xue jumped down from her flying disc and activated her [Ethereal Form]. Her slender figure turned transparent once again.

Tang Li Xue carried Little Loki in her embrace and walked to the blood-colored barrier.


Tang Li Xue's transparent head bumped onto the blood-colored barrier, and her [Ethereal Form] was automatically canceled in an instant as a bit of her vitality energy and blood was drained by the blood-colored barrier.

"Eh? I cannot enter Quanhai City using my [Ethereal Form] anymore?!" Tang Li Xue frowned deeply and murmured while rubbed her forehead.

Fortunately, she only walked slowly... if she dashed with her full speed before crashed her forehead onto the blood-colored barrier, she would probably have an extra big bump on her forehead right now.

Tang Li Xue opened her right palm, and a cluster of the deep-blue flame of pride has bloomed on the top of her palm.

The intense scorching temperature from the deep-blue flame was spreading out made the surrounding temperature rising rapidly.

Tang Li Xue pushed the deep-blue flame of pride on her palm to the blood-colored barrier in front of her.


The moment when the deep-blue flame of pride touched the blood-colored barrier, it made horrible sizzling sounds.

Tang Li Xue thought her deep-blue flame of pride would definitely more than capable of evaporating a portion of this blood-colored barrier and made a hole for her to enter back into the city.

But she immediately realized that she was severely underestimated the might of this blood-colored barrier in front of her!

The deep-blue flame of pride really managed to evaporate the small portion of the blood-colored barrier and turned it into the blood-colored fog, leaving a fist-sized hole in the blood-colored barrier.

But the blood-colored fog immediately wrapped the deep-blue flame of pride and turned back into the blood-colored liquid.

It looked as if the blood-colored liquid swallowed the deep-blue flame of pride instead!

Then the blood-colored liquid flew back into the fist-sized hole and covered it back like before.

"Impossible! It swallowed my Flame of Pride instead?!" Tang Li Xue yelled in disbelief.

Tang Li Xue felt a bit fortunate since she did not use her bare fist or kick to forcefully break this blood-colored barrier before.

Who knew if this blood-colored liquid would swallow her fist or foot instead if she did that…

This was the first time Tang Li Xue met with something that could subdue her Flame of Pride.

Tang Li Xue knew that it was normal for the fire elemental to be subdued by the water elemental, but her Flame of Pride was not the normal fire elemental!

Usually, her Deep-Blue Flame of Pride could evaporate any kind of liquid, ice, even metal it touched into nothingness!

"This blood-colored liquid is not normal at all! Sigh… What should I do now to enter back into the city? Should I try to use other skills or divine abilities? Maybe [Sun Dragon Claw] or [Sun Dragon Fangs] can break it?" Tang Li Xue frowned and pondered carefully.

"If only I were within the city right now, I could make this barrier stop working from inside just like when I stopped that whatever heaven formation in the second trial before..." Tang Li Xue murmured regretfully.

Since this blood-colored barrier could cover the entire Quanhai City, it was clear that whatever controlled or powered this thing with energy should be located at the heart of Quanhai City.

Tang Li Xue planned to use her [Ethereal Form] to infiltrate the heart of Quanhai City and do something to stop this barrier.

Little Loki glanced at Tang Li Xue for a moment and cutely tilted its furry head in confusion as if it did not get why Tang Li Xue found it difficult to break such a brittle red barrier.

Little Loki jumped out from Tang Li Xue's embrace and gracefully landed on the ground. It leisurely approached the blood-colored barrier and sat right in front of it.

"Little Loki, that is dangerous! What are you…" Tang Li Xue shouted in panic as she stretched out her hands to catch Little Loki before it could touch the blood-colored barrier.

But she stunned silly in an instant when she saw the unbelievable scene in front of her eyes.

Little Loki opened its tiny mouth, and the blood-colored barrier in front of it turned into a large amount of blood-colored liquid then rushed into its tiny mouth!

The scene was extremely bizarre!

The tiny little black kitten smaller than Tang Li Xue's slender palm could actually easily devour a large amount of blood-colored liquid!

Little Loki stopped devouring the blood-colored liquid after it managed to create a large ten-meters hole in diameter on the blood-colored barrier.

Little Loki greedily licked its lips as if it just drank a bowl of delicious warm milk.

"Nyaaa~!" Little Loki jumped back into the stunned Tang Li Xue's embrace and urged her to enter the city with its gaze.

Little Loki clearly did not really interested in drinking all of that blood-colored liquid. It was far more interested in something inside Quanhai City.

Tang Li Xue still stunned silly, and she even forgot to close her mouth in shock.

Tang Li Xue knew that Little Loki was a big eater since it was already such a big glutton when it was still in its egg form... but this blood-colored barrier was clearly not food! It was a dangerous substance that could even swallow her deep-blue Flame of Pride!

Moreover, this was the first time Tang Li Xue saw Little Loki's true ability, so it was natural for her to show this kind of reaction.

Tang Li Xue woke up from her daze immediately when she realized that the blood-colored barrier was slowly started to close the big hole.

Tang Li Xue quickly stepped inside the area covered by the blood-colored barrier, but right outside the solid stone wall.

When Tang Li Xue entered that area, she instantly felt her Qi and blood kept being drained bit by bit from her body by the blood-colored barrier.

"This sinister barrier! Don't tell me this barrier keep draining the stamina and blood from all the people inside it?!" Tang Li Xue's expression turned dark.

Even the quiet and obedient Yaya, who sat on the top of Tang Li Xue's head, expressed that she felt really uncomfortable right now.

Tang Li Xue did not feel that bad since she has [High-Speed Regeneration] which kept replenishing her blood.

-25, -22, +1000, -26, -19, +1000…..

The decrease of her HP every second was minuscule, while her [High-Speed Regeneration] skill could heal 1% of her maximum HP every 2 seconds!

But all the people inside Quanhai City did not have Tang Li Xue's [High-Speed Regeneration]! They were also far weaker and have a lot less HP than her!

If even Yaya felt very uncomfortable like that, anyone could be easily imagined what those civilians in Quanhai City felt right now!

'This is really bad! The weak children could die in a few minutes! I must hurry!' Tang Li Xue thought urgently.

Tang Li Xue tried to activate her [Ethereal Form] so she could easily pass through the city wall and slipped into the city just like before.

But her [Ethereal Form] was immediately canceled under the effect of the blood-colored barrier constant draining!

'Sigh… Great! So I must infiltrate into the city and stop this sinister bloody barrier from working without my [Ethereal Form]?! Who knows how many strong cultivators I will meet on my way later?! Don't tell me that I must defeat them one by one before facing a big final boss just like in the RPG games?' Tang Li Xue shrugged and thought as she suddenly felt her motivation weakened a lot.

She really wanted to change her mind and went directly back to Myriad Foxes Academy if it was still possible right now.


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