Reincarnated As a Fox With System
255 Chapter 255: The Kind and Beautiful Young Lady!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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255 Chapter 255: The Kind and Beautiful Young Lady!

While Tang Li Xue still kept putting up on act as if she was still under the effect of Indulgence Powder, her perfect copy already stealthy went right behind the crimson dressed lady.

Right now, Tang Li Xue was still carefully pondering about what she would need to do to this crazy crimson dressed lady next.

Tang Li Xue did not have any grievance or hatred with this crazy lady, and Tang Li Xue truthfully did not want to kill her, but this crazy lady also attacked her without any reason.

When Tang Li Xue was still hesitating in making her decision, one of Instructor Mei Lan's lessons about this topic was flashed in her mind.




"When you are all in the human world, remember to always stay low-key and never do something that could draw any attention to yourself. Even if any human kept provoking you, you only need to ignore them." Instructor Mei Lan said to Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others.

Hei Yinghao raised one of his hands and asked: "Then what should we do if they attacked us first?"

Instructor Mei Lan giggled and patiently replied: "It depends on your situation at that time. If you are in a crowded place, you should run away first. It would be best if you can get away from them, but if you cannot..."

Instructor Mei Lan's eyes turned cold as she continued: "Lure them to the quiet place and finish them all in one go."

"The Human Race is a social creature, so the probability of them having someone important or strong to back them up was really high. You will never know if your human's opponents would call for more people to fight against you, and they even might be someone stronger than you." Instructor Mei Lan explained with a solemn expression.

"You should run away if some humans attacked you in a crowded area to avoid any suspicion, but if you are in a quiet place... kill all of them off swiftly without mercy to avoid any trouble and get out as quickly as you can from there!" Instructor Mei Lan warned Tang Li Xue and the others.

"You must always remember to never show any leniency toward any human. They are cunning and sinister creatures. Any words that come from their mouths are mostly lies, so you should never believe what they said even if they promise something while begging you to spare their lives." Instructor Mei Lan said as she concluded her lesson that day.




The hesitation in Tang Li Xue's eyes has vanished and replaced by a glint of coldness.

The unnoticeable murderous intent has bloomed in her heart. 

'That is right. She was the one who tried to kill me first, so why should I spare her?! Little girl, you only have yourself to blame since you are targeting the wrong person... I mean the wrong beast.' Tang Li Xue said in her heart as she pretended to lose her consciousness.

The crimson dressed lady already patiently waited for a few minutes while talked a few random things, but she started to lose her patience when she saw that Tang Li Xue still has not passed out yet.

After she saw Tang Li Xue has already passed out, the crimson dressed lady stood up from Tang Li Xue's bed and vigilantly approached Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy also stealthy approached the crimson dressed lady from behind.

Who knew that the crimson dressed lady did not plan to get too close to the unconscious Tang Li Xue. She suddenly took out her blood-colored whip and lashed it toward the unconscious Tang Li Xue.


Tang Li Xue did indeed close her eyes and pretended to be fainting, but her [Extrasensory Perception] divine ability kept watching on the crimson dressed lady every movement.

The moment when the blood-colored whip almost touched her, she immediately activated her [Ethereal Form]!


The wall behind Tang Li Xue got blasted into pieces!

At the same time as that, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy turned off her [Ethereal Form] divine ability and appeared behind the crimson dressed lady.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy flicked her slender fingers and shot out the cross silvery light slash toward the crimson dressed lady in an instant.

[Moon Splitter]!

The crimson dressed lady's expression turned grim, but she already prepared to defend against Tang Li Xue's counterattack.

The crimson dressed lady activated her blood barrier as soon as possible to block the [Moon Splitter]!

But Tang Li Xue's [Moon Splitter] has incredible sharpness. The silver light cross sliced the blood barrier easily like cutting on the tomato.

The crimson dressed lady forced to turn around and used the blood-colored whip in her grasp to defend against Tang Li Xue's [Moon Splitter].


The silver light cross struck the blood-colored whip hard, but it was failed to cut through the blood-colored whip.

It was clear that the blood-colored whip in the crimson dressed lady's grasp was not as simple as it looked.

But the crimson dressed lady staggered a few steps backward because of the powerful force contained in Tang Li Xue's [Moon Splitter].

Unfortunately, the real Tang Li Xue still stood behind the crimson dressed lady in her [Ethereal Form], waiting for this moment to deal the finishing blow to the crimson dressed lady!

The real Tang Li Xue canceled her [Ethereal Form] and waved her hand while using her [Energy Manipulation] to instantly create five white jade-like swords.

The five white jade-like swords simultaneously flew toward the crimson dressed lady.

It turned into five white flashes and combined into one silver sword right before it pierced the crimson dressed lady's blood barrier from behind and created a fist-sized hole on her back.

The expression of crimson dressed lady turned blank as she spurted out several mouthfuls of blood from her mouth.

She stared at the fist-sized hole on her chest in disbelief for a moment before turned around looked at the real Tang Li Xue behind her.

"You… two…" The crimson dressed lady dreadfully stared at Tang Li Xue's perfect copy in front of her with an expression filled with confusion.

She still did not understand why there were two Tang Li Xues here, and both of them were real!

The crimson dressed lady looked as if she wanted to ask about it, but unfortunately, it was already too late.

Her vision turned dark as her consciousness faded away, and her life finally lost forever.

When Tang Li Xue saw the crimson dressed lady's lifeless body limply dropped onto the cold floor, she still did not let her guard down or felt happy at all.

Tang Li Xue quickly waved her hand and sent out the deep-blue flame of pride to burn the dead body into nothingness without leaving anything behind.

 But of course, Tang Li Xue would never forget to take the precious spatial ring from the crimson dressed lady's corpse before she burned it.

Tang Li Xue threw the spatial ring into her space pouch and quickly activated her [Ethereal Form] then her slender figure turned invisible.

While Tang Li Xue's perfect copy made sure to not leave any clue in that room for a few moments, the real Tang Li Xue was already quickly fled from that place as quickly as possible.

The inn where she stayed before was in the middle of Quanhai City, but she stealthy ran toward the southeast of the Quanhai City right now.

Tang Li Xue did not any inn here since the corner of Quanhai City was mostly the slum where the gangsters and the criminals were flocking together.

In short, this corner of Quanhai City was the red light district. There were black markets, brothels, gambling houses, and so on here.

Tang Li Xue did not mind it and slipped into an empty stable with her [Ethereal Form].

She sat on the mound of straw and put the sleeping Little Loki on her lap before taking out the spatial ring she got from the crimson dressed lady.

Tang Li Xue sent her Qi and consciousness into the crimson dressed lady's spatial ring to check its content.

There were many barrels of blood in there.

'Tsk! Why the hell the content of this spatial ring feels familiar?!' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue.

It was actually quite similar to the content of [Demonic Blood Fox]'s space pouch before…

Tang Li Xue did not plan to use or touch this blood. She planned to dump it all somewhere outside Quanhai City to avoid suspicion after she completed her mission and quest in this city later.

There were some martial arts books, but all of them must using blood to cultivate or activate it.

Tang Li Xue also did not interesting in these kinds of martial arts, which must use human blood. She lost interest after peeked at it for a few minutes.

The level of these martial arts was also too low and could not be compared with even a tenth of [Heaven Splitting Wave] at all.

However, Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes immediately shone brighter after she saw the next items in this spatial ring!

Gold coins!

Low-tier spirit stones!

There were not many of them. Only several chests of gold coins and several pouches of low-tier spirit stones.

If the previous Tang Li Xue in Myriad Foxes Academy saw this, she would probably have complained in disappointment on how poor of this crimson dressed lady was.

But right now, she was extremely poor that she did not even have a penny in her pocket.

These gold coins and low-tier spirit stones came too timely, just when she was in dire need of it to finish her mission and quest!

Tang Li Xue felt really touched, and she almost cried in tears because of it.

'To think there was a kind young lady that delivered this to me when I needed them it the most… Instructor Lan, you are really wrong. Not all humans are that sinister. Compared to those two annoying foxes, this crazy... I mean this beautiful young lady is very nice! Look, she even gave me the money to complete my mission!' Tang Li Xue murmured in her heart as she started to count the gold coins in the spatial ring.

If the dead crimson dressed lady could hear Tang Li Xue's thought right now, she would probably jump back here from the netherworld and cursed Tang Li Xue with countless profanities.


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