Reincarnated As a Fox With System
252 Chapter 252: Tricky Human World Full of Twist!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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252 Chapter 252: Tricky Human World Full of Twist!

The several black-clothed robbers started to hold the young girl on the ground while the other one ripped her clothes bit by bit.

The panicked young girl cried and screamed out loud in fright tried to ask for help from someone to rescue her, but no one dared to help her.

All the people who walked on that street hastily ran away as far as they could from there.

While everyone whose houses or stores were on that street immediately closed their window and door tightly, pretending as if they did not hear anything.

The eyes of the young girl turned dim when she realized no one would help her.

She closed her eyes in resignation as her tears poured out from the corner of her eyes.


Those several black-clothed robbers were thrown off several steps away from the young girl.

When the young girl opened back her eyes, a gallant figure wearing an elegant-looking azure robe was already standing in front of her with a silver spear in his hand.

There was a familiar jade insignia hanging on his waist, but with 'Immortal Sword Sect's Core Disciple' written on its surface.

Several black-clothed robbers stood back up and pointed their finger in anger at the young man then shouted with a tone filled with anger: "Bast*rd! Who the f*ck are you?! Do you really want to die so badly?! How dare you bother our business?! Do you know who we are?!"

The azure robed young man sneered mockingly at the black-clothed robbers and replied: "All the scums from 2nd Prince Manor are really getting worse and lawless every day."

Several black-clothed robbers only noticed the jade insignia hung on the young man's waist after a few moments, and their faces immediately turned pale.

"You... You are Immortal Sword Sect's Core Disciple!" One of the black-clothed robbers shouted out in surprise.

"S... So what?! Any immortal cultivator should never bully civilians, or we can report you back to your Immortal Sword Sect so you will get punished later!" The leader of black-clothed robbers tried to look brave and warned the azure robed young man.

These black-clothed robbers were actually the shadow guards of the 2nd prince from the Hong Empire.

That was the reason why these black-clothed robbers could do whatever they want in this Quanhai City without getting caught by the city guards.

In fact, the city guards and even the city mayor must always be fawning over them so they could put some good words to the higher official so the city guards and the city mayor could get promoted easier.

Unfortunately for them, the azure robed young man did not care about their pitiful threat at all and laughed mockingly at them instead.

"Do you really think my honorable Immortal Sword Sect would care about the fate of the scums like you all?! You all do not need to worry. I will not kill any of you..." The azure robed young man muttered.

The black-clothed robbers sighed in relief after they heard the young man's words.

"But it does not mean I cannot beat you all to half-dead, right?" The azure robed young man chuckled as he raised his silver spear and pointed it toward the black-clothed robbers.

The silver spear in the azure robed young man's grasp started to move in a strange manner as if it was a long silver snake rather than a long spear!

BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!!

The silver long spear moved rapidly sweeping all the black-clothed robbers easily like a bunch of broken twigs.

All of the black-clothed robbers were thrown off several meters away, and their bodies crashed hard onto the houses beside the street, then spurted several mouthfuls of blood from their mouths.

All of the black-clothed robbers did not have any time to care about their wounds. They immediately stood up and ran away as fast and far away as they could from the azure robed young man.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy, who stood near them sighed in relief after she saw what happened.

Yes, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy was already there from the very start!

When the real Tang Li Xue walked away from here, she stealthy summoned out her perfect copy in [Ethereal Form].

But when Tang Li Xue's perfect copy wanted to make her move secretly to save the young beauty, this azure robed young man already made his move first.

In the end, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy only silently stood there and watched all the movie-like scenes unfolded in front of her eyes.

'Tsk, tsk, tsk... So this is what they call 'the handsome prince saving a damsel in distress'! It is good. I do not need to step in and expose myself. Who wants to see 'the fox beauty saving a damsel in distress' scene anyway?! A handsome man is clearly more suitable for that role!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy nodded while kept watching the scene in front of her.

Unfortunately, she did not have any popcorn and cola right now.

It only took a few strikes for the azure robed young man to beat all the black-clothed robbers.

'That's spear technique is so exquisite! Not bad! Now the beautiful girl only needs to fall in love with the handsome young man and live happily ever after.' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy thought and concluded that the cliché stories usually ended up like that.

Just like what Tang Li Xue's perfect copy had guessed, the young girl approached the handsome young man with a blushed face while covered her almost naked body.

"Th... thank you... thank you very much, young master. I... I do not know how I should thank young master. I... I..." The young girl tried to thank the handsome young man, but she could not hold her tears and cry again.

The young girl looked really fragile and pitiful.

Any men in this situation would surely covered the young girl with their clothes, hugged her gently, and comforted her with sweet words before escorted her back to her home.

But the azure robed young man was not moved at all. He only stared at the young girl with his pair of cold eyes as if he was trying to appraise her.

Then suddenly... the azure robed young man used the silver spear in his grasp to stab the young girl's chest without any warning!

'What the...' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy widened her eyes in shock.

All of those happened so suddenly that Tang Li Xue's perfect copy did not have any time to reach at all.

It was already too late for Tang Li Xue's perfect copy to save the young girl from being impaled by the young man's sharp silver spear!

But then something unexpected occurred again in front of the perfect copy's eyes.

The young girl sneered as she waved her palm and a blood-colored shield covered her entire body.


The young man's silver spear and the young girl's blood shield fiercely collided!

The young girl took a few steps back, but the young man only took one step back.

However, the young man did not give up that easily.

He thrust his silver spear once again toward the young girl!

This time, the young girl already prepared herself and took out a blood-colored whip from her hidden spatial ring.

When the young girl swung her blood-colored whip to the young man, the silver spear in the young man's grasp moved to defend against it.


The silver spear and the blood-colored whip collided heavily in the air and created a few sparks of fire!

The young girl swiftly took a few steps backward to keep her distance from the young man before giggling in a lascivious manner.

She did not even bother to cover her almost naked body anymore.

"Hi, handsome guy from Immortal Swords Sect! And here I thought all the people in Immortal Swords Sect are stinky old men with long beards. By the way, how did you know?" The young girl giggled and asked the young man with a sweet tone as if she was trying to seduce him.

"There are many cases of missing people in this Quanhai City lately, but some of them found as drying corpses. So you are the main culprit behind all of these cases! The demoness from Blood Devil Sect!" The young man shouted, but his face turned even more solemn after he realized the young girl's formidable prowess.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy almost tripped and fell down when she saw the unexpected plot twist.

The young girl giggled even harder as the blood-colored fog started to cover her entire body.

In a few moments, the blood-colored fog condensed and became a blood-colored dress that covered the young girl's almost naked body.

"Handsome guy, you are so heartless. So you attacked me randomly without knowing anything? What if I am really an innocent young girl who needed your help? Doesn't it mean you already killed me unjustly?" The young girl said as she put a pitiful wronged expression with teary eyes.

The young man laughed out loud and replied: "So what?! Since I saved you from those scums, doesn't it mean your life is mine right now? How about giving your life to me here?"

"Humph! You are a cruel man just like the other men! Boring guy... I do not want to play with you anymore!" The young girl said while pouted cutely.

All of the young girl's movements were so enticing and seductive, combined with her voluptuous young body, she clearly could make any men go crazy with lust.

"You want to run away?! Dream on!" The young man shouted as he threw the silver spear in his grasp toward the young girl.

The silver spear flew toward the young girl, but it only pierced the blood-colored fog in the end. The young girl was nowhere to be seen anymore.

"Damn it!" The young man gnashed his teeth in anger.

All the people from the demon sects have their own strange unique martial arts.

If the Asura Demon Sect's martial arts emphasized power and offense, then the Blood Devil Sect's martial arts emphasized the cultivation speed by absorbing the blood from the other people.

Moreover, the Blood Devil Sect has many strange spells, and this Blood Fog was one of them. It clearly can be used to defend, attack, and even to escape!

The young man was only one step away from killing the young girl.

If only the young girl set her blood shield late by 0.1 seconds, he would certainly already impale the young girl's heart with his silver spear! So how could he did not feel frustrated?!

The young man left that place in a hurry since he needed to inform his master about this as soon as he could.

According to his instinct, the appearance of this demoness in this Quanhai City was not a coincidence at all.

How could the demoness from Blood Devil Sect appear in this Quanhai City alone?!

There should be an even bigger scheme that the Blood Devil Sect made in this Quanhai City!

Only Tang Li Xue's perfect copy that stood in that place alone, she even forgot to close her mouth in shock.

'Mommy Lan... Oh, no, I mean Instructor Lan! The human world... is so scary! I want to go home! I miss the peaceful Myriad Foxes Academy so badly! Even Mogui looks a lot cuter than the villains and villainesses in this human world!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy screamed in her heart and shuddered.

The real Tang Li Xue turned off her [Twin Moons] divine ability and unsummoned her perfect copy.

The penniless Tang Li Xue did not even have any money to sleep for one night in the inn. So she decided to activate her [Ethereal Form] and stealthily entered the empty room in the inn.

With Tang Li Xue's current strength, she could even hold to not sleep for more than one month.

Tang Li Xue also did not plan to sleep tonight. She only wanted a quiet place to continue her cultivation while thinking about her next plan.


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