Reincarnated As a Fox With System
251 Chapter 251: Tang Li Xue“s Dilemma!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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251 Chapter 251: Tang Li Xue“s Dilemma!

Tang Li Xue landed a few miles away from Quanhai City and walked by foot there.

Tang Li Xue also did not bother to enter through the front gate of Quanhai City since she did not have any identity documents for the guards to check. She activated her [Ethereal Form], and her slender figure turned invisible, then she passed through the city wall easily.

Tang Li Xue summoned out her perfect copy again inside Quanhai City and gave half of her talismans to her perfect copy.

"I hope we can sell all of these talismans twice faster with both of us working together." Tang Li Xue murmured.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy only nodded before took the several stacks of talismans and went to the other street to sell it while the real Tang Li Xue searched for the most crowded place to sell it.

Tang Li Xue decided to sell her talismans at the main street in the heart of Quanhai City.

Many other vendors here were selling candied fruit, ladies' accessories, antique items, meat buns, and many other more.

She used her [Energy Manipulation] divine ability and created a simple booth with only one wave of her hand.

If she was in Myriad Foxes Academy, every fox there would think it was normal and would not pay any attention to her, but in Quanhai City, her magic-like performance immediately attracted much attention from the crowds.

"Eh, that person makes that stand by waving only one hand!" One of the people on the street pointed his finger at Tang Li Xue's booth.

"That person must be a cultivator with high cultivation! I wonder what kind of items that person would sell. Dear, let's see it for a moment!" The girl said as she pulled the man beside her to Tang Li Xue's booth.


Tang Li Xue quickly displayed several types of talismans in his booth while pondering carefully about the price.

'According to the standard price of these talismans in Myriad Foxes Academy, it should be no problem to sell it for several tens of low-tier spirit stones per talisman. I don't know the exact price of low-tier spirit stone in the human city, but it should be enough for me to buy those pill's ingredients, right?!' Tang Li Xue thought for a moment.

'Since I am in a hurry now, I should sell my talisman cheaply at 10 low-tier spirit stones!' Tang Li Xue decided in her heart.

Normally, that price was super cheap especially when all of Tang Li Xue's talismans were enhanced talismans with far greater effect than any normal basic talismans.

Any type of enhanced basic talisman should have worth more than even 100 low-tier spirit stones.

While any lowest-tier spirit stones should have worth more than 1,000 gold coins. Even if the rich merchant has so many gold coins, they usually could not buy it since the cultivator rarely sold their spirit stones which could boost their cultivation speed for any worldly item like money or gold.

In short, if Tang Li Xue managed to sell some of her talismans and get several tens of low-tier spirit stones, she should be able to buy all of those pill's ingredients easily from any pharmacy.

Unfortunately, the inexperienced Tang Li Xue forgot that most of the people in Quanhai City were normal civilians, not cultivators!

Only a handful of them have cultivation high enough to be called cultivators, but they would never roam around the street in the middle of the day like these normal people.

"Cheap powerful talisman! 10 low-tier spirit stones each!" Tang Li Xue deliberately lowered her tone and made it more masculine. Combined with her fox mask and black cloak, no one could tell if she was a man or woman.

The moment Tang Li Xue shouted her price, all the crowds in front of her froze with silly expressions on their faces.

It only took a few seconds for the crowds to disperse after they heard Tang Li Xue's shout.

Many of them wanted to curse Tang Li Xue after they heard the price of her merchandise, but they did not dare to do it because the consequence of offending the cultivator in this human society was really harsh. They would usually either be crippled or instantly executed by that cultivator.

Actually, the situation in reality, was far worse than depicted in any wuxia novel or movie.

There were no police or righteous heroes in the reality.

 In this Immortal world where strength determined everything, the greedy humans usually would only think about their own benefit and how to fulfill their desire. They would never waste their precious time to help anyone poor, weak, or pitiful people like in the movie.

What could they get from helping them any way other than their admiration?

Treasure? No.

Precious herbs? No.

Martial Art Manual? Also no. 

On the contrary, there would be some possibilities for them to encounter some enemies out of their league if they have bad luck and died in vain in the end.

The main point was 'there is no merit in helping poor, weak, or useless people' so mostly cultivators in Immortal World would never do it.

Of course, all of these were not Tang Li Xue's problems right now.

Her main problem right now was that no one bought any of her talismans after she had been shouting for several hours until past the afternoon and the sun began to set.

Her perfect copy also had the same fate as her, not even a single of her talismans were sold.

Tang Li Xue sat behind her booth and rubbed her forehead with her right hand while her left hand kept gently stroking on Little Loki's smooth black furs.

Little Loki currently slept comfortably on Tang Li Xue's lap.

"I... make a big mistake... How could I think of selling my talisman to these civilians?! Let's give up for today and find an auction house to sell these talismans tomorrow!" Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment while stored back all of her talismans on her booth.

The sky was already turned dark anyway and almost all of the people already went back to their homes. The main street in front of her was almost devoid of people.

But when she wanted to disperse the booth she made from her [Energy Manipulation], someone crashed hard onto her booth.

Tang Li Xue's [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] automatically activated, and she reflexively took a step back before her booth fell along with that person.

Tang Li Xue frowned and stared at the person who crashed onto her booth in displeasure.

This person was actually a young girl of the same age as her.

She wore a luxurious dress and quite pretty for the human standard.

But her current appearance was really messy. Even her luxurious dress tore in several places revealing her white smooth skin.

Tang Li Xue recognized this young girl. She happily looked at the talismans on Tang Li Xue's booth with her boyfriend or her brother before, but she did not buy any of Tang Li Xue's talismans in the end. 

"He... Help! Mister, please help! Robbers are chasing after me!" The young girl begged Tang Li Xue with her sweet voice.

This young girl should have come here because she thought Tang Li Xue was a strong cultivator who could generously help her to defeat the robbers.

Several men came chasing after her, and one of them even shouted: "Get back here, you b*tch! How dare you run from us?!"

Tang Li Xue subconsciously wanted to help the young girl, but she immediately realized that these men were not ordinary as well thanks to her [Extrasensory Perception] and her several skills.

They wore black clothes like usual robbers, but the quality of their weapons was quite good. They even wore inner armor under their black clothes.

Moreover, these robbers could also commit crimes in the middle of Quanhai City like this without being stopped or arrested by the city guards, while Tang Li Xue herself became a fugitive.

It was clear from these facts that the background of these 'robbers' was far from ordinary.

Only one word came into Tang Li Xue's mind right now after she deduced everything... 'Trouble!'

In one of Instructor Mei Lan's recent lesson, she explained that the power structure in human society was extremely complicated. It was the world where human bites human.

Instructor Mei Lan already harshly reminded Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and the others, again and again, to never get involved in any kind of dispute in human society.

They were from the Beast Race after all!

There was no need for them to help or even get involved in any human race dispute.

 As the disguised beast in the middle of human society, they should always remain low-key and never attract any attention.

That was one of the most important requirements for them to blend in the middle of human society without attracting any unwanted mishap.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue already broke it when she helped Little Loki hatched from its egg before.

She already attracted too much attention at that time, and she even almost got caught by the people from Immortal Sword Sect.

Tang Li Xue did not want to repeat her mistake, so she hugged Little Loki and walked away from the young girl as if she did not see anything.

The eyes of the young girl were full of expectation as she was staring at Tang Li Xue before, but now, it turned into despair.

"Hehehe... Little b*tch, we will make sure you regret it for running away from us?!" One of the robbers sneered as he forcefully pulled the young girl's tattered dress and tore a large part of the dress.

"Kyaaaaaaaa~~!!! Stop it! I... I am sorry! I promise I will follow you now!" The young girl screamed in fear and quickly covered her chest area while sobbed softly as she tried to hold back her cry.

"Bwahahahaha... Just stripe her naked right here right now! Let's take turns to rape her on this street right now and let all the passers-by see it as her punishment!" The other robber with a fierce face licked his lips.


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