Reincarnated As a Fox With System
250 Chapter 250: Penniless Tang Li Xue!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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250 Chapter 250: Penniless Tang Li Xue!

The two disciples sat on the ground silently for a few moments with confused expressions plastered on their faces.

"Aaaahhh! Why is it so dark all of a sudden right now?! Who dared to turn off the light?!" The female disciple shrill scream resounded in the dark cave.


The male disciple tried to stand up, but his head hit the cave's ceiling instead, then he stumbled backward and fell to the ground again.

Tang Li Xue dug this deep cave in a hurry last night.

She was mentally and physically exhausted yesterday. All she wanted was to fall asleep as soon as she could, so she only dug it carelessly and made it deeper to make it safer.

She did not even make this cave bigger than necessary since she only planned to use it to sleep for one night.

The cave was tall enough for barely 160 cm tall Tang Li Xue, but the male disciple was more than 180 cm tall. He was one head taller than Tang Li Xue, so it was not strange that his head hit the cave's ceiling when he stood up.

Actually, this cave that Tang Li Xue made was extremely cramped now after two more people suddenly appeared in there.

"Bast*rd! Who dares to hit my head?! I swear I will surely..." The male disciple shouted out loud while tried to stand up again.


But his head hit the cave's ceiling again... and he fell onto the ground for the second time.

Tang Li Xue almost wanted to laugh at the male disciples, but she quickly stifled her laughter and explained patiently to the two disciples: "I am really sorry. We were ambushed by several groups of human bandits yesterday. They knocked out you two and almost sold you two to the slave trader. Fortunately, I managed to save the two of you last night before it was too late."

"But they are still persistently chasing after us. That is why I made this cave for us to hide." Tang Li Xue told her lies to the two disciples without flinching at all. Even her expression was really solemn.

"Bandits?!" The female disciple screamed, and her cold expression turned into panic.

"So what if they are bandits?! Don't tell me you as our escort cannot even defeat a handful of human bandits?! So pathetic and useless! How dare you run with your tail between your legs against those pieces of sh*ts?! Where is your pride as the Fox Race?!" The male disciple sneered at Tang Li Xue and kept mocking at her while rubbed his swollen head.

"That is right! How could you are not protecting us from them and even let them harm us?! You are clearly not doing your job!" The female disciple also started to argue and blamed Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue was too lazy to keep arguing with them, so she only lazily rolled her eyes back and started to gently stroking Little Loki's smooth fur while quietly listen to their nonstop mocking and complaints.

Little Loki's third eye stared at the two disciples in annoyance as an evil glint of light flashed in the deep part of its third eye. It was clear that this little black kitten started to lose its patience.

But Little Loki immediately closed its eye in pleasure when Tang Li started to move her slender finger to caress its soft black furs. Little Loki even purred softly in joy.

Tang Li Xue did not realize that her playful act to Little Loki had just saved the lives of these two disciples from the fatal disaster.

Tang Li Xue planned to let these two disciples vent their anger and displeasure to her as much as they like now until they were completely satisfied or exhausted from doing it.

She had her [Indomitable Will] skill anyway. The harsh mocking of these two disciples could no longer affect her heart or mind.

Tang Li Xue's current mind and heart were extremely calm, like spring water without any ripple.

But Tang Li Xue was still clearly underestimating these two disciples' way of thinking.

Unfortunately, it was already too late for Tang Li Xue to stop it when they were blabbering about canceling the mission, give up on their assignment, and going back to Myriad Foxes Academy right away.

"What?! Wait a minute, so you want to give up and go back to Myriad Foxes Academy right now?! How... Cough... Calm down yourself first! We already this far, so how could we..." Tang Li Xue tried to persuade them, but they immediately threw their tantrum at her again.

"You still dare to say it?! Isn't this because of your fault?! If you are not so useless, we will never be trapped in this pathetic situation! This has happened because you are so trashy and weak!" The female disciple screamed loudly at Tang Li Xue as if Tang Li Xue made a grave mistake.

"I don't care anymore! I will go back to Myriad Foxes Academy right now, whether you like it or not! I will report our failure as your fault! I am sure our senior will not blame us because you are really so useless! How could we complete our assignment with a burden escort like you?!" The male disciple shouted and added while pointed his finger at Tang Li Xue.

'These two spoiled children want to give up on their assignment, then what the hell will happen to my mission and quest?! Will it count as a fail? Damn it! I cannot let them do that! I don't care anymore whether they like it or not! Even if I must drag or force them, I would definitely complete this mission no matter what it takes!' Tang Li Xue thought decisively.

For the first time, Tang Li Xue started to feel her [Indomitable Will] skill was still not strong enough to handle these two disciples.

While the two disciples still scold Tang Li Xue harshly while kept pointing their fingers at her nose, Tang Li Xue secretly activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability and summoned out her perfect copy.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy used her [Ethereal Form] in an instant. Her slender figure became invisible without being detected by the two disciples.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy stealthy approached the two disciples from behind and deactivated her [Ethereal Form] then...


Struck the two disciples' heads again heavily from behind for the third time!

This time Tang Li Xue's perfect copy used a bit more strength than the previous two times until the faces of two disciples smashed onto the floor and planted deeply there.

Tang Li Xue did not bother to check these two idiotic disciples' conditions and threw them into her medium-rank space pouch.

"My biggest problem right now is... I am penniless. I already spent all of my spirit stones to feed Little Loki before it hatched from its egg. Sigh... what should I do now to get all of those pills' ingredients?" Tang Li Xue pondered her next move carefully while kept caressing Little Loki in her embrace.

"Should I just steal it all? It should be easy for me with my perfect copy and [Ethereal Form]... No! This is a bad habit! If I steal once then I will steal again and again in the future! Sigh... I cannot let myself be trapped in that hole of sin." Tang Li Xue shook her head to deny that stealing plan.

"Oh, right! I am an Apprentice-rank Inscriptionist right now! Why the hell I need to steal?! I can just make a few talismans right now and sell it in Quanhai City!" Tang Li Xue's eyes turned brighter, and she excitedly took out a batch of blank paper talismans from her space pouch.

Tang Li Xue gave the jade inscription pen to her perfect copy, and she took out her golden [Inscription Pen] from her system inventory for her own use.

Tang Li Xue put the sleepy Little Loki on her side and summoned out a few deep-blue fireballs to illuminating the dark cave.

She could sense everything perfectly in the dark cave with her [Extrasensory Perception] divine ability, but she would need to put her entire focus and all of her attention to inscribing the talisman right now, so a few illuminations will immensely help her.

Tang Li Xue casually created a table with her [Energy Manipulation], then she started to work together with her perfect copy to inscribe several types of talismans in the dark cave.

They did not have any more beast blood in the space pouch to use as the ink, but they could use their own blood as the replacement.

Thanks to Teacher Li Wei's teaching and her current high Spirit Stat, the success rate of Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy in creating talismans were quite high compared to the first time they made the talismans.

Even without the golden [Inscription Pen] from her system, Tang Li Xue's success rate in creating talismans was at 40-50 percent.

With help from golden [Inscription Pen]'s godly effect, Tang Li Xue's success rate could reach 80-90 percent!

Little Loki did not interrupt Tang Li Xue at all when she was continuously making the talismans.

It only observed Tang Li Xue's movement carefully from her side without making any sounds.

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy spent several hours to inscribed more than a hundred talismans.

They made several kinds of talismans from the low-ranked basic level to the intermediate-ranked basic level. 

Tang Li Xue stored several buff-type talismans for herself. The buff talismans such as [Talisman of Regeneration +3], [Talisman of Giant Strength +2], [Talisman of Lightning Speed +2], [Talisman of Iron Skin +2], and so on would definitely helpful if she met with an unexpected emergency situation later.

After finished her preparation, Tang Li Xue unsummoned her perfect copy and brought Little Loki out from the dark cave.

Tang Li Xue used her [Energy Manipulation] to create a flying disc. She rode on it with Little Loki in her embrace and flew back toward the direction of Quanhai City.


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