Reincarnated As a Fox With System
249 Chapter 249: Spoiler Title At the Bottom of This Chapter
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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249 Chapter 249: Spoiler Title At the Bottom of This Chapter

Under the darkness of night and the cover of thick snow, the deep cave that Tang Li Xue dug was hidden so well.

It was impossible for anyone or any creature to accidentally found it without any specialized skills or tools.

Even with the help of old granny's golden Bagua Compass, which could track the evil aura from Little Loki, the group of people from the Immortal Sword Sect still have a hard time to find Tang Li Xue's cave.

Although the people from the Immortal Sword Sect were moving quite slow to track Tang Li Xue's cave, but there was no doubt that they were approaching step by step closer to her hiding place.

"Elder Shang, what should we do if what caused the previous horrible incident was from the newborn evil treasure or newborn evil creature? Should we keep it or destroy it?" The middle-aged bald man asked the old man called Elder Shang with a curious tone.

"Hahaha... Good or evil is determined by the one who wields it! It does not matter if it is an evil treasure, an evil being, or something else as long as we can use it, then why do we not take it?! From the phenomenon it shown before, the power of that thing is certainly far from weak!" Elder Shang said while squinted his eyes.

"That's right. It would be best for our Immortal Sword Sect if we held it rather than the people from the other sects, especially those evil spawns from demon sects!" The old granny added while she looked at her golden Bagua Compass and kept leading in front of them.

Even though they were saying something like that, but a trace of undisguisable greed flashed in the deepest part of their eyes.

It was almost certain that Tang Li Xue's fate would be more than just miserable if these people managed to find her hiding place.




Tang Li Xue was still very tired physically and mentally, so she was still currently fast asleep very deeply.

But the sleeping tiny black kitten in Tang Li Xue's warm embrace suddenly opened its third eye.

Its third eye was shining with the eerie blood-red light inside the dark cave.

The tiny black kitten, Little Loki slipped out easily from Tang Li Xue's tight embrace.

"Nya~~!" Little Loki cutely licked the sleeping Tang Li Xue's cheek a few times before walked toward the covered cave entrance.

Little Loki's tiny furry figure completely vanished, and it teleported out of the cave in an instant.

If Tang Li Xue could see what Little Loki did just now, she would certainly realize that the ability it used was identical with the effect of her [Amulet of Teleportation] which she got previously from Teacher Li Wei, but that amulet should have been eaten by Little Loki already before hatching.

Little Loki did not do anything nor going anywhere.

It only sat patiently in front of Tang Li Xue's covered cave entrance without doing anything. 

Not long after that, the group of people from Immortal Sword Sect finally arrived in front of Tang Li Xue's covered cave entrance after followed the direction given by the old granny's golden Bagua Compass.

"Eh? There is a little kitten here? What is this little kitten doing here?" One of the female disciples from Immortal Sword Sect said as she tried to approach Little Loki.

"Halt! Watch out, everyone! This little one is not simple at all! Look! It has a pair of horns and a pair of demon wings! This little one should be the cub of the evil beast!" Elder Shang quickly raised his hand to stop the female disciple from coming near Little Loki and warned all of his disciples with a stern tone.

Then right at this moment...

A pair of eyes other than Little Loki's third eye...

A pair of eyes which Little Loki always closed so tightly...

Slowly began to open!

Little Loki's pair of eyes were completely dark, darker than even the night without any moonlight.

It looked very eerie and horrible even these people from Immortal Sword Sect who already fought with many demons and ghosts before felt shocked and spooked by it.

They subconsciously wanted to take a step back to keep their distance from this eerie little kitten, but they immediately felt something even more dreadful happened to their bodies right now!

They could not move their bodies at all!

Even the three Foundation Establishment Stage Experts from the Immortal Sword Sect also were no exception!

All of them also could not move even a single part of their bodies at all!

They could not even move any of their fingers!

Again... If Tang Li Xue could see this scene right now, she would immediately realize that this effect used by Little Loki was identical with [Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation] from the ancient stone disc which she got from the second trial of the entry trial to Myriad Foxes Academy before.

But the fate of this ancient stone disc was the same as the [Amulet of Teleportation], all of them were devoured by Little Loki before hatching.

The effect of the [Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation] was to seal all the senses and movement of all living beings inside it.

But Little Loki purposely did not seal all of these people's senses.

Little Loki only sealed their ability to speak, so they could not shouting or screaming.

It was clear Little Loki did not want these people to wake the sleeping Tang Li Xue.

However, these people could still hear or see everything clearly.

Little Loki stared at them for a few moments before stretched its lips revealing its row sharp teeth.

All the people from Immortal Sword Sect shuddered in fear and horror when they saw Little Loki's frightening evil grin.

Even Tang Li Xue would never think Little Loki cute anymore if she saw its current terrifying evil grin.

All the people from Immortal Sword Sect thought only one thing right now: 'Oh, My God! This little kitten is so scary! I... I want to go home so badly!'

They wanted nothing more than turn around and ran away as far as they could from here right now, but they still could not move their bodies at all.

Little Loki slowly walked toward them.

The old granny with golden Bagua Compass was at the very front since she was the one who led this group of people here, so Little Loki arrived in front of her first.

When Little Loki stood right in front of the old granny, the needle compass of her golden Bagua Compass in her grasp went crazy as if it detected something immeasurably evil nearby. 


The golden Bagua Compass exploded into tiny pieces.

The old granny's breaths turned heavy after she saw her golden Bagua Compass exaggerated reaction.

Her face turned completely pale like a piece of white paper. She became even more panicked and scared.

'Senior... No! Ancestor...Please, forgive this useless old one! I... I am really sorry! I dare to swear, It... It is not me! It is the old man behind me who wants to...' The old granny begged and asked for forgiveness in her heart, but before she could finish it...

Little Loki already opened its tiny cute mouth.

As if a tiny black hole opened inside Little Loki's tiny mouth, the old granny was sucked into its mouth leaving nothing behind!

Little Loki licked its lips, but its expression showed that it was not satisfied yet.

It walked again and approached the old man with an ancient-looking sword in his grasp.

Elder Shang was really scared out of his wits right now.

He used all of his effort to move his body.

He wanted nothing more other than getting out from here!

Unfortunately, he still failed to even move his toe, so how could he run away from Little Loki now.

'AAAAAHHHH~~!!! You evil spawn! I will never forgive you! I will curse you...'

Before Elder Shang could finish his curse in his heart, Little Loki already opened its tiny mouth again and swallowed Elder Shang like a snack.

'Please... forgive me! I...'

Little Loki devoured the female disciple in one gulp.

'Uwaaahhh~!!! Our sect will never forgive you! The Sect Head will surely hunt you...'

Little Loki sucked the middle-aged bald man in one slurp.

Just like that, Little Loki effortlessly gobbled the eight people from the Immortal Sword Sect without leaving anything behind.

Little Loki looked around with an innocent expression as if it still did not feel full and want to eat more snacks, but it could not find anything to eat anymore.

Little Loki closed its pair of eerie black eyes before walked back to the covered cave entrance and teleported back inside.

Little Loki licked Tang Li Xue's cheek a few times before snuggled back into Tang Li Xue's warm tight embrace.

Little Loki yawned sleepily and fell into deep slumber under Tang Li Xue's warm embrace.




The next morning, Tang Li Xue slowly opened her eyes.

Usually, Tang Li Xue always woke up on the top of her warm bed inside his bedroom in Myriad Foxes Academy, so she still felt a bit strange when she woke up inside the dark cave just like now.

It took her a few whiles to clear her sleepiness and remember what happened yesterday.

"Yaaaa... Lazy Little Loki, wake up now! It's already morning!" Tang Li Xue murmured as she poked Little Loki's soft cheek a few times to wake it up.

"Nyaaa~!!!" Little Loki meowed as it sleepily opened its third eye.

Tang Li Xue planned to introduce Little Loki to its two siblings, Yaya and Phoenix of Pride. 

But she immediately remembered something really important which she completely forgot before!

"Oh, no! Those two silly disciples! I hope they did not turn into dried corpses yet or I would be damned for sure! Their parents would surely hunt me down!" Tang Li Xue shouted and jumped in shock and panic.

She took out her medium-rank space pouch and pulled out the two disciples from inside it to check on their condition.

Chapter 249: Fiendish Little Kitten!


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