Reincarnated As a Fox With System
248 Chapter 248: Pursuit!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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248 Chapter 248: Pursuit!

Tang Li Xue's slender figure turned invisible. She took a peek at her [Divine Possession] mode's duration in her system log, and it was only less than eight minutes left.

But she did not have much energy left and almost completely exhausted after she gave almost all of her energy to help Little Loki hatch before.

'This should be more than enough for me to escape from these people!' Tang Li Xue thought.

Yet Tang Li Xue clearly still far too underestimated all of these human cultivators.

How could Tang Li Xue think that she can escape from here so easily under the noses of these human cultivators?!

"Do you not hear me?! I SAID HALT!!!" The old man with the long white beard shouted louder.

That old man wore an elegant-looking purple robe and clothes. He also rode on the top of an azure sword.

There was a jade insignia hanging on his waist, and 'Immortal Sword Sect's Elder' was written on the jade insignia surface.

There were five disciples, one old granny, and one middle-aged bald man riding on the flying swords too and followed closely behind the old man.

Three Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators!

The old man angrily unsheathed the ancient sword on his waist and brandished it toward where Tang Li Xue had vanished before.

The lightning pillar shot out from the old man's ancient sword, and it split up into countless lightning bolts!

 'Holysh*t!' Tang Li Xue screamed in shock in her mind as her heart almost jumped out from her throat.

With Tang Li Xue's speed in [Divine Possession] mode, she was already flying a few tens of meters away in a blink of an eye from the old man and his people, but it was still impossible for her to outrun this rain of lightning bolts!

It was clear that the old man did not plan to kill Tang Li Xue since these lightning bolts were not strong enough to even hurt the current Tang Li Xue.

The old man should have planned to catch Tang Li Xue first and forced her to talk later.

 If even one spark of these lightning bolts managed to hit the current invisible Tang Li Xue, her [Ethereal Form] would be automatically canceled, and she would become visible again in front of the other's eyes.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth as her expression turned really solemn, and she hugged Little Loki tighter in her embrace.

Several of Tang Li Xue's skills such as [Concentration], [Decrease Reaction-Time], [Focus], [Indomitable Will], [Sharpen Mind], [Calculation], [Prediction], and [Intelligence Enhancement] pushed her brain to work surpassing the limit, made her felt stinging terrible headache right at this moment, but she did not care at all.

[Moonlight Flickering Flash Step]!

Tang Li Xue's slender figure started to flickering right and left to dodge the several lightning bolts.

She even bent her body several times flexibly as if she was dancing in the middle of lightning bolts' rain!

But she still realized that her movement speed was not fast enough to dodge the incoming dense lightning bolts.

[Breezing Step]!

Tang Li Xue's movement speed was already very fast actually because of Yaya's passive divine ability, [Extreme Speed], but her current movement speed increased even more by several times!

However, Tang Li Xue immediately realized that all of her senses were not quick enough to detect where the lightning would come...

'Not yet!' Tang Li Xue's eyes shone brighter with firm determination.

Tang Li Xue dumped all of her 174 free Stat Points to her Spirit Stat, increasing her Spirit Stat from 780 to 954 in an instant! 

Tang Li Xue felt the incredible headache assaulting her mind as if her brain was going to blow up, but she gritted her teeth and forced herself to endure it. Thankfully, her [Indomitable Will] helped her a lot to maintain her calmness and clear mind.

Then Tang Li Xue pushed her [Extrasensory Perception] to work at maximum while activated one more of Yaya's divine abilities!

[Wind God's Eyes]!

Tang Li Xue's emerald green eyes were glittering brightly like a pair of green stars as she started to see the movement of lightning bolts slowed down a bit, and she could faintly see where it would land later.


Tang Li Xue currently pushed all of her abilities past her limit. She momentarily has the extremely high speed, highly flexible body to avoid any attacks, and the connected super senses could see everything around her so clearly along with what will happen in a few seconds later!

Unfortunately for Tang Li Xue, some lightning bolts started to crash onto each other several times and bouncing everywhere unpredictably.

The power of bouncing lightning bolts was decreasing a lot, and it would not be able to even scratch Tang Li Xue, but it was more than enough to cancel Tang Li Xue's [Ethereal Form] even if it only managed to touch the corner of her sleeve. 

When several sparks of lightning bolts almost touched Tang Li Xue... Her flexible slender figure started to reflexively move in such strange and unnatural ways.

 [Auto Correction]!

Then she spun several times in mid-air while twisted her slender waist...


All the bouncing lightning bolts missed her by a few millimeters!

She felt really dizzy and stopped moving for a moment, but she was already out from the rain of lightning bolts' area right now.

Tang Li Xue bit her pink lips to clear her mind, and hastily checked Little Loki's current condition in her embrace.

"Nya~!" Little Loki felt a bit suffocated, so it struggled out a bit in Tang Li Xue's embrace to take a few breaths.

Tang Li Xue let out a sigh of relief after she made sure that Little Loki was fine, but she shuddered a bit when she thought about what she had done just now.

Tang Li Xue could not help but feel amazed at herself.

'Woah, I... I really managed to dodge all of those lightning bolts?! Oh, My God! Just how amazing I am?!' Tang Li Xue thought as she clicked her tongue in admiration.

Tang Li Xue still felt an unbearable headache stinging her mind, but she forced herself to continue her flight and tried to find a safe place for her to rest.


The old man with the ancient sword in his hand frowned deeply while looking at his surroundings carefully, but he failed to find the black-cloaked person he was trying to catch before.

"Elder Shang, where is that person? Is that person using a space treasure or talisman to escape from here?" The middle-aged bald man tried to ask.

"That is impossible. If that cloaked person used space treasure to escape, there should be some space fluctuations here, and I can use that to track it back to the cloaked person. But I do not feel any space fluctuation here." The old granny expressed her opinion.

"This is really strange... Since there is no space fluctuation, that person should not be far from here. Then how could that person avoid all of my lightning marks?!" The old man called Elder Shang said with a tone full of disbelief.

Elder Shang's previous attacks were not to hurt his targets but to leave a mark on his targets so he can track them easily.

Among all the elementals, lightning was undisputedly the fastest. Although lightning elemental was not as flexible and unpredictable as the wind elemental, but no one could dodge it once the lightning already locked at them.

The way to dodge the attack from lightning elemental was to predict the direction of the attack before it shot out and dodged it right at the moment it shot out.

That was the reason why Elder Shang would never believe that there was someone who could dodge his rain of lightning bolts here.

Of course, Tang Li Xue could only successfully do that, thanks to the overpowered divine abilities and several useful skills of Yaya and herself.

The sulking Elder Shang turned around and asked the old granny: "Can you track that cloaked person?"

The old granny thought for a few moments before taking out a golden Bagua Compass from her spatial ring.

The old granny was grinning happily after she checked the golden Bagua Compass in her grasp.

"It seems there are some slivers of evil aura left on that cloaked person. We did not choose the wrong target at all. What happened here should have some connections with that cloaked person. With this compass, I can track that cloaked person by following the evil aura on that person's body." The old granny said to Elder Shang with an excited tone.

"Good! Lead the way! Let's go to catch that person now before that person is going too far away from us!" Elder Shang nodded to the old granny and told her to use her golden Bagua Compass to chase after Tang Li Xue's track.




The skies above have turned dark as the sun went down the horizon.

Tang Li Xue currently used her remaining energy to fly as fast and far away as she could from those people from Immortal Sword Sect.

However, Tang Li Xue decided to not heading back to Quanhai City for now.

If she spent all of her energy and the duration of her [Divine Possession] mode has expired, it would mean she would fall unconscious in exhaustion. While her perfect copy and Yaya would need to face the violent backlash after using the [Divine Possession] mode at that time.

Tang Li Xue would be completely defenseless!

If she went back to Quanhai City in that defenseless condition like that, no one could tell her fate if she met a molester, robber, or raper later.

In the end, Tang Li Xue decided to fly up to the mountain and dug a deep cave there.

She did not forget to cover the deep cave's entrance carefully so no one could tell that there was a cave here even if someone accidentally passed in front of this cave.

"I am really tired to death now... Sigh... Let's sleep together, Little Loki!" Tang Li Xue said as she smiled and kissed Little Loki gently.

When [Divine Possession] duration was over, and the backlash started to attack her, Tang Li Xue immediately used [Damage Transfer] and transferred the backlash to her perfect copy.

The suffering Yaya was currently resting in her system pet storage, so she could recover faster from the backlash there.

The extreme exhaustion and terrible headache made Tang Li Xue's consciousness turned blurrier and blurrier. She hugged Little Loki in her embrace and fell asleep in an instant.

Tang Li Xue did not know that the group of people from Immortal Sword Sect have a way to track her, and they already almost reached the mountain where she was sleeping right now!

In fact, the old granny's golden Bagua Compass did not track Tang Li Xue, but the little black kitten in her embrace, but it did not make any difference since they were in the same place right now.


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