Reincarnated As a Fox With System
247 Chapter 247: The Glutton Egg Has Hatched!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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247 Chapter 247: The Glutton Egg Has Hatched!

It did not take long for the glutton egg to devour all of Tang Li Xue's mid-tier spirit stones, Tang Li Xue started to take out her low-tier spirit stones and let the glutton egg absorb it.

There were hundreds of low-tier spirit stones in Tang Li Xue's space pouch, Tang Li Xue took out fifty of it at once, but the glutton egg devoured it all in only a blink of an eye.

Tang Li Xue felt her heart was bleeding every time she took out her precious spirit stones, which she saved up so carefully until now.

She did not even dare to use it so lavishly to increase her cultivation every day and set it aside some of it for her saving.

Every time she saved her spirit stones, she already started to excitedly imagine what kind of godly treasure she could buy with these many spirit stones.

There was no need for her to buy a priceless complete divine treasure. 

Buying a tiny shard of super-powerful divine treasure was already more than enough for her since she could restore it using the [Restoration Elixir] in her system inventory just like what she had already done to her [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] before!

She really hoped to get a divine weapon this time. Something powerful enough to blast all of her enemies into dust like Xuanyuan Sword, Hou Yi's Bow, and so on…

But now, she spent all of it to feed this glutton egg…

She felt as if a child who saved her money in a piggy bank diligently every day to buy her favorite toy but finally forced to use all of her savings to feed her pet right now.

But Tang Li Xue still gritted her teeth and took out her last batch of low-tier spirit stones. Her eyes were glittering brightly with determination without any slightest hesitation.

"You little glutton, just how many more you want to eat?! I already have no more to give you right now, but you still have not hatched yet?!" Tang Li Xue murmured while searched for something to feed the glutton in her space pouch.

In the end, she took out all the talismans in her space pouch along with all the bottles contained the beast's blood.

The glutton egg devoured all of it too indiscriminately in only a few moments, and all the cracks on its surface spread even more! 

Tang Li Xue even gave her [Amulet of Teleportation] to glutton egg, and the amulet was consumed in only less than a second.

Tang Li Xue tried to take something out again from her space pouch, but there were only a jade inscription pen and many blank talisman papers in Tang Li Xue's space pouch.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth again and took out her last [Level Up Pill] from her system inventory, then gave it to the glutton egg.


All the black runes blended into the egg, and the blinding black light shone from the glutton egg's surface.

No… Rather than 'shone' the black light from the glutton egg seemed to devour all the surrounding lights instead and made the scenery around them turned darker and darker.

"Is it still not enough?!" Tang Li Xue said in exasperation.

She took out a few items from her system inventory such as [Greater Lucky Sticker], [Restoration Elixir], [2 Times EXP Card], and so on, but the glutton egg did not seem to want any of it.

"You damn picky eater… Sigh… Fine! If you do not want any of those then just eat my energy!" Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth and put her palm at the glutton egg's surface.

She started to inject her own vitality energy, Qi, and spirit energy into the glutton egg.

'Sigh… Oh, little egg... Oh, little egg… You may have an intense evil aura, but I would never believe that there is any creature born to be evil.'

Unlike before, I will never expect you to become extremely powerful or OP in the future.'

'I also do not wish for you to always fight by my side and facing danger with me like Yaya and Phoenix of Pride later.' 

'I only hope you… to grow healthy and full of love.' 

'May your life will always be blessed with happiness and laughter without any speck of pain and sorrow.'

When Tang Li Xue felt all of her energy almost dried, she immediately used her [Damage Transfer] to transfer her fatigue to her perfect copy and took all of her perfect copy's energy reserve.

Tang Li Xue's tiredness immediately vanished, and she was filled back with energy, but she transferred her restored vitality energy, Qi, and spirit energy to the glutton egg without stopping.

It did not take too long for Tang Li Xue's entire energies to run out again, but when that happens… two kinds of different elemental energies were flowing into her body.

"Where do these energies come from?! Ahahaha… I understand… so it's you guys!" Tang Li Xue felt baffled for a moment, but she immediately realized the source of these energies.

It was coming from Yaya and Phoenix of Pride!

"Thank you…" Tang Li Xue murmured with a gentle smile on her face as warmness filled her heart.

Crack����� Crack… Crack… BBBAAAAAAAAAAAANGGG~!!!

The glutton egg finally shattered after Tang Li Xue, Yaya, and Phoenix of Pride almost exhausted their entire energies and stamina!

But all of the falling egg crusts were immediately devoured in an instant by the newly born creature.

Tang Li Xue could not see the newly born creature clearly because of the blinding black light from the egg crusts, but she finally could see its form clearly when the black light subsided, and the surrounding scene returned to normal. 

Tang Li Xue widened her eyes and dropped her jaw in shock for a few moments.

She squinted her eyes and rubbed her eyes several times to make sure she did not see it wrong.

Because of an intense evil aura from the egg, Tang Li Xue expected something like an evil dragon or something even more disgusting like a plague queen bug, but the reality was actually far from all of those.

It was actually an extremely cute little kitten! 

Its current size was even slightly smaller than the previously newborn Yaya.

Its black furs were so smooth and soft, extremely comfortable to touch.

It also has a pair of tiny sheep horns on the top of its head, a pair of tiny undeveloped pair of bat-like wings on its back, and a pointed tail like a devil's tail.

This little kitten even has the third eye on its furry forehead. The color of its third eye was entirely black like obsidian, but its iris was crimson red like the color of blood.

Its pair of eyes were still closed tightly, but it seems to use its third eye to see everything.

The little black kitten looked around full of curiosity for a few moments before it was staring at Tang Li Xue.

"Nya~~!" The little black kitten gently licked Tang Li Xue's palm.

Tang Li Xue woke up from her daze when she felt the ticklish sensation from her palm and murmured: "C… Cute! Uwaaaahhhh! So cute! How could something this cute exist in this world?!"

Tang Li Xue giggled happily as she stared at the little black kitten full of adoration. She held the little kitten with both of his hands and raised it highly before hugging it gently. 

Tang Li Xue played with it and even kissed it a few times before reluctantly stopped and opened her system log.


[Congratulation! You got the second companion pet!]

[Your companion pet's space has reached the maximum! You need to level up and evolve more to increase your companion pet's space.]

[Do you want to give it a new name? Yes/No]

"So I can only have 2 companion pets for now?! Luckily, the system did not count the Phoenix of Pride as one of my companion pets." Tang Li Xue commented while kept patting the little black kitten in her embrace.

Tang Li Xue activated her [All-Knowing Eyes] to see the little black kitten's status data, but strangely, she failed to see anything.

"This is really strange… I can see Yaya's status clearly after she hatched from the egg before. Why can't I see the status of this little kitten now?" Tang Li Xue murmured and frowned a bit.

Tang Li Xue decided to open her status window from the system, and checked the little kitten's status from her pet status window.


[Species: Taotie]

[Grade: ?????? (Cub)]

 [Type: ?????]

[Level 1]

Divine Ability: (Undefined)

[HP: ???????/???????]

Strength: ??????

Agility: ??????

Toughness: ??????

Spirit: ??????

[Skill: (Undefined)]


The corner of Tang Li Xue's pink lips twitched in annoyance when she saw that many questions in the little kitten's status window.

Tang Li Xue raised the little black kitten and brought it closer to her face.

"So… uh… I am really confused by this useless data! Are you strong or not?" Tang Li Xue looked at the little black kitten and tried to ask it.

"Nyaaaa~!" The little black kitten jumped out from Tang Li Xue's grasp and landed gracefully on her shoulder, then licked her cheek a few times.

Tang Li Xue was a little bit surprised that this weak-looking tiny black kitten could easily escape from her grasp like that.

"Ahahaha… That's tickles! All right, who cares about stats and ability! You are very cute, and I really like it. That's already more than enough." Tang Li Xue said as she smiled happily.

Suddenly, she felt really stupid for being overly worried about evil stuff and destroying the world before.

"Its species is a Taotie… It sounds quite familiar. Is it one of the feline races or breeds like Scottish Fold or Persian?" Tang Li Xue murmured as she tried to remember the familiar name and used her slender finger to tap her chin.

"Ah, let's forget it since I cannot remember it now anyway! I will try to find some information about it from [Immortal World's Newbie Guide] later. The most important thing now is… your name! What kind of name should I give you?" Tang Li Xue pondered carefully.

"How about 'Little Glutton' since you are such a big glutton? Hm… but it doesn't sound nice. Then Little Black ( Xiao Hei)… why do I feel like I have already used this name before somewhere? Wait, what about Little Kitty?! It sounds good, right?!" Tang Li Xue's eyes brightened.

"Nyaaaa~!!!" The little kitten quickly shook its head furiously.

"Eh? You can understand my words? Ah right, our minds have already connected so of course, you can understand me. You are quite picky, don't you?!" Tang Li Xue felt really surprised by how high this little kitten's intelligence when it was just came out from its egg.

"Little Baby?" 

The little kitten shook its head furiously again…

"Little Meow?"

The little kitten shook its head furiously again…

"Little Fluffy?"

The little kitten shook its head even more furiously…



"Okay, I know what you want now. You want a cool bad-ass name instead of a cute name, right? Then how about 'Loki'… Cool and bad-ass name, right?" Tang Li Xue asked with a proud expression.

The little black kitten tilted its tiny head in confusion.

"That is the name of one of the Norse Mythology Gods in my previous world. Loki is the Trickster God, known for being neither fully good nor evil, but he is really smart and powerful." Tang Li Xue explained.

The little black kitten hesitated for a few moments before nodded its tiny head in reluctance.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when the little black kitten finally agreed to the name she gave to it.


[Did you name your companion pet 'Loki'?]


[Companion pet's true name confirmed! Initializing connection with host… Connection Bridge established!]

After Tang Li Xue received the success notification from her system, she could feel her connection with Little Loki became extremely close.

'Wait… so our mind connection was only established just now? Then how could Little Loki understand my words before?' Tang Li Xue held Little Loki and stared at it skeptically.

"Nyaaaa~!" Litte Loki cutely meowed and gently licked at Tang Li Xue's hand.

'Oh, well… who cares about that as long as it's cute!' Tang Li Xue laughed happily and embraced Little Loki.

But when she wanted to fly back to Quanhai City…

"HALT!" A majestic voice stopped Tang Li Xue from moving.

'Damn it! I forgot a lot of things because I was too focused on hatching Little Loki before! With all of the commotions, the nearby cultivators would definitely come here to check if any precious treasure was born or appeared here!' Tang Li Xue's mind started working fast when she heard that voice calling for her.

Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] divine ability managed to sense more than twenty cultivators came toward her right now, but only six of them worthy enough of her attention.

'I should get away from here as fast as possible before they catch me!' Tang Li Xue thought as she activated her [Ethereal Form] again.


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