Reincarnated As a Fox With System
240 Chapter 240: Heading to Quanhai City!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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240 Chapter 240: Heading to Quanhai City!

It was actually a deafening roar from the [Rare] grade demonic beast. It seems already noticing the presence of Tang Li Xue's group and heading toward them swiftly along with its mob.

"Uhh… Guys, I think we really should move from here now! Something stronger is heading this way!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy urged the two disciples once more.

"Shut up! Do not urge us or we might make a mistake!" The female disciple angrily shouted to Tang Li Xue. But she already took out a cloth and wiped the blood on the map cleanly.

Tang Li Xue used her [Extrasensory Perception] divine ability to peeked at the [Rare] grade demonic beast who approaching them.

 [Species: Obsidian Bear King]

[Qualification: Normal]

[Grade: Rare]

[Level: 24]

[HP: 199,100/199,100]

That [Rare] grade demonic beast was actually a big savage black bear, but the way it flattened everything on its way made it more like a giant bulldozer instead.

All the black furs on its muscular giant body shone with metallic light as if that big savage black bear was wearing black armor.

Just one look was already enough to tell that this giant black bear was the type that has the tough defense and powerful strength but lacking in agility.

'Sigh… This bear is the type I hate the most! It is better to avoid frontal contact with it…' The real Tang Li Xue grimaced and started to ponder her next move swiftly.

The defense-type opponent like Mogui and this black bear was the type Tang Li Xue hated the most because she was severely lacking in the term of offense.

Of course, she could use her deep-blue Flame of Pride to easily defeat them, but Tang Li Xue did not want anyone to see her Flame of Pride. 

Tang Li Xue did not want anyone to get any clue about her divine treasure the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl], so she already decided under Instructor Mei Lan's advice that the moment she used her Flame of Pride, she must silence all the witnesses forever cleanly.

Unfortunately, she could not do that to these two disciples or she would fail in both of her mission and quest.

Tang Li Xue could also use her golden [Inscription Pen] like when she defeated Mogui, but she must enter [Divine Possession] state with Yaya and become fast enough to dodge all attacks while inscribing the runes on her opponent's body.

"Yaya ya yaya~~! Yayaya! Yaya!" Yaya babbled to Tang Li Xue and patted her chest with a proud expression.

Tang Li Xue chuckled when she heard Yaya said that 'I have already become strong enough~! I can defeat that big guy alone now! Let me fight!' 

Tang Li Xue patted Yaya's head gently and consoled her: 'Calm down, Strong Little Lady! This is not your turn yet. We do not even need to fight here.'

'What a pain… let's just force them and bring them away from here now!' Tang Li Xue decided in her mind.

'But… they still do not want to go? What should I do? Drag them away?' Tang Li Xue's copy complained.

'Just knock them out for now! You will only need to explain that they were knocked out by an invisible bear later!' The real Tang Li Xue lazily replied with her consciousness.

Tang Li Xue's copy stared at the real Tang Li Xue in amazement: 'Are you a genius or what?!'

The real Tang Li Xue only rolled her eyes and did not bother to reply. She used her [Energy Manipulation] to create a big flying disc.


While her perfect copy grasped her fist tightly and struck the two disciples head heavily from behind when both of them anxiously trying to determine their traveling route on the map as soon as possible.

The two disciples fell unconscious and planted their faces onto the grassy ground first. The thick blood flowed out profusely from their injured head.

If someone saw this scene they would think that Tang Li Xue ambushed them from behind to kill both of them.

'Are you stupid?! Do you really need to strike them that hard?!' The real Tang Li Xue quickly checked the two disciples' condition. 

'I… I don't know that they are that weak! I thought they should be quite strong since they are from the Fox Race too so I use more strength. I swear it's not because I want to vent my anger and frustration to them.' Tang Li Xue's copy explained while dragged the female disciple and threw her to the flying disc harshly like a broken doll.

Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched when she saw what her copy did while she tried to carefully put the male disciple to the flying disc.


The [Obsidian Bear King] already dashed out from the nearby bushed and pounced toward them.

Tang Li Xue and her copy hastily jumped to the flying disc.

"GO~!!!" Tang Li Xue controlled the flying disc and it instantly soared into the sky.

However, the [Obsidian Bear King] still did not give up that easily. It chased after them and jumped to smash the flying disc with its giant bear claws.

It was really surprising that despite having such a giant-sized body, the [Obsidian Bear King] could still jump so high by just using its enormous strength!

The real Tang Li Xue put all of her concentration to control and stabilize the flying disc, so she could not get distracted now.

 This was the difference between using the [Elemental Compression] or ability like [Energy Manipulation] to fly and using the real treasure or artifact such as flying sword, transport disc, and so on to fly.

The real treasure or artifact already has several runes that would automatically stabilize it and the user only needs to input the simple order such as the direction and speed.

Since the real Tang Li Xue currently could not anything, her perfect copy decided to hinder the [Obsidian Bear King]!

The two compressed white swords she created before flashed toward the [Obsidian Bear King]!


When the two compressed white swords stabbed onto the jumping [Obsidian Bear King] in the mid-air, both of it bounced off instead as if it met with the hard steel wall!

The attack of two compressed white swords only managed to cut a few strands of black metallic fur from the [Obsidian Bear King]'s body.

"Damn it! Is this really a bear or a tank?!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy grumbled.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy canceled her [Transfiguration: Human Form] and turned back into her fox form.

Two white silvery tails and one golden flame tail fluttered behind her back. When she turned back into her fox form, her overall stats increased by three times!

With a single thought, Tang Li Xue's perfect copy instantly created out thirty white jade-like swords hovering around her.

[Elemental Compression]!

The thirty white jade-like swords compressed into one silver-colored sword under the control of Tang Li Xue's copy.

The [Obsidian Bear King]'s beastly instinct sensed the dangerous aura from the silver-colored sword and raised both of its thick arms to defend its chest and head.

'Let's see how tough you are! Take this!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy waved her paw and the silver-colored sword vanished leaving behind only a silvery-white streak on its way.


Tang Li Xue's perfect copy aimed at the [Obsidian Bear King]'s brain, but the silver-colored sword only managed to pierce its thick arms and the tip stopped right at its forehead.

'It can even block that?!' Tang Li Xue's perfect copy exclaimed in surprise.

But the recoil from the silver-colored sword managed to push the [Obsidian Bear King] backward, and it dropped back onto the ground while the Tang Li Xue's flying disc flew higher and higher then vanished into the cloud.

However, this short battle opened Tang Li Xue's eyes once again. That [Obsidian Bear King] only has [Normal] qualification, but it still managed to block one of Tang Li Xue's powerful attacks.

���There are still so many foxes stronger than me in the Myriad Foxes Academy. While there are so many Beast Races in this Immortal World… and countless geniuses from the Human Race too… who knows how many strong creatures in Undead Race. Sigh… It seems I have become too complacent because of my growth recently. With my current strength, I still must be careful to protect myself.' Tang Li Xue warned herself in her heart.

The real Tang Li Xue drove the flying disc, while her perfect copy activated her [Transfiguration: Human Form] again and turned back into her human form.

Her perfect copy took the map from the two disciples' grasp and examined it carefully.

[Scanning the map using the skill (Mapping Sense)…]

[Scanning complete!]

Tang Li Xue's copy stared at the 3D map inside her consciousness. There was a red dot marking their current position inside that 3D map.

With this 3D map and the red dot marking, it was impossible for them to get lost. They only need to fly while following this 3D map and make the red dot marking heading to Quanhai City!

'Woah! This skill is so practical! Oh, yeah… I can put a single tracker with this [Mapping Sense]! Let's put the tracker on one of these two disciples, who knows if we get separated with them later!' Tang Li Xue thought.

The real Tang Li Xue put her tracker to the female disciple's neck, while her perfect copy put her tracker to the male disciple's neck.

After that, Tang Li Xue started to increase her flying disc's speed, and all of them heading to Quanhai City. 

Yaya flew out from Tang Li Xue's hood and looked at the scene around them full of curiosity and excitement.


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