Reincarnated As a Fox With System
239 Chapter 239: Hard Level Difficulty!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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239 Chapter 239: Hard Level Difficulty!

It only took a few moments for the two disciples and Tang Li Xue to step out from the space gate.

The space gate immediately closed and vanished after the three of them stepped out from it, leaving them all in the middle of the lush forest now.

'System!' Tang Li Xue tried to send her thought and ask the quest from her system.

Actually, Tang Li Xue also wanted to do this too before she fought with Mogui's team.

 But she quickly changed her mind and decided to not do it after she heard that her chance of winning was only less than 50 percent from Instructor Mei Lan.

However, Tang Li Xue thought that this mission was only the simplest D-Grade mission, so she should be able to do it.



[Quest: (Bodyguard) protect the conceited disciples of the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association from any harm and help them finish their assignments!]

[Difficulty: Hard]

[Requirement: Absolute obedience from the conceited disciples.]

[Reward: Level +3(+1), Stat Point+300(+75), Skill Point+45(+11), 300(+75) Deity Coins]


'What the... Hard level difficulty quest?! Isn't this just the simplest D-Grade escorting mission?' Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock when she read the notification from her system.

Tang Li Xue had already completed several quests from her system by now, and she already realized that the level of difficulty from the system's quest was proportional to her current level and strength.

In short, the current quest's difficulty was 'Hard' even with her current strength and the help of her perfect copy, Yaya, Phoenix of Pride, and her martial soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent]!

'Requirement to complete this quest is the 'Absolute obedience from these two disciples'?! What does it mean?! This is more like a clue rather than a requirement! And asking for these two arrogant foxes to obey me is an almost impossible task to begin with...' Tang Li Xue groaned in her heart.

 Tang Li Xue thought she was lucky enough to get a mission where she only needs to watch for the disciples to go shopping while sight-seeing in the human's city with Yaya...

Who knew that she actually got a mission where she needs to take care of the two spoiled disciples, not only from the external threat but also from themselves so they would not make or involve in any problem!

Tang Li Xue sighed in frustration, but she quickly cheered herself up: 'Fuuuh... That's okay! I am a human before! With my rich knowledge in human society, I have full confidence to complete this quest and mission!'

Actually..... How could Tang Li Xue have rich knowledge in human society when she spent almost all of her time lying down in the hospital...?

Rustle... Rustle... Rustle...

All of them only stepped out from the space gate just a few moments ago, and the two disciples still looked at the map in their grasp, trying to figure out which route they should take to reach Quanhai City.

However, Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] already caught something dangerous approaching them fast.

Tang Li Xue immediately activated her [Ethereal Form] and her slender figure vanished into thin air along with Yaya.

She also activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability to summon out her perfect copy.

'Your job is to try befriended with these two disciples and seek their cooperation. Try to get their trust and make them listen to your word. Do not worry about any danger, I and Yaya will protect you all from behind!' Tang Li Xue told her perfect copy about her current task.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy nodded at Tang Li Xue before approaching the two disciples from the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association.

"Be careful! Some wolves come toward us from our right side!" Tang Li Xue's perfect copy whispered to the two disciples and warned them with a stern tone.

"Nonsense! How can you sense them if I cannot sense them at all?! We are still trying to find the safest and fastest route to Quanhai City with this map! Go away! Don't bother us doing our job!" The male disciple rebuked Tang Li Xue in a harsh manner.

The perfect copy's mouth twitched violently in annoyance.

She stared pleadingly at the real Tang Li Xue. As if she was begging to exchange her job with the real Tang Li Xue.

Of course, the real Tang Li Xue ignored her perfect copy's plead and pretended to not realized her begging stare.

Actually, Tang Li Xue rather chose to face Mogui's team once more than get in contact with these arrogant two disciples... but she could not ignore the requirement shown by her system so she told her perfect copy to do it instead.

'Six... Eight... Twelve green wolves! But they do not look strong, so it should be okay.' Tang Li Xue used her [Extrasensory Perception] to peek at all the green wolves which tried to surround them before pounced toward them at once.

[Species: Green Scaled Wolf]

[Qualification: Normal]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 25]


The [Green Scaled Wolves] level varied from 21 to 25, but the strongest among them was only level 25, but they were not very strong but very cunning.

They used the tall bushes as their cover and moved quietly with almost inaudible sound to approach Tang Li Xue's group. They even stealthy surrounded them from all directions now.

In fact, if Tang Li Xue did not have detect-type divine ability such as [Five Senses Enhancement] or [Extrasensory Perception], she would never realize any of these [Green Scaled Wolves]'s movement at all.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy groaned in her heart, but there was nothing she could do to make these two disciples move. She could only activate her [Energy Manipulation] and created ten white jade-like swords from her vitality energy.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy compressed her ten white jade-like swords into two when the twelve [Green Scaled Wolves] jumped out from the tall bushes around them from all directions at the same time.


The two compressed white jade-like swords vanished from everyone's view the moment they moved!

After the compression, not only the two white jade-like swords became many times more durable and sharper than before, but it could also move many times faster than before!

The two white swords flashed away leaving two white streaks on the air and...


Slashed seven [Green Scaled Wolves] in two at once easily like tofu!

The other five [Green Scaled Wolves] scared out of their wits. They wanted nothing but escape from here as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue's copy would not let that happen, as her two white swords flashed away once again and tore the rest five [Green Scaled Wolves] into two too without giving any chance for them to land their feet on the ground.


The real Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy were startled by the female disciple's sudden scream.

Both of them were really sure that no [Green Scaled Wolves] or any foes could come close without being noticed by their powerful detection of [Extrasensory Perception] so how could...

"The blood splashed onto our map!!!" The female disciple shouted in anger, and her expression distorted in disgust.

The male disciple gritted his teeth and stared angrily at Tang Li Xue's copy then shouted with a tone full of anger: "This is your fault! You already noticed those wolves approaching us since long ago, why do you need to slay them all here?! You can go a bit far away and slay them there!"

Tang Li Xue's copy rolled her eyes when she heard the make disciple's complaint. She was too lazy to argue with him and took a peek at the map from behind.

The wolf's blood splashed onto the map, but the map itself was made from the good beast skin so the map was actually still in good condition. They only need to wipe the blood away with a handkerchief or dry cloth.

"You can just wipe the blood away, but first, we must get away from here as soon as possible. The smell of blood is too strong here. It will certainly attract more beasts, possibly even stronger beasts." Tang Li Xue's copy said to them and warned them again.

"Bullsh*t! Don't tell me that you actually exhausted from slaying those trashy beasts and cannot even defeat a few more beasts?! If we roam around randomly in the unknown forest, we will definitely get lost even with the map in our hands! Are you stupid or what?!" The male disciple shouted loudly with a shrill voice out of anger.

Tang Li Xue's copy rubbed her forehead in frustration, and she started to feel a great headache.

'Sigh… I cannot stand this anymore! I will really go crazy soon and slay these two with my own hands if this keeps going like this! No, who knows if my OP system will get taken away from me if my quest failed here?! Should I just commit suicide right now to force my original to take my place? It seems that is the only way…' Tang Li Xue's copy sighed and pondered carefully.

'Oi, Oi, Oi~!!! Are you in a rebellious phase or something?! How could you think something dangerous like that?!' The expression of the real Tang Li Xue darkened a lot, and she immediately sent her thoughts to scold her copy.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy stared at the real Tang Li Xue with contempt in her eyes.

'All right! I understand! Just do what I told you for now… we will exchange our role every hour. Are you happy now?' The real Tang Li Xue finally yielded under her perfect copy contempt gaze.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy smiled and nodded happily to the real Tang Li Xue.

'Tsk! How could this happen?! Usually, my perfect copy is so obedient and will never complain even when I use her as a sacrifice?! Are you trying to say that death is a lot better than befriended with these two disciples?' The real Tang Li Xue also rubbed her forehead in frustration.


The expression of both Tang Li Xue turned solemn when they heard the loud roar coming from behind them.


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