Reincarnated As a Fox With System
238 Chapter 238: Tang Li Xue“s First Mission!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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238 Chapter 238: Tang Li Xue“s First Mission!

The crowds were also confused like Tang Li Xue, but one of the examiners also immediately explained about the bamboo tubes after they distributed it to everyone.

"All of the crucial information about your mission is contained inside that bamboo tube. The information about the mission very vital, who knows if someone with the evil intention set a trap or hijack that mission?! So in order to keep the information safe and only the fox who takes the mission know. We, the foxes from the mission hall stored the information inside that bamboo tube." The examiner said with a monotonous tone.

Tang Li Xue nodded in understanding and thought: 'These people from the mission hall are surely more meticulous than I thought!'

All the D-Grade missions or higher written on the mission board were very vague, such as: 'assassinate Core Formation Stage cultivator', ' harvest a miracle fruit in a place with the C-Grade danger level', and so on.

It was impossible to know the Core Formation Stage cultivator's identity or the place where they could find the target just from looking at the mission board.

Only after they took the mission and given the bamboo tube containing the hidden crucial information from the staff of the mission hall that they could finally carry out that mission and complete it to get the reward.

"Every time you take the mission out of Myriad Foxes Academy, you will certainly get this bamboo tube. If you open the bamboo tube and tap it onto your forehead, all information about the mission will be transferred directly into your mind just like how the jade slip works." The examiner continued her explanation.

"If you meet with any danger you cannot handle in your mission, you can also crush this bamboo tube to ask for the help from the rescue team of the Myriad Foxes Academy, but it also means that your reward will go to the rescue team and you will not get anything from your mission." The other examiner added with a playful teasing tone.

"After you complete your mission, do not forget to give that bamboo tube back to the staff of the mission hall, or your reward would be canceled! You can open your bamboo tube and carry out your mission now! Remember, you have to complete your mission in a week, or you will be disqualified! Good luck!" After she finished saying her words, the two examiners went out of the room.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao looked at each other and smiled. The three of them opened their own bamboo tube and tapped it onto their forehead.

D-Grade Escorting Mission:

Escort the disciples from the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association to buy some rare herbs in the south of the Lightwind Continent, Capital City of Hong Empire, Quanhai City.

Mission objective:

- Protect the disciples from the pharmacy and alchemist.

- Buy all the required rare herbs.

Reward: 5,000 credits

'Ooohhh?! Only escorting mission? This should be not that hard!' Tang Li Xue's eyes turned brighter after she saw her mission.

"I get an escort mission. What about you guys?" Tang Li Xue asked Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao with a tone full of curiosity.

"I get a mission to pick up some precious herbs in the forest." Bing Yi said with an unhappy tone.

It seems she thought her mission was not challenging enough.

"My mission is to track a human criminal and kill him! I only need to bring back his head to complete my mission." Hei Yinghao told his mission to Tang Li Xue while grinned happily. On contrary to Bing Yi, he seemed very pleased with his current mission.

Since they got different missions in different locations, they could only bid farewell to each other and split up to carry out their own respective mission.

Tang Li Xue went out of the mission hall with Yaya, and they were heading to the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association together.

When Tang Li Xue arrived there, she wanted to enter the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association building, but they got obstructed by the guards in front of the gate.

"Halt! Take out your Pharmacy and Alchemist Association's badge, recommendation letter, or invitation letter to enter! Get lost if you do not have any of it!" One of the two guards shouted with a stern tone to Tang Li Xue.

"I just receive an escort mission from the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association. You can check this bamboo tube if you do not believe me." Tang Li Xue replied while took out the bamboo tube from her space pouch.

The guards took the bamboo tube from Tang Li Xue and tapped it into their forehead to check the content of the mission.

One of the guards nodded to his fellow guards before giving back the bamboo tube to Tang Li Xue and said: "Follow me! I will escort you to meet the disciples in charge of purchasing those herbs."

Tang Li Xue smiled at the guard and nodded.

At first, the guard escorted Tang Li Xue to the front desk in the front hall and Tang Li Xue needed to register her personal information, such as name, species, and so on.

After that, the guard brought Tang Li Xue into the waiting room, where the two disciples from the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association who already waiting for her to come since an hour ago.

One of the disciples was a young girl from the pharmacy department, while the other one was a young man from the Alchemist Department.

Both of their appearances looked average at best, but the way they raised their chin and looked down on Tang Li Xue made them appear extremely arrogant and small-minded.

"Uh... Hi! My name is Tang Li Xue, nice to meet with you all!" Tang Li Xue waved her hand and introduced herself to the two disciples of the Pharmacy and Alchemist Association.

However, both of them did not bother to reply to Tang Li Xue at all. They only stared at Tang Li Xue from the tip to toe as if they were trying to evaluate Tang Li Xue's prowess.

"You look really weak though! Can you escort us safely? I really doubt it! Whatever... Let's go now so we can finish this quickly!" The guy from Alchemist Department did not even bother to introduce himself and walked toward the entrance.

Tang Li Xue also did not bother to get angry at them. She rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Yaya puffed her cheek cutely in anger. She really wanted to tear these two ungrateful foxes into tiny pieces with her new skills, but she also knew that she would surely bring big trouble to her beloved Xue if she really did that, so she could only hold back her anger for now.

Tang Li Xue giggled at Yaya and picked her from the top of her head then kissed her a few times to comfort her.

The two of them started playing around and giggling happily for a few minutes while kept following the two disciples from behind.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya only stopped playing around after they reached the gigantic room.

"Woah! This is the second time I see this enormous hall, but really… it still looks so amazing!" Tang Li Xue murmured while opened her eyes in surprise.

Tang Li Xue followed the two disciples and stepped into the gigantic bright hall.

 Tang Li Xue silently stared at the disciples when both of them took the black cloak and wore it to cover their body and head.

When one of the disciples saw that Tang Li Xue only watching at them, he rolled his eyes and said with a tone filled with ridicule: "Are you stupid or what?! We are going to the human city to buy our things! Are you really going there like that?!"

'Oh, yes! I almost forgot about that! Hehe…' Tang Li Xue laughed at herself in irony. Because she always took human form in this Myriad Foxes Academy, she started to think that it was normal for her to appear like this.

She almost forgot that even though she might be in the human form right now, but she was not the real human. She still has a pair of fox ears and a furry tail.

She would certainly be hunted by the humans if she entered the human city with this kind of appearance.

But the problem was Tang Li Xue did not have any cloak or clothes to cover her fox ears and a furry tail.

'I should buy more spare clothes and cloak!' Tang Li Xue lamented in her heart.

Fortunately, the female disciple took pity on Tang Li Xue and gave her spare cloak to Tang Li Xue.

"Thank you very much! I will…" Tang Li Xue laughed bashfully and thanked but before she could finish her words.

"You do not need to thank or give that cloak back to me. I just want this assignment as soon as possible. That's all." The female disciple quickly replied.

"Tsk! Such a useless escort! If we can leave without any escort, then we should just…" The male disciple started to grit his teeth and complained.

"That's enough! Let's go!" The female disciple clearly did not want to waste any more time and jumped up to one of the giant stone rings.

Tang Li Xue quickly draped the black cloak on her shoulder. The black cloak perfectly covered her fox ears and a furry tail. It even covered Yaya, who sat on the top of Tang Li Xue's head.

 But the naughty Yaya pushed the black hood upward a bit so she could see the scene in front of her.

The female disciple took out a gold ticket from her space pouch and tore it. The moment the gold ticket tear in two, the space in front of them split into two showed the scene in the middle of the lush forest.

Both disciples entered the space gate without any hesitation, and Tang Li Xue swiftly followed them from behind.

'Oh, right! I should try to set this mission as a quest in my system, so I can get some rewards from my system too!' Tang Li Xue smiled brighter as she thought about that.


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