Reincarnated As a Fox With System
236 Chapter 236: Preparation for the Silver-Rank Trial!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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236 Chapter 236: Preparation for the Silver-Rank Trial!

When the skies turned dark, in the middle of midnight...

Tang Li Xue finally completed Instructor Mei Lan's special training for today, and Instructor Mei Lan let her go back home, but she also reminded Tang Li Xue to come early in the morning to the mission hall for attending the Silver-Rank Trial.

Tang Li Xue nodded her head to Instructor Mei Lan before dragged her exhausted body back toward the Residential Building.

Yaya already finished her lesson earlier than Tang Li Xue today, and she followed Tang Li Xue back to the Residential Building too.

The exhausted Yaya immediately went to sleep in the bedroom after she took a quick bath with Tang Li Xue, but Tang Li Xue could not do the same because she must prepare herself for tomorrow's Silver-Rank Trial properly first. 

If Tang Li Xue managed to upgrade her bronze badge to the silver badge, she could gain the qualification to go out from Myriad Foxes Academy and completed some high-grade missions with Instructor Mei Lan!

Not only she could gain more experience, but she could also get more precious resources to increase her level, cultivation, Martial Soul, Phoenix of Pride's level, and Yaya's level.

Tang Li Xue sat on top of her bed and took a deep breath to clear her mind before she opened her status window in her system to check it.


[Species: Imperial Sun and Moon Fox (Dantian)]

[Bloodline: Imperial Moon Fox, Pure Sun Dragon]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level 6 (Samaritan), (Explorer)] 

[Martial Soul: Golden-Winged Serpent (Lv1)]

[Elemental Spirit: Blue Phoenix of Pride (Fetal Form)] 

[Companion Pet: Yaya (Lv7)]

Cultivation Level: Rank 10 Qi Condensation Stage

Cultivation Technique: Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art (Crimson Phoenix)

Martial Arts: None

Sub-Profession: Inscriptionist (Level 4: Apprentice)

Divine Ability: [Sun Dragon Claw], [Sun Dragon Fangs], [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes], [Twin Moon], [Mirror of the Moon], [Innate: Strength], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form], [Golden Body], [All Knowing Eyes (Basic)], [Transfiguration: Human Form], [Energy Manipulation], [Five Senses Enhancement], [Auto Correction], [Spirit Perception]

Battle Style: Imperial Moon Dancer [Moon Splitter (Mastered), Moonlight Flickering Flash Step (Lv3)]


HP: 99,999/99,999

Strength: 1,500 (+2,400)

Agility: 1,000 (+2,400)

Toughness: 1,000 (+2,400)

Spirit: 720

Skills: High Jump (Mastered), Night Vision (Mastered), EXP Augmentation (Mastered), Climb (Mastered), Mapping Sense (Lv4), [Regeneration (Mastered)], [Telepathy (Lv5)], [Concentration (Lv5)], [Decrease Reaction-Time (Lv5)],[Focus (Lv5)],[Strengthen Willpower (Lv5)], [Sharpen Mind(Lv5)], [Calculation(Lv5)], [Prediction (Lv5)], [Intelligence Enhancement (Lv5)]

Stats Point: 234

Skill Point: 205

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 1X Companion Egg, 1X Great Calamity Sticker, 1X Restoration Elixir, 1XLevel Up Pill, 1XGreater Lucky Sticker, 1XPremium Cultivation Voucher, 6X2 Times EXP Card, 1XInscription Pen, 4,017 Deity Coins, Level 40 Advanced Gift Package]

Equipment: Weapon:[Critical Strikers], Boots:[Shadow Striders]


Her Martial Soul, the [Golden Winged Serpent] still stayed at level 1 until now because she focused all of her EXP she got to increase her cultivation level.

Actually, she could use several mid-tier spirit stones in her space pouch to reach Acupuncture Opening Stage right now, but the human cultivation aura she emitted when she tried to breakthrough will surely draw so much unwanted attention!

So Tang Li Xue decided to postpone it for now and upgrade her badge first. She could try to break through and reach the Acupuncture Opening Stage in the human world later when she went out with Instructor Mei Lan to complete a mission.

'The stats I get from my cultivation are very high... but why I feel like the effect it brings to me is not as good as the stats I get from my level?' 

'Come to think of it... I already have 2,400 at every stats when I am only at Qi Condensation Stage. Doesn't it mean I will have several tens of thousands at every stats in the Core Formation Stage later?' 

'If the Core Formation Stage is really that OP, then why an expert at the peak Core Formation Stage like the fatty uncle from Asura Demon Sect could only fight toe to toe with the High level [Rare] grade demonic beast like Fake Dragon?'

Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead in bewilderment with her slender fingers, but she could not find the reason even after thinking about it for tens of minutes.

'There are only two reasons that I can think of now. First, all of these stats numbers from cultivation are false, and the system showed these numbers from a different scale or perspective from the stats numbers of my level.'

'The second reason is there should be a special way to use these stats, and I cannot utilize these stats numbers from cultivation to its fullest. The special way that I do not know or learn yet... for example... Martial Arts!'

Tang Li Xue squinted her eyes in deep thought, but she immediately shook her head and decided to forget it for now.

It was impossible for her to learn a martial art in one night anyway even if she used her last [Premium Cultivation Voucher] right now, and there was no way she would dare to use any human martial art in front of the eyes of the examiner.

Tang Li Xue smiled brighter when she saw her hard work to learn about [Spirit Perception] from Teacher Bai Wuchen finally paid off, and the [Spirit Perception] appeared as one of her divine abilities in her status window right now.

But there was also a new problem cropped from this...

[(Five Senses Enhancement) and (Spirit Perception) divine abilities can be combined into Divine Ability [Extrasensory Perception] with costs 100 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]

'Sigh... So [Five Senses Enhancement] and [Spirit Perception] can be combined into one... But I just mastered this [Spirit Perception] and many of its functions! If I combine it into one, doesn't it mean I will not have [Spirit Perception] anymore?! Haaaiiihhhh... Such a difficult choice! What should I do now?' Tang Li Xue pursed her lips in annoyance.

'Also, 100 Skill Points are not cheap! It's extremely expensive, okay?! It's about half of my total Skill Points I have been saving until now! And here I want to save it until it reached 300 and used it to combine my three innate divine abilities, [Innate: Strength], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness] into one! Haih... another difficult choice!' Tang Li Xue thought as she slapped her forehead in frustration.

There were also many of her skills which already reached the Mastered level, but Tang Li Xue still did not dare to spend her Skill Points carelessly.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath and thought: 'I should just upgrade a few skills that I need the most in the critical situation. As for that [Extrasensory Perception]... oh well, I hope this divine ability really worth more than my 100 Skill Points, or I would probably die from frustration!'


[You have gained divine ability (Extrasensory Perception)]

The moment Tang Li Xue finished combining the [Five Senses Enhancement] and [Spirit Perception] into one become the [Extrasensory Perception], she felt as if the canal was created between the five rivers and the spring.

The feeling was indescribable. Even if she closed her eyes, Tang Li Xue could still see everything around her so clearly.

Even though she did not drink the cold tea on the table, she could already know its taste as if she already drank it. 

'Woooaaahhh... This is super incredible!' Tang Li Xue dumbfounded in astonishment, and she quickly checked the [Extrasensory Perception]'s description in her status window.

[Extrasensory Perception]: It combines the enhanced five senses and the precise Spirit Perception into one, and allows for the recognition of things that couldn't be felt before.

'So, doesn't it means I can still use my [Spirit Perception], but it becomes more accurate because it already combined with my five enhanced senses?! What an OP divine ability!' Tang Li Xue gulped her saliva to calm herself down.

'All right... Let's continue!' Tang Li Xue chose some of her Mastered level skills to upgrade it further.

[EXP Augmentation skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to EXP Amplification with costs 50 Skill Points?]

'Haih... Another expensive skill! But [EXP Augmentation] is already extremely useful and [EXP Amplification] sounds more wonderful than [EXP Augmentation]... Alright! Here goes nothing! YES!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and chose 'Yes'.

[EXP Augmentation upgraded to EXP Amplification Ability!]

Tang Li Xue nervously opened the [EXP Amplification]'s window to check the percentage of EXP distribution.

[EXP Amplification Status:]

[Level: 200 %]

[Cultivation: 100%]

[Martial Soul: -]

Tang Li Xue: '?!'

Tang Li Xue's smile grew wider after she saw the [EXP Amplification]'s status window and turned into stifling laughter in a few minutes. She would already laugh out loud if Yaya did not sleep beside her now.

'Next!' Tang Li Xue happily pressed the next mastered level skill that she wanted to upgrade.

[Regeneration skill already reached the Mastered level. Do you want to upgrade it to High-Speed Regeneration with 15 Skill Points?]

'15 Skill Points are quite expensive too, but this is one of my life-saving skills that already saved my life so many times. YES!' Tang Li Xue did not hesitate to upgrade this one at all.

[Regeneration Ability upgraded to High-Speed Regeneration Ability!]

Tang Li Xue opened the description of [High-Speed Regeneration] from her skill window and read it to check its improvement.

[High-Speed Regeneration]: Recover 1% of the user's maximum HP every 2 seconds.

The amount it recovered did not change at all and still at 1% of maximum HP, but the 'every 5 seconds' part decreased again to 'every 2 seconds' right now!

It means that this [High-Speed Regeneration] skill would heal all of Tang Li Xue's wounds 2.5 times faster than before!

'This is great! But... Sigh... I only have 40 total Skill Points left!' Tang Li Xue lamented the Skill Points she already used and almost cried out loud because of it.

There were still [High Jump], [Night Vision], and [Climb], which already reached Mastered Level too, but Tang Li Xue did not have any plan to waste her remaining Skill Points to upgrade those skills.

She could use her [Energy Manipulation] to create a footing such as a flying sword or a transport disc and fly, so she did not have any reason to jump or climb around anymore.

[Night Vision] skill was already good enough to see in the dark place too, so Tang Li Xue did not have any reason to upgrade it further.

Tang Li Xue took out the glutton egg from her system inventory to examine its condition closely, but just like usual, there was no reaction from the glutton egg at all as if it was a dead egg, but the black runes on its surface became more and more abstruse and clearer.

Tang Li Xue did not dare to look at the glutton egg for too long. Just one look at the black runes on the glutton egg's surface was enough to make Tang Li Xue felt dizzy and nauseous.

Tang Li Xue could feel the glutton egg's current condition clearly from their mental connection. 

Currently, the glutton egg was in deep hibernation after it consumed so many priceless nutritious things in the Auction House before.

Tang Li Xue also kept pouring much of her blood onto the glutton egg to strengthen their mental connection once every few days.

'I can feel it from our connection that this glutton egg is ready to hatch. Perhaps in only a few days... But I really hope it will not do something stupid like hatching in front of the examiner or in the trial place!' Tang Li Xue frowned deeply. 

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this stupid glutton egg would do it to mess with her.

'Should I leave this egg alone in this room? No! Who knows what kind of calamity this egg will do later without my supervision?!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and threw the glutton egg back into her system inventory.

Tang Li Xue started to put her free Stat Points to her Spirit stat. She already did this daily every day and managed to increase her Spirit stat to 720 in two weeks.

Tang Li Xue immediately stopped when she felt the pain in her mind became too unbearable, and she almost passed out because of it.

Her Spirit stat increased from 720 to 780 today, while her free Stat Points decreased from 234 to 174.

After did everything she could to strengthen herself, Tang Li Xue decided to open Yaya's status window to check Yaya's growth after she received daily private lessons with Instructor Mei Lan's mom.


[True Name: Yaya] \u003c\u003cStore\u003e\u003e

[Species: Tempest Fairy Princess]

[Grade: Rare (Childhood)]

[Type: Wind Elemental Spirit (Elf-Type)]

[Level 7]

Divine Ability: [Wind God's Endowment], [Extreme Speed], [Wind God's Eyes], [Shockwave Impact]

[HP: 24,300/24,300]

Strength: 1170

Agility: 1850

Toughness: 900

[Skill: Fast Flight (Lv3), Compressed Wind Blade (Lv1), Cyclone Storm (Lv1), Breezing Step (Lv 1), High-Pressure Air Bullet (Lv3), Hurricane Barrier (Lv1), Tempest Prison (Lv1), Multiple Wind Clones (Lv 1), Compressed Wind Sword (Lv1), Vacuum Slash (Lv1), Whirlwind Vacuum Wave (Lv1)]


Yaya's level had increased from level 2 to level 7 in only 2 weeks thanks to all the nutritious snacks that Instructor Mei Lan's mom gave to Yaya every day!

Tang Li Xue was really astonished when she saw that almost all of Yaya's skills had been upgraded under Instructor Mei Lan's mom tutelage.

The vast difference between the Elemental Spirit and Demonic Beast could clearly be seen right now.

Even though Tang Li Xue has her system to assist her growth, but it was pale in comparison to Yaya's growth! 

Of course, the nutritious snacks and Instructor Mei Lan's mom also held a big role in Yaya's growth, but Elemental Spirit already fated to become a prodigy the moment it was born.

'Tsk, Tsk, Tsk... She even got a new divine ability! This [Wind God's Endowment] is really too godly!' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue in amazement and checked Yaya's new divine ability in curiosity.

[Shockwave Impact]: The power to create or control the sharp change of pressure caused by the wind, air, explosion, or sound.

'This divine ability... is really vague and hard to understand?! Oh well, I can see it sooner or later when Yaya uses it in battle later.' Tang Li Xue smiled happily and patted the sleeping Yaya's head gently.

'All right! Now I only have one more thing to do...' Tang Li Xue cleared her throat in nervousness and took out a jade box from her space pouch.

 Tang Li Xue dispelled the lock inscription on the jade box and slowly opened it.

There were three crystal balls that sat inside the jade box.

These three crystal balls were the high-level [Rare] grade beast cores!

Of course, Tang Li Xue already had enough credits to buy these three high-level [Rare] grade beast cores before, but she did not do it! 

The reason was simple. It was because she planned to use the best quality of high-level [Rare] grade beast cores to awaken her [Regalia of Eclipse] 1st power!

Of course, Tang Li Xue did not dare to come into the Auction House again, so she decided to ask for Teacher Li Wei's help to buy it.

Teacher Li Wei even gave her a huge discount and only asked for 500,000 credits for these three highest quality high-level [Rare] grade beast cores.

'Bullsh*t!!! 500,000 credits for these three high-level [Rare] grade beast cores?! He is clearly extorting me, alright?!' Tang Li Xue cursed Teacher Li Wei in her heart.


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