Reincarnated As a Fox With System
235 Chapter 235: Tenacious and Persistent!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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235 Chapter 235: Tenacious and Persistent!

Mei Qingzhu chatted with Instructor Mei Lan for a few hours before she told Instructor Mei Lan to leave Yaya for a few days here so she could teach Yaya some basics about wind-elemental first.

Usually, Yaya's parents as the wind-elemental spirit should be the ones who taught her, but Tang Li Xue already took Yaya from her parents since she hatched out from the egg.

Tang Li Xue also did not know anything about wind-elemental even now, so how could she teach Yaya about it.

These basics were more about general knowledge, but it was very important and a must to learn before Mei Qingzhu could teach anything more profound to Yaya.

One of the examples was a wind blade could never be able to cut the firewall, but the vacuum blade could!

Everyone knew that wind-elemental weakness was fire-elemental, but what if the wind-elemental user created a vacuum room without any air and confined the fire-elemental inside it? Even any fire-elemental users would be powerless inside it.

But of course, every elemental user has its own ace in the hole.

If wind-elemental users have the power to create a vacuum, then the fire-elemental users have the power of thermal radiation which could bypass any medium such as air or liquid.

All of these were the parts of the basics, and it would easily change the tides of the battle if any elemental user could use it carefully to raise their advantage.

At first, Yaya wanted to refuse it so badly and almost wanted to throw a big tantrum, but Tang Li Xue quickly comforted her with their connection in their mind.

Yaya finally calmed down after a few minutes, but she still pouted in dissatisfaction.

But Yaya's attitude immediately changed 180 degrees after Mei Qingzhu took out so many nutritious snacks for Yaya to eat.

All of them looked very expensive and precious, such as Wind-Affinity Fruit, 3,000 years old Wind-Elemental Ginseng, and so on.

Yaya's emerald green eyes instantly turned even greener. She hugged Mei Qingzhu affectionately and rained her with kisses.

Mei Qingzhu giggled at the cute Yaya, and she even started to feed Yaya carefully as if Yaya was her own child instead of Instructor Mei Lan.

The forgotten Instructor Mei Lan's mouth twitched violently: "....."

The forgotten Tang Li Xue did not know whether to laugh or cry: "....."

When Instructor Mei Lan found that her mother has liked Yaya so much, she immediately bid her farewell and heading back to her courtyard behind the Education Building.




While Instructor Mei Lan was heading back, someone unexpected came to Instructor Mei Lan's courtyard and shouted impolitely from outside.


Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi stopped their training and frowned deeply in annoyance when they heard that disturbing loud shout with a hoarse male voice.

"Who is that?" Tang Li Xue asked Bing Yi.

Bing Yi shook her head and replied: "Maybe some hooligans are looking for trouble... Let's go and check it together!"

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi were heading together to the front gate, but that impolite guy already kept knocking on the gate loudly.

"Stop! Stop it! Why are you..." Bing Yi screamed in anger and wanted to curse loudly at the impatient person when she opened the gate, but her words stuck in her throat after she saw who knocked on the gate.

Even Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise and subconsciously called: "Teacher Bai?!"

Yes, this drunkard with messy looks was so eye-catching that even Bing Yi and Tang Li Xue would never forget his appearance after looked at him once.

Teacher Bai Wuchen waved his hand while saying in a tone full or annoyance: "Forget all of those boring greetings and bring your crazy Instructor here quickly! I am really going insane for real if this little brat keeps sticking to me for any longer!"

Teacher Bai Wuchen pointed his index finger downward...

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi eyes followed Teacher Bai Wuchen's finger then they saw the battered Hei Yinghao held onto Teacher Bai Wuchen's thigh tightly.

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi did not know anymore whether they should pity Hei Yinghao as one of their teammates or laugh at Hei Yinghao's stubbornness.

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi also knew that Teacher Bai Wuchen already used any means at his disposal to rejected and shooed Hei Yinghao away but failed.

Teacher Bai Wuchen should even already beat Hei Yinghao to half-dead, but Hei Yinghao still refused to give up and clinging to him tightly.

Even Teacher Bai Wuchen's usual drunk state and slurred manner of talking were no longer to be seen today because his patience to face Hei Yinghao was already running out.

"Err… Is that guy alright? He seems blacked out already, right?" Tang Li Xue gulped her saliva and asked curiously.

Tang Li Xue wanted to approach and check Hei Yinghao's condition, but she was afraid that Hei Yinghao would cling tightly onto her thigh instead.

"I don't know! And I don't care either! I want you to take this persistent leech back! Right away! Right now! This instant!" Teacher Bai Wuchen shouted while gnashed his teeth in rage.

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi looked at each other, but both of them did not move at all. It was clear both of them were afraid if this Silly Fox would cling tightly onto them.

Bing Yi cleared her throat and replied politely: "Teacher Bai, Instructor Mei Lan is not at home today. Can you… come back here tomorrow, please? Don't worry, we will notify Instructor Mei Lan about this after she comes back later."

"WHAAAAATTT?! Not home?! Tomorrow?! No way! Impossible! I will die in anger if I wait until tomorrow! I don't care where she is! Tell her to bring her pest-like student way from me right now!" Teacher Bai Wuchen staggered a bit, but he quickly shouted back at Bing Yi with a forceful tone.

"Teacher Bai, he only wants to be your student and learn from you. Why do you need to make it hard for him? Just teach him some of your knowledge or skill to him." Tang Li Xue felt a bit sorry for Hei Yinghao, so she tried to persuade Teacher Bai Wuchen.

Tang Li Xue was in a very good mood right now since Yaya managed to find such a generous and great teacher today, so she tried to help Hei Yinghao too.

Teacher Bai Wuchen clicked his tongue and explained: "Do you think that is so easy? He is not bad… Very tenacious and persistent! Unfortunately, he is less talented than you in [Spirit Perception]. I rather teach a talented student like you than… wait… wait a minute…"

A flash of inspiration entered Teacher Bai Wuchen's mind as his gloomy expression brightened a lot.

The gloomy and angry Teacher Bai Wuchen smiled brightly at Tang Li Xue and patted her shoulder gently.

But in Tang Li Xue's vision, Teacher Bai Wuchen's smile looked perverse and crafty. She immediately took a few steps backward and threatened: "Teacher Bai, that's sexual harassment. I will shout out loud if you dare to touch me again."

Teacher Bai Wuchen's expression darkened again when he heard Tang Li Xue's threat: 'Why there are no sane students in that Crazy Demon's class?!'

Teacher Bai Wuchen forced himself to smile again and explained with his softest tone: "Little girl, this guy may have a stronger spirit than you, but you definitely have more talent in the [Spirit Perception] than him!"

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter, and her heart started to brim with pride after she heard Teacher Bai Wuchen's words. She bashfully asked back: "Really?"

Bing Yi already felt something was not right, but she still did not know the reason for it. So she could only stare at Teacher Bai Wuchen skeptically without saying anything.

"It's true! I dare to swear on it by my name!" Teacher Bai Wuchen raised his three fingers toward the sky.

"Uwehehehe… So I am really that great?" Tang Li Xue giggled with a shy expression while touching her own cheeks.

"Of course! You are that great! So, what if I teach you along with this guy? But if this guy still does not get it, you can teach him in my place! How about it?" Teacher Bai Wuchen told Tang Li Xue after praised her.

"What?! I will teach him in your place?! No, No, No, No! I am too busy for that!" Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock and immediately rejected it.

In order to attend Instructor Mei Lan's special training, her perfect copy told Teacher Li Wei to change the place from the classroom to Teacher Li Wei's courtyard, which only a few blocks away from here.

But now this Teacher Bai Wuchen also wanted her to attend his training or class too?!

'Doesn't it mean I must split myself into three to attend three different lessons?! No way! It's already exhausting enough to learn 2 different things at once, let alone three! And… it's not like I really can split myself into three…' Tang Li Xue pondered in her mind.

In fact, Tang Li Xue was quite tempted to learn more about [Spirit Perception], since it clearly could make her a lot stronger too, if she managed to master it. But she also afraid that she bite more than she can chew and get choked by it in the end.

"Little Girl, it would be a big shame if your talent in [Spirit Perception] got wasted! [Elemental Compression] is good, but it's not quite suitable for you. [Elemental Compression] is more suitable for a mid to long-range fighter like that cold girl over there, but it's not really useful for the close-range fighter! Which opponent is stupid enough to wait until you finish your [Elemental Compression] before attacking you?" Teacher Bai Wuchen kept pressing Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue nodded as she thought that what Teacher Bai Wuchen said made sense, but Tang Li Xue aimed to become an all-rounder fighter, and she needs this [Elemental Compression] to further improve her [Energy Manipulation] so she could combine it with her [Sun Dragon Claw] and [Sun Dragon Fangs] along with Yaya's wind-elemental compression into one super OP skill in [War Goddess Mode] later.

After some fierce discussions between Teacher Bai Wuchen and Tang Li Xue, both of them finally decided that Tang Li Xue would attend Teacher Bai Wuchen's lesson 5 days a week while the rest 2 days, Tang Li Xue will use it to attend Instructor Mei Lan's special training.

The almost dying Hei Yinghao immediately revived and became very excited when Teacher Bai Wuchen said he would teach Hei Yinghao along with Tang Li Xue.

The three of them were happy with the result, but Bing Yi still felt that Tang Li Xue fell into Teacher Bai Wuchen's scheme.

Bing Yi's guess did not wrong at all, and Tang Li Xue only found it out later when she was attending Teacher Bai Wuchen's class that he taught her about [Spirit Perception] while she must teach it to Hei Yinghao again and again until he completely understood about it.

Hei Yinghao was not as silly as he looks, but something about spirit or soul was not something that could be understood with only explanation with the mouth.

In fact, Tang Li Xue could only understand it because she spent some Deity Coins to understand it.

Moreover, Instructor Mei Lan enraged when she heard what happened and raised Tang Li Xue's training difficulty by several levels. Tang Li Xue also must complete her training first before she could go home.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to cry so badly when she was almost torn by these three strict teachers' lessons!

Fortunately, the result of that class, training, and lesson was not in vain at all since it made her grow faster than anyone else!

Added her training in Sun Dragon King's memories every night into the equation, Tang Li Xue's growth every day could only be described as leaps and bounds!

Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi also steadily grew stronger under the tutelage of Teacher Bai Wuchen and Instructor Mei Lan!

Unknowingly, two weeks had already passed, and their trial to upgrade their bronze badge into the silver badge has arrived!


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