Reincarnated As a Fox With System
234 Chapter 234: Yaya“s Teacher!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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234 Chapter 234: Yaya“s Teacher!

Chapter 234: Yaya's Teacher!

Tang Li Xue wore a pair of bracelets on both of her wrists and activated her [Energy Manipulation] to create a jade-like white spear.

Tang Li Xue took a peek at the number appeared on the surface of her bracelets...'27'

 'Whaaat?! 27?! Only 27!' Tang Li Xue frowned and puckered her lips in dejection.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled at Tang Li Xue's disappointed expression and said: "Try to use your spear to attack Bingbing's ice sword."

Bing Yi also already created an ice sword with her divine abilities such as [Freezing Field] and [Corrosive Frost].

Bing Yi's ice sword was also rated higher than Tang Li Xue's white spear by her pair of bracelets. The number '56' appeared on Bing Yi's bracelet.

Tang Li Xue nodded to Bing Yi and followed what Instructor Mei Lan told her to do. Tang Li Xue controlled her white spear and made it flew toward Bing Yi's ice sword.

The scene was no different than throwing an egg to the boulder, Tang Li Xue's white spear split in two by Bing Yi's ice sword without any resistance.

Tang Li Xue dumbfounded watching at how easily her white spear got split in two by Bing Yi's ice sword.

"Like what you have seen, the number on that bracelet shows how much high your compression rate is. The higher the number on the bracelet means the thing you condensed from your divine abilities is more powerful too." Instructor Mei Lan explained patiently with her gentle tone.

Bing Yi patted Tang Li Xue's shoulder and tried to comfort her: "Cheer up, Little Xue! My elemental compression rate is only at '24' yesterday. With more training, I am sure we can reach '100' today!"

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled at them and gave them a few more pointers before she brought Yaya with her to meet with Yaya's future teacher.

At first, the stubborn Yaya did not want to get separated from Tang Li Xue.

But after Tang Li Xue persuaded her a few times, Yaya finally yielded and decided to follow what Tang Li Xue has told her to do.

Tang Li Xue nodded her head in satisfaction. Compared to when Yaya still in the [Uncommon] Grade, the current [Rare] grade Yaya was already a lot more matured.

She always followed Tang Li Xue quietly without making any fuss now, and she also became a lot more obedient than before because she started to understand that what Tang Li Xue did was for her own good.

Tang Li Xue followed Instructor Mei Lan's pointer and condensed two white swords with her [Energy Manipulation] then began to merge it into one sword.

Bing Yi could not do this since the things she condensed were made from her ice-elemental divine abilities, but Tang Li Xue condensed her things from her own pure energy! So something likes merging and compressing several identical creations into one should be far easier than what Bing Yi has done.

'Success!' Tang Li Xue smiled full of excitement after she managed to merge two white swords into one.

Tang Li Xue stared at the number on her bracelet surface... '54'

'The compression rate doubled from before?! I see... So if I merged three swords, doesn't it mean the number will be tripled? Let's try it!' Tang Li Xue deduced as her topaz blue eyes shone brighter in realization.

Tang Li Xue licked her pinkish lips and condensed one more white sword with her [Energy Manipulation] divine ability then she tried to merge that white sword with the previous merged white sword.

However, the energy immediately went berserk when Tang Li Xue merged the third sword into the previous sword. It was as if she was trying to insert two bottles amount of water into one bottle.


Both white swords exploded into the white fog the moment it merged into one...

'Sigh... I guess it will not be that easy, huh... Again!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and tried to do it again but more meticulous and careful this time.




Instructor Mei Lan brought Yaya out from the Education Building and took out a transport disc from her space pouch.

Both of them rode the transport disc and went toward the south area of Myriad Foxes Academy.

Although the transport disc moved very fast, it still took them half an hour to reach the place they were headed to.

When Yaya and Instructor Mei Lan got off from the transport disc, they already arrived at the front gate of a luxurious villa.

"Let's go, Little One! Make sure to follow me closely, or you will get lost." Instructor Mei Lan chuckled softly and warned Yaya.

Yaya put solemn expression and nodded back to Instructor Mei Lan. She even flew toward Instructor Mei Lan and sat on her left shoulder.

Instructor Mei Lan laughed at what Yaya did because Tang Li Xue also did the same thing in the first entrance trial before.

Instructor Mei Lan took out her white jade badge and pointed it at the majestic front gate.


Surprisingly, the majestic front gate opened by itself after that...

Instructor Mei Lan leisurely entered the luxurious villa's courtyard as if she was taking a stroll in her own courtyard.

They met with several maids or servants with fox ears and furry tail on their way to enter the villa, but all of them did not stop Instructor Mei Lan and only bowed respectfully at her.

If Tang Li Xue or anyone saw this scene, they would surely think that this luxurious villa really belongs to Instructor Mei Lan.

When Instructor Mei Lan and Bing Yi entered the villa, a handsome head butler bowed politely and greeted them: "Welcome home, Young Miss Lan. Madam is drinking tea alone in the garden right now. Do you like to meet her?"

"Yes, bring me to her." Instructor Mei Lan said while nodded to the head butler with a gentle smile on her face.

Yaya stared at Instructor Mei Lan and the head butler back and forth in confusion.

There were many things Yaya wanted to ask but did not know where she should start, so she decided to keep silent instead. She could not say anything other than 'yayaya~~' anyway...

"It's my pleasure to do so." The head butler bowed politely at Instructor Mei Lan again and escorted them into the open garden inside the villa.

In the middle of the heavenly-like beautiful garden, there was a beautiful lady who sat on the chair.

She wore a long apricot-colored dress. Her tall and voluptuous body was oozing out irresistible maturity and gentleness, which could make any male yearn for her.

Her beauty almost transcendence any fairy, and her soothing aura gave a serene and peaceful feeling to anyone who near her.

She leisurely took the teacup on the tea table and carefully sniffed it to enjoy the tea fragrance aroma before sipped it slowly to enjoy its taste.

Each of her movements was a true portrait of elegance and tenderness.

But the most noticeable trait of this mature lady was her 60% - 70% resemblance with Instructor Mei Lan's appearance.

Instructor Mei Lan's expression softened when she saw this mature lady, and she impatiently ran toward this mature lady's direction.

"Eh, Lan'er?" A beautiful and charming smile bloomed on the mature lady's stunning face.

"Mom!" Instructor Mei Lan called the mature lady while excitedly hugged her.

Yaya who sat at Instructor Mei Lan's shoulder: '?!'



Tang Li Xue who got the shocking message from her mind connection with Yaya: 'Whuuuaaattt?! Mo… Mooommm?!'


The two swords she merged into one exploded right on Tang Li Xue's face when she lost her concentration because of that shocking news.

"Cough… Cough… Cough…" Tang Li Xue caught unprepared and coughed violently.

Fortunately, her fox mask withstood most of the impact from the explosion, so she did not look so messy and dirty.



Yes, the mature lady's name was Mei Qingzhu. She was Councillor Junjie's wife and Instructor Mei Lan's mother.

After joking around for a few moments and filled this lonely beautiful garden with their bell-like cute giggles, Mei Qingzhu gave Instructor Mei Lan a cup of tea, and Instructor Mei Lan started to tell Mei Qingzhu the main reason for her to come here.

"So you want me to teach this Little Friend? Lan'er, you know that I already retired, right?" Mei Qingzhu frowned a bit, but she immediately smiled brightly again when she saw the cute Yaya staring at her.

Mei Qingzhu even took Yaya from Instructor Mei Lan's shoulder and embraced Yaya in her bountiful breast.

"I know mom… but this Little One needs a teacher with wind-elemental divine abilities and the strongest one at that. She is the descendent of the top-ranked wind-elemental spirit, so it would be a pity if someone incompetent teaches her. Mom… pleeeeeaase!" Instructor Mei Lan said with a pitiful tone.

Instructor Mei Lan already started to execute her 'cute begging' tactic. She never showed this to anyone, not even her father, only to her mother. And it would increase her success rate by 50%!

As for the other 50%... Her mom seems already completely fell for Yaya's cuteness so Instructor Mei Lan was very sure that…

"Geez… Only this once, okay?! And remember to not tell your father about this! He is a jealous fox, so~… you know, right?" Mei Qingzhu warned Instructor Mei Lan and giggled when Yaya tried to act cute to her just so she will not refuse to teach Yaya.

'See?! It is 100% success!' Instructor Mei Lan grasped her fist in rejoice.


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