Reincarnated As a Fox With System
230 Chapter 230: Forgotten Effect!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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230 Chapter 230: Forgotten Effect!

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled and replied with a gentle smile on her face: "All right, I will teach you! ...And remember what you have said today! I will never accept any regretful words from you in the future..."

Bing Yi shuddered a bit after she heard Instructor Mei Lan's reply and started to doubt a little whether asking a demon-like Instructor such as Instructor Mei Lan to teach her was the right move or not.

But she gritted her teeth as her eyes flashed with firm resolve: 'I must become stronger! To protect Little Xue... to avenge my little sister, my father, and my mother's death... and to slay my older sister!'

"Thank you very much, Instructor Lan!" Bing Yi politely thanked and bowed her head to Instructor Mei Lan.

"But only you come to me huh... I thought you three will come to me after losing the battle against that Elite Team." Instructor Mei Lan said with a tone full of disappointment and puckered her lips.

"Err... Actually, we are not losing... We are winning because of Little Xue's preparation and strategy. Also, because our opponents underestimate us too much." Bing Yi murmured softly and explained to Instructor Mei Lan.

"Oh? So you all have won! Not bad!" Instructor Mei Lan raised her eyebrow in surprise and praised sincerely.

Instructor Mei Lan stared at the cute little Yaya who was currently sipping the hot spirit tea bit by bit and said: "Little one, tell your little master that she must join our special training tomorrow with her real self! As for the Sissy Wei's Inscription lesson, just tell her copy present in her place!"

Because Yaya's mind connected directly to Tang Li Xue's mind, Yaya could easily convey Instructor Mei Lan's message to Tang Li Xue.




The current Tang Li Xue was still in the classroom with Teacher Li Wei. Teacher Li Wei was currently even punished her to recite the Book about 10,000 Runes out loud.

Tang Li Xue shuddered violently when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's message from Yaya. She really wanted to cry so badly, but there were no tears come out.

'Oh, God... So I must attend these two Demon Instructors' classes at the same time starting tomorrow?! You must be kidding with me!' Tang Li Xue cried in her heart.

After reciting all of it and made Tang Li Xue's tongue almost detached from her mouth, Teacher Li Wei made her write everything she recited in the empty book.

It was really a hell punishment for Tang Li Xue, and Teacher Li Wei only let Tang Li Xue went home after she finished writing it without any single mistake.

Fortunately, Tang Li Xue has skills such as [Concentration], [Focus], [Strengthen Willpower], [Sharpen Mind], [Calculation], [Prediction], [Intelligence Enhancement], and [Auto-Correction].

Yes, the [Auto-Correction] also helped her greatly by fixing any minor mistake she made!

For the first time, Tang Li Xue experienced the greatness of this [Auto-Correction] divine ability! In short, this [Auto-Correction] divine ability would help her correcting any kind of minor mistake she made!

Without all of these OP skills and divine ability, she would probably need to pull all-nighters for 2-3 days to finish this Teacher Li Wei's assignment.

Tang Li Xue dragged her completely exhausted body back to meet with Yaya, and both of them were heading back to the Residential Building together.

Tang Li Xue brought Yaya to the luxurious restaurant on the first floor of the Residential Building, and both of them ate some delicious expensive delicacies to celebrate their winning against Mogui's team.

Surprisingly, these delicious expensive delicacies managed to make Yaya leveled up to level 2.

'It seems the more expensive the foods here are, the more energy and EXP it contains... I should eat more expensive foods if I have more credits later to gain more EXP. Sigh... but it surely expensive... just this one dinner makes me spend more than 7,000 credits.' Tang Li Xue pondered for a while.

After finished eating their dinner until they were full, Yaya immediately fell asleep so Tang Li Xue carried her in her palm and brought her back to the bedroom.

Tang Li Xue also wanted to sleep right away so badly after she put the sleeping Yaya on the top of the soft pillow.

"No, I can't sleep just yet! I must use the [Premium Cultivation Voucher] and pick an overpowered defense penetration martial art! Something even more powerful than even the [Heaven Splitting Wave] from Asura Demon Sect!" Tang Li Xue said with a firm tone while licked her pinkish lips.

But when Tang Li Xue took out the [Premium Cultivation Voucher] from her system inventory, she remembered something that she had long forgotten before.

"That's right! I almost forgot about the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl]'s third effect!" Tang Li Xue shouted softly in excitement so she would not accidentally wake Yaya up.


[Sun Dragon King's Pearl]

[Description: The Holy-Rank Divine Treasure belongs to the strongest of four Dragon Kings, the Sun Dragon King. This pearl is the culmination of its lifetime cultivation and effort but it shattered when the Sun Dragon King self-destructed itself inside the God's Battlefield.]

[Effect 1: Auto refining, purifying, and strengthening any kind of flame. Accelerate its growth and cultivation.]

[Effect 2: Storing the essence of Sun Dragon King's flame, Pure Yang Sun Flame.]

[Effect 3: Projecting all of the Sun Dragon King's memories and experience into the owner's mind.]

[Effect 4: ???]

[Effect 5: ???]

[Effect 6: ???]


'If I can find some powerful martial arts from the Sun Dragon King's memories, I do not need to use this precious [Premium Cultivation Voucher]!' Tang Li Xue thought while grinned widely.

Previously, Tang Li Xue did not dare to touch this [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] because she thought of it as a bomb that planted inside her Dantian and ready to explode anytime.

But now, the situation has changed after Tang Li Xue possessed her [Twin Moons] divine ability!

The [Damage Transfer]'s skill from [Twin Moons] divine ability will automatically be activated and will send all the damage to her perfect copy if this [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] in her Dantian suddenly exploded.

In short, her perfect copy from the [Twin Moons] divine ability will die in her place instead if something untoward happened. Surely, it would need 9 nights for her perfect copy to completely recovered, but it was far better than if the real Tang Li Xue really died.

Despite having her perfect copy as the safety net, Tang Li Xue was still quite reluctant to do so.

The reason was simple... It was because this [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] almost killed her twice!

The first time when the Blue Phoenix of Pride brought it entered her Dantian, and the second time when Tang Li Xue evolved into [Uncommon] grade.

'Should I really do this... or should I just use my [Premium Cultivation Voucher]? But I only need to project all of the Sun Dragon King's memories into my mind, so I don't think something dangerous will happen... It is not like I want to use the Pure Yang Sun Flame, right?' Tang Li Xue put her slender fingers on her chin and pondered her options carefully for a few minutes.

"Do it! I will do it! No, I need to do it! I have Holy-Rank Divine Treasure! Why I must let it rot in my inventory... err... I mean in my Dantian?! Isn't this the same as having a treasure in my grasp but too afraid to use it?!" Tang Li Xue said with a firm tone and grasped her fist tighter.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath and stored the [Premium Cultivation Voucher] back into her system inventory then summoned out her perfect copy.

The backlash from [Divine Possession] only lasted for several hours, so Tang Li Xue's perfect copy was already fully recovered right now.

Tang Li Xue slowly closed her eyes, and her consciousness entered into her Dantian.

The Blue Phoenix of Pride immediately woke up from its slumber and excitedly chirped to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue chuckled and patted the Blue Phoenix of Pride gently.

Although, the Blue Phoenix of Pride always seemed arrogant and unreasonable, but its behavior was actually like a little child the same as Yaya.

After appeasing the Blue Phoenix of Pride for a while and made it back to sleep, Tang Li Xue finally approached the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] at the center of her Dantian.

Compared to Tang Li Xue's tiny consciousness right now, the current [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] looked like a giant golden sun.

'Now what should I do? Just touch it?' Tang Li Xue thought as she tried to poke the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] with her index finger.

'Eh? It did not feel hot at all?!' Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise and reluctantly stretched her palm to touch it.

Strangely, the current [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] did not feel hot at all. On contrary, it felt warm and soothing.

'So comfortable… so cozy…' Tang Li Xue yawned as her eyelid turned heavier and heavier.

However, Tang Li Xue immediately shook her head and to clear her mind. She almost accidentally fell asleep here.

'Tsk… Now I know why this lazy bird really likes to sleep here!' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue.

Tang Li Xue began to try all the methods in her mind to activate the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl]'s third effect!

From kicking and punching it to chanting some magic words such as open sesame, hocus pocus, abracadabra, sim sala bim, shazam, and so on, even try to lick it with her tongue but all of those were failed.

Tang Li Xue felt a great headache after she pushed and racked her brain to maximum…

'Wait a minute… In any wuxia movie or novel, the user must use their blood essence to refine their magic treasure… There is no such thing as blood essence here, but maybe I can use my blood to activate it?' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter when she thought that.

Tang Li Xue's consciousness was currently in her own Dantian so she did not have any choice other than slice her own flesh a bit to take a drip of her blood.

Thanks to her [Regeneration] skill, the tiny wound completely healed in less than 5 seconds.

Tang Li Xue flicked a drop of her blood on the top of her index finger toward the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl].


The blinding golden light was shining from [Sun Dragon King's Pearl]!

'SUCCESS~!!!' Tang Li Xue smiled in excitement, but her vision immediately turned dark as if she lost her consciousness but…

'Eh? I am still conscious? Why is it so dark here? Where is the light switch?' Tang Li Xue thought while frowned deeper.

It was really a strange feeling… Especially since Tang Li Xue already has [Night Vision] skill. Technically, she should always be able to see everything so clearly in the dark.

'Whatever… Maybe I should upgrade my [Night Vision] skill? It already reached mastered level for a long time anyway.' Tang Li Xue thought as she tried to open her skill list window in her system to upgrade her [Night Vision].

But she actually failed to open it!

Tang Li Xue started to become more panicked and anxious after she failed to open her system window so many times!


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