Reincarnated As a Fox With System
229 Chapter 229: The True Gap in Reality!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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229 Chapter 229: The True Gap in Reality!

After arrived at the medical ward, Tang Li Xue opened Yaya's status window in her system and pressed the \u003c\u003cSummon\u003e\u003e button to take her out from the system storage room.

Currently, Yaya was suffering the backlash from [Divine Possession] like usual after she entered the [Divine Possession] mode with Tang Li Xue. Cold sweat kept pouring out profusely from her entire body, and she gritted her white pearly teeth to withstand the unbearable pain, which assaulting her entire body.

Then why Tang Li Xue was still fine?

Shouldn't she suffer the backlash from [Divine Possession] just like Yaya now?

Obviously, the reason was obviously because she secretly used the [Damage Transfer] and transferred all the damage she received in the battle along with the backlash from the [Divine Possession] to her [Twin Moons]'s perfect copy!

Tang Li Xue immediately paid 3,000 credits to the medical squad to heal Yaya, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao.

Bing Yi's wounds were the lightest among them, so it would only take a minute or two for the medical squad to fully heal her.

Yaya actually did not hurt at all, but the backlash from [Divine Possession] was a bit severe. It took more or less ten minutes for the medical squad to cure her symptom.

Hei Yinghao's injuries were the most severe among them. He basically took Mogui's extremely powerful [Extermination Blast] head-on with his body.

Hei Yinghao's body had turned black. His chest had sunk so deeply inside. His skin and flesh were rotting, and some of it started to fall apart.

Tang Li Xue could not bear to see his current condition and almost burst into tears when she saw him lied down on the medical ward's bed with almost undetectable breaths.

Even with the medical squad's incredible healing prowess, they still needed more than an hour to completely heal all of Hei Yinghao's fatal injuries and restore his pitiful state back to normal.

Tang Li Xue stared in amazement at the fully recovered Hei Yinghao and thought: 'The healing technique in this Immortal World is really awesome! If only I can bring my big brother into this Immortal World, then even his vegetative state can definitely be cured too...'

'Sigh... Let's forget it for now! How could it be so easy to cross the world?! I definitely need to reach Deity rank first before I can do something like that... and who knows how long it will take me to reach that rank!' Tang Li Xue shook her head and immediately shoved away that unrealistic thought from her mind.

After Tang Li Xue waiting for one hour or so, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and Yaya finally woke up.

Yaya pounced on Tang Li Xue as usual and hugged her cheek. Yaya also rained Tang Li Xue with many kisses.

Tang Li Xue smiled gently and kissed Yaya back once before she took out her bronze card and transferred the 17,000 credits each to Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao's bronze badge.

However, there was no joy or happiness in their expression even after they won today's battle and got 50,000 credits from Mogui's team.

Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao clearly understood that they could only win the battle because Mogui's team looked down on them from the start.

If they fought with Mogui's team once again, Tang Li Xue's team has more than seventy percent chance of losing.

Because Mogui's team will not look down on them anymore and become wary from the very start. They would certainly refuse to fight in 1 on 1 battle like before and decide to fight in 3 on 3 team battle.

Imagine if that fatty blue-haired guy trapped them with his barrier, the red-haired monster assaulted them with her monstrous strength, while Mogui protected his teammates with his divine abilities!

Forget about defeating them, it would be a miracle if Tang Li Xue's team could even hold on for more than ten minutes against them.

That was the reason why Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao was very depressed and frustrated right now. They could not even hold on for more than ten minutes against one of the weakest teams in Elite Class.

Tang Li Xue opened her mouth and wanted to comfort them, but she did not know what to say.

"I am leaving..." Hei Yinghao said with a firm tone and stood up from his bed.

He nodded to Tang Li Xue and went out of the medical ward alone.

But Tang Li Xue could see his pair of obsidian black eyes were burning with the desire to get stronger to the point of insanity. It made Tang Li Xue feel scared and worry that he will do something crazy.

"Wait..." Tang Li Xue called Hei Yinghao and tried to stop him. She wanted to comfort him for a bit and gave him some advice but before she could do so...

 "I am going too..." Bing Yi also stood up from her bed and went out of the medical ward too.

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips twitched violently and thought: 'What is wrong with these two? They are clearly acting strange! I hope they will not do something foolish like searching for the dark power or sign the contract with the devil...'

Tang Li Xue brought Yaya with her and followed Bing Yi from behind.

Bing Yi was actually heading out from the Education Building, but Tang Li Xue met with Teacher Li Wei at the Education Building's entrance.

"You surely have great guts to skip my class for two days in a row without informing me at all! You even dare to come late today!" Teacher Li Wei said angrily to Tang Li Xue while gritted his teeth in rage and pinched her cheek so hard until she cried loudly.

"Aih~~!!! Aih~~!!! Pwechel Lee, I am weeelly soowwwyyy~! Pweese spaale mee~! (Teacher Li, I am really sorry! Please spare me!)" Tang Li Xue tried to apologize while Teacher Li Wei still pinched tightly and pulled her cheek until it stretched.

Tang Li Xue regretted it very much. She should pay 1,000 credits more to the medical squad and completely healed her perfect copy too, so her perfect copy could take her place now.

Unfortunately, it was already too late. Tang Li Xue could only wave her hand to Yaya and told Yaya to take her place to follow Bing Yi through the connection in their mind.

'Even when facing the danger like this, Mommy Tang is still thinking about her friends first. As Yaya expected from Mommy Tang! Not only beautiful but also kind!' Yaya thought as she saluted Tang Li Xue and quickly flew away to follow Bing Yi.

Then Teacher Li Wei pulled Tang Li Xue's cheek and dragged her back into the classroom...




Bing Yi neither heading back to Residential Building to eat the lunch nor heading to the mission hall to take some missions and get more credits, but she was heading to the teacher and instructor courtyards behind the Education Building instead.

"Is this luxurious courtyard really Instructor Lan's house? I will try to knock on the door first..." Bing Yi murmured to herself before knocked on the door a few times.

Tok... Tok... Tok... Tok... Tok...

"The door is not locked. You can enter..." The gentle voice resounded from inside the luxurious house.

Bing Yi's eyes immediately turned brighter when she heard this familiar gentle voice.

"Excuse me, Instructor Lan!" Bing Yi said and pushed open the door then entered the living room.

Instructor Lan leisurely sat on the sofa while reading an ancient book in her hands, but she closed the ancient book and put it on the table when Bing Yi entered.

"You do not need to be so nervous! You can sit down now and slowly tell me the reason for you to come here." Instructor Lan said with a gentle tone and took out two empty tea-cups from the nearby cupboard.

Instructor Lan set the two empty tea-cups on the table and poured the tea from the teapot into it.

"Xue's Little Friend, you can also sit and drink this tea. This spirit tea leaves are harvested from the Summersouth Continent. It's refreshing and delicious. I am sure you will like it." Instructor Lan giggled and sat down back at the sofa.

The hovering Yaya got really embarrassed because she was discovered by Instructor Mei Lan right after she slipped into the living room.

"Yaya~~!!!" Yaya immediately babbled and lowered her head to apologize to Instructor Mei Lan with a blushing face.

Yaya slowly flew down and landed on the table, then bashfully drank the spirit tea in the cup.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled, she thought Yaya looked so cute and adorable right now like her little master before (loli Tang Li Xue).

Instructor Mei Lan patted Yaya's tiny head gently with her fingers.

"You… why are you here? Are you following me here?" Bing Yi widened her eyes in surprise and asked.

Instructor Mei Lan laughed and explained patiently to Bing Yi: "Little Xue should be really worried about you so she decided to follow you from behind before. But I guess she must be caught by that little Sissy Wei, and forced to attend his class. That is why she told this little friend to follow you in her place."

Bing Yi nodded her head in understanding. The warm and cozy feeling started to spread in her heart: 'Little Xue... Is really the best! I really like her a lot! Therefore… I must not make her disappointed… I should not become a burden to her… I will never want to become a burden for anyone ever again!'

Bing Yi's eyes shone brighter as her will to get stronger was burning even fiercer than ever.

"Instructor Lan… I want to become stronger! Far stronger than the current me! Please, train me hard from now on! I don't care if I must sweat blood or break some bones every day! PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO BECOME STRONGER~!!!" Bing Yi shouted with a firm tone and lowered her head until it almost touched the table.


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