Reincarnated As a Fox With System
227 Chapter 227: Merciless Tang Li Xue!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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227 Chapter 227: Merciless Tang Li Xue!

While Tang Li Xue still grumbled in her mind, Mogui already angrily dashed toward her.

Mogui threw many punches madly at Tang Li Xue, but all of it was futile since it could not touch even the hem of Tang Li Xue's clothes.

All of Mogui's attacks could not even touch Tang Li Xue previously when she only used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step], let alone now that Tang Li Xue already entered [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya and gained Yaya's [Extreme Speed] and [Wind God's Eyes].

'Fortunately, this Mogui do not have any powerful offense-type divine ability... Eeeh... Wait a minute..." Tang Li Xue murmured softly in slight relief.

But she immediately recalled the scene when Mogui shot the sneaky powerful long-range attack and almost defeated her team in the middle of the avalanche. Fortunately, her perfect copy had protected them all with the thick wall created from her [Energy Manipulation] before.

Tang Li Xue caught a glimpse of Mogui's crafty evil smile with her [Wind God's Eyes] and instantly realized that he will definitely do something bad soon.

"Silly Fox, watch ou..." Tang Li Xue shouted anxiously to warn Hei Yinghao, but Mogui interrupted her before she could finish her words.

"It's already too late!" Mogui whispered to Tang Li Xue with a tone full of mocking laughter.

[Extermination Blast]!

Mogui opened one of his fists, and the intense purple light already accumulated on his palm!

Weng~!!! Weng~!!! Weng~!!!

The intense purple energy already accumulated to the brim and ready to explode out any time!

Tang Li Xue could already feel the immense destructive demonic power gathered on the top of Mogui's palm even from a half meter away!


Mogui hurled the immense demonic energy on his palm to Tang Li Xue!

The ball compressed from the tremendous demonic force magnified many times after it left Mogui's palm!

'Dammit! I can dodge this extremely powerful attack, but it will certainly hit Silly Fox! Should I still dodge it or forcefully block it?' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and pondered carefully.

With her skills such as [Concentration], [Focus], [Strengthen Willpower], [Sharpen Mind], [Calculation], [Prediction], [Intelligence Enhancement], Tang Li Xue's mind spun far faster than normal. Even a few milliseconds felt like a half minute in her mind.

Unfortunately, she still ran out of time so quickly, and the ball compressed from the tremendous demonic force already arrived right in front of her!

'Ahhh! What if this extremely powerful attack accidentally crippled or even killed Silly Fox?! BLOCK IT! I MUST BLOCK IT!' Tang Li Xue decided in her mind and activated her [Energy Manipulation].

A thick solid wall made from half of her total energy instantly condensed in front of her!

Tang Li Xue also activated her [Wind Barrier] and [Golden Body] simultaneously.

Tang Li Xue thought since her perfect copy could block this extremely powerful attack once before, then she definitely could also do it too now!

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue failed to notice that Mogui's attack this time was several times more powerful than before!


The thick solid wall in front of Tang Li Xue evaporated into nothingness the moment the ball of tremendous demonic force touched it!

The ball of tremendous demonic force did not stop there but kept heading towards Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue could only grit her teeth and clench her fist while crossed her arms in front of her and put her defensive stance.

[Blood Ignition] - Twelve Times Amplification!

Who knows that Hei Yinghao activated his [Blood Burst] and the highest [Blood Ignition] amplification he could use right now!

His masculine figure turned blur, and he instantly appeared beside Tang Li Xue then pushed her away from the track of the tremendous demonic force ball!

"Xue... you should have put more trust in me..." Hei Yinghao whispered to Tang Li Xue with a tone full of frustration and disappointment.

Tang Li Xue watched Hei Yinghao smiled full of bitter irony to her before the tremendous demonic force struck his defenseless body!


The overwhelming explosion has occurred the moment when the ball compressed from the tremendous demonic force crashed onto Hei Yinghao!

The violent rolling shockwaves blew Tang Li Xue away farther and thrown her off several tens of meters away, but she quickly flapped her crystal-like fairy wings to stabilize herself.

She was stunned silly when she saw Hei Yinghao's broken body had tossed dozen of meters away like a broken rag doll in front of her eyes.

Tang Li Xue anxiously flew using all of her speed to catch Hei Yinghao's broken body, but Mogui swiftly got in her way, and prevent her from getting close to the Hei Yinghao.

"Kekekeke... Where do you want to go, lady? Our battle is not over yet! How could you leave me alone and go to the other man? You still have not satisfied me yet after all!" Mogui said as he laughed mockingly at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and stared at Mogui full of rage and hatred.

"So you are not satisfied yet and still want to play? Then I will play with you now! I hope you will not quit halfway!" Tang Li Xue replied with a chilling cold tone, which will make anyone who heard it felt as if they plunged into the middle of tundra.

Right now, Tang Li Xue was feeling very guilty to Hei Yinghao.

Many thoughts were swirling around Tang Li Xue's chaotic mind.

'If only I believe in him more and dodge that attack... Silly Fox will certainly be able to dodge it too...'

'If only I stopped hesitating earlier and go all out since the very start...'

'If only...'

But there was no 'if' in the real battle!

For the first time, Tang Li Xue learned the cruelty on the battlefield!

'Hesitating or having mercy to your enemies is the same as being cruel to yourself and your teammates!' Tang Li Xue finally learned the true meaning of this sentence in a hard way.

Fortunately, this was still in Sparring Match and not on the real life or death battlefield!

Soon, Tang Li Xue turned all of her guilty feelings into rage and hatred toward Mogui as she opened her skill list window from her system!

[Increase Accuracy (Lv4) and Increase Evasion (Lv4) can be combined into Divine Ability [Auto Correction] with cost 0 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]


[You have gained Divine Ability (Auto-Correction)]

After that, Tang Li Xue pulled something out from her system inventory...

Of course, she would not use her [Great Calamity Sticker] in the sparring match like this. She actually took out her golden [Inscription Pen] from her system inventory!

Tang Li Xue twirled the golden [Inscription Pen] in her grasp skillfully, but Mogui could only stare skeptically at Tang Li Xue since he could not see the golden [Inscription Pen] in Tang Li Xue's grasp.

Tang Li Xue's slender figure flashed as she flapped her four pairs of crystal-like fairy wings, and she instantly appeared in front of Mogui!

Mogui: '?!'

Mogui reflexively threw his kick toward Tang Li Xue, but she avoided it so easily.

Mogui felt a stinging pain in his chest, and he stared down at his bleeding chest.

He immediately realized that the wound on his chest was actually a rune that Tang Li Xue had engraved on his chest!

It seemed Tang Li Xue used the golden [Inscription Pen] in her grasp to carve an inscription rune on Mogui's chest!

"Lin, explode!" Tang Li Xue made a hand sign and shouted loudly at Mogui.


Mogui took several steps backward and coughed a mouthful of black blood.

He wiped the black blood from his mouth with his hand, but his expression showed that he was still too shocked and did not dare to believe that Tang Li Xue could harm him in this way!

If the rune inscribed on the blank talisman paper, amulet, or treasure, there was no need to make any hand sign or shouting 'Lin' to active it, but it was different if Tang Li Xue inscribed the rune onto her opponent's body! She needs to do it in order to trigger the rune engraved on her opponent's body!

When Mogui woke up from his daze, Tang Li Xue already silently appeared behind him!

He anxiously threw himself at Tang Li Xue! Tang Li Xue might be faster than him, but Mogui has full confidence to defeat Tang Li Xue if he could hold Tang Li Xue in his grasp!

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue only needed to activate her [Ethereal Form] to dodge Mogui's moves!

When Mogui's body passed through Tang Li Xue's transparent body, she made another hand sign and slowly muttered: "Lin, corrode and blaze!"


Mogui fell down, and his face planted onto the snowy ground when the 'corrosive' rune and 'blaze' rune engraved on his shoulder activated!

Both runes had activated at the same time and started to wretch havocking Mogui's body from the inside out!

It even began to corroding and burning Mogui's internal organs bit by bit!

Tang Li Xue did not plan to stop there. She turned off her [Ethereal Form], and her slender figure appeared once again.

Tang Li Xue's slender figure flashed again, and she appeared beside Mogui, who still struggling to stand up.

The golden [Inscription Pen] in her grasp was moving at such unbelievable speed!

With all of her skills such as [Concentration], [Focus], [Strengthen Willpower], [Decrease Reaction-Time], [Sharpen Mind], [Calculation], [Prediction], [Intelligence Enhancement] working at its maximum potential, Tang Li Xue's brain could process the information about the rune she wanted to inscribe by many times faster than before!

While her newest divine ability, the [Auto Correction] will correct every tiny mistake she made!

Her speed in inscribing the rune already increased by many times and reached the precedence level!

"Lin, Paralyze!"

"Lin, Frozen!"

"Lin, Tremor!"


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