Reincarnated As a Fox With System
226 Chapter 226: Fatal Weakness!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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226 Chapter 226: Fatal Weakness!

"Let's go, Xue! We can surely win against him if we face him together!" Hei Yinghao said to Tang Li Xue with a tone full of excitement.

However, Tang Li Xue shook her head and replied: "No, I will face him alone."

"X... Xue! Why?!" Hei Yinghao cried out to Tang Li Xue. His eyes became teary, and his face turned pale as if Tang Li Xue chose to abandon him.

Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes at him and whispered: "I got a clue about this Mogui's divine ability and weakness. I will fight him alone, but you must always be ready to attack with your most powerful black lightning any time according to my sign. Do you understand?"

Hei Yinghao's expression turned solemn after he heard Tang Li Xue's explanation. He nodded back to Tang Li Xue and replied: "I understand! Xue, do not worry! I will be ready at any time!"

After hearing Hei Yinghao's reply, Tang Li Xue's slender figure flashed as she dashed toward Hei Yinghao with unimaginable speed leaving several afterimages behind her!

It was obvious that she unconsciously used her [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] again to be able to move like that, as though the [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] itself already integrated deeply into every part of her body.

This was the difference between ordinary skills and Battle Style engraved deeply in the bloodline!

Mogui grinned widely at Tang Li Xue made his hideous face turned even more horrifying.

Tang Li Xue sneered mischievously at Mogui as if she was teasing him before she did something unexpected...

[Divine Possession!]

[Divine Possession duration: 00:30:00]

Yes, Tang Li Xue really did something unexpected this time!

She actually decided to enter the [Divine Possession] mode with Yaya in her system storage!

Before this sparring match against Mogui's team, Tang Li Xue already discussed some strategies with Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao. One of them was to let Tang Li Xue 'hide' Yaya so Tang Li Xue could enter [Divine Possession] mode anytime with Yaya.

Was this against the rules?

Of course not! Yaya was Tang Li Xue's companion and one of their precious teammate after all!

But Tang Li Xue's team would never let any person from Mogui's team to realize this at all, because who knows if they made this as an excuse to not admit their defeat or renege from paying for their losing bet.

Four pairs of crystal-like rainbow fairy wings sprouted out from Tang Li Xue's back, and the silver tiara decorated with many glittering green emeralds appeared on the top of Tang Li Xue's head.

Even the tip of Tang Li Xue's gorgeous silky smooth silver hair changed color into green.

It was clear from all of those and the longer duration of [Divine Possession] that the synchronization level between Tang Li Xue and Yaya got higher than before.

Tang Li Xue felt the euphoric feeling spreading through her entire body when the Yaya's wind elemental blended with all of her energies in her body.

However, Tang Li Xue immediately grimaced in aggravation when the scorching heat sensation was rising from her Dantian.

She knew this must be caused by the Phoenix of Pride inside her Dantian. It did not like it when Tang Li Xue only did [Divine Possession] with Yaya, so it also wanted to come out and assimilate with Tang Li Xue.

The Phoenix of Pride's feeling right now was the same as when the parent was only playing with only the younger child, but the older child also wanted to join and play with its parent too.

Tang Li Xue tried to persuade and pacify the Phoenix of Pride for a few seconds before it complied with Tang Li Xue's wish and went back to sleep.

Both Yaya and the Phoenix of Pride were pure and innocent. They were good kids. Although, they would do something naughty from the time to time, but Tang Li Xue did not mind it at all since it was their way to grow and become more mature later.

Tang Li Xue also honestly felt bad for treating the Phoenix of Pride like that, but she did not have any other choice since she did not want to expose the Phoenix of Pride yet... at least, not until she managed to reach Spirit Beast rank!

With Yaya's blessing as Wind Elemental Spirit, skills, and divine ability such as [Fast Flight], [Gale Step], [Extreme Speed], and [Wind God's Eyes] combined with Tang Li Xue's [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step], Tang Li Xue's current speed already reached inconceivable level!

Tang Li Xue's slender figure instantly vanished from Mogui's eyes!

The reason was not that she used her [Ethereal Form] to become invisible, but because she was moving too fast for Mogui to see with his naked eyes!

"Wha..." Mogui exclaimed in shock, but before he could finish his words... something hard already struck his face!


Tang Li Xue shot a [High-Pressure Air Bullet], and it managed to hit Mogui's face, but he merely took two steps back.

[Wind Sword]!

Thirty [Wind Swords] lined up neatly around with Tang Li Xue and Mogui at the center!

"Elemental Compression!" Tang Li Xue murmured while controlled her wind power in such a meticulous manner.

Each of two [Wind Swords] was merging into one. The thirty [Wind Sword] was decreasing into fifteen [Wind Swords] in an instant, but the aura it gave was twice more terrifying than before!

"Not yet! Again!" Tang Li Xue yelled and controlled her wind power even more meticulous than before.

This time, each of three [Wind Swords] was merging into one!

The fifteen extremely sharp [Wind Swords] was combined into five [Wind Swords], the sharpness aura it gave was enough to send a chill on everyone's spine!

"GO!" Tang Li Xue shouted and waved her hand.

Following Tang Li Xue's order, five compressed [Wind Swords] bared their sharp edge to Mogui and flashed toward him!


The two compressed [Wind Swords] actually failed to penetrate Mogui's chest and stomach, but the rest three managed to pierce his neck, left cheek, and back. Although, it could only penetrate a few centimeters deep.

Tang Li Xue mercilessly controlled the five compressed [Wind Swords] to continuously stab at Mogui's weak points while kept using her [Wind Blades] and [High-Pressure Air Bullet] to harass him from a few meters away.

"GUUUAAAARRRGGGHHHH~~!!!" Mogui roared out loud. The five compressed [Wind Swords] were bounced off the moment it touched his body and shattered back into the wind.

"Silly Fox!" Tang Li Xue shouted at Hei Yinghao while activating her [Mirror of the Moon] to copy Mogui's divine ability.

[Mirror of the Moon]!

Copy Start!

Name: Demonic Providence

Type: Divine Ability

Copy Completed!

Hei Yinghao already used his [Destruction Force] to gather the black destructive force on his palm a few minutes before and waited patiently for Tang Li Xue's next instruction.

When Hei Yinghao heard Tang Li Xue's call, he immediately used the accumulation of his black destructive force and shot out the concentrated [Lightning of Destruction] toward Mogui!


The compressed [Lightning of Destruction] struck Mogui's armored body made him flew several tens of meters backward!

The black lightning of destruction stopped for a moment before spreading around his entire body.

Mogui's pride black armor was filled with countless cracks as it received the devastating lethal strike from the black lightning for Mogui.

This compressed [Lightning of Destruction] was far more lethal than the previous one Hei Yinghao shot toward the blue-haired guy.

Tang Li Xue took a peek at the effect of Mogui's divine ability she copied just now.


[Demonic Providence]: Increased user's strength and agility according to the number of attacks received by the user. (Each stack add 5% strength and agility)

The user can also discharge 20 stacks to activate the [Reflection] effect (Reflect back any kind of attack).

(Stack: 0/65) (The maximum number of stacks determined by the user's defense)


'Ooohh… this [Demonic Providence] is pretty awesome! Combine this with that demonic armor-type divine ability of his, no wonder he is so powerful… This divine ability must be also the reason why he keeps provoking us to attack him first.' Tang Li Xue nodded her head in understanding and tried to activate her [Golden Body] divine ability.

The sheen of golden light covered Tang Li Xue's entire body, and the maximum number of the stacks increased from 65 to 105.

'No wonder Silly Fox and Bingbing almost defeated by this Mogui! With Bingbing's [Corrosive Frost], Mogui's [Demonic Providence] should be increased so rapidly to maximum! That also the reason why Mogui can fight with the speed and strength almost surpasses even the Silly Fox with his Eight Amplification before!' Tang Li Xue concluded in her mind.

Bing Yi's [Corrosive Frost] was damage over time (DoT) attack after all. While every time Mogui received the damage or attack, his stack will increase by 1, which means his strength and agility will increase by 5%!

"GUUUAAARRRGGHH~!!! I am going to... No, I will definitely kill you all!" Mogui roared loudly. His hoarse voice was clearly filled with exploding rage.

He slowly stood up again and his black armor, which was filled with countless cracks started to recover at amazing speed.

It only took less than one minute for Mogui to completely recover his [Demonic Form] to its usual state without any crack!

The expression of Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao turned very solemn.

They thought Hei Yinghao's powerful lethal attack should be enough to defeat this Mogui, but who knew that they still completely underestimated how strong Mogui defense was.

'What a troublesome enemy! With this [Demonic Providence], he will only become more powerful along with the increase of his stacks' accumulation if we gang up on him or keep attacking him repeatedly. We can only defeat him in a single fatal attack, but his [Reflection] effect could reflect back any kind of attack in exchange for 20 stacks!' Tang Li Xue sighed out in annoyance and frustration.


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