Reincarnated As a Fox With System
220 Chapter 220: Mass Destruction Weapon!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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220 Chapter 220: Mass Destruction Weapon!

Chapter 220: Mass Destruction Weapon!

'Lo... what?! Losing 50,000 credits bet for getting some valuable lessons?! Are you kidding me?! No way!' Tang Li Xue bit her pinkish lips, and her expression was filled with unwillingness.

'If we really have no way to win, I rather use my strongest move than losing 50,000 credits!' Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and took out something from her system inventory.

[Great Calamity Sticker]: Bad Luck is not contagious, but Great Calamity is very contagious. This mass destruction weapon could bring chaos and destruction to your world.

P.S to the user: Beware! Ran as far away as you can after you stick this sticker on your target! Safety is not guaranteed! Be surely prepared to die when you use this sticker!

'Holysh*t~!!!' Tang Li Xue's heart screamed loudly in danger and horror when she read the [Great Calamity Sticker]'s description.

Her hands trembled violently, and the sticker slipped out from her grasp, but she immediately caught it again.

Tang Li Xue almost wanted to throw this mass destruction weapon in her hand away out of reflex, but in the end, she decided to carefully put it into her system inventory again.

'What the hell with this sticker?! For God's sake, the effect is too terrifying! C... Can I just trade this mass destruction weapon... I mean this [Great Calamity Sticker] with the usual eco-friendly [Bad Luck Sticker]?' Tang Li Xue pouted and puffed her cheeks in dejected.

"Instructor Lan, can you tell us the reason? Can we win if we fix our weakness as soon as possible?" Bing Yi was also not convinced and asked Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan Chuckled when she heard Bing Yi's question and shook her head.

She slowly explained to Tang Li Xue's team more clearly: "When you are in Demonic Beast Rank, you only need to use more strength and more speed than your opponent to win. But when you reached Beast Lord Rank, you would also need two more specs to win against your opponent: Spirit and Control!"

"Spirit is used for sensing your opponents' movements and resist against their mental type attack such as illusion, hypnotism, etc. While control means your mastery over your own divine abilities, and this 'Elemental Compression' is one of the most important aspects of control." Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently as usual and locked her gaze at Tang Li Xue.

"The concrete example is when I cut your attack with my vibration blade in our last sparring match. What do you think the reason is?" Instructor Mei Lan giggled.

Tang Li Xue frowned as she tried to recall her last battle with Instructor Mei Lan in her mind.

She managed to remember the moment when Instructor Mei Lan used her thin vibration blade to cut her condensed [Sun Dragon Claw] in two.

Even in her class, Instructor Mei Lan was meticulous enough to not mention any clue about Tang Li Xue's deep blue flame or the dragon claw condensed from that, so Tang Li Xue's secret will not leak out.

"Um... Uh... maybe because my attack is not solid enough?" Tang Li Xue held her chin with her slender fingers and answered with an unsure tone.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled and said: "Your answer is only half correct. The reason is that I have higher mastery and control over my divine abilities, so the weapons I condensed from my divine ability are more powerful, more solid, more lethal, sharper, and more difficult to destroy than yours."

Tang Li Xue thought for a moment: 'But... come to think of it... my [Sun Dragon Claw], [Sun Dragon Fangs], and [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] are completely different from the usual Elemental Compression because the usual Elemental Compression can only condense inanimate objects such as sword, spear, arrow, and so on, while my three divine abilities are more like animate objects. It seems I still do not excavate their true potential yet!'

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes were glittering brighter in hope and anticipation when she realized that.

"Okay, kids! I don't know how much you can grasp, but I will teach you all about Elemental Compression today. I can only hope that this lesson will increase your winning chance by a bit." Instructor Mei Lan clapped her hands and declared with a gentle smile on her face.

"Wait a minute, Instructor Lan! Can I ask one last question before we begin the lesson?" Tang Li Xue raised her right hand and asked with a solemn expression.

"Yes?" Instructor Mei Lan raised her eyebrow and nodded.

"How high the ranking of Mogui... I mean our opponent's team in Elite Class?" Tang Li Xue asked while staring curiously at Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled and replied: "They dare to challenge and bully the team from the other class like you without feeling any shame as the student from Elite Class, do you really think they could place high in the ranking board?"

"So Mogui... our opponent's team is actually placed at the most bottom rank in the Elite Class Student's ranking board? We only have less than 50% chance of winning against one of the weakest teams in the Elite Class?" Tang Li Xue raised her voice in disbelief and asked Instructor Mei Lan again.

Instructor Mei Lan did not answer, she only laughed at Tang Li Xue, then started to teach all of them about some theories of Elemental Compression.

But even without Instructor Mei Lan's answer anything, her mocking laugh was already enough to tell Tang Li Xue that her words were all correct.




Instructor Mei Lan's class was finally over after a few hours of intense cram for the knowledge about the Elemental Compression to Tang Li Xue and the others.

Tang Li Xue and the others' knowledge about the Elemental Compression have deepened, but the theory was no more than empty words if they could not use or apply it in the real-life battle.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao bid their farewell to Li Jing and the others, then heading to the second floor.

At first, Li Jing and the others wanted to watch their sparring match, but it would make Tang Li Xue's team looks bad if they lose, so Li Jing and the others decided to go back to the Residential Building first.

"We have not seen you guys in these two days, so we thought you guys had already run away. But it seems we are wrong." The ponytailed blue hair guy from Mogui's team sneered at Tang Li Xue's team while mocking them with a tone full of sarcastic.

"At least, they still have some guts to get beaten by us since they dare to come here." The long braided red hair beauty replied as if she was really sure that their team would win today.

"So, are you planning to fight with us using your stinky mouth here? If you really planned to do that, then congratulation! You have already won! Your mouth is the stinkiest among us!" Tang Li Xue sneered back at them.

The blue-haired guy and the braided red hair beauty stared at Tang Li Xue angrily, looked as if they could not wait to slap Tang Li Xue's mouth.

"I already booked a sparring room. I know you all already impatient to fight, so let's not waste any more time here and get in now!" Mogui said coldly to urge them.

Both of their team already wanted to fight so badly, but it did not mean they could fight here. They would get fined and harsh punishment if they dared to do a brainless thing like that.

They could fight to their heart content in the sparring room anyway, so why they need to fight in the lobby like this.

The blue-haired guy and the braided red hair beauty harrumphed at Tang Li Xue then followed Mogui from behind.

Tang Li Xue, Hei Yinghao, and Bing Yi also followed them and entered the sparring room.

Mogui did not say anything to Tang Li Xue's team and only silently transferred his 50,000 credits to the referee then waited for Tang Li Xue's team to do the same.

Tang Li Xue also took out her bronze card and transferred 50,000 credits to the referee.

Mogui sneered disdainfully at Tang Li Xue after she already transferred her 50,000 credits to the referee and said with a generous tone as if he deliberately yielded some advantages to Tang Li Xue's Team: "You can choose the arena you prefer so you will not have any excuse if you lose against us later."

Tang Li Xue did not even bother to be polite. She shouted loudly after she took a peek at the room number on the wall: "Sparring Room Number 963, choosing arena: Snowy Mountain Peak!"

The surrounding scene started to distorted, and the surrounding temperature instantly dropped to the minus.

They immediately found themselves in the middle of the snowy mountain peak.

If the enemies chose, extremely hot temperature environment like at the volcano, Bing Yi's divine abilities would basically crippled.

But in this cold environment, Bing Yi's divine abilities would probably strengthen by two or three times!

Strangely, they still did not start to attack each other, but only started to appraise their enemies.

Tang Li Xue secretly took several talismans out from her space pouch. She used those talismans by throwing them to Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi, and herself!

All of those talismans instantly activated when it stuck onto their bodies as the dim layer of light covered their bodies.

Tang Li Xue, Hei Yinghao, and Bing Yi felt more strength surging up from within their bodies in an instant. 


[Talisman of Giant Strength +2]

[ Effect: Strength stats +20%, Lethality +15% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Strength stats +10%, Lethality +5%. Duration +5 minutes.]

[+2 Effect: Strength stats +20%, Lethality +10%. Duration +10 minutes.]


[Talisman of Lightning Speed +2]

[ Effect: Agility stats +20%, Movement Speed +30% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Agility stats +10%, Movement Speed +15%. Duration +5 minutes.]

[+2 Effect: Agility stats +20%, Movement Speed +25%. Duration +10 minutes.]


[Talisman of Iron Skin +2]

[ Effect: Toughness stats +20%, Damage Reduction +15% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Toughness stats +10%. Damage Reduction +5%. Duration +5 minutes.]

[+2 Effect: Toughness stats +20%. Damage Reduction +10%. Duration +10 minutes.]


Tang Li Xue even specially made one more type of talisman for Bing Yi to strengthen her frost type divine abilities even further!


[Talisman of Frost +2]

[ Effect: Ice Elemental Attack power +25%, Frost Ailment Effect +15%, Ice Elemental Area of Effect +10% for 10 minutes.]

[+1 Effect: Ice Elemental Attack power +15%, Frost Ailment Effect +10%, Ice Elemental Area of Effect +5%. Duration +5 minutes.]

[+2 Effect: Ice Elemental Attack power +25%, Frost Ailment Effect +15%, Ice Elemental Area of Effect +10%. Duration +10 minutes.]


Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi realized what Tang Li Xue had done, but they did not mind it at all, since they need it to increase their chance of winning even if it only by a little bit.

After activating all the talisman buffs, Tang Li Xue walked toward Mogui, but Hei Yinghao stretched his hand to stop her.

"Xue, he is mine. I already lose once to him. But this time... I must win to reclaim my honor!" Hei Yinghao said to Tang Li Xue with a solemn expression.

This was the first time, Tang Li Xue saw Hei Yinghao's solemn expression with some trace of anger and impatience.

Tang Li Xue giggled softly. She nodded to Hei Yinghao and thought: 'He is surely much cooler and more handsome like this. At least, he does not look so silly anymore.'

 Bing Yi already approached the cold chubby guy with ponytailed blue hair, so the only remaining enemy for Tang Li Xue to face was the seductive beauty with long braided red hair.

Each of them already chose their respective foe, and they aggressively pounced toward each other without any hesitation!


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