Reincarnated As a Fox With System
219 Chapter 219: Less Than 50 Percent Chance!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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219 Chapter 219: Less Than 50 Percent Chance!

"Um... Instructor Lan, can you explain it more clearly to us?" Hei Yinghao asked Instructor Mei Lan in puzzlement. 

Tang Li Xue and Bing Yi also nodded toward Instructor Mei Lan as if they were waiting for Instructor Mei Lan's explanation.

Instructor Mei Lan chuckled when she saw the eager expression of Hei Yinghao, Tang Li Xue, and Bing Yi.

Instructor Mei Lan coughed to clear her throat and began to explain: "As you already know before, with the letter of recommendation from me, the three of you can be promoted into Elite Class Students."

"Unlike the Inspector Class or the Executor Class, the competition in Elite Class is much fiercer. The resources they get are determined by their placement on the ranking board. In short, the higher your ranking, the more resources you will get." Instructor Mei Lan even patiently explained the system in the Elite Class so they could think more clearly.

Even Li Jing, Huang Hao, and Gan Aomiao listened to Instructor Mei Lan's explanation carefully too since they would also need to choose their future path sooner or later, just like Tang Li Xue's team now after they evolve into Beast Lord in the future.

"What kind of resources we can get after joining the Elite Class?" Bing Yi squinted her eyes and asked Instructor Mei Lan.

Bing Yi's purpose was to kill her elder sister and complete her revenge, so she must become stronger as soon as possible... at least, stronger than her elder sister.

"As I said before, the resources vary according to the ranking. The ranking split into the top 10, top 30, top 50, top 100, top 200, top 300, and so on. But even if you all get the lowest ranking, you can still get 1,000 credits every week and 5,000 credits every month." Instructor Mei Lan smiled at Bing Yi and replied.

Tang Li Xue widened her eyes and exclaimed in her mind: 'Damn! So even the weakest Elite Class Students will get 9,000 credits every month without doing anything?!'

Even Tang Li Xue felt really tempted to join Elite Class right now, but she immediately frowned deeper.

If Instructor Mei Lan really planned to push them to join the Elite Class, then she should be looked sad or hesitant right now. But she looked the same as usual with a gentle smile on her face instead, as if she was confident that Tang Li Xue's team will definitely choose to stay with her.

In fact, Tang Li Xue did not want to join the Elite Class at all.

It was true that Tang Li Xue need more resources like high-level [Rare] grade beast cores, credits, etc, but she could still get it all by becoming a Master Inscriptionist later.

Tang Li Xue already had some treasures that could attract all the people's greed, and she probably would get more divine treasures in the future.

If she was careless and accidentally leaked the information about it, she would probably be hunted by so many beasts and people at once relentlessly even if she ran to the end of the world.

In this vast Immortal World, genius creatures and prodigy were littering everywhere. She already met with the super cunning Fatty Uncle of Asura Demon Sect and the meticulous smart Instructor Mei Lan in this Myriad Foxes Academy.

Imagine it... Tang Li Xue only reincarnated into this Immortal World for less than a half year, but she already met with two smart people that could find her secret with only their hypothesis.

Tang Li Xue also only came to the two places, and she already met with two geniuses like them!

Who knows if the other places have geniuses with the sharp and shrewd mind like them too!

That was the reason why Tang Li Xue preferred to stay low-key as long as possible. At least until she reached Spirit Beast rank, so she will not attract any unwanted attention of greedy old foxes or people prematurely.

Tang Li Xue took a peek at Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi from the corner of her eyes to judge what they will choose.

Hei Yinghao looked so relaxed and did not care at all. It was clear he would definitely always follow Tang Li Xue, no matter what Tang Li Xue will choose, even if Tang Li Xue chose to leave Myriad Foxes Academy, he would still choose to follow her too.

Bing Yi still looked very hesitant. She wanted to join Elite Class and get more resources for her to grow stronger faster... but she also wanted to keep staying with Tang Li Xue so badly.

Tang Li Xue swallowed her saliva to calm down herself and asked Instructor Mei Lan: "What we will get if we choose to keep staying in Inspector Class as your students?"

"Nothing..." Instructor Mei Lan's was smiling wider and said leisurely.

Tang Li Xue almost slipped down from her chair and fell down to the ground, when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's reply.

"No... what? Nothing? We will get nothing from staying as your students?" Tang Li Xue's voice pitched up a notch when she screamed in bewilderment.

Instructor Mei Lan laughed at Tang Li Xue exaggerating expression of shock and lazily replied: "Yes, you will get nothing at all."

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao felt extremely disappointed.

It was true they were hesitating right now because they still wanted to stay as Instructor Mei Lan's students, but at least, this stinky Instructor Mei Lan should offer them some benefits first to them right.

Even the scammers should offer some benefit first to their victims before they could extort their victims!

"But... I can allow you to follow me when I carry out my mission in the human world." Instructor Mei Lan continued her explanation.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, and Hei Yinghao felt incredibly baffled by Instructor Mei Lan's words.

What was the point in following her to carry out the missions in the human world?

'Wait... Wait a minute...' Tang Li Xue frowned and immediately thinking deeply.

'What is the job of Inspector again? Isn't it to find the missing fox's relatives, find precious herbs, heavenly fruits, some precious items, and so on? Since we would be the first people who find all of that, then doesn't it mean we can...' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter in realization, and she licked her pinkish lips.

Instructor Mei Lan laughed when she saw Tang Li Xue's radiant expression, and she said: "It seems only Little Xue who can think of the true benefit from the second option."

Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others stared at Tang Li Xue with eyes full of confusion.

"The mission I receive will usually something like 'Find 10 stalks of Soul Strengthening Grass'. Do you really think there will be only 10 stalks of Soul Strengthening Grass in the place where I found it?" Instructor Mei Lan sneered at their naiveté and explained in a mocking tone.

Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Li Jing, and the others turned brighter after they heard Instructor Mei Lan's words!

"I choose to stay in Inspector Class! I am Instructor Lan's student! So how could I become the other Instructor's student in the Elite Class?!" Tang Li Xue announced with a righteous tone. Her body was glowing with the heroic aura as if she sacrificed the incredible chance only to remain as Instructor Mei Lan's student.

"I choose to follow Xue and stay in Inspector Class! I, Hei Yinghao will always follow Xue! Even if she is going to the deepest part of the abyss or the highest land of heaven!" Hei Yinghao announced with a righteous tone too. His body was also glowing with heroic aura.

Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes while thought: 'Why are you saying it so righteously?! If you are righteous, then doesn't it mean that all the stalkers in the world are the righteous knights too!'

Unlike Tang Li Xue and Hei Ying Hao, Bing Yi was still hesitating to choose between two options.

"There is no need to get anxious. You can think this carefully in these two weeks." Instructor Mei Lan said as she patted Bing Yi's shoulder.

Instructor Mei Lan turned her attention back to Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao. She instructed them with a serious expression: "Before I can bring you two out from this Myriad Foxes Academy to carry out the mission with me, you two need to upgrade your bronze badge to silver badge first. The exam to upgrade it will be held in two weeks from now."

"The exam... will not be easy. So you must be really prepared for that. Little Xue, since you are that Sissy Boy's student, then it means you are an Insciptionist. Make as many buff and life-saving talisman as you can and share some of it to Little Silly Fox." Instructor Mei Lan stared at Tang Li Xue and instructed her.

Tang Li Xue nodded to Instructor Mei Lan. She felt really curious about how hard this exam will be that, even until the sadist Instructor Mei Lan said 'not easy'.

After instructing them, Instructor Mei Lan started her lesson for today.

It seemed Instructor Mei Lan already secretly knew about their incoming match with Mogui's team, so she taught them about Elemental Compression today.

Instructor Mei Lan even stated clearly: "I already know about your match against Elite Class Team later, but without any mastery about this Elemental Compression, your winning chance against is actually less than 50 percent."

"Even after Bingbing and Silly Fox evolved into Beast Lord plus me and my clone?" Tang Li Xue frowned and asked in an unconvincing manner.

With Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, Tang Li Xue, and her perfect copy, their match would basically four against three!

So how could they still only have less than 50 percent chance of winning?!

"Yes, even after Bing Yi and Silly Fox evolved into Beast Lord plus you and your clone..." Instructor Mei Lan chuckled and confirmed her statement again.

"Why?" Tang Li Xue asked again. She still remained unconvincing by Instructor Mei Lan's statement.

It was not that Tang Li Xue started to get arrogant or something, but with her current overall stats, which she got from her cultivation and level, she should be able to fight against any [Rare] grade beast.

"I do not know what is your species, you are already quite strong in the common Demonic Beast rank, but I do know that your current strength already on the same level as any Beast Lord. Unfortunately, the three of you only evolved just recently. Oh, well... even if you all lose this time, you will still get some valuable lessons from this match." Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently at Tang Li Xue and replied.


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