Reincarnated As a Fox With System
217 Chapter 217: Evolved Bing Yi Versus Evolved Hei Yinghao!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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217 Chapter 217: Evolved Bing Yi Versus Evolved Hei Yinghao!

When Bing Yi emerged out from the shattered ice cocoon, she was already in her new fox form.

Three white-colored tails with the dagger-like tip were fluttering behind her, and her white sturdy body has already grown to be almost twice bigger than Tibetan Mastiff.

The surrounding frigid blizzard started to swirl around Bing Yi and got absorbed into her back.

In a few minutes, the blizzard has completely died down, but on Bing Yi's back, there was a pair of ice wings condensed from the frosty blizzard wind.

Each of her white furs kept emitting the chilling icy aura.

Bing Yi slowly opened her white eyes. The deep hatred and fury slowly faded away as she recalled that she was still in Hei Yinghao's backyard undergoing her evolution process under Tang Li Xue's help. 

Bing Yi took a deep breath to calm her raging mood, and she stared at one of her own furry paws while muttered and gritted her teeth impatiently: "Bing Shui, I have already evolved into Beast Lord too now! I already catch up to you! Soon... Soon, I will definitely kill you with my own hands!"

After Bing Yi calmed down a lot, she entered Hei Yinghao's house to meet with Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao.




When Bing Yi walked into the living room, Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes immediately brightened as she slowly admired Bing Yi's new fox form.

Tang Li Xue raised her thumb and praised Bing Yi with a tone full of admiration: "Bingbing, you look so cool and awesome! I am sure the two of us can win tomorrow match easily!"

Bing Yi blushed slightly when Tang Li Xue gently stroked her cold furs.

Tang Li Xue gave Bing Yi's bronze badge back to her, so she did not become completely naked after she turned back into her human form.

When Bing Yi transformed back into her human form, she realized that Hei Yinghao sat at the corner of the living room while kept staring at Tang Li Xue with a wronged expression.

There were deep red palm marks on both Hei Yinghao's right and left cheeks.

Tang Li Xue was completely dumbfounded when Hei Yinghao entered the living room before, and he even dared to show off his fully naked body so proudly to Tang Li Xue.

Of course, Hei Yinghao was awarded two slaps to both of his cheeks by Tang Li Xue after that.

Although, Tang Li Xue was gladly admired Hei Yinghao's manly muscular body inside her heart, but she still needs to punish Hei Yinghao for that, or she would not know what to do if Hei Yinghao started to show off his naked body every day to her.

"Just ignore that pervert exhibitionism. Bingbing, please tell me what your new divine ability is!" Tang Li Xue asked Bing Yi in a tone brimming with excitement and curiosity.

'What? Pervert exhib... what is that?' Bing Yi thought with a dumbfounded expression.

But Bing Yi quickly threw it to the back of her mind and explained her new divine ability to Tang Li Xue.

Bing Yi did not get 2 divine abilities like Hei Yinghao. She only got one new divine ability, but it was extremely powerful and lethal!

Her new divine ability was an ice elemental type divine ability called [Corrosive Frost].

Bing Yi's first divine ability was [Freezing Field], it made her capable of freezing anything and controlling all the ice within some range.

Her freezing ability could only stop her enemies from moving for a few moments or slowing them down.

But when she was using her [Freezing Field] along with this [Corrosive Frost], the freezing effect will become so harmful, and everything she froze will be invaded and corroded by the icy power before they completely transformed into ice statues!

'What a vicious divine ability?! So isn't that mean all creatures will die if they turned into ice statues?' Tang Li Xue exclaimed in shock and horror.

Frozen into an ice statue and transformed into an ice statue were two different things. The former means the target was only trapped inside the ice, while the latter means the target was already turned into the ice itself.

Hei Yinghao puffed his cheek and felt even more wronged and jealous when he saw Tang Li Xue was smiling gently and kept staring at Bing Yi with eyes full of amazement.

Hei Yinghao stood up and said to Bing Yi with a hint of hostility and provocation: "Humph! You only get one divine ability and already so proud of it! Just so you know, it is only mediocre at best! I got two new divine abilities!"

"Oh? You get two new divine abilities at once?! What kind of divine abilities you get?" Bing Yi asked curiously.

Tang Li Xue was also staring at Hei Yinghao with eyes brimming with curiosity.

Hei Yinghao raised his chin and put his smug face. He coughed up a few times to clear his throat and ready to explain the power of his new divine abilities, but he immediately changed his mind.

"Want to know the power of my new divine abilities? Dream on! Ice Girl, if you want to know, let's have a sparring match in the front courtyard, and I will show it to you! Do you dare to accept it?" Hei Yinghao challenged Bing Yi blatantly.

If Tang Li Xue who asked him, he would gladly explain every detail of his two new divine abilities to her!

But since the one who asked him was this Ice Girl, Hei Yinghao used this chance to challenge this Ice Girl and show Tang Li Xue, who was more awesome and cooler between them!

Bing Yi chuckled and proudly replied: "All right! Let's go to the front courtyard now and see whose new divine ability is more powerful!"

Bing Yi perfectly understood Hei Yinghao's intention, but she will never back down in front of Tang Li Xue, so she boldly accepted Hei Yinghao's challenge.

Besides, both of them were so eager to try their new divine abilities and strength in combat, so this sparring match was perfect for them to familiarize all of it in real combat!

Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes and thought: 'These two already wanted to fight after finished their evolution? Hei... Hei... Hei... At least let me go back to my room first! I want to sleep so badly right now!'

But she still had no other choice other than following them to the front courtyard and watch the sparring battle between Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao.

After all of them arrived at the front courtyard, Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao pointed Tang Li Xue as the judge for their match before they stood facing each other.

"Ready!" Tang Li Xue shouted with her sweet melodious voice.


As usual Bing Yi immediately activated her [Freezing Field].

Different from before she was in her [Uncommon] grade, her [Freezing Field]'s coverage was so wide right now and could cover the entire front courtyard, house, and even the back courtyard!

Her [Freezing Field] effect was also completely different from before! The moment Bing Yi activated it, the entire area was struck by the heavy blizzard just like in her evolution process before!

Bing Yi also tried to control her [Freezing Field] to make sure she will not hurt Tang Li Xue before activating her [Corrosive Frost] too simultaneously!

Under her [Corrosive Frost] effect, everything she froze transformed into ice even Hei Yinghao!

"Err... Bingbing, aren't you too mean with him? What if he accidentally died here?" Tang Li Xue stared at the frozen Hei Yinghao with eyes full of worry and pity.

Bing Yi frowned deeper. She thought Hei Yinghao would become super strong after he evolved into Beast Lord, that was the reason why she went all out from the very beginning.

"Should I cancel my divine abilities now?" Bing Yi murmured doubtfully.

But before Bing Yi could cancel her divine abilities, the familiar mocking voice resounded from inside the ice statue in front of her.

"Is this it? So your new strength is only at this level?"

Bzzzt... Bzzzt... BBBAAAAAANGGG~!!!

The ice statue was shattered into dust, and Hei Yinghao stepped out uninjured.

The black lightning was emitting out from Hei Yinghao's body as if he was wearing the armor of black lightning.

"All right, I already saw your new divine ability. So now, it's my turn!" Hei Yinghao talked with a tone full of arrogance while smiling smugly as if he wanted to show his cool side to Tang Li Xue so badly.

Hei Yinghao's eyes turned red when he activated his [Blood Burst].

"Hmm... For the warming up, let's try double amplification first." Hei Yinghao mumbled and chuckled while activating his [Blood Ignition].

 [Blood Ignition] - Double Amplification!

The aura and pressure from Hei Yinghao instantly doubled as he warned Bing Yi: "I will attack you now so... be careful!"

Without Hei Yinghao's warning, Bing Yi already put her guard to maximum, but she still could not see Hei Yinghao's movement at all!

It was as if Hei Yinghao teleported in front of her eyes in an instant!


Bing Yi crossed her hands to defend against Hei Yinghao's punch, but she still threw off tens of meters behind, and one of her arms was fractured.

Bing Yi did not dare to look down on Hei Yinghao, so she immediately used her strength to instantly build the thick ice wall in front of her!

"[Blood Ignition]... Quadruple Amplification!" Hei Yinghao shouted as the aura and pressure emitting out from his body doubled once more!


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