Reincarnated As a Fox With System
216 Chapter 216: The Shattered Dream!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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216 Chapter 216: The Shattered Dream!

No one knows, but Hei Yinghao was actually a crossbreeding descendant from two different Beast Races.

His father was from [Cat Sith] species. The [Cat Sith] was also known as the royal bloodline species amongst the Cats, all the Kings of Cats were from the [Cat Sith] species.

But his father abandoned his royal title when he fell madly in love with the female from the fox race, and in the end, gave birth to him.

Hei Yinghao always mocked and bullied by any cat race he met, because of it.

He ran away from home because he hated his father's choice of abandoning his royal title for a woman, but now after he fell madly in love with Tang Li Xue, he finally understood his father's feelings at that time.

How could one Beast Race give birth to crossbreed descendants after mating with the other Beast Race?

The answer was simple. Any beast after they reached Spirit Beast rank, they could conceive after mating with the other Race, even with Human Race.

Unfortunately, the price for that was too steep. Those beasts who dare to marry with the other Beast Race will get exiled from both of their races or clans.

Just like Hei Yinghao's father and mother, both of them got exiled out from both of their clans because of that.

(If the consequence of marriage between two different Beast Races was already this terrible, we could easily imagine the consequence of marriage between Human and Beast! Now we also knew the reason why the Fake Dragon decided to secretly seal Tang Li Xue's memory about Xiao Hei before!)

But at least, their descendants could still be accepted by both clans since the Beast Races' policy stated that the crossbreed between two races was strictly forbidden, but it was the parents who violated it, not their children. Their children were innocent.

This was the reason why Hei Yinghao could easily enter the Myriad Foxes Academy without anyone objected it.

Of course, the main reason was that the population of female foxes completely outnumbered the population of male foxes by several times so, amongst all the beast races, the fox race was actually the race who did the most crossbreed mating. 

The fox race also has a really lax policy about crossbreed mating between two different Beast Races.

This was also the reason why Hei Yinghao chose to enter Fox Home rather than Cat Clan.

There were several very good reasons why all the Beast Races heavily forbid the crossbreed between two different races.

However, the most important reason was 95% of all the crossbreed descendants between two different races will only resulting in trashy beasts without any divine ability because their two bloodlines from two different races will be rejecting and suppressing each other just like fire and water.

Fortunately, Hei Yinghao belongs to the rest of 5% where the two bloodlines from two different races blended perfectly just like fire and oil. He even got 2 different sets of divine abilities from 2 different races each time he evolved!

Hei Yinghao already has [Blood Burst] and [Destruction Force] when he was in [Uncommon] grade.

But now, he got 2 new divine abilities from those 2 different sets: [Blood Ignition] and [Lightning of Destruction].

[Blood Ignition] would burn the blood in his body and his vitality energy to massively increase his overall stats for a certain period of time. He could even use it with [Blood Burst] and increasing his overall stats even further!

[Lightning of Destruction] was almost the upgraded version of [Destruction Force].

[Destruction Force] was slow because he needed to charge the destructive energy before shooting it to his enemy, but [Lightning of Destruction] was different, he could shot it at any time he wants.

He could even set the trajectory before shooting it out and make the trajectory course curved, dived, or straight made it became far more unpredictable.

Hei Yinghao could even use this [Lightning of Destruction] along with [Destruction Force]. When he used both of them at once, he will charge the destructive energy for a while before shooting out several times more powerful [Lightning of Destruction] toward his enemy!

The pros were both of these divine abilities were very powerful, the cons were both of these divine abilities will consume much vitality energy.

Thankfully, Hei Yinghao has 2 beast cores in his body now! 

So he has twice more vitality energy reserve than the other beasts, and his vitality energy could recovering twice faster than the other beasts too.

Hei Yinghao activated his incomplete [Transfiguration: Human Form] and changed back to his human form.

He realized that he became more muscular and manly than before. He also became a lot more handsome.

Hei Yinghao chuckled happily and ran into his house impatiently to show his new handsome self to Tang Li Xue.

But he forgot that his bronze badge was in Tang Li Xue's hand, so the automatic clothes did not cover his naked body like usual this time.

In short, he was still in his birthday suit right now.




Bing Yi fell into a deep sleep inside the cocoon of ice.

She dreamed about her gentle father... her naggy mother... her cool and strong big sister... and her cute little sister...

They were all living in seclusion at the deep mountain, but they live their life happily every day there.

Until one day when the heavy blizzard struck their mountain...

Bing Yi's parents always told all of their children to hunt for their own food, and Bing Yi was currently hunting her prey in the middle of the mountain like usual when the heavy blizzard suddenly assaulted out of nowhere.

As [White Glacial Fox], Bing Yi did not affect by cold weather at all, and she still could move easily in the middle of thick snow.

But she became so irritated. All of her prey would definitely hideaway in their nest because of this heavy blizzard.

"Sigh... it seems I am fated to starving for a few days because of this blizzard." Bing Yi grumbled and sighed in frustration.

She could tunnel into the snow to create shelter from this heavy blizzard, but somehow her heart got so restless today, so she decided to go straight home.

Bing Yi's family home was a deep cave in the middle of the mountain.

Usually, Bing Yi could already hear the sound of her little sister, naggy mother, and gentle father from outside.

Strangely, she could not hear anything from outside today!

Bing Yi felt even more anxious as she moved her limbs faster and faster.

Bing Yi dashed hastily and entered the cave, but her sharp nose could already smell the pungent stench of blood from the entrance!

Bing Yi's mind went blank when she saw her little sister, father, and mother were lying down lifelessly in the puddle of blood! 

She still could not accept the reality in front of her eyes. 

She felt as if she was still in a nightmare.

Bing Yi bit her tongue, trying to wake up from this terrible nightmare, but the pain coming from her tongue confirmed that everything was not a dream.

At the center of the cave, her cold big sister was still undergoing her evolution process to become a Beast Lord.

The blizzard outside was actually the phenomenon created by her big sister's evolution!

Bing Yi even saw her cold big sister consuming a beast core to assist her evolution process and make it faster.

Somehow Bing Yi knew that the aura of the beast core which her big sister already consumed was actually from her mother!


Her sadness was completely replaced by fury and hatred as she pounced toward her elder sister!

Unfortunately, Bing Yi was not a match for her elder sister after the evolution process almost finished.

Her elder sister slapped Bing Yi to the ground. Her elder sister's leisure attack made many of Bing Yi's bones shattered, and almost all of her internal organs were fatally injured.

Bing Yi coughed out several mouthfuls of blood, but she still kept staring at her elder sister full of deep anger and hatred.

Her elder sister grasped Bing Yi's fragile neck with her claws. She could easily cut Bing Yi's head now, but she did not do it. She pulled Bing Yi closer to her instead.

"How weak! My little sister, you are so weak and useless. I will only stain my claw if I kill the unworthy you now!" Bing Yi's elder sister said with a tone full of mocking and disgust.

Her elder sister threw her away to the side of the cave as if she was throwing away trash.

"I will go to the Foxes Home now. If you want your revenge, then you can follow me there. Remember to become stronger, and become someone I deserve to kill before challenging me!" Bing Yi's elder sister said her last words before leaving Bing Yi alone in that cave.

Bing Yi's consciousness had faded as she passed out from the fatal wounds she sustained...

When Bing Yi opened her eyes back, she was already in the Foxes Home. 

It was actually a simple village where many foxes live side by side in harmony.

Bing Yi even met with the little white fox, which resembled her little sister here, but her mind was fully occupied by her revenge, so she completely ignored the little white fox.

Bing Yi's personality completely changed because of her family's death, she became cold, introverted, and unsociable, so no one wanted to get close to her. They avoided her like a plague.

Only the little white fox dared to get close to her. Over a long period of time, the little white fox finally managed to melt Bing Yi's frozen heart and became her only close friend.

However, her elder sister once again appeared in front of her and slain the little white fox in front of her eyes!

Bing Yi's eyes turned crimson red as her fury and hatred became even deeper and deeper!

"BIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG SSHHUUUIIIIIII~~!!! I WILL KILL YOU!" Bing Yi shouted out as loud as she could as the dream and illusion in front of her eyes broke to pieces!

Even the thick ice cocoon which encased her inside it started to crack. 

The cracks spread wider and wider before finally...


It shattered into countless crystal ice dust!


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