Reincarnated As a Fox With System
213 Chapter 213: Hei Yinghao“s Crisis!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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213 Chapter 213: Hei Yinghao“s Crisis!

"If you can really trust me, then give your badge to me. I will hold it for you now, and I will give it back to you after you successfully evolve." Tang Li Xue stared at them while kept smiling.

"Only that? There is no other requirement?" Bing Yi asked with a puzzled tone while taking out her bronze badge from her space pouch.

But when Bing Yi almost gave it to Tang Li Xue, Hei Yinghao quickly intercepted Tang Li Xue. He did not let Tang Li Xue took Bing Yi's badge.

"Silly fox? What are you..." Tang Li Xue asked in a slightly angry tone, but before she finished her words, Hei Yinghao interrupted her words halfway.

"Xue, please tell me honestly. What you will do next would not bring you some inconvenience or danger, right? I never heard that someone can help the other evolve before, and I would rather not evolve further for the rest of my life if that needs you to sacrifice something important to you like your lifespan or strength." Hei Yinghao said to Tang Li Xue with a solemn tone full of determination.

Tang Li Xue stunned for a few moments, and her heart was flooding with warmness. Her heart was extremely touched by Hei Yinghao's concern for her.

It was clear that Hei Yinghao was very worried if Tang Li Xue will sacrifice something important for her to help them evolve further.

Tang Li Xue felt that Hei Yinghao was very identical to her big brother in this aspect. Both of them were funny and silly, but they cherish her a lot.

Tang Li Xue chuckled gently at Hei Yinghao's worried expression and thought: 'This Silly Fox is quite cute like this. Maybe adding him as one of my future male concubines is not a bad choice.'

It was unknown if Hei Yinghao would be angry, sad, or happy if he found out what Tang Li Xue was thinking right now.

"You do not need to worry about me. I will be fine. I have some pills which could help any beast to evolve once. I already use it once, so I cannot use it anymore. But I still need to check if you two fulfill all the requirements for the evolution first before make you consume it. That's why I need you two to let me hold your badge first so I can check your condition." Tang Li Xue giggled while leisurely explained to them to ease their worry.

Of course, Tang Li Xue lied to them. Any [Level Up Pill] was really precious for her too, but if she told them that the pills could also help her become stronger or even evolve further in the future, these two will certainly refuse her offer and tell her to use it for herself.

Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi sighed in relief after they heard Tang Li Xue's explanation.

Both of them took out their bronze badge and gave it to Tang Li Xue voluntarily.

"But I want you two to remember! This will be the secret between us, so never tell this to anyone! Not even to Li Jing and the others, understand?! If anyone asked you two about it, just tell them that the pressure from the sparring match against the Elite Class Team triggered your potential and made you two evolve further." Tang Li Xue reminded them with a stern tone.

Hei Yinghao and Bing Yi nodded simultaneously to Tang Li Xue with a solemn expression like a pair of woodpeckers.

Tang Li Xue giggled at their reaction and activated her basic [All Knowing Eyes].

'I only have five [Level Up Pills] in my system inventory. Hopefully, it is enough to help these two evolve into [Rare] grade beast!' Tang Li Xue thought nervously while checked at their stats.


[Species: Fox Sith (Two-Tailed)]

[Qualification: Lord]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 40]

[HP: 48,600/48,600]


[Species: White Glacial Fox (Two-Tailed)]

[Qualification: Elite]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 38]

[HP: 28,300/28,300]


Tang Li Xue sighed in relief after she inspected their current level with her Basic [All Knowing Eyes].

'Silly Fox is already in bottleneck to the next grade. He probably only needs 1 [Level Up Pill] to evolve. Bingbing is still a bit far, so she needs 3 [Level Up Pill] to evolve. Urgh... So I need to use 4 [Level Up Pills] for them! I can level up 4 levels with that... Sigh... It's quite hurt...' Tang Li Xue grumbled in her heart, but she quickly shook her head to push away all the bad thoughts.

'How could I think like that?! These two are my precious comrades. I will probably need to go with them to complete the dangerous mission outside the Myriad Foxes Academy in the future.' Tang Li Xue thought while smiled at Bing Yi and Hei Yinghao.

"Bingbing will go to the back courtyard, and Silly Fox will go to the front courtyard. Prepare yourself! The evolution process can be really dangerous without any proper preparation! We will immediately begin when you are ready!" Tang Li Xue instructed them while throwing their badges in her hands into her space pouch.

Actually, Tang Li Xue was overestimating the evolution process of the other beasts. It was true they will feel a lot of pain and itchiness, but no beast would face such a dangerous heaven-defying phenomenon like Tang Li Xue, because only Tang Li Xue had an OP system, divine treasure, and several powerful pets.

After an hour or so, Tang Li Xue went to the front courtyard to meet with the Silly Fox.

"Are you ready?" Tang Li Xue asked Hei Yinghao with a solemn expression.

Hei Yinghao slowly opened his obsidian black eyes and kept staring at Tang Li Xue's beautiful slender figure for a few moments as if he wanted to etch her perfect figure into his mind and heart.

"I am ready! We can begin now!" Hei Yinghao took a deep breath and replied with a resolute tone.

Tang Li Xue nodded to Hei Yinghao and told him: "Close your eyes and open your mouth."

All the items from Tang Li Xue's system were invisible and undetectable to anyone but Tang Li Xue.

She did not want Hei Yinghao to doubt her, and she also did not want to waste any more time to explain everything if she showed the invisible and undetectable [Level Up Pill] to him.

 Hei Yinghao held full trust in Tang Li Xue, so he did what she told him to do. 

Tang Li Xue took out one [Level Up Pill] from her system inventory and flicked it into Hei Yinghao's mouth.

Hei Yinghao felt something entered his mouth and immediately swallowed it.

When the [Level Up Pill] entered his body, he felt his strength increased, and his vitality energy got richer.

The invisible chain that shackled him from evolving further was shattered without any resistance.

Hei Yinghao broke from his bottleneck and instantly rushed to the next level. The moment he reached level 41, his evolution requirement has been fulfilled, and his evolution process has finally begun.

The dark cloud started to gather in the sky above Hei Yinghao.


Hei Yinghao gritted his teeth to withstand the unbelievable pain and itchiness that kept assaulting his body as the black destructive force covered his entire body from tip to toe and tempering it continuously from inside out.


The black lightning made from the compression of black destructive force flashed from the black could and struck Hei Yinghao's body smashed him to the ground mercilessly.

" Silly Fox!" Tang Li Xue called Hei Yinghao with a tone full of worry. She dashed toward him, ready to block the next black lightning for him.

"Stop there, Tang Li Xue!" Hei Yinghao shouted with a hoarse voice. Hei Yinghao never called Tang Li Xue by her full name before, he usually called her by her given name to show his endearment to her, but this time he called her so rudely by her full name for the first time.

The fresh blood kept flowing out from his mouth when he shouted at Tang Li Xue. He looked extremely pitiful, but the determination shone from his eyed did not weaken in the slightest.

"Xue... please... do not help me... You already help me to evolve so... how could I face you in the future if I need your help again to pass this little trial?" Hei Yinghao tried to smile at Tang Li Xue to ease her worry, but another fierce black lightning struck down to him once again!


The black lightning was so powerful this time that it left a deep crater on the ground and buried Hei Yinghao deep into it, but he slowly crawled out from the deep crater with his weak body bathed in his own blood.

Tang Li Xue stared at the thick black cloud, which still got even thicker rather than dispersing, and she decided to approach Hei Yinghao once again.

"STOP! Xue, if I want to become a true man who deserves to be with you... then I must face this alone. Please understand me! If I really want to become stronger, then I must face this alone! Go and help Ice Girl to evolve now! Leave me alone!" Hei Yinghao shouted loudly to Tang Li Xue and scolded her.

Which men would want a girl they like to see them in their most pitiful state like this? That was why he was trying so hard to drive Tang Li Xue away, so she did not see his most pathetic state.

Tang Li Xue bit her pinkish lips in hesitation and mumbled: "But..."

"GO AWAY!" Hei Yinghao yelled out loud as the stronger black lightning struck him again!


Tang Li Xue closed her reddened eyes and turned around. She could not bear to see it any longer.

"Silly Fox, don't you dare to die! I will never forgive you if you die because I help you to evolve prematurely! Did you hear me?! I... I will... I will not let you rest peacefully if you dare to die! I will beat you up until you wake up from your slumber!" Tang Li Xue shouted at Hei Yinghao as her tears trickled down from her face.

Tang Li Xue ran toward the back courtyard where Bing Yi has been waiting for her without looking back.

Hei Yinghao laughed at Tang Li Xue's gibberish words, but his heart was filled with warmness and determination.

"Sigh... Xue... Cough... Cough... How could I die before I even confess my feeling to you? I am only willing to die in your embrace, not here." Hei Yinghao smiled gently and murmured while coughed out a few mouthfuls of fresh blood.

 Hei Yinghao slowly tried to stand up with his shaky body. It looked as if he could crumble apart anytime, but he still held on with his determination.


The black cloud became thicker and thicker as time passed as if it grew more and more powerful instead of weakened.

"Come! We will see who will last till the end! You or me!" Hei Yinghao smiled full of confidence and challenged the thick black cloud in the sky above him.


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