Reincarnated As a Fox With System
210 Chapter 210: Another Challenge!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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210 Chapter 210: Another Challenge!


[Quest Completed!]

 [Gained: Level +1, Stat Point +100 (+25), Skill Point +15 (+4), 200(+50) Deity Coins]


[Congratulation! You have achieved level 6! Stats Point +100, Skill Point +15]

Tang Li Xue grasped her fist in excitement when she finally completed the quest from her system.

Instructor Mei Lan offered to escort Tang Li Xue back, but Teacher Li Wei, Councillor Junjie, and the others strongly rejected that idea because they were worried if Instructor Mei Lan would go berserk again.

Just like what Instructor Mei Lan has predicted before, they planned to put her in quarantine for some time to observe her closely if being possessed by that evil being will bring some negative effect to her or not.

"Don't be lazy just because I don't watch over all of you! Remember to keep attending Mixed Classes if I am not there to teach you all!" Instructor Mei Lan warned Tang Li Xue and told her to tell the others.

In the end, Teacher Li Wei was the one who escorted Tang Li Xue back to Residential Building.

Teacher Li Wei flicked at Tang Li Xue's forehead gently and laughed mischievously at her. He also warned Tang Li Xue: "Remember to not be late again for your Inscription Lesson tomorrow, or I will punish you this time!"

Teacher Li Wei's flick made a tinkling sound when it hit Tang Li Xue's fox mask. Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead and puffed her cheek in annoyance while staring at Teacher Li Wei resentfully, but Teacher Li Wei already walked away from her.

Tang Li Xue entered her room and inserted her bronze card into the tiny black box behind the room's door.

Tang Li Xue could only sigh in relief after she entered her bedroom and lay down on her bed.

Tang Li Xue took off her fox mask and wiped her cold sweat with her long-sleeve before she took out the glutton egg from her system inventory to check its current state.

The moment when Tang Li Xue took the egg out, her entire house shook violently under the immense pressure and made rumbling sounds as if it could crumble down anytime.

The thick black miasma started to spread out in an instant to the entire house and finally even filled the courtyard.

Tang Li Xue tried to communicate with the glutton egg in her grasp using their mind connection, but it still did not respond at all. 

'It seems this glutton egg is entering deep hibernation after consuming so many beast cores and precious treasures.' Tang Li Xue thought for a while before she bit the tip of her index finger and dripped her blood onto the glutton egg.


After Tang Li Xue's blood was absorbed by the glutton egg, she could faintly feel the powerful heartbeat full of vitality coming from within the glutton egg.

For some unknown reasons, Tang Li Xue felt that she must pour much more of her blood onto the glutton egg.

Tang Li Xue followed her instinct and used her sharp claws to slice her wrist. 

Tang Li Xue's fresh blood streamed down, bathed the glutton egg in that crimson thick liquid.


When Tang Li Xue's warm fresh blood met with the glutton egg, it made the loud sizzling sound as if a hot piece of metal drenched with cold water.

The glutton egg kept greedily absorbing Tang Li Xue's warm fresh blood.

The surrounding black thick miasma and overwhelming pressure were getting lighter and lighter, while the heartbeat from within the glutton egg was getting more and more powerful.

Tang Li Xue's [Regeneration] skill automatically activated, and it healed the wound at her wrist in a few seconds.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and sliced her wrist again with her sharp claw, then poured out her blood onto the glutton egg.

She kept repeating this many times for almost an hour until the glutton egg felt satisfied and stopped absorbing her fresh blood.

If it was not for her powerful [Regeneration] skill, which kept regenerating the fresh blood within her body, Tang Li Xue would already have dried up.

The immense pressure and thick black miasma from the egg were also completely vanished, but the black runes on the egg's surface were getting more and more dense and profound.

Even Tang Li Xue will feel dizziness and nausea if she stared at the black runes on the egg's surface for more than a few seconds.

"Sigh... Glutton egg, you already eat so many good things and drink so much of my blood, you must hatch quickly and grow stronger so you can help me in battle like Yaya and Phoenix of Pride!" Tang Li Xue whispered to the egg and rubbed it gently before stored it back into her system inventory.

Tang Li Xue did not forget to add her free Stat Points bit by bit into her Spirit Stat, but she immediately stopped when she felt the headache got too unbearable, and she almost fainted.

In the end, she managed to add 30 free Stat Points into her Spirit Stat increased it from 270 to 300, and felt her mind got a bit sharper than before.

After pondering it for a while, Tang Li Xue decided not to sleep for tonight and continued her cultivation using the stockpile of her low-tier spirit stones until morning.


[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved the Rank 9 Qi Condensation Stage! All stat +200]

"Sigh... It's quite long, but I finally manage to reach the Rank 9 Qi Condensation Stage! I only need 1 more level to reach the peak of Qi Condensation Stage, and then I can break through to Acupuncture Opening Stage!" Tang Li Xue muttered in excitement, and a beautiful smile has bloomed on her face.

"Should I use this [Level Up Pill] to increase my cultivation level?" Tang Li Xue tapped her chin and considered it for a few moments.

[Level Up Pill]: Increases the level of the one who eats it by 1 level.

Tang Li Xue has 5 of these [Level Up Pills] in her system inventory and feels really reluctant to consume it now because she felt it was kind of a waste to use it now. She would rather use it later after she reached the higher level since she would need a monstrous amount of EXP to level up by then.

Tang Li Xue shook her head and gritted her teeth in reluctance, but she still decided to save these 5 [Level Up Pills] for later.

Tang Li Xue continued her cultivation session, and unknowingly, the morning has arrived.

For the first time, Tang Li Xue felt really lonely without Yaya's presence.

She peeked at Yaya's current condition and find out that Yaya was still suffering from the [War Goddess Mode] backlash. It seems her perfect copy, Yaya, and Phoenix of Pride need two more days to recover from it.

Tang Li Xue took a bath before went out of her room and met with everyone. She also conveyed Instructor Mei Lan's message to everyone about Instructor Mei Lan's quarantine, and they all must attend the Mixed Class until Instructor Mei Lan finished her quarantine period and came out.

Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the others asked Tang Li Xue about what happened to Instructor Mei Lan last night, but Tang Li Xue did not dare to tell them any of it since it concerned Instructor Mei Lan's reputation. Especially when the loose mouthed Huang Hao was here with them!

When Tang Li Xue and her group arrived at Education Building's entrance, she was obstructed again but by three people this time.

Tang Li Xue observed them for a moment.

One woman, two men.

The woman was quite a beauty with long braided red hair. She looked seductive but heroic.

One of the men was chubby with ponytailed blue hair, but his face was really expressionless as if it was carved from the wood. 

However, their leader was clearly the man who stood in the middle of those two. He has short tidy hair but long bangs with a cold smile on his face.

All three of them wore black robes, so they were actually the students from the Elite Class!

"MOGUI!" Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the others shouted angrily and instantly put up their guards to the maximum.

Tang Li Xue only frowned a bit, and she crossed her hands then asked: "We are busy right now, so you all better tell us quickly what do you all want?!"

The short-haired man, Mogui stepped closer to Tang Li Xue, but Hei Yinghao immediately stepped forward to stop him from approaching Tang Li Xue.


No one knew what Mogui has done, but Hei Yinghao's body flew several meters backward and crashed hard onto the Nine-Tailed Fox statue at the entrance.

Hei Yinghao coughed out several mouthfuls of blood and staring at Mogui angrily.

Mogui kept approaching Tang Li Xue step by step with a cold smile on his face, but Tang Li Xue did not flinch or step back at all. She only stared back at Mogui coldly.

Sniff... Sniff... Sniff...

Mogui sniffed at Tang Li Xue's pleasant fragrance from few inches away and sneered.

"I smell my brother's blood from you. It's you, isn't it? The one who killed my little brother?" Mogui asked Tang Li Xue with his monotonous hoarse tone.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply and pondered: 'Can he really smell his little brother's blood from me, or is he only bluffing at me? I really doubt it if he really can smell it... I fought with that [Demonic Blood Fox] more than a month ago after all!'


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