Reincarnated As a Fox With System
208 Chapter 208: Staging A Drama!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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208 Chapter 208: Staging A Drama!

After waiting for less than ten minutes, the white-haired handsome young man along with several of his shadow guards to meet with Councillor Junjie and his team.

"Greeting to Councillor Junjie and the others Education Councillor Members." the white-haired young man smiled and greeted at them politely. He also held his fist and saluted toward all of them.

The white-haired young man waved his palm and the stream of milky white light entered all of their bodies made them very comfortable, even the miasma effect which wretch havocking their bodies was completely purified by that milky white light.

Thick black miasma around them cleared up a lot for a few moments, but it thickened again after the milky white light subsided.

Tang Li Xue widened her eyes in surprise and exclaimed in amazement: 'Woah, this man is so beautiful! Maybe even more beautiful than any girls in this Myriad Foxes Academy! He even has healing type divine ability! His power can even clear the devastating miasma effect!'

For the first time, Tang Li Xue felt really proud of her current exaggerating pretty face since she was still far more beautiful than this man in front of her.

If the beauty in this Myriad Foxes Academy scaled was from 1 to 10, this man's appearance will be scored 30 out of 10, while Tang Li Xue herself would score 100 out of 10. Both of them surpassed the maximum score but on a different scale.

It would be a big blow to any girls' confidence if a man could become more beautiful than them after all.

"Young Master Li looks as amazing as always. Really make us the old ones envy you greatly." Councillor Junjie laughed at the white-haired young man happily and patted the young man's shoulder.

The young man only chucked at Councillor Junjie's praise and looked at them one by one before she spotted Tang Li Xue among them and frowned deeply.

"Little Xue? Why are you doing here? It's very dangerous here!" The young man reprimanded Tang Li Xue with a harsh tone.

Tang Li Xue frowned in displeasure and puffed her cheek to restrain her anger since she knew all the people here were the important people in Myriad Foxes Academy.

Tang Li Xue took a step back and hid behind her Instructor Mei Lan while kept staring at the handsome man and pondered: 'Eh, wait a minute... why his sound seems so familiar?'

"Hey, Sissy Wei! Little Xue is one of my students, so you don't have any right to scold her!" Instructor Mei Lan scolded the young man back impolitely.

Instructor Mei Lan even took a step forward and puffed out her furry chest as if she was a prideful hen trying to protect her chick.

"Eh... Young Master Li? Sissy Wei? Eeeeeehhhh!!! Don't tell me... You are Teacher Li Wei?!" Tang Li Xue shouted while jumped backward in shock and disbelief.

'Woah! So that's why Teacher Li always wear a mask before?! His face is so beautiful... err... I mean so handsome! He should have so many admirers with that kind of face! Tsk... I should find two or three male concubines like him after I become a proper beast queen later so I can admire them every day. Uwehehehe...' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue in admiration and giggling happily at her delusion.

At present, Tang Li Xue did not know how many crazy female admirers like Zi Yan which kept stalking at Teacher Li Wei, or she would never think that having an overly beautiful appearance was a good thing at all.

'But his timing of appearance is not good for me and Instructor Lan...' Tang Li Xue bit her pinkish lips while staring at Instructor Mei Lan as if she was trying to inquire something from her.

"Don't mind him. We will proceed like what we have already planned before!" Instructor Mei Lan nodded to Tang Li Xue and whispered using her [Telepathy].

Teacher Li Wei ignored Instructor Mei Lan's rude response. He could only sigh at Tang Li Xue and warned her sternly once more: "Forget it... No one has any spare time to bring you out since you already here now. Just remember to always keep close with me!"

"Woy, Sissy Wei! Mind your own business! We don't need your help! I can protect my own student!" Instructor Mei Lan shouted in fury to Teacher Li Wei.

"Lan'er! How could a teacher from Education Department like you speak uncouthful like that?! You must always remember to keep your image as an educator especially in front of your student!" Councillor Junjie scolded Instructor Mei Lan.

"Young Master Li, I will apologize for my daughter's impoliteness. Her mouth is a bit rude, but I can guarantee she has an honest and kind heart..." Councillor Junjie apologized while kept praising his own daughter nonstop.

Teacher Li Wei said he did not mind it at all and listened to Councillor Junjie kept praising Instructor Mei Lan nonstop in front of him. He did not have any reaction other than smiling gently and nodded his head once in a while.

Instructor Mei Lan got angrier and angrier when Councillor Junjie kept praising her in front of Teacher Li Wei.

Tang Li Xue found it really funny after she caught some information from their conversation.

In short, Instructor Mei Lan hated Teacher Li Wei very much for some unknown reasons.

While Instructor Mei Lan's father, Councillor Junjie was trying so hard to matchmaking her daughter, Instructor Mei Lan with Teacher Li Wei.

Of course, Teacher Li Wei did not have any good feelings for Instructor Mei Lan at all and mostly ignored Instructor Mei Lan all the time.

Tang Li Xue was giggling softly while staring at Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei from behind. She thought that both of them will definitely make a good couple.

After meet with Teacher Li Wei, their investigation became a lot easier since Teacher Li Wei's divine ability could temporarily purify the dangerous miasma around them and clear the effect of miasma in their bodies.

Unfortunately, Teacher Li Wei's divine ability still could not help them to negate the overwhelming pressure that kept pressing on them.

"Young Master Li, you still do not have any clue about this vile creature whereabouts until now?" One of the people in Councillor Junjie's team asked.

Teacher Li Wei shook his head and explained: "I already search everywhere around this core area but still failed to find any clue."

Instructor Mei Lan secretly stared at Tang Li Xue while Tang Li Xue pointed her slender index finger to her front and nodded her head.

"AH! Somehow I can hear a voice calling for me from that direction!" Instructor Mei Lan shouted in surprise while holding at her head with one of her paws.

Everyone was startled by Instructor Mei Lan's sudden shout and staring at her doubtfully.

"Lan'er stop joking around! We are still in an emergency situation right now! This mission is related to Myriad Foxes Academy's survival!" Councillor Junjie frowned and reprimanded Instructor Mei Lan with a harsh tone.

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes and thought: 'Survival my foot! It's only an egg! But you will never believe me even if I told you...'

"I am not lying to you all! How could I lie in this kind of important mission?! I really hear the sound calling for me from that direction!" Instructor Mei Lan insisted with a tone full of confidence.

"Everyone, I think we can try to follow Miss Lan's suggestion first. At least it is still a lot better than us searching around blindly like this." Teacher Li Wei advised to Councillor Junjie and his team.

Councillor Junjie and his team hesitated and discussed again for a while before deciding to head towards the direction where Instructor Mei Lan pointed to.

The overwhelming pressure became even more powerful after they were heading toward that direction, and their face because paler and paler including Teacher Li Wei.

Tang Li Xue also decided to transform back into her fox form so her overall stats will be restored back to normal.

Of course, she turned back to her fox form, because she only pretending to be affected by the powerful pressure like the others.

Teacher Li Wei still really worried about Tang Li Xue's safety, so he used his protection type treasure to protect her too.

Teacher Li Wei threw a silver bell toward Tang Li Xue, the silver bell was floating above Tang Li Xue's head and covered her with silver light protection.

Tang Li Xue almost blurted out reflexively that she did not need any protection, but she quickly swallowed back her words after realized that even the Councillor Junjie's powerful team have a hard time resisting the pressure and thanked Teacher Li Wei for it.

"Little Xue, we only have one chance, so don't miss it! Are you ready now?" Instructor Mei Lan inquired to Tang Li Xue with her [Telepathy].

Tang Li Xue's expression turned solemn and nodded back to Instructor Mei Lan.

After more than ten minutes of walking slowly in caution, Tang Li Xue finally spotted the glutton egg again that currently hovering in the middle of the plaza.

Tang Li Xue tugged Instructor Mei Lan's sleeve lightly while pointing at the glutton egg with her snout.

Instructor Mei Lan nodded silently at Tang Li Xue signaled that she understood, and she took a deep breath.

"AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH~~!!!" Instructor Mei Lan screamed suddenly with an ear-piercing voice amplified by many times with her [Heavenly Sound] divine ability.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth to endure the pain in her eardrum and the dizziness in her mind.

Thankfully, she already activated her [Golden Body] beforehand and has Teacher Li Wei's silver bell protection to reduce the damage taken from it.

While the others focused their attention on Instructor Mei Lan in shock, Tang Li Xue pretended to be blown away by Instructor Mei Lan's sudden attack and flew toward the glutton egg.

Who knows Teacher Li Wei appeared out of nowhere and caught Tang Li Xue's furry body before Tang Li Xue could grab the glutton egg with her paws.

Tang Li Xue really wanted to cry so badly right now, but no tears came out.

Instructor Mei Lan already staged such a good opportunity for her, but it was thwarted by Teacher Li Wei's sudden caring move.


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