Reincarnated As a Fox With System
206 Chapter 206: Operation Egg Rescue!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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206 Chapter 206: Operation Egg Rescue!

Instructor Mei Lan sat on the sofa in Tang Li Xue's living room, and she crossed her long slender legs.

Instructor Mei Lan still kept staring at Tang Li Xue with a fierce expression, which made Tang Li Xue almost wanted to cry.

Tang Li Xue bit her pinkish lips and felt uncertain for a few moments before she decided to nod her head and murmured in hesitation: "Yes..."

Instructor Mei Lan closed her eyes and sighed in frustration.

"Err... Instructor Lan, how could you guess that tonight's commotion had something to do with me?" Tang Li Xue lowered her head and timidly asked Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue felt ashamed and guilty, but she also curious about why Instructor Mei Lan could immediately connect tonight's commotion with her.

"Woman intuition." Instructor Mei Lan answered carelessly. While she rubbed her forehead and kept thinking about how she could help her student gets out of this perilous situation.

Of course, Instructor Mei Lan did not really depend on the so-called 'woman intuition' to link Tang Li Xue with tonight's commotion.

Instructor Mei Lan already investigated everything Tang Li Xue had done before she entered Myriad Foxes Academy. She knew that Tang Li Xue was actually a super troublemaker who could create several huge-scale problems out of nothing.

Such as Yaya's mother case...

Or like the divine treasure's birth in the volcano...

All of these were the cases that never happened in Lightwind Continent before!

And right now... Myriad Foxes Academy had already existed for millions of years, but it never encountered the case of a powerful Undead Creature's invasion like this before!

"Tell me everything about it now. I will decide later if I must hand you over to the higher up or help you cover it." Instructor Mei Lan said to Tang Li Xue with a solemn expression.

Tang Li Xue decided to tell everything about the glutton egg to Instructor Mei Lan, but of course, she would never say anything about her system.

Tang Li Xue only told that she got the egg along with her divine treasure before, and she already forged some connection with the egg for more than a week.

Unfortunately, she was very poor currently, and could not buy the food for the egg which needs to consume so many high-level Beast Lord's beast cores for its growth.

The starving egg decided to sneak out from her space pouch at the Auction House and ate all high-level Beast Lord's beast cores by its own accord.

While Tang Li Xue admitted that she only knew it just recently after she saw the notification of Emergency SSS Rank Mission from her bronze badge.

"Wait a minute, so you are saying that tonight's commotion is actually caused by an egg? An egg caused this?" Instructor Mei Lan dropped her jaw and asked with a high pitched surprise tone.

Instructor Mei Lan did not know if she must laugh out loud at Tang Li Xue or scold her harshly.

Everyone would probably never believe this even if Instructor Mei Lan brought Tang Li Xue to the higher up and told them all about this.

"Wait... But I heard the aura coming from inside the Auction House is so overwhelmingly powerful and fiendish. How could it come from an egg that has not even hatched yet?" Instructor Mei Lan asked Tang Li Xue again with a skeptical tone.

"Instructor Lan, I swear what I said now is true! Maybe the creature inside the egg is an ancient powerful creature because no one can see that egg other than me. That's why they still cannot find the egg until now!" Tang Li Xue quickly replied to Instructor Mei Lan with an anxious tone.

"Instructor Lan... can... can you help me to retrieve that egg?" Tang Li Xue bit her pinkish lips again and timidly asked Instructor Mei Lan.

Instructor Mei Lan stunned for a moment before laughing out loud unrestrained.

Tang Li Xue did not know if Instructor Mei Lan laughed because it was funny or because she was angry to the point of going insane.

"You... you still have the gall to ask me to help you to retrieve that abominable thing?! I really admire your courage!" Instructor Mei Lan patted Tang Li Xue's shoulder, but somehow Tang Li Xue could feel her fury clearly this time.

Instructor Mei Lan's expression went back to her solemn one after a while, and she put her slender finger on her chin to think.

"How sure can you control that thing after it hatched? I can help you retrieve that egg, but I don't want that thing to harm you instead or even bring calamity to the entire Immortal World in the future!" Instructor Mei Lan asked Tang Li Xue again in a fierce manner.

Tang Li Xue thought for a moment, but she immediately recalled the \u003c\u003cStore\u003e\u003e button in Yaya's status window.

'If the creature in that egg is really evil, I can store it into my system using that button and never let it out ever again forever! But I must finish my binding process by dripping my blood onto it for 3 more weeks.' Tang Li Xue squinted her topaz blue eyes and smiled full of confidence.

"I am 100% sure!" Tang Li Xue answered firmly.

Instructor Mei Lan raised her eyebrow and kept staring at Tang Li Xue for a few moments to judge if she really confident or just pretending to be confident.

Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently after she confirmed that Tang Li Xue was truly confident and asked her again in a teasing tone: "Even if you can exchange that egg to get 1 billion credits?"

 Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in surprise and thought it once again carefully as if she was facing the most important and difficult choice in her life.

"Instructor Lan, I will do everything if I can get 1 billion credits and the egg back!" Tang Li Xue said to Instructor Mei Lan with the most serious expression she could ever make.

Instructor Mei Lan stunned silly by Tang Li Xue's answer. She never thought that Tang Li Xue was this greedy...




Tang Li Xue followed behind Instructor Mei Lan, and both of them went out from Residential Building.

They were heading to the Auction House together as fast as they could.

Tang Li Xue realized that all the streets were especially empty today.

It seemed the notification from the badge did not only apply to attract more information about the Evil Undead Race's creature (or the glutton egg) but also to warn the weaker foxes to not wander around until the higher up defeat that evil creature.

When they arrived at the Auction House, they met with someone familiar at the Auction House's entrance.

A handsome black-haired man stood with several other people at the Auction House's entrance while discussing something.

This black-haired man was actually one of the Education Councillors, Councillor Junjie!

"Eh, Lan'er? What are you doing here? You... You even bring your student here?! For what?! It's very dangerous here! Just go home!" Councillor Junjie waved his hand in annoyance, signaled Instructor Mei Lan to go back.

Instructor Mei Lan glared angrily at Councillor Junjie and replied with a righteous tone: "I am also the teacher from the Education Department! I have the right to be here and help to vanquish the evil creature! With my sound type divine abilities, I will surely be able to assist you from behind later!"

"You... You... You are so rash! This evil creature is out of your league! It could crush you easily with only one of its fingers!" Councillor Junjie pointed his index finger at Instructor Mei Lan and reprimanded her harshly.

Instructor Mei Lan almost wanted to laugh when she heard Councillor Junjie's words and thought: 'Tsk, you will never think the evil creature that you afraid so badly is actually only an egg, aren't you?!'

Instructor Mei Lan kept arguing with Councillor Junjie back and forth using righteous tones as if she was about to do a noble sacrifice for the Myriad Foxes Academy's goodness, but Councillor Junjie disapproves it.

This was the first time Tang Li Xue really admire Instructor Mei Lan's acting skill and her ability to manipulate the situation to make the Councillor Junjie looks bad.

Several other people could not bear anymore and started to persuade Councillor Junjie.

"Junjie, your daughter is so noble and virtuous, really make me envy to death. Why not just let her come with us? So we can protect her on the way?"

"That's right, Junjie! Don't be so overprotective like this, or your daughter will get sick of you. Just let her follow us, and we can protect her. What if she chooses to enter alone after us? The danger she would face later is certainly much higher!"

Under the persuasion of several people in his team, Councillor Junjie could only yield and let both Instructor Mei Lan and Tang Li Xue follow them closely from behind.

"Remember! If the fight breaks out inside later, you must keep your distance with us, or you will certainly get killed without realizing it!" Councillor Junjie warned with a harsh tone.

"I understand! I also have this protection type treasure you give me before, so you can rest assured!" Instructor Mei Lan replied and nodded with a solemn expression.

"So far, so good... With this, our Operation Egg Rescue has already begun! Remember to carefully listen to my instruction later and do not make any blunder!" Instructor Mei Lan reminded Tang Li Xue with her [Telepathy].

Tang Li Xue replied by nodded her head to Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue thought for a moment and tried to trigger the quest about it.



[Quest: (Rescue) Retrieve the egg without triggering anyone's suspicion!]

[Difficulty: Normal]

[Reward: Level +1, Stat Point +100 (+25), Skill Point +15 (+4), 200(+50) Deity Coins]


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