Reincarnated As a Fox With System
205 Chapter 205: Enormous Bounty!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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205 Chapter 205: Enormous Bounty!

The current clueless Tang Li Xue was still lying down on her bed in her bedroom. She was trying to sleep, but somehow she still could not shake the uncomfortable feeling in her heart as if something bad will happen.

Tang Li Xue got up and sat on her bed. She decided to open her status window in her system to check her current progress.

Skills: Blink (Lv5), High Jump (Lv4), Night Vision (Mastered), EXP Augmentation (Lv3), Climb (Mastered), Mapping Sense (Lv2), [Regeneration (Lv4)], [Telepathy (Lv3)], [Concentration (Lv2)], [Increase Evasion (Lv2)], [Increase Accuracy (Lv2)], [Decrease Reaction-Time (Lv2)], [Focus (Lv2)], [Strengthen Willpower (Lv2)], [Sharpen Mind (Lv2)], [Calculation (Lv2)], [Prediction (Lv2)], [Intelligence Enhancement (Lv2)]

Tang Li Xue was quite pleased. Many of her skills had leveled up today because of her intense battle with Instructor Mei Lan.

Battle Style: Imperial Moon Dancer [Moon Splitter (Lv3)]

'This [Imperial Moon Dancer] Battle Style only has 1 move... It is too few! Is it possible that I can get more moves after I raise its level to Mastered? It seems I must use this [Moon Splitter] more in training or in battle so I can increase it to Mastered level as soon as possible!' Tang Li Xue tapped her chin and smiled full of expectation as she longing for more powerful moves.

Tang Li Xue decided to use 300 of her total 1279 free stat points to increase her Strength, Agility, and Toughness stats from 900 to 1,000, while she also used 10 free stat points to increase her Spirit stat from 250 to 260.

She felt an unbearable stinging pain assaulting her mind for a moment, but fortunately, it was not enough to knock her unconscious like before.

After the pain has subsided, Tang Li Xue tried to increase her spirit stat from 260 to 270 again.

However, the splitting headache she felt right now increased so much and has become even more unbearable compared to the first one!

Tang Li Xue's face became so pale, and she almost passed out. Thankfully, the pain had subsided before she lost consciousness.

Tang Li Xue could felt her mind became a bit clearer and sharper than before.

'This Spirit stat is so great, but it really troublesome to increase it! Sigh... it seems I can only increase it by 10 - 20 points every day. Oh, wait a minute... can I transfer this unbearable pain when I increased my Spirit stat to my perfect copy with the [Damage Transfer]? It sounds possible, but I must wait for my perfect copy to completely recovered first before trying it!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes glowed even brighter as her beautiful smile bloomed.

Tang Li Xue thought if her mind has become sharper and smarter, any question could surely be answered easily.

However, the reality was actually far from that. Her mind had become smarter and sharper, but more and more questions popped up in her mind instead.

One of the examples was about her weapon, the [Critical Strikers], and her boots, the [Shadow Striders].

Both of these two have [Level: 1] written on its status window in her system, but how could she increase this level?!

At first, she guessed that she only need to fight using it, but she fought so much against Instructor Mei Lan today, and both of it still did not level up, so she concluded the method to increase the level was not that.

'Sigh... it seems I must experiment more on how to increase the level of these two so...'


But Tang Li Xue's thought was interrupted by the loud sound of the bell!

"What the hell is that sound?! Where does it come from?" Tang Li Xue grumbled in annoyance.

She searched around her bedroom to find the source of that loud sound of the bell but realized soon that the loud bell sound was actually coming from inside her own space pouch.

Tang Li Xue took out the items in her space pouch one by one to check it and found out that the loud bell sound was actually caused by the bronze badge!

"What's wrong with this badge? Is it malfunctioning or something? How could I turn off this annoying loud sound?" Tang Li Xue muttered while kept examining her bronze badge and poking her finger around onto it.

When Tang Li Xue poked her finger onto the center of the bronze badge, the loud bell sound immediately stopped, and a small transparent screen projected on the top of the bronze badge.


Emergency SSS-Rank Mission!

Addressed to: Every fox in the Myriad Foxes Academy (Lightwind Continent Branch) and its vicinity!

The current information:

Someone had brought something unknown into the Auction House to sell, but that was actually the vessel of a powerful creature from the Evil Undead Race.

The powerful creature has already broken out from its vessel and invading our home.

From the last information, the Evil Creature was still inside the Auction House, devouring everything cleanly to restore its strength!

*Reward for the information given: 10,000,000 Credits.

*Reward for slaying the invader: 1,000,000,000 credits. (Granted access to trade the credits for any treasure of the same value in the treasure warehouse of the Myriad Foxes Academy)

Beware! the Evil Creature is very powerful! Only foxes with Spirit Beast Rank or above permitted to join the hunt!


Tang Li Xue was really speechless.

She was not stupid enough to think that there was such a coincidence like the glutton egg and the Evil Creature were accidentally appeared at the same time and place.

The only answer should be the glutton egg was the source of all this chaos.

"Hahaha... I... I must be dreaming, right? For God's sake, it is only an egg! How could it make such a large commotion?!" Tang Li Xue said with a tone full of disbelief and laughed in irony.

Tang Li Xue's mouth twitched violently when she saw the reward price and muttered in shock: "Holysh*t... Just how many zeroes is that? Three... six... nine zeroes?! One billion credits! Oh My Gosh, even I want to slay that egg so badly with my own hands right now to get that nine zeroes reward!"

"Oh, wait a minute... or I can leak some information about that damned egg to get that ten million credits?! Even though I cannot slay that damned egg but getting ten million credits is not so bad!" Tang Li Xue licked her pinkish lips, and she looked extremely seductive right now, but unfortunately, no one could appreciate it, because she was currently alone in her bedroom.

"But even if I try to reveal some unimportant information about the egg, I should also need to prove the authenticity of my information. Forget it... I don't want to attract the attention of some important bigwigs and make them suspect me. Who knows if they will try to read my mind with some kind of methods." Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth and tried to think more rationally.

"Sigh... it's too risky for me, especially since I have so many secrets which I can't tell anyone." Tang Li Xue shook her head to push away any distracting thought and tried to think about how to save the glutton egg from the Auction House without anyone knowing about it.

Although the damned egg was so treacherous and wanton, but it could not be denied that the damned egg was so powerful judged from the immense pressure it emitted even though it was only an egg for now!

Unfortunately for Tang Li Xue, all of her trump cards, such as her perfect copy, Yaya, and Phoenix of Pride were currently suffering from the backlash of the [Goddess War Mode]. If not, she could just grab the egg and ran using her [Swap] with her perfect copy.

While Tang Li Xue was still in deep thinking, someone knocked on her door.

At first, Tang Li Xue planned to ignore it, but that person in front of her room's door was really persistent. It knocked even harder and harder.

"Who the hell is knocking on my door in the middle of the night like this?!" Tang Li Xue frowned while grumbled in aggravation.

Tang Li Xue ran toward her courtyard and took out her bronze card from the tiny black box behind the door.

The surrounding beautiful courtyard instantly faded away and turned back into a dark-closet sized room.

Tang Li Xue opened the door in front of her as she wanted to scold the person who knocked on her door in the middle of the night, but she immediately swallowed her words back when she saw someone familiar stood in front of her door.

That person was actually her beloved Instructor Mei Lan!

Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently at Tang Li Xue the moment Tang Li Xue opened her door.

Tang Li Xue wanted to close the door of her room again immediately, but after she remembered about everything Instructor Mei Lan already done for her, she decided to let Instructor Mei Lan enter before inserted her bronze card back into the black tiny box, and they were back into Tang Li Xue's courtyard.

"Instructor Lan, why are you coming this late to my place?" Tang Li Xue asked Instructor Mei Lan with a skeptical tone.

"Tonight's commotion is because of you, right?" Instructor Mei Lan did not want to spend her time being wishy-washy, so she directly asked Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue almost fainted on the spot when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's straightforward question.

"Instructor Lan, how could you suspect me for something like that?! I am a law-abiding citizen, so how could I..." Tang Li Xue forced a smile and tried to deny it, but the cold sweat poured out nonstop from her forehead.

Instructor Mei Lan raised her hand to stop Tang Li Xue's rambling on and on while trying to deny everything.

"You do not need to explain anything to me. You only need to answer my question with one word. Yes or no?" Instructor Mei Lan asked Tang Li Xue with a stern tone, and she even put a solemn expression.


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