Reincarnated As a Fox With System
203 Chapter 203: Instant Inscription!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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203 Chapter 203: Instant Inscription!

Teacher Li Wei laughed at Tang Li Xue's question and asked back: "Do you know the true potential of that one finger whatever creation of yours?"

"Eh? The true potential... of my Energy... err... I mean my One Finger Create the World?" Tang Li Xue tilted her head in confusion.

Teacher Li Wei did not answer and just smiled at Tang Li Xue as he took out a stone disc from his space pouch.

"This is a blank stone disc. Inscriptionist like us needs to inscribe some runes on its surface to give it some functions. We can make it into offensive type treasure or defensive type treasure or even transportation type treasure according to our preference. Look, I will carve a rune onto it!" Teacher Li Wei took out his own inscription pen and a bottle filled with blood beast.

He uncorked the bottle and dipped the tip of his inscription pen into the bottle filled with blood beast. The tip of his inscription pen absorbed the beast's blood inside the bottle for a while before he pulled the inscription pen out from the bottle and used it to inscribe a rune on the blank stone disc's surface.

Different from Tang Li Xue's unsightly handwritten rune, Teacher Li Wei's handwritten rune was so beautiful, like a piece of art which very pleasant to the eyes.

After inscribing that rune, Teacher Li Wei threw the stone disc onto the ground, but it was hovering in front of him instead.

"This is 'Floating' rune. As you can see, the function of this rune is to grant the ability to 'float'. This 'Floating' rune must be used if you want to make transportation type treasure such as flying disc or flying sword." Teacher Li Wei explained to Tang Li Xue patiently.

"But just this 'Floating' rune is not enough to make a proper transportation type treasure. You will need to carve the other runes such as 'Acceleration', 'Deceleration', 'Ascending', 'Descending', and 'Control' but all of these runes will only make it barely enough to be called proper transportation type treasure. You need to insert many more complicated runes to make it into superior transportation type treasure." Teacher Li Wei continued to explain while kept smiling and staring at the confused Tang Li Xue.

"Teacher Li... this is still too far for me. Forget about making a proper treasure, I have not even able to inscribe a rune onto the empty amulet yet." Tang Li Xue pursed her pinkish lips a bit and complained.

"Sigh... What I want to tell you is that your divine ability well-matched with the Inscription. Can't you imagine if you can create the inscribed treasure like this in an instant with your ability?" Teacher Li Wei sighed in admiration when he imagined Tang Li Xue divine ability's potential.

Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes shone brighter when she heard Teacher Li Wei's encouraging words.

She just thought how useless her [Energy Manipulation] was previously when she saw Instructor Mei Lan could use her [Vibration Construct] in the same way as her [Energy Manipulation].

"But Teacher Li... aren't the other people can also condense something using their own elemental power such as vibration, fire, ice, earth, and so on? What is the difference between my divine ability and theirs? Doesn't it mean they can also condense the inscribed treasure if they learn about inscriptions?" Tang Li Xue asked Teacher Li Wei with a tone full of curiosity.

"They can't. Something condensed from elemental powers is highly unstable. They could only form it into something because of their high control over elemental compression. I will not explain about elemental compression to you since it is not my area of expertise. You can ask about that to your Instructor tomorrow." Teacher Li Wei briefly explained to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue thought for a while and realized that her [Energy Manipulation] could condense her energy into solid form while elemental powers achieved it through compression, but it could not be called solid form since it would immediately go out of control and disperse or explode without the control from the user.

"With your divine ability, you can reach the realm which all Inscriptionists dreamed of. We call it [Instant Inscription] because you can create any inscribed treasures according to your will with your divine ability in an instant! So you must work hard to achieve it!" Teacher Li Wei laughed and patted Tang Li Xue's head gently in adoration.

In the end, Teacher Li Wei taught Tang Li Xue about how to channel her spirit energy to inscribe the rune onto the talisman today, which improved Tang Li Xue's success rate in inscribing the talisman even further.

Today Tang Li Xue did not even use her golden [Inscription Pen] she got from the system. She only used the white jade Inscription Pen she got from Teacher Li Wei yesterday but still managed to create some talismans.

The sky was already dark when Teacher Li Wei's lesson ended.

Teacher Li Wei wanted to escort Tang Li Xue back to Residential Building, but Tang Li Xue refused it because she had to go to the Auction House tonight to take the credits she got from selling all of her talismans yesterday.

"Next time you can leave all of the talismans you want to sell to me. I can help you sell it to Inscriptionist Association. The price there is certainly higher than the Auction House, and it's also free from any fee." Teacher Li Wei told Tang Li Xue and kindly offered his help.

But Tang Li Xue stared at Teacher Li Wei full of suspicion as if he wanted to swindle her money.

"Hei, Hei, Hei! What kind of look is that? Do you really think I am really going to swindle your credits?" Teacher Li Wei flicked Tang Li Xue's forehead in annoyance.

Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead while pouted and replied with a tone full of grievance: "Teacher Li, are you already forget? You robbed my best talisman for free before!"

Teacher Li Wei laughed did not know whether he should felt angry or sad. Many other people... or foxes tried to please him and pushed so many precious things to him, but he refused all of them coldly yet now his own student was not even willing to give him a single talisman.

However, Teacher Li Wei still did not want to give the talisman back to Tang Li Xue since it was a memento of their first meeting at the Inscriptionist Association.

For some reason, Teacher Li Wei felt as if it was their fateful meeting so that talisman held an important memorial value to Teacher Li Wei.

Teacher Li Wei took out the teleportation amulet from his space pouch and threw it to Tang Li Xue.

"You can take this as your compensation. This [Amulet of Teleportation] can save your life at a critical moment. You can teleport to somewhere nearby in an instant with that [Amulet of Teleportation], but it can only be used once per day so use it carefully." Teacher Li Wei walked out from the entrance of the Education Building without waiting for Tang Li Xue's reply.

He was afraid that his patience will be run out if he kept talking with Tang Li Xue any longer.

Tang Li Xue grinned happily, as she stared at the [Amulet of Teleportation] in her hand with the eyes glowing with happiness.

She carefully stored the [Amulet of Teleportation] into her space pouch while thought: 'I traded a [Talisman of Regeneration +3] with a high grade [Amulet of Teleportation]! What a big bargain! I should trade more talismans to Teacher Li from now on!'

Teacher Li Wei would probably puke out a mouthful of blood in anger if he heard what in Tang Li Xue's mind right now.

Different from the talisman which can only be used once, the amulet can be used continuously, but inscriptionists can only inscribe one rune onto it. Of course, it also has the cooldown like equipment skill.

After walked for some time, Tang Li Xue arrived at the Auction House, and she immediately went to the front desk staff to ask about how much credits she got from selling her talisman.

Tang Li Xue sold thirty-three [Talisman of Regeneration +1], and she got 56,900 credits from it.

She also sold fourteen [Talisman of Regeneration +2], and all of it was sold for 29,800 credits.

Tang Li Xue got 86,700 credits from selling all of her talismans in total!

After deducting 20% of it for the Auction House's fee, Tang Li Xue still managed to get 69,360 credits!

Adding more than 50,000 credits in her bronze card, Tang Li Xue had a bit less than 120,000 credits in total!

Tang Li Xue almost burst to laugh out loud in excitement when she saw the total credits in her bronze card.

'Okay, let's buy a high-level [Rare] grade beast core today since I am rich now!' Tang Li Xue grinned from ear to ear and browsed around anything sold in the Auction House's area while trying to find a suitable beast core for the glutton egg to eat.

Tang Li Xue looked at the [Rare] grade beast cores one by one while kept asking at the glutton egg with the connection in her mind.

'This little bast*rd is really annoying! It really is a big glutton! How could it say something like I want them all?! Little egg, you better behave and picks one which suits your taste, or I will not buy you anything today!' Tang Li Xue tried to threaten the glutton egg.

'What? You want me to bring you out so you can pick it yourself carefully?' Tang Li Xue pondered it for a while before gave in to the glutton egg constant begging.

'Okay, okay, okay, I understand, so you can shut up now! I will bring you out but remember! You must always listen to me and never misbehave, or I will throw you back inside there again, got it?!' Tang Li Xue warned the glutton egg with a stern tone.

After hearing the glutton egg consented to her warning, Tang Li Xue went to the rather desolate place and pulled the glutton egg out from her system inventory.

She wrapped the glutton egg in the white towel and brought it into the crowded core area of the Auction House with her.

Tang Li Xue carried it to see the high level [Rare] grade beast cores there and planned to let it pick the one it likes.

Tang Li Xue let down her guard and believed the glutton egg so easily because she already got used to the obedient and affectionate Yaya.

However, Tang Li Xue never thought that this glutton egg was the completely opposite of Yaya!

It was so treacherous and wanton!

The glutton egg jumped out from Tang Li Xue's grasp so suddenly and pounced toward where all the expensive high level [Rare] grade beast cores displayed!


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