Reincarnated As a Fox With System
202 Chapter 202: Dispute!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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202 Chapter 202: Dispute!

"The difference?" Instructor Mei Lan laughed when she heard Tang Li Xue's question.

Instructor Mei Lan showed her usual gentle smile and thought for a while before continued to explain: "Um... the strongest teachers are all like me, while the best teachers are all the opposite of me. Which one do you want?"

Tang Li Xue: "....."

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in surprise and instantly became speechless by Instructor Mei Lan's explanation.

"Okay... Thank you so much for the easy to understand explanation." Tang Li Xue replied to Instructor Mei Lan with a monotonous tone.

"You are welcome. You can ask your little friend's opinion first after she regained her consciousness later and do not forget to discuss it carefully with her. This decision is very important, especially when your little friend is still so young and innocent." Instructor Mei Lan giggled at Tang Li Xue's reply and answered.

Although Instructor Mei Lan's explanation seemed vague and confusing, but its meaning was actually very easy to understand.

All the strongest teachers have the strongest fighting prowess in the Myriad Foxes Academy but all of them also have their own quirk and strange habit so all the students and mediocre teachers usually called them insane, lunatic, crazy, etc.

They were just like the genius and prodigy in Tang Li Xue's previous life who was getting ostracized from the others because of their gifts before so it made their mind and personality crooked in the end.

The examples of these strongest teachers were Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Bai Wuchen. 

They were so strong to the point of the other teachers feared them greatly and avoided them like plague, but their personalities were also flawed.

Especially when Yaya was still so young right now, and her personality would be easily influenced by her environment. Who knows if her teacher's crooked personality would infect her too in the future?!

The best teachers were the opposite of the strongest teachers. 

The meaning of these words was clear. 

It means that the best teachers have the right and proper personality! They were equipped with rich knowledge and also have the second respectable profession other than the teacher such as Inscriptionist, Alchemist, Physician, and so on.

The example of these best teachers was Teacher Li Wei.

Since Tang Li Xue won the hide and seek game for today, Instructor Mei Lan gave 500 credits to Tang Li Xue, Hei Yinghao, Bing Yi, Li Jing, and the others.

Tang Li Xue even got extra 1,500 credits as the bonus for today's MVP from Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue and the others including Instructor Mei Lan went down to the first floor after they discharged from the medical ward while chatting happily with each other, but Instructor Mei Lan only smiled gently and heard what they talk about silently.

The condition of Tang Li Xue's perfect copy has stabilized even though she was still unconscious now, and her breathing was still too weak, but she will recover back to normal in 3 days.

Tang Li Xue could only groan in dejection, but she could not do anything. At least, her copy only needs 3 days to recover, which was still far better than 9 nights if the copy completely destroyed.

(If the copy is destroyed, the user will need to take the moonlight bath for 9 nights to recover it.)

When Tang Li Xue and the others walked towards the Education Building's entrance, Teacher Li Wei already waited for Tang Li Xue there as usual.

"You are late again today." As usual, Teacher Li Wei complained again the moment he saw Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue approached Teacher Li Wei and said explained: "I am sorry, Teacher Li! I have a hide and seek game lesson with Instructor Lan today. We all got sent to the medical ward after that, so that is why I am late."

Tang Li Xue felt embarrassed and lowered her head slightly to apologize for being late twice in a row in attending Teacher Li Wei's Inscription Lesson.

"Hei, Sissy Wei! What are you doing to my student? If you dare to seduce my student with your pretty face, I will make sure to castrate you today!" Instructor Mei Lan approached Teacher Li Wei and said to him while giggling as if she was joking, but somehow Tang Li Xue felt that she was not kidding at all.

Teacher Li Wei laughed back at Instructor Mei Lan and said: "What are you trying to say? Your beloved student is the one who begged me first to teach her. But I feel it make sense since you are just not smart enough to teach her anything useful. Don't you think so too, Dummy Lan?"

Both Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei paused for a bit while staring at each other before laughing louder and louder, but Tang Li Xue, who was standing between the two of them, felt the situation was becoming more and more dangerous now.

Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and the other could even see the faint images of the angry dragon and tiger bit at each other as the lightning and thunder kept flashing behind Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei.

The atmosphere around them was so tense that it felt suffocating, but they did not dare to interrupt these two great teachers.

The moment when both Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei stopped laughing, each of them swiftly held one of Tang Li Xue's hands.

"Dummy Lan, release my student's hand immediately! She has an Inscription Lesson with me right now! I don't have any time to waste with the likes of you!" Teacher Li Wei pulled Tang Li Xue's right hand toward him while angrily shouted at Instructor Mei Lan.

"Your student? YOUR STUDENT?! Hahahahaha! So funny! Since when is she your student? She is MY STUDENT, understands?! Now let go of her hand! I will never allow my student to interact with a sissy like you! What if she became a cowardly sissy too because of you?! I will surely kill her with my own hands if she became like you!" Instructor Mei Lan pulled Tang Li Xue's left hand toward her while laughing in fury.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth to withstand the pain, and the cold sweat poured out from her forehead when Instructor Mei Lan and Teacher Li Wei pulled each of her hands. She felt like she almost snapped in two because these two really used their strength to pull each of her hands.

"What can a barbaric teacher like you teach to Little Xue other than brawling and grappling all day? What can you do other than fighting? You will only be wasting Little Xue's talent! Let her go now! I don't care even if you playing around as a fake teacher for those ungifted students, but Little Xue is different! Only a genius like me can teach a genius like Little Xue!" Teacher Li Wei gritted his teeth in anger and tried to explain logically.

"A genius? You? You are only a bookworm with a little bit of knowledge, that's all! But you have no courage at all! Can you even fight properly without relying on your talismans, amulets, artifacts, or treasures? What's the difference between you and those filthy humans who fight with weapons?" Instructor Mei Lan rebuked Teacher Li Wei harshly.

"That's enough! It's futile for us to keep arguing like this! Let's ask for Little Xue's opinion herself and let her choose who will become her teacher from now on?! How about that?" Teacher Li Wei was still fuming with rage, but he still suggested something clearheadedly.

Instructor Mei Lan thought for a while and released Tang Li Xue's hand from her grasp then said to Tang Li Xue: "All right! Little Xue, you don't need to be scared! I, Mei Lan will surely... not kill you if you choose to remain as my student. So who do you choose as your teacher? That Sissy guy or the beautiful, gentle, and strong me?"

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips twitched violently as she thought: 'So you will not kill me if I choose you... does it mean you will kill me if I do not choose you? Sigh... Honestly, I like Instructor Lan more, she is so reliable and very trustworthy... But I also want to learn more about Inscription! What should I do now?'

However, Teacher Li Wei quickly grabbed Tang Li Xue's waist without waiting to hear her answer after Instructor Mei Lan released Tang Li Xue's hand and retreated tens of meters behind.

"SISSY LI! HOW DARE YOU..." Instructor Mei Lan shouted to Teacher Li Wei in rage.

Teacher Li Wei laughed at Instructor Mei Lan and interrupted her words: "Dummy Lan, you are still so dummy as always! May I never see you again later!"

Teacher Li Wei threw a grey amulet upward, then both he and Tang Li Xue instantly vanished from everyone's view along with the amulet.

Even Tang Li Xue did not know what amulet was this, but it was surely something with teleportation ability since both she and Teacher Li Wei instantly appeared in the empty class right now.

"You can take a seat now. Let's begin our lesson for today!" Teacher Li Wei said, while stored back his grey amulet and released his grasp on Tang Li Xue's slender waist.

" Teacher Li... I..." Tang Li Xue hesitated on what she should say to Teacher Li Wei.

Teacher Li Wei laughed at Tang Li Xue's hesitation and explained: "You don't need to worry about anything. All you need to do is just learn everything diligently. Believe me, that Dummy Lan will never say or ask anything about this again to you tomorrow!"

"Eh? Why? But... the two of you seems so...disagreeable with each other?" Tang Li Xue frowned and asked with a tone full of hesitation.

Teacher Li Wei chuckled and replied to Tang Li Xue: "No teacher will prevent his or her student from learning anything useful from the other teachers. That is including me and your Instructor Mei Lan. What she was doing before is to humiliate me in front of you and the other students! She wants me to beg her in order to teach you."

"All the students like you don't know, but the teachers like me and your Instructor Mei Lan have their own faction just like your Inspector Class and Executor Class. You don't need to know or think too much about this. This is only a small game between us, the teachers in Myriad Foxes Academy to relieve our boredom." Teacher Li Wei patted Tang Li Xue's head and explained again patiently.

Tang Li Xue nodded in understanding and swiftly took a seat at the front classroom.

"Today, I will teach something interesting to you so you can show it to that Dummy Lan soon in the future." Teacher Li Wei chuckled at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue's interest was piqued by Teacher Li Wei's words, and she asked: "What will you teach me today?"


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