Reincarnated As a Fox With System
200 Chapter 200: Tang Li Xue“s Strongest Attack!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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200 Chapter 200: Tang Li Xue“s Strongest Attack!

"Vibration... Construct?" Tang Li Xue mumbled in a daze.

This [Vibration Construct] was almost identical with Tang Li Xue's [Energy Manipulation], but the things created from this [Vibration Construct] was coming from Instructor Mei Lan's mastery over her [Demonic Tune]'s vibration, just like how Tang Li Xue created her [Sun Dragon Claw] and [Fire-Wind Sword].

'So everyone can condense anything from their divine abilities if their mastery reached a certain threshold? Doesn't it mean my [Energy Manipulation] is useless? Tsk, oh well... I will think about this later...' Tang Li Xue shook her head to shove away all the distractions in her mind.

Tang Li Xue peeked at her [War Goddess Mode] duration to know how long it will last and realized that she only has less than thirty seconds to defeat Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply and warned Instructor Mei Lan with a solemn expression: "Instructor Lan, my time is not much anymore, so I will go all out now! Please be careful!"

"Hoo? You still have more powerful skills? All right! You can bring it all out and throw them to me!" Instructor Mei Lan laughed and waved her palm.

As Tang Li Xue's instructor, Instructor Mei Lan felt she have the duty to teach Tang Li Xue all about her abilities, so she could improve her overall mastery and use all of them to the fullest in battle, but in order to do so, Instructor Mei Lan must know all about Tang Li Xue's abilities first. That was the reason why Instructor Mei Lan urged Tang Li Xue to go all out in this battle.

Tang Li Xue waved her palm and the dragon claw that hovering on her side followed her movement and shattered Instructor Mei Lan's invisible vibration sword which stuck on her right shoulder.

Tang Li Xue activated all of her movement skills again, and her figure vanished from Instructor Mei Lan's view!

[Extreme Speed], [High-Speed Flight], [Blink], [Gale Step], but she added one more skill now, the [Fire Dash], which propelled Tang Li Xue's figure like a rocket!

Tang Li Xue slashed her palm toward Instructor Mei Lan, and the dragon claw on her side followed her movement again.

"This old trick is getting boring. Could you bring anything else?" Instructor Mei Lan said leisurely as she also waved her palm.


An invisible thin blade made from the condensation of vibration struck Tang Li Xue's dragon claw and cut it in two!

"In the battle of condensation, the size does not matter much. No matter how big the size is, it is still useless if what you create is too brittle. You need to compress your power as much as you can before condense it so your creation will become more solid and powerful. The principle is the same as when you create your firebomb." Instructor Mei Lan told Tang Li Xue while waved her other hand toward her.

The other invisible thin blade condensed out in an instant and mercilessly stabbed into Tang Li Xue's chest.

Beast Race has far more resilient bodies than Human Race, as long as their head and the beast core was still intact, they would not die. That was why Instructor Mei Lan did not worry even if she stabbed Tang Li Xue's body several times with her invisible blades.

Of course, Beast Race would also pass out if they received too many lethal injuries.


Who knows that the Tang Li Xue in front of Instructor Mei Lan was not the real one but only the copy made by Yaya's [Wind Clone] skill!

The real Tang Li Xue was already hovering behind Instructor Mei Lan and locked her target in her vision.

'Instructor Lan, I want to see if you can block this unblockable attack too!' Tang Li Xue sneered as her deep-blue colored right eye was glowing with blazing golden light like a fiery sun.

[Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes]... plus... [Final Strike]!!!

[Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes] was the divine ability to combust any target in Tang Li Xue's right eye vision regardless even if that target was hiding behind the barrier or the shield, as long as that target still in Tang Li Xue's right eye vision, then that target will never be able to dodge, avoid, parry, or defend from her flame at all!

Tang Li Xue even used her most powerful divine abilities which could bypass all form of defense in tandem with her powerful weapon skill which could amplify the damage!

Final Strike (Deal 3x damage, Critical Rate +20%, Attack Speed+ 30%. Cooldown: 1 hour.)


The dark-golden flame burst out Instructor Mei Lan's figure turned her into a man on fire! Even her vibration armor could not help her block Tang Li Xue's attack this time!

The dark-golden flame kept burning Instructor Mei Lan's figure nonstop and it even became fiercer as the time passed as if it would never disperse unless its target completely erased into nothingness!

Tang Li Xue started to feel sorry for Instructor Mei Lan, but she also did not know how to disperse this insane dark-golden flame.

Instructor Mei Lan's burning figure clapped both of her hands, and countless thin invisible sharp swords condensed in an instant.

"Wha...?!" Tang Li Xue never thought that Instructor Mei Lan still planned to attack her under that kind of situation, but it was already too late for her to dodge it all.

Tang Li Xue could only defend try to herself with [Fire Wall] and [Wind Barrier], but unfortunately, many invisible thin sharp swords could still penetrate all of her defense and stabbed toward her.

[Scorching Cyclone Slash]!

Tang Li Xue chopped her hand downward and generated the giant deep-blue fire tornado. This was Yaya's [Cyclone Slash] but also imbued with deep-blue flames from the Phoenix of Pride!


Tang Li Xue's [Scorching Cyclone Slash] was torn apart, but it also managed to shatter all of the invisible thin sharp swords.

Instructor Mei Lan tried many ways to extinguishing the dark-gold flame on her body, but nothing worked, on contrary, the flame was burning fiercer and fiercer.

Instructor Mei Lan also realized something horrible from this dark-gold flame.

This dark-gold flame was on a different level from Tang Li Xue's deep-blue flame, which only has extremely high temperatures!

This dark-gold flame was burning everything! Not only something tangible like bones and flesh but also intangible such as energies, stamina, vitality, soul, and spirit!

'What a horrible flame is this!' Instructor Mei Lan started to feel a bit panicked when she was looking at the extinguishable dark-gold flame.

However, Instructor Mei Lan realized that the horrible dark-gold flame on her body started to decrease bit by bit before it completely extinguished by itself.

Instructor Mei Lan stared at where Tang Li Xue stood before and immediately know the reason for why the fierce dark-gold flame extinguished by itself.

It seems their master, Tang Li Xue already fell unconscious under the backlash of her own [War Goddess Mode] after its duration was over.

Currently, Tang Li Xue was writhing in pain, and her face was extremely pale like a piece of white paper.

Instructor Mei Lan sighed in relief. It would be bad if their fight was drawn out longer, and she was forced to use some stronger moves. Who knows if she will accidentally kill her own student later if she was unlucky.

Instructor Mei Lan stared at the horrible burns on her body and looked at Tang Li Xue with eyes full of admiration. She would never believe it if someone told her a newly evolved demonic beast could do this to her before, but now this student of hers forced her to believe it.

"Unfortunately for you all, I am still winning this game." Instructor Mei Lan laughed and pick Tang Li Xue's body then threw it into her medium-rank space pouch.

"No, I am the one who wins this game!" The sweet luscious voice entered Instructor Mei Lan's ears as the surrounding scene distorted, and they went back to the sparring room.

"You? Are you Little Xue's copy? You can still move around even after the real Tang Li Xue fell unconscious?" Instructor Mei Lan stared dumbfoundedly at Tang Li Xue in front of her eyes.

"No, I am the real Tang Li Xue!" Tang Li Xue laughed at Instructor Mei Lan while spinning the key with her index finger.

Tang Li Xue did not lie to Instructor Mei Lan. She was really the real one.

When the duration of her [War Goddess Mode] was up, Tang Li Xue felt the horrible backlash assaulting her entire body. It was far more painful than she ever felt before.

Not only all of her muscles were aching as if she was tearing to pieces, but she also felt every cell in her body was burned by her own extremely hot deep-blue flames.

The pain was too unimaginable to describe!

Fortunately, she has this life-saving skill!

[Damage Transfer]: The user will be able to transfer any damage she received to the copy. (If the user received a sudden deadly blow, this skill will automatically activate and send the damage to the copy.)

So the real Tang Li Xue transferred all of her wounds and backlash effect to her perfect copy made from the [Twin Moons] divine ability!

Moreover, her copy already kept searching for the key in these three minutes and managed to find it at the gatekeeper room!

The real Tang Li Xue also activated her [Swap] skill and switched her position with her perfect copy without Instructor Mei Lan noticing!

[Swap]: The user exchanged the position with the copy.

'So this is what everyone always said... 'Lose in battle, but win the war'?' Tang Li Xue laughed out loud with her flawless win.

She lost the battle against Instructor Mei Lan, but she managed to win the game in the end!


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