Reincarnated As a Fox With System
199 Chapter 199: High-Speed Battle, Wind VS Sound!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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199 Chapter 199: High-Speed Battle, Wind VS Sound!

Tang Li Xue began to flap her four pairs of beautiful crystal-like fairy wings on her back, and her slender figure was hovering in mid-air.

'I have wanted to try this since a few days ago...' Tang Li Xue thought while smiling in excitement.

[Sun Dragon Claw]... plus... [Energy Manipulation]!!!


The dense amount of deep-blue flame exploded out from Tang Li Xue's body, and it began to condense into two giant dragon claws.

DIfferent from the usual [Sun Dragon Claw] which will disappear after one attack, these two giant dragon claws made from the condensation of both divine abilities will not disappear as long as Tang Li Xue still supplied them with her energies.

 The disadvantage and advantage were clear.

The disadvantage was that it will consume her energies continuously, but she only has 2 more minutes in her [War Goddess Mode] anyway so this did not matter much.

The advantage was that she could use this pair of giant dragon claws to defend and attack at the same time while engaging in the high-speed battle without any delay to condense it like when she used the [Sun Dragon Claw] divine ability alone.

[Extreme Speed]... plus... [High-Speed Flight]... plus... [Blink]... plus... [Gale Step]!

Tang Li Xue's figure vanished from Instructor Mei Lan's view only leaving behind many of her afterimages to confuse Instructor Mei Lan!

'Her speed increased several times again?!' Instructor Mei Lan frowned as her relaxed expression turned a bit solemn.

Instructor Mei Lan snapped her fingers again and teleported several meters away. She was trying to keep her distance with Tang Li Xue.

'Hum... so it is the teleportation ability but the range based on the sound she makes?!' Tang Li Xue started to understand Instructor Mei Lan's ability.

For example, when Instructor Mei Lan made the sound by snapping her fingers, the sound she made will be spreading around in the form of a dome, and she could teleport anywhere in that dome domain made by her sound.

'Then we will see which one is faster! My speed or your teleportation?!' Tang Li Xue thought while laughed softly.


Instructor Mei Lan started to teleport around to keep her distance from Tang Li Xue, while Tang Li Xue was using her [Spirit Perception] and her [Wind God's Eyes] to predict Instructor Mei Lan's movements.

[Wind God's Eyes]: Eyes that capable of seeing through any kind of movement no matter how fast it is and predicting the next few moves accurately.

Every time Instructor Mei Lan teleported, Tang Li Xue was already there waiting for her and smashed down her huge dragon claw toward her!

It was like playing Whack-A-Mole, but Tang Li Xue could already see where it will appear next ahead of time.

Instructor Mei Lan started to get cornered by Tang Li Xue, while Tang Li Xue started to get used to Instructor Mei Lan's movement more and more.

Tang Li Xue's emerald green right eye was glittering brightly under the effect of [Wind God's Eyes].

"There!" Tang Li Xue shouted as she clapped both of her hands. The pair of huge dragon claws followed her movement and clapped toward where Instructor Mei Lan appeared.

Who knows that Instructor Mei Lan did not try to dodge anymore but clapped her hands too!

Tang Li Xue saw a faint smile on Instructor Mei Lan's face and thought: 'Oh, no! Don't tell me she is deliberately baiting me all this time?!'


Tang Li Xue's huge dragon claws clashed violently with Instructor Mei Lan's vibration attack from her [Demonic Tune]!

However, Instructor Mei Lan mixed her other divine ability into her sound attack this time!

[Heavenly Sound]! Which amplified the volume of the sound she made by many times!

The extremely loud sound attack struck Tang Li Xue's eardrum and completely stunned her mind! It even temporarily paralyzed all of the nerves in her brain!

Tang Li Xue went down on one knee while gritted her teeth in pain.

But Instructor Mei Lan was also injured by Tang Li Xue's attack this time since Tang Li Xue also mixed another divine ability into her last attack.

Tang Li Xue secretly inserted the [Demonic Tune]'s divine ability, which she already copied from Instructor Mei Lan into her dragon claws' attack!

Instructor Mei Lan managed to stop Tang Li Xue's attack with her own [Demonic Tune], but Tang Li Xue's [Demonic Tune] effect struck her in return and hurt some of her internal organs!

Instructor Mei Lan coughed a mouthful of blood, but her condition was still far better than Tang Li Xue.

Instructor Mei Lan dashed toward Tang Li Xue to land the finishing blow to the paralyzed Tang Li Xue!


However, the tall deep-blue flame's [Fire Wall] and the fierce [Wind Barrier] swiftly protected Tang Li Xue and forced Instructor Mei Lan to stop in her tracks before she could touch Tang Li Xue!

Tang Li Xue was still stunned by Instructor Mei Lan's sound attack, but she did not fight alone this time! There were still Blue Phoenix of Pride and Yaya that could protect her from all harm!

It was only in an emergency situation like this that the Blue Phoenix of Pride and Yaya could put aside their discord and reach consensus!

 [Fire-Wind Sword]!

The combination of [Wind Sword] and [Flame Arrow] created this new skill!

More than fifty deep-blue colored [Fire-Wind Swords] with an extremely high-temperature were formed in an instant and rained down at once upon Instructor Mei Lan!

Instructor Mei Lan did not dare to tarry and snapped her fingers again to teleport away!

However, more than fifty deep-blue colored [Fire-Wind Swords] kept chasing after her relentlessly like homing missiles.

Instructor Mei Lan smashed her fist toward the ground, and the vibration attack from her [Demonic Tune] struck the fifty deep-blue colored [Fire-Wind Swords] and sent all of them flying away.

Instructor Mei Lan stared in Tang Li Xue's direction to check if she was still stunned or not, but Tang Li Xue already vanished from where she was before!

'She is behind me?!' Instructor Mei Lan found Tang Li Xue's location immediately after she focused all of her senses to detect everything around her.

[Gale Prison]!

A giant tornado locked Instructor Mei Lan on the place she stood, but unfortunately, it could not prevent her from teleporting away.

Instructor Mei Lan snapped her fingers and teleported away like usual, but she did not realize that Tang Li Xue was actually only baiting her too this time.

The [Gale Prison] was only to cover her trace while the Tang Li Xue who stood behind Instructor Mei Lan was only a [Wind Clone]!

'Let's see if you can repel this super [Fire Bomb] that I compressed to the extreme!' Tang Li Xue's huge dragon claws were holding a dark-blue ball as big as a soccer ball and threw it with all of her strength toward Instructor Mei Lan's direction!


Tang Li Xue did not see clearly if her super compressed [Fire Bomb] managed to hit Instructor Mei Lan or not, but the devastating explosion destroyed everything in that palace and made everything collapsed into nothingness.

Even Tang Li Xue herself did not spare and blew away several tens of meters backward.

Fortunately, the deep-blue flame with its extremely high temperature from Blue Phoenix of Pride could not hurt Tang Li Xue at all or she would probably already turn into roasted fox even with her extremely high fire resistance.

Now Tang Li Xue started to regret using this move and felt really worried about Instructor Mei Lan's safety.

"Hm... Not bad! No, you are really strong! At first, I don't even think that you can push me this far! Now... I am starting to look forward to see more from you, so don't disappoint me!" The gentle voice and giggle echoed from behind the sea of deep-blue flames.

Instructor Mei Lan's figure was slowly hovering up in a leisure manner from inside the sea of deep-blue flames.

Instructor Mei Lan was still completely unhurt even after received Tang Li Xue's super powerful [Fire Bomb].

The extremely hot deep-blue flame tried to touch Instructor Mei Lan's slender figure, but it failed to even get closer to her as the air around her started to fluctuate and rippling.

"What the hell is that?! An invisible armor? The armor created from sound? No, it should be created from the air vibration? Holysh*t! The vibration armor?!" Tang Li Xue murmured in shock as she was completely stunned by the ability Instructor Mei Lan used.

"There is no limit on how we can use our divine abilities. Everything is possible as long as we kept raising our proficiency in using it. The limit only exists in our imagination. Did you know this proverb? The Human Race is using 100 weapons and 100 Martial Arts to deal with 100 different kinds of situations, but we Beast Races are using 1 divine ability to deal with 100 different kinds of situations." Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently and explained.

"Just like my [Demonic Tune], there are many ways on how to use vibration. This armor is only one of them. I can even use them like this!" Instructor Mei Lan pointed her index finger toward Tang Li Xue.

The distance between Instructor Mei Lan and Tang Li Xue was more than fifty meters right now, but...


Tang Li Xue's right shoulder was bleeding as if an invisible sword stabbed only her flesh and penetrated through her back!

'She can create more than fifty meters long sword made from vibration in an instant?!'Tang Li Xue coughed out a mouthful of blood but the surprise in her heart made her completely forget about her wound and pain.

 "This is not a skill or divine ability. I created it myself from the vibration made from the [Demonic Tune]. I called it, [Vibration Construct]." Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently like always while explaining her own ability to Tang Li Xue.


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