Reincarnated As a Fox With System
198 Chapter 198: All Out Battle, War Goddess Mode!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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198 Chapter 198: All Out Battle, War Goddess Mode!

"Fifty percent?" Tang Li Xue asked, but she felt a bit disappointed.

If Instructor Mei Lan already used fifty percent of her overall strength then Tang Li Xue could surely win against Instructor Mei Lan if she went all out.

However, Instructor Mei Lan shook her head.

Tang Li Xue widened her topaz blue eyes in disbelief and shock as she took a few steps backward from Instructor Mei Lan.

"It's less than 5%. So you don't need to worry about accidentally hurt me." Instructor Mei Lan confirmed Tang Li Xue's guess.

Instructor Mei Lan laughed at Tang Li Xue's stunned expression, and she shouted: " Sparring Room Number 2391, granted permission to enter the Training Mode: Trap House!"

Not long after Instructor Mei Lan shouted, Yaya appeared out of nowhere in front of them.

Yaya looked around in confusion, but her emerald green eyes brightened up when she saw Tang Li Xue.

Yaya immediately jumped toward Tang Li Xue and hugged her neck while giggling happily.

"Instructor Lan?" Tang Li Xue looked at Instructor Mei Lan in puzzlement.

"As I said before, I want to see you go all out. So I want you to use your blue flame of the 7 Earthly Desire Spirits along with your [Divine Possession] with this little one! Use everything at your disposal to fight me without holding anything back!" Instructor Mei Lan said with a solemn tone as the gentle smile on her face completely vanished.

Overbearing momentum exploded out from Instructor Mei Lan's slender body after she said everything she wanted to say.

The powerful momentum was rolling out wave after wave made Tang Li Xue's copy slit backward several meters.

Tang Li Xue also knew that Instructor Mei Lan was very serious this time.

She clearly wanted to test the limit of Tang Li Xue's true strength after Tang Li Xue evolved into [Uncommon] grade demonic beast today.

 Tang Li Xue knew she could not turn down Instructor Mei Lan's request this time since Instructor Mei Lan already knew almost all of her secrets. Of course, her system was the only exception.

Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply and used [Swap] to exchange her position with her copy.

[Swap]: The user exchanged the position with the copy.

But Tang Li Xue was still in a big dilemma right now.

Tang Li Xue could still use the Flame of Pride even without the Blue Phoenix of Pride's help, but the effect would be very limited, and the firepower will also not very high.

'Oh well... at least I can try to the power of my current Flame of Pride right now! Yaya! Let's enter [Divine Possession] form!' Tang Li Xue told Yaya with the connection in their mind.

Yaya nodded to Tang Li Xue and turned into a green light then entered Tang Li Xue's forehead.

Who knows that after Yaya initiated the [Divine Possession] with Tang Li Xue, the blue Phoenix of Pride in her Dantian woken up and screeching in anger as if Yaya took its personal space or something like that.

'Why are you angry now when you always sleep all the time? Okay, since you are wake up now then help me to fight!' Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes to the blue Phoenix of Pride's arrogant attitude.


The deep-blue flame mixed with dark-gold color exploded out from Tang Li Xue's body along with a violent windstorm!

The deep-blue flame mixed with the windstorm and grew bigger and bigger until they became an enormous pillar of deep-blue flame!

Even Instructor Mei Lan's powerful momentum was completely dispersed by the extremely high-temperature of deep-blue flame which melted everything without touching it!

Then the enormous pillar of deep-blue flame changed its shape into the giant phoenix!


The giant deep-blue phoenix cried loudly before it sucked into Tang Li Xue's body!

Tang Li Xue slowly opened her eyes.

The color of her right eye changed into deep-blue color with the dark-gold color at the center.

While the color of her left eye changed into the glittering emerald green.

The four pairs of beautiful crystal-like fairy wings sprouted from Tang Li Xue's back.

Tang Li Xue also wore a silver tiara decorated with many glittering green emeralds on the top of her head.

Her slender body was covered by the extremely high-temperature deep-blue flames as if she was wearing the gorgeous dress condensed from the deep-blue flame!

Tang Li Xue entered the same state as the first time when she was doing her first [Divine Possession] with Yaya.

At that time the gentle wind power and the overbearing flame power blended perfectly in her body.

But now it was completely different!

The gentle wind power already evolved into the destructive windstorm, which powerful enough to wreak havoc everything!

The overbearing flame power also already merged with the tiny bit of Sun Dragon Flame and evolved into something unimaginably powerful, which surpassed all the common sense!

The two elemental spirits were still hostile towards each other as usual, but strangely, the fire and wind elementals could still perfectly blend in harmony like Yin and Yang.

Each of these elemental spirits was already crazily powerful, but now, the combination of these fire and wind elementals strengthen themselves even more.

Previously, their strength was still too low, so their combination was like ten times ten which equals one hundred.

But now, each of these elemental spirits already has the strength one hundred or even two or three hundred, so the current strength of their combination was hard to estimate!

Tang Li Xue also felt something different from the usual [Divine Possession] right now.

It was as if she, Yaya, and the blue Phoenix of Pride did not merely combine their strength but completely merged into one entity!


[The user has entered perfect synchronization with Yaya and Phoenix of Pride!]

[War Goddess Mode duration: 00:03:00]

Tang Li Xue looked at the system log and widened her eyes in shock and disbelief.

'Perfect... synchronization? War Goddess Mode?! Woah! So awesome! So this is the true power of our new combined strength!' Tang Li Xue giggled happily.

Actually, Tang Li Xue could still improve her strength even further by merging with her [Twin Moons]'s perfect copy.

[Merge]: Merge the copy with the user's body. Doubled the user's status for 1 hour! (The copy needs to be sacrificed to activate this ability.)

But if she used this [Merge] skill, then she will need to sacrifice her perfect copy, and she would need to take the moonlight bath for 9 nights to recover it back.

While she needs her perfect copy to inscribe many talismans every day for her to sell since she used all of her time to train the [Art of Concealment] and continue to improve her cultivation.

"Instructor Lan, are you sure about this?" Tang Li Xue asked Instructor Mei Lan again while grasped her fist tighter.

She felt her body was filled with incredible power, and she could crush everything she wanted.

"Are you sure you want to waste your time like this? I know you could not maintain that powerful form for long, right? Come!" Instructor Mei Lan sneered at Tang Li Xue and put her battle stance.

However, Tang Li Xue's slender figure instantly vanished from Instructor Mei Lan's view.

Instructor Mei Lan would never believe that Tang Li Xue could move fast enough that she could not see Tang Li Xue's movements at all, so the only answer was the teleport-type skill!

Instructor Mei Lan's guess was completely correct because Tang Li Xue had used her [Shadow Flash] to teleport onto Instructor Mei Lan's shadow!

Tang Li Xue close the gap between them in an instant, and she never planned to fight a long and arduous battle with Instructor Mei Lan since she only has less than 3 minutes to defeat Instructor Mei Lan before her [War Goddess Mode] wears off.

Tang Li Xue did not hold back her strength at all. She waved her palm downward while using her [Sun Dragon Claw]!

A huge dragon claw condensed from the extremely high-temperature deep-blue flame swung down toward Instructor Mei Lan!

Tang Li Xue saw Instructor Mei Lan did not panic at all but instead smiled at her before she snapped her finger.


The huge dragon claw did not only destroy the stony road but also evaporated everything it touched into nothingness!

'She vanished too?!' Tang Li Xue became alarmed when she saw Instructor Mei Lan suddenly disappeared from her view.

Tang Li Xue thought Instructor Mei Lan would use her [Demonic Tune]'s vibration to destroy her attack like usual, but she was wrong because Instructor Mei Lan knew she could not destroy Tang Li Xue's attack so easily this time.

Tang Li Xue immediately pushed her [Spirit Perception] and [Five Senses Enhancement] to the maximum to find Instructor Mei Lan's whereabouts.

'Dammit! Instructor Mei Lan's mastery over [Art of Concealment] is already so much more profound than mine!' Tang Li Xue thought.

With Yaya's ability to sense the surrounding wind flow, Tang Li Xue managed to detect Instructor Mei Lan's whereabouts as if the wind itself told her about Instructor Mei Lan's location.

With speed enhancement of [Extreme Speed], Tang Li Xue easily dodged Instructor Mei Lan's sneak attack and even used another [Sun Dragon Claw] to counterattack!

Instructor Mei Lan snapped her fingers again and vanished once again from Tang Li Xue's view before appearing ten meters away from Tang Li Xue.


The huge dragon claw failed to hit Instructor Mei Lan's body and only destroyed the stony road below Tang Li Xue's feet.

"So you are only at this level? Come on! At least, show me something more interesting!" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently as usual and provoked Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue smiled back at Instructor Mei Lan and said: "Don't worry, Instructor Lan! This is only warming up. Please be really careful from now on, because I am going to get a bit more serious!"


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