Reincarnated As a Fox With System
197 Chapter 197: Instructor Mei Lan“s Terrifying Deduction!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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197 Chapter 197: Instructor Mei Lan“s Terrifying Deduction!

When Tang Li Xue's perfect copy dashed toward Instructor Mei Lan to attack back, but Instructor Mei Lan rose her hand signaled Tang Li Xue to stop.

Tang Li Xue's copy halted her step and stared at Instructor Mei Lan in puzzlement.

"Do you know why I can track you until here?" Instructor Mei Lan smiled gently as always and asked Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue's copy blinked and blinked again as her mind turned blank.

"Eh? Why? Uh... don't tell me that Silly Fox said something about me to you?" Tang Li Xue's copy asked in bewilderment.

Instructor Mei Lan shook her head and began to explain: "You appeared first at one of the bedrooms in the Palace of Tranquility. You ransacked everything in that room but failed to find anything. You did not check the other bedrooms in the Palace of Tranquility and decided to split up with your copy from there."

"You and your copy headed straight to the Hall of Ancestry Worship and the Imperial Study. You tried to find any clue about the key's whereabouts there but still failed to find anything, so one of you decided to go to the Royal Dining Room and met with the black one at the Imperial Kitchen. However, you decided to split up with the black one again and heading to the east. Am I right?" Instructor Mei Lan raised her eyebrows and asked for Tang Li Xue's confirmation.

Both of Tang Li Xue and her copy dropped their jaw in shock and murmured in disbelief: "How... How did you know all of that?!"

Instructor Mei Lan giggled and explained again: "First, you did not close the door again after you open it. Second, you did not even tidy the first room you messed up. Third, all the traps you triggered was really clear for me to see. I even know that you used a grappling hook to jump out from the trap hole."

'Damn! Instructor Lan is really scarily smart!' Tang Li Xue and her copy shuddered slightly.

The smile on Instructor Mei Lan immediately vanished, and her face turned solemn as she lectured Tang Li Xue: "The point is you must cover your trace carefully if you don't want other people to know."

"But look at you! You tried to cover your secret from everyone but you leave your trace all over the place! Are you an idiot or what?!" Instructor Mei Lan pointed her index finger to Tang Li Xue and scold her harshly.

Tang Li Xue's copy tilted her head in confusion because she still did not understand what Instructor Mei Lan means.

"Sigh... so you still don't get what I mean? Okay, I will point it out for you more clearly. You escaped from the Asura Demon Sect together with the winged lizard from Lizard Clan before, right?" Instructor Mei Lan squinted her eyes and asked Tang Li Xue.

This incident was a big one, so almost all the famous sects or Beast Races knew about this.

Of course, it was also because Mo Chonglin twisted out the story according to his preference and told everyone that the winged lizard was the one that killed the previous patriarch before it escaped from Asura Demon Sect.

Mo Chonglin even offered the exorbitant prize to anyone who could offer the information about the winged lizard, so many people paid more attention to the news about the winged lizard, but Mo Chonglin's true motive was that he actually wanted to catch the winged lizard back.

Instructor Mei Lan did not tell Tang Li Xue about this because she did not want to make Tang Li Xue worry. That winged lizard was already in the Lizard Race's home anyway, so nobody could touch it anymore.

If Fox Race was known as the most beautiful race, then the Lizard Race was known as the most arrogant and overbearing race since they always thought they were the true dragon's descendants.

According to Instructor Mei Lan's speculation, it would not be long before the Lizard Race will retaliate against the Asura Demon Sect.

Tang Li Xue's body trembled violently this time after she heard Instructor Mei Lan's words. Tang Li Xue's copy stared at Instructor Mei Lan with eyes full of fear and disbelief.

"You got that little fairy's egg on your way to our trial's place. No, to be more precise, you actually robbed the egg from the Twin-Saber Gang and the Wen Family's people. You and that winged lizard took a few days detour to avoid the rage of that fairy's mother but accidentally met with Bi Fang from Firebird Clan and help it to defeat the Baihui Kingdom's armies. So far there are no problems with your background but the main problem lies ahead after this..." Instructor Mei Lan kept staring at Tang Li Xue's expression to judge her reaction.

'Holysh*t!!! This Instructor Mei Lan... She disappeared for several days not to complete her mission but to investigate about me?!' Tang Li Xue's face turned pale in an instant when she realized this fact.

Again... this incident was also not a small one!

After Tang Li Xue took Yaya under her wings, Yaya's mother was searching everywhere about her egg's whereabouts and nearly uprooted several big forces in Lightwind Continent!

Twin-Saber Gang was not a big force and only a group of lawless bandits, but Wen Family was different!

Wen Family was one of the most reputable cultivator families in the Lightwind Continent!

Of course, the ones who fought against the Twin-Saber Gang for the egg were only from the insignificant branch of the Wen Family.

However, Yaya's mother came knocking to the front gate of the Wen Family's main headquarter and slaughter almost everyone there!

This news was an earth-shattering one! The usual peace-loving elemental spirit was actually started to slaughter everyone she saw mindlessly!

All the big forces in Lightwind Continent was drowned in panic and anxiousness, afraid if the cruel elemental spirit would come knocking their door today or tomorrow, so they moved swiftly and tried to find out the reason behind it.

It did not take them long to know that the elemental spirit was in fact, searching for her missing egg!

It was not hard to find out where the missing egg was, because the group which consisting of the wanted Winged Lizard, savage beast-rank silver fox, and a tiny green fairy was so conspicuous to anyone.

"There was a Divine Treasure's birth phenomenon at the Zhuhong Volcano one or two months ago. I wonder if you know about this?" Instructor Mei Lan sneered at Tang Li Xue.

Instructor Mei Lan's words were like thunder that shattered Tang Li Xue's mind. Tang Li Xue's thoughts turned completely blank when she heard it.

If the previous two news were an appetizer, then this news about Divine Treasure's birth was the main headlines!

It did not only made all the big forces and Beast Race turned crazy with greed, even the other big forces from other continents had already begun to reaching out their hands to obtain this Divine Treasure!

Tang Li Xue did not know what to say as if she turned mute, but she still instinctively shook her head vigorously to deny it.

"Then why you and that winged lizard friend of yours came from that Zhuhong Volcano's direction?" Instructor Mei Lan laughed at Tang Li Xue's reaction.

Tang Li Xue could no longer bear Instructor Mei Lan's interrogation so decided to believe Instructor Mei Lan once more and admit it.

With Instructor Mei Lan's intelligence, she would surely already deduce that the Divine Treasure was in Tang Li Xue's hand or Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's hand.

So Tang Li Xue immediately explained: "Instructor Lan... Honestly, the Divine Treasure is in my hand but I can't give it to anyone anymore now. It's futile even if I ask me about it because... that Divine Treasure is already merged with my body!"

"I already know that." Instructor Mei Lan answered with a leisure tone and giggled at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue almost stumbled forward and planted her face onto the ground when she heard Instructor Mei Lan's light answer.

"I was there when you evolved into a Demonic Beast before. Remember? From your abnormal phenomenon, I connected it with all the clues about you and deduced everything. That's why I told you that you are an idiot! Because you tried to hide your head, but you forgot to hide your tail!" Instructor Mei Lan pouted and scolded Tang Li Xue again.

"You tried to hide the fact that you have the Divine Treasure, but you leave your trace all over the place for everyone to find! It was alright if no one saw your evolution phenomenon but everyone in Myriad Foxes Academy already saw it! It will only take them a few minutes to connect it with the Divine Treasure's phenomenon and figure something out!" Instructor Mei Lan gritted her teeth while explaining.

Tang Li Xue interrupted Instructor Mei Lan's words and tried to defend herself: "Instructor Lan... uh... Okay, my evolution phenomenon was abnormal, but the evolution phenomenon to spirit beast must be even greater, right?!"

Instructor Mei Lan shook her head and explained: "The spirit beast's evolution phenomenon certainly has a greater effect, but it's because of the appearance of Spirit Blessing. There was no Spirit Blessing in your evolution phenomenon, so anyone with enough knowledge could judge that your evolution phenomenon was not the spirit beast one."

The main reason was that no beast has enough power to support such an abnormal phenomenon unless they have a precious item like Divine Treasure to help them.

But this deduction was still far too incomplete!

In fact, it was actually impossible to make such an abnormal phenomenon unless they have Divine Treasure like [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] to support the Yang side, a huge [Crystal Moon Gem] and many Moonlight Mushrooms to support the Yin side, and of course, the most important element which put everything in perfect equilibrium... THE SYSTEM!

Tang Li Xue's heart sank when she heard it and she panicked.

Instructor Mei Lan giggled when she saw Tang Li Xue's anxious expression.

Actually, the situation was not as bad as what Tang Li Xue has thought since no one knows who evolved at that night other than Instructor Mei Lan.

While the reason for why Instructor Mei Lan was able to deduce all of these almost immediately was because she knew that the one who evolved that night was Tang Li Xue.

It was also because Instructor Mei Lan had already seen Tang Li Xue's Golden Winged Serpent and Deep Blue Phoenix along with that two moons and one sun.

But with all the clues Tang Li Xue had left previously on her way, anyone with Instructor Mei Lan's intelligence could trace it back to her!

That was also the reason why Instructor Mei Lan left the Myriad Foxes Academy in a hurry at the night after Tang Li Xue finished her evolution process.

Instructor Mei Lan helped Tang Li Xue carefully erased all of those clues and traces!

There were many ways to do that, such as: leaving many false clues, spreading around several versions of fake news, etc.

All of these were Instructor Mei Lan's area of expertise so of course, she could do it flawlessly.

But Instructor Mei Lan was still very surprised after finding out about what kind of troubles that her student had made before entered Myriad Foxes Academy.

Now they could only hope that no one started the investigation and already gathered all clues about this first before Instructor Mei Lan could erase all of those clues and traces.

"Now you know how to be afraid?" Instructor Mei Lan laughed at Tang Li Xue's nervous and anxious expression.

"But you are still very lucky to put your trust in me that night, so I can erase all the clues and traces about you in time. It's impossible for the outsider to trace everything back to you because they did not see your evolution phenomenon but all the foxes from this Myriad Foxes Academy were different. All of them saw your evolution phenomenon that night." Instructor Mei Lan explained to Tang Li Xue again.

Tang Li Xue's gloomy face brightened like a blooming flower after she heard Instructor Mei Lan's words.

Now, she finally knew that her Instructor Mei Lan had actually helped her to cover her mistakes!

Tang Li Xue was so touched, and her eyes became teary.

" Instructor Lan... Thank you very much!" Tang Li Xue bowed her head to Instructor Mei Lan full of gratitude and respect.

Instructor Mei Lan blushed, and she became really embarrassed by Tang Li Xue's sincere attitude.

She told Tang Li Xue about all of these was not to gain Tang Li Xue's trust, gratitude, or respect but so that Tang Li Xue did not repeat her mistake again in the future.

Besides, Instructor Mei Lan felt it was her job as their teacher to do all of those.

But for Tang Li Xue who only have a handful of people she trusted, this favor was simply too great for her to accept.

"Okay, this is enough! Let's continue with our business!" Instructor Mei Lan waved her hand to disperse the strange atmosphere between them, and her expression turned back to solemn.

"Eh? What? We are still going to fight?" Tang Li Xue raised her head and asked Instructor Mei Lan with a strange tone.

"Of course, we are still going to fight! Not only we are going to fight, but I also want you to go all out this time! I want to see all of your power!" Instructor Mei Lan's lips curved upward in excitement.

"Eh? Eeeehhhhh? What?! Going all out?" Tang Li Xue stared at Instructor Mei Lan in puzzlement and asked.

Instructor Mei Lan rolled her eyes to Tang Li Xue and said: "I already knew all of your secrets, are you still going to lie to me? Do you think I don't recognize that blue flame from 7 Earthly Desire Spirits?"

Tang Li Xue smiled in embarrassment and replied: "Instructor Lan, that deep blue flame is very dangerous. I am afraid I will hurt you with that."

Instructor Mei Lan laughed out loud when she heard Tang Li Xue's reply.

"Do you think I already fight all of you seriously all this time? If I am serious, I can kill all of you with only one snap of my fingers!" Instructor Mei Lan sneered at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue was still staring at Instructor Mei Lan skeptically and asked: "Then how much percent of the power did you use when you fought against all of us before?"

Instructor Mei Lan did not answer Tang Li Xue's question. She only smiled gently as usual and raised five of her fingers.


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