Reincarnated As a Fox With System
195 Chapter 195: Hide and Seek!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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195 Chapter 195: Hide and Seek!

Tang Li Xue told Yaya to wait for her at the corner of the sparring room as usual. Tang Li Xue also promised Yaya that she would ask Instructor Mei Lan about how to let Yaya fight later after today's lesson was over.

Tang Li Xue did not tell Yaya, but she also planned to ask about the strong wind-elemental teacher for Yaya from Instructor Mei Lan later.

"All of you don't need to be that tense. We will only play a simple game today." Instructor Mei Lan assured all of her students and giggling when she saw her students strained expression.

Tang Li Xue and the others frowned deeper when they heard Instructor Mei Lan's words. According to their experience, it was impossible for their Instructor Mei Lan to give them something simple or easy to do.

"Instructor Lan, what kind of game are we going to play today?" Li Jing asked with a tone full of curiosity.

Tang Li Xue and the others were staring at Li Jing with eyes full of admiration. It was really hard for people to stay pure, innocent, and brave like Li Jing after being beaten up so many times by their Instructor Mei Lan.

"We will play an exciting hide and seek game today! I will become the demon, so all of you have to do two things to win this game. First, you must avoid me at all costs. Second, you must find the key and go out of the house as soon as possible." Instructor Mei Lan kept smiling gently and explained step by step.

"There is only one key in the house, so all of you must search for it really carefully. You can also choose to get out alone or meet with the others first before going out. The winner of this game will get 500 credits from me." Instructor Mei Lan continued to explain.

Li Jing raised her hand and asked: "What if Instructor Lan finds the key first before us? Doesn't that mean we will certainly lose?"

"Then all of you just need to defeat me and take the key from me before going out of the house." Instructor Mei Lan stared at Li Jing and answered with her gentle voice.

Well, everyone knew this was impossible, so the only way for them to win was to find that key first before Instructor Mei Lan could.

"Okay let's start the game now! Sparring Room Number 2391, Training Mode: Trap House. Nighttime. Level: 10!" Instructor Mei Lan shouted.

'What? Trap... House?!' Tang Li Xue and the others instantly alarmed.

"By the way, I forgot to warn all of you. The house is full of dangerous traps so... be very careful at where you step." Instructor Mei Lan laughed with her sweet voice, but the content of her words was pleasant to hear at all.

Before Tang Li Xue and the others could complain, their surrounding scene was faded away and everything turned dark in an instant.

With Tang Li Xue's [Night Vision]'s ability, she could still clearly see her surroundings.

Tang Li Xue looked around and realized that she was currently inside the empty bedroom but the furniture inside was still complete from the luxurious double size bed, dressing table, etc.

'All the furniture, antiques, and decorations here were very luxurious. This place should be called the palace rather than the house! How could I find a tiny key in the place as big as this?!' Tang Li Xue rubbed her forehead with her slender finger while kept thinking.

Tang Li Xue was still in the bedroom but somehow she could guess that this house was as big as the palace in the Forbidden City maybe even bigger just from the luxurious furniture and antiques.

'Maybe this is all thanks to [Intelligence Enhancement], [Sharpen Mind], [Calculation], [Prediction], [Focus], and [Concentration]?! Whatever... I must think about how I could find the key as soon as possible for now! Let's try to search it inside this room!' Tang Li Xue began to rummaging the bedroom.

'As an inspector, this kind of thing should be our main job later. We have to find something we want as quickly as possible while avoiding being found by any guards. That is why Instructor Lan started to training us in this matter earlier.' Tang Li Xue nodded her head in understanding.


When Tang Li Xue pulled out a drawer, several sharp arrows shot out from inside it towards Tang Li Xue's face.

Tang Li Xue only tilted her head a bit, and all of these sharp arrows flew pass a few centimeters from her face.

Tang Li Xue could have dodged all of these effortlessly even if she encountered it yesterday, especially now that she already had two new skills which improve her evasive ability: [Decrease Reaction-Time] and [Increase Evasion].

"Sigh... This is really troublesome! So I even have to meet with this kind of traps when I try to find the key?" Tang Li Xue sighed and complained in her heart.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability again and summoned out her perfect copy to help her search around the bedroom.

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy met with many kinds of traps such as explosions, landmines, poison gas, and even sleeping gas.

Thankfully Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy were fast enough to avoid them all, but they need at least five minutes or more just to search around this bedroom and who knows how many bedrooms in this palace.

Both Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy activated their [Ethereal Form] at the same time, and their slender figures turned completely transparent.

Tang Li Xue and her perfect copy decided to head to two different directions so they could search for the key more efficiently.


Tang Li Xue's head and her copy's head bumped heavily onto the solid wall!

Tang Li Xue has high Toughness stat and [Regeneration] skill, so her head only felt a bit sore and it completely recovered in five seconds.

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock and disbelief. She slowly raised her hand and tried to poke the wall in front of her with her fingers.

'How the hell could I touch this wall in my [Ethereal Form]?! Is this wall made from the special material or my [Ethereal Form] lose its effect?!' Tang Li Xue widened her eyes, but she still forgot to close her jaw.

Tang Li Xue inhaled deeply to calm herself down and tried to hold a nearby vase. Her transparent hand passed through the vase when she tried to grasp it.

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and thought: 'It seems this wall made from the special material, so I can't pass through it even with my [Ethereal Form]. Oh well, I will only need to search all the rooms one by one in my [Ethereal Form]!'

Tang Li Xue tried to push the door open while in her [Ethereal Form] and she could actually touch the door too.

There was a long corridor with many doors outside the bedroom.

Tang Li Xue and her copy choose to head toward two different directions and opened the doors one by one.

'All of these bedrooms are identical with the first one. It's impossible for the key to be placed here! I must find a special place that is different from the others.' Tang Li Xue and her copy decided to ignore all of these bedrooms.




Bing Yi slowly opened her eyes and found herself in the center of the large hall. The sky outside was dark so the time setting in this training room should be at nighttime.

"I should try to find Little Xue and Silly Black first before trying to find the key." Bing Yi thought for a while and murmured her decision.

Bing Yi climbed the stairs and sneakily peeked from above the building. She managed to see Gan Aomiao walked timidly while looking at her right and left at the courtyard.

"So... only Gan Aomiao? I don't mean to look down on her, but her divine ability is completely useless in this kind of situation. She will only become a burden to me if we are together." Bing Yi shook her head in disappointment, but she still decided to meet with Gan Aomiao in the end.

Bing Yi got down from the stairs and went out from the large hall through the gate. She ran towards the courtyard where she saw Gan Aomiao.

Strangely, she failed to find Gan Aomiao even after she searched around the courtyard for a few minutes.

"Why I can't find her? Where is she going?" Bing Yi tapped her chin with her finger while thinking.

However, Bing Yi frowned deeply when she realized there was something strange with her shadow under the moonlight.

She actually has two shadows under her feet!

Bing Yi swiftly turned her body and looked around, but she failed to find anything strange!

Bing Yi looked downward at her shadow again, and she still saw someone shadow stood behind her shadow!

Bing Yi did not hesitate to activate her [Freezing Field], but before she could do that...


Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack... Crack...

Something hard heavily hit her spine and shattered many of her bones. It even fatally injured many of her internal organs.

Bing Yi passed out before she even had the time to see who attacked her. She actually failed to sense that there was someone stealthy stood behind her!

"Sigh... what a disappointment! I have already stood behind you since a few minutes ago, but you still failed to notice my presence. Two down, four more to go!" The familiar gentle female voice entered Bing Yi's ears before she completely lost her consciousness.


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