Reincarnated As a Fox With System
194 Chapter 194: Buying New Skills! 2
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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194 Chapter 194: Buying New Skills! 2

"Do any of you know where Instructor Lan went a few days ago?" Tang Li Xue asked Li Jing and the others.

"Little Xue, do you know that all instructors and teachers in the Education Department... no, even all the Elite Class Teams or Senior and Undergraduate rank student's teams from Executor and Inspector Class need to complete one mission outside the Myriad Foxes Academy every month?" Li Jing tilted her head and answered Tang Li Xue.

"Eh? Really? So even all of us need to complete one mission outside the Myriad Foxes Academy every month after we reach Senior and Undergraduate rank later?" Tang Li Xue frowned and asked again to confirm it.

Li Jing only nodded to answer Tang Li Xue's question.

"But I heard the mission given by the Education Department is very secretive, but the reward is far more bountiful than the mission at the mission hall." Li Jing explained again.

Tang Li Xue and the others started to lick their lips impatiently while imagining the huge amount of credits they would get if they really could complete the mission from the Education Department.

What every fox in Myriad Foxes Academy needed the most and will never be enough? Of course, the credits!

There were countless good items in Myriad Foxes Academy, such as miracle fruits which could grant divine abilities, High-Level beast cores, and many others more. All of those could only be bought with an astronomical amount of credits!

'Sigh... I am really still too poor! I need to work harder and get more credits!' Tang Li Xue sighed in frustration.

If her words were heard by the other freshmen students and they knew how many credits Tang Li Xue have right now, they would probably strangle Tang Li Xue to death in anger.

Tang Li Xue only arrived at Foxes Myriad Foxes less than one month ago, but she already accumulated almost 50,000 credits in her bronze cards right now while the other freshmen students probably only have 1,000 - 2,000 credits in their cards.

Tang Li Xue, Li Jing, and the others kept chatting full of enthusiasm about the mission they would accept from the Education Department in the future, and all of them unknowingly arrived at the Education Building.

Instructor Mei Lan already waited for them at Education Building's entrance like usual.

Instructor Mei Lan's gentle smile was blooming beautifully like the orchids at the sunset when she saw Tang Li Xue and the others.

"It seems that all of you fare better than I expected. I even heard all of you won the match against Zhirou's students yesterday. Not bad! I will reward each of you with 500 credits." Instructor Mei Lan took out her white jade badge, and several white lights shot out from it.

Each white light entered the bronze badges of Tang Li Xue and the others, increased their total amount of credits by 500.

Tang Li Xue, Bing Yi, Hei Yinghao, and the others were a bit surprised because the cheapskate Instructor Mei Lan gave them this much rewards today, usually she would only give them 50 to 100 credits.

"Let's go! I will let you all learn something new today!" Instructor Mei Lan waved her hand and walked deeper into Education Building.

Tang Li Xue and the others quickly followed behind Instructor Mei Lan.

Surprisingly, their lesson today was not in the classroom, but they were heading straight to the second floor.

"Instructor Lan, so we will only have the fighting lesson for today?" Li Jing asked with a tone full of curiosity.

"You are only half correct. All of you will undergo what Zhirou's students have been training starting today." Instructor Mei Lan giggled gently at them.

Li Jing, Tang Li Xue, and the others immediately shuddered violently in fear and horror. Nothing good would happen to them every time their terrifying Instructor Mei Lan giggled like that.

'Sigh... I know this will happen today after I heard Instructor Lan's return. It seems our suffering has already come.' Tang Li Xue silently groaned in her heart.

'Oh? Wait a minute?! If I used my perfect copy to replace me, doesn't it mean the real me doesn't need to follow this training? Uwehehehe... I am so smart!' Tang Li Xue's topaz blue eyes brightened like a pair of blue stars, and she smiled full of mischievousness.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form], and her slender figure instantly vanished into thin air.

Then Tang Li Xue activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability and summoned out her perfect copy to replace her place.

"Instructor Lan, what kind of training Instructor Zhirou gave to her students? Is it to strengthen our teamwork? Because Zhirou's students have really solid teamwork yesterday." Li Jing asked again.

Among Tang Li Xue and the others, only Li Jing was really curious about this training and impatiently looking forward to it.

"Again, it is only half correct. Just wait and see! I bet all of you will not get bored with this training." Instructor Mei Lan chuckled as she booked one of the sparring rooms from the second-floor supervisor.

"Activate the training mode formation for me." Instructor Mei Lan added.

 The second-floor supervisor nodded his head to Instructor Mei Lan respectfully and rotated one of the stacked stone slates.

 Tang Li Xue did not understand what he had done, but she could faintly hear the clicking sound as if something has been activated.

"Let's go!" Instructor Mei Lan brought all of them into the sparring room.

Tang Li Xue also controlled her perfect copy with her mind and entered the sparring room with them.

Who knows that Instructor Mei Lan turned around and stared at the invisible Tang Li Xue then said: "What are you doing outside? You also come in!"

Tang Li Xue: 'Eh???!!!'

Tang Li Xue tried to walk to the right side, but Instructor Mei Lan's eyes kept following her.

'Impossible! How could she still see me?! I have already trained the [Art of Concealment] for almost one month! I also have [Conceal] and [Ethereal Form] activated!' Tang Li Xue's heart screamed in disbelief.

"So your new divine ability allows you to split yourself in two?! Not bad! It is also extremely identical to the real one! If you use it before you met me, you would certainly able to trick me with that." Instructor Mei Lan kept maintaining the gentle smile on her face, but her words stabbed mercilessly into Tang Li Xue's heart.

"Unfortunately, you use it in front of my eyes. Do you really think I am blind or something? Who do you think gave you that book before? Your level of mastery is only at scratched the surface, and now you want to use your pathetic level [Art of Concealment] to hide from me?" Instructor Mei Lan's words shredded Tang Li Xue's confidence to tiny pieces.

"Instructor Lan, I am just joking with you. I know I am wrong so please forgive me! Okay, let's go and enter the sparring room now! I cannot wait to undergo today's training!" Tang Li Xue canceled her [Ethereal Form] and said with a tone full of impatience as if she could not wait for the training anymore.

Instructor Mei Lan only chuckled at Tang Li Xue's exaggerating act and entered the sparring room together with her.


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