Reincarnated As a Fox With System
192 Chapter 192: Inscription Lesson! 2
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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192 Chapter 192: Inscription Lesson! 2

The inscription Pen in the perfect copy's hand was white like it was made from white jade. It looked beautiful and elegant, perfectly suited with Tang Li Xue as if it was specially designed for her.

Tang Li Xue held the white-colored Inscription Pen with her slender fingers, it felt cold and comfortable in her grasp. Tang Li Xue instantly fond with this white-colored inscription Pen after only holding it for a few moments.

She smiled gently and stroked it gently with her left hand while holding it firmly with her right hand.

Teacher Li Wei silently smiled behind his fox mask when he saw how fond Tang Li Xue with that Inscription Pen. Actually, he especially designed that Inscription Pen yesterday night as an exchange for Tang Li Xue's enhanced Talisman.

"The way you hold that pen is wrong! Where did you learn it before? From your human teacher?" Teacher Li Wei held Tang Li Xue's hand from behind and corrected the way she held the Inscription Pen.

"Your body posture is wrong! Why are you bending like that? Your spine should always straight!"

"Your Inscription Pen must always stand up straight too!"

"Never let your wrist touches the talisman paper! Use your left hand to hold your right sleeve!"

"Your wrist should move more flexible! Wrist flexion is very important!"

The real Tang Li Xue who sat in the library twitched her pinkish lips in annoyance.

Teacher Li Wei basically criticized everything about her from her body posture, the way she held the Inscription Pen, even the way she moved her wrist, fingers, and hand.

Tang Li Xue never thought that Teacher Li Wei would teach her for the entire day until the sky turned dark.

But what she learned today was only about the correct body posture and how to hold the Inscription Pen.

Teacher Li Wei finally let Tang Li Xue go home after he realized it was already night.

"You should be more careful in the future. Zi Yan will not dare to do anything in Myriad Foxes Academy, but there is no guarantee if she will not do anything outside in the future." Teacher Li Wei warned Tang Li Xue a bit.

"Teacher Li, why are you kept avoiding her like this? Why don't you reject her directly?" Tang Li Xue asked curiously.

"Do you think I am playing with her feeling or something like that? I already reject her feeling hundreds of times, but she kept sticking to me like super glue! She even threatens any female who got close to me like the other teachers and even my own students!" Teacher Li Wei rolled his eyes and explained.

"What a psycho?! Why not teach her a lesson so she would never dare to get close to you ever again?" Tang Li Xue suggested to Teacher Li Wei.

"It is easy for you to say that, but the problem is not that simple. Do you know that woman's identity and her backing?" Teacher Li Wei stared at Tang Li Xue and asked.

"Eh? Who?" Tang Li Xue asked in curiosity.

"Zi Yan's elder sister is Zi Hua, the current President of the Inscriptionist Association here." Teacher Li Wei's words were like lightning, which struck Tang Li Xue's mind.

Teacher Li Wei and Tang Li Xue walked together toward the Education Building's entrance, but Tang Li Xue immediately halted her step.

"Teacher Li, can I change my mind now? Is it already too late if I apologized to that Zi Yan now and promised to cut all of my relationship with you in the future?" Tang Li Xue asked with a pitiful tone.

Teacher Li Wei laughed out loud and asked back: "Do you think it possible?"

Tang Li Xue stomped her feet in anger and kept staring at Teacher Li Wei with resentment from behind.

"Don't worry, I will protect you from now on." Teacher Li Wei said one sentence to Tang Li Xue and walked away from her after they reached the entrance.

'What do you mean you will protect me?! You don't even dare to confront that Zi Yan alone without dragging me with you!' Tang Li Xue thought in her mind.

The real Tang Li Xue canceled her [Ethereal Form], and she appeared from behind the perfect copy.

Tang Li Xue also canceled her [Twin Moons] divine ability and the perfect copy which stood in front of her vanished in an instant.

Tang Li Xue's harvest today was not bad at all. She managed to create seventeen [Talismans of Regeneration +1] and eleven [Talismans of Regeneration +2] in sixty tries.

Tang Li Xue started to believe that correcting body posture and how to hold the Inscription Pen was actually really increased her chance of creating the talisman.

Previously her success chance was only 20% to 30%, but now, it seems increased to around 50%.

Tang Li Xue came to Auction House first to put all of her [Talismans of Regeneration +1] and [Talismans of Regeneration +2] on the auction list, but she decided to take the credits from selling it tomorrow at the same hours.

Tang Li Xue brought the sleeping Yaya back to Residential Building first before she woke up Yaya to eat at the luxurious restaurant on the first floor.

Both of them ate so many delicious foods until their stomach bulged a bit and went back into her room after that.

Like always, Yaya went straight to bed after entering the bedroom.

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips twitched as she thought: 'This little one is really like to sleep, but strangely she hates to be stored inside the system's storage, even though she can sleep as long as she wants in there. Maybe there is no soft bed in there? But she can sleep in the library's table comfortably before!'

Tang Li Xue also decided to let her perfect copy rest for today since she could feel that her perfect copy was still exhausted because she pulled all-nighters to inscribe many talismans yesterday.

'Okay, I have 250 skill points right now after completing the quest today! Let's see if I can merge several skills and make something like [Innate: Spirit] to strengthen my [Spirit Perception]!' Tang Li Xue thought while opening her skill list window in her system.


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