Reincarnated As a Fox With System
190 Chapter 190: Battle Conclusion! 2
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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190 Chapter 190: Battle Conclusion! 2

Hei Yinghao felt really wronged by Tang Li Xue's question, so he immediately explained everything to her.

"Xue, this is not my fault! I already tried to help, but that cold girl said she did not need my help, and I should go to help you instead!" Hei Yinghao pursed his lips.

"Oh, so she also wants to fight one on one battle? Let's go and watch their battle!" Tang Li Xue smiled and ran excitedly to observe Bing Yi's match.




When Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao arrived, Bing Yi's battle with the curly brown-haired girl already reached the peak.

Both of them still uninjured, but Bing Yi's breath already turned heavy while the curly brown-haired girl was still calm as usual with a gentle smile on her face.

It was clear that the curly brown-haired girl held a huge advantage in this kind of environment.

The result would certainly be different if they fought on the mountain peak full of snow or in the cold environment full of ice.

The curly brown-haired girl peeked at Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao who stood a bit far away from them and sighed in resignation.

"It seems my class has lost this time." The curly brown-haired girl murmured in a sad tone.

"All of my teammates have won so it's my turn now. Be careful... This time I will go all out!" Bing Yi's eyes shone with resolve as she warned the curly brown-haired girl.

"Come, icy sister! Let's finish this now!" The curly brown-haired girl stomped her feet onto the ground.


A giant stone dragon's head rose from the ground and pounced toward Bing Yi!

Bing Yi raised both of her hands toward the giant stone dragon's head and shot out her [Freezing Field].

 But different from her usual version which freezing her surrounding, this version only blasted the freezing aura onto one direction!

The freezing aura became more condensed and the freezing power also multiplied by several folds!

The giant stone dragon's head was frozen in an instant. It shattered into countless crystal dust when it dropped onto the ground.

"Not yet! Again!" The curly brown-haired girl refused to give up as she shouted and stomped her feet onto the ground a few times.

This time she summoned out the three giant stone dragons at once!

The three giant stone dragons opened its jaws full of sharp fangs and jumped to Bing Yi at once!

Bing Yi did not even have any time to dodge before the three giant stone dragons bit her body.

"Ice Girl!" Hei Yinghao shouted anxiously. He wanted to dash toward Bing Yi and save her but Tang Li Xue's copy immediately stopped him.

"Don't worry, she is alright. But it seems the winner of this battle has already been decided!" Tang Li Xue's copy giggled in amusement.


Bing Yi's figure shattered into countless pieces the moment the three giant stone dragons closed its sharp jaws.

"She shattered into pieces?" Hei Yinghao rubbed his eyes in surprise.

"What?! How could it be?! Ice mirror? Is that only an ice mirror?!" The curly brown-haired girl widened her eyes while kept mumbling in shock and disbelief.

Among all the people here, only Tang Li Xue and her copy did not be fooled by Bing Yi's trick. All of this was thanks to her [Spirit Perception] which could even detect everything clearly in this distance.

The curly brown-haired girl and Hei Yinghao should be able to sense it too if their distance was closer, but unfortunately, both of them failed to notice it since they stood a bit far away from Bing Yi now.

Of course, this trick could only work in this kind of fogged environment where they could not see everything clearly!

"Then where is she now?!" The curly brown-haired girl instantly woke up from her daze and raised her vigilance to the maximum.

She stomped her feet onto the ground and made the ground where she stood ascending higher and higher.

"It's already too late for you to run!"

The curly brown-haired girl heard Bing Yi's cold sound from above her head and tilted her head upward.

Bing Yi was already descending toward her and only a few meters away from her!

"Checkmate!" Bing Yi whispered to the curly brown-haired girl and activated her [Freezing Field] with all of her remaining stamina.

Many thoughts ran on the curly brown-haired girl's mind as her body covered by a thick layer of white frost.

'If only I dive down into the ground instead of ascending upward...'

'If only I stalling for more time until she is completely exhausted before knocking her out...'

'If only...'

Unfortunately, there was no 'if' in true battle!

Winner and loser could be decided only in a single moment. It only took one single mistake to ruin everything.

In fact, the curly brown-haired girl was still very lucky since this was only a sparring match, and not a life or death battle, if not she would have been killed by Bing Yi.

Bing Yi used both of her hands to cover her head before she crashed onto the ground, but Tang Li Xue already used the giant icy blue sword to caught Bing Yi in mid-air before it happens.

The icy energy in the giant icy blue sword nourished the exhausted Bing Yi instead of freezing her made Bing Yi felt extremely comfortable now.

"Inspector Class Team Wins!" The faceless referee's sound echoed through the entire fogged forest.


[Quest Completed!]

[Gained: Level +3(+1), Stat Point+45(+11), Skill Point+9(+2), 150(+38) Deity Coins]

[Evaluation: Perfect] [Added Additional Reward: 50 Skill Points]


[Congratulation! You have achieved level 2! Stat Point +100, Skill Point +15]

[Congratulation! You have achieved level 3! Stat Point +100, Skill Point +15]

[Congratulation! You have achieved level 4! Stat Point +100, Skill Point +15]

[Congratulation! You have achieved level 5! Stat Point +100, Skill Point +15]

'Phew... This quest is finally completed! Now I just need to wait for the challenge from that Mogui and trigger another quest! After I defeat that Mogui, my level would certainly skyrocketing once more! Hehehe...' Tang Li Xue sighed in relief and giggled happily.


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