Reincarnated As a Fox With System
189 Chapter 189: Battle Conclusion! 1
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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189 Chapter 189: Battle Conclusion! 1

In the end, Hei Yinghao decided to watch over Tang Li Xue from afar, so he could immediately help her if her situation turned unfavorable later.

But Tang Li Xue clearly did not need any help right now since all of the short black-haired girl's attacks were not strong enough to break her defense.

'I am getting bored with this game. Let's just end this now!' The real Tang Li Xue yawned as she stood behind her perfect copy with her [Ethereal Form] kept activating.

"You are not bad but I have an appointment after this so... I am sorry but I am going to end this!" Tang Li Xue's copy said to the short black-haired girl.

The short black-haired girl only chuckled when she heard Tang Li Xue's words and she replied: "If you really have a way to defeat me, why you must wait until now? It is futile to bluff me. You can't make me anxious with just your words alone."

The short black-haired girl still believed that Tang Li Xue did not have any way to defeat her and thought the only way for them to decide the winner of this battle of attraction was to compare their patience and stamina.

Tang Li Xue's pinkish lips curved upward, forming a mesmerizing confidence smile that could make countless flowers lost its colors. Unfortunately, no one could appreciate it since it was hidden behind the fox mask.

"Then, let's see if you can handle this!" Tang Li Xue's copy dispersed the crystal blue box made from [Glacial Barrier] that covered her.

The short black-haired girl started to frown but she would not miss this chance so she immediately condensed two [Glacial Barriers] to attack Tang Li Xue's copy from two different directions.

Tang Li Xue's copy did not bother to summon out any [Glacial Barrier] to defend herself. She only raised one of her hands to the sky and...

[Glacial Barrier]... plus... [Energy manipulation]!!!

The icy energy, which should be condensed into a wall but under the effect of [Energy manipulation], it actually did not form a wall right now!

More than twenty meters tall icy blue sword was floating above Tang Li Xue's copy!

Tang Li Xue's copy expended more than half of her energies in creating this giant sword and even used [Glacial Barrier] to make it have the freezing effect.

Tang Li Xue's copy waved her hand and the twenty meters tall icy blue sword started to spin around Tang Li Xue.

The two [Glacial Barriers] which almost clamped her was cut in two so easily by the giant icy blue sword like two pieces of thin papers.

The short black-haired girl dropped her jaw in shock and disbelief when she saw how easy Tang Li Xue's sword cleaved her [Glacial Barrier].

"I hope your box there is more durable than this because if not, this sword of mine will certainly split you in two!" Tang Li Xue's copy warned while waved her hand toward the direction where the short black-haired girl's stood.

The short black-haired girl woke up from her daze and immediately clapped her hand. The blue crystal box which encased her became even thicker and thicker because the short black-haired girl quickly put several layers of [Gracial Barriers] on top of it!

The twenty meters giant icy blue sword flew from above with lightning speed leaving the icy blue trail on its path!

It slashed toward the short black-haired girl's blue crystal box like a giant guillotine blade, ready to cleaving the short black-haired girl in two!

The short black-haired girl already made more than ten layers of blue crystal box from [Glacial Barrier] in an instant to protect her.

Unfortunately, all of those [Glacial Barriers] was clearly not enough since Tang Li Xue's giant icy blue sword cut through them like a piece of tofu!

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" The short black-haired girl could only scream in fear and horror when Tang Li Xue's giant icy blue sword broke her final [Glacial Barrier] and finally reached her head!


The real Tang Li Xue actually already moved near the short black-haired girl and ready to save the short black-haired girl at the last moment. However, the real Tang Li Xue saw a thin layer of transparent barrier already protecting the girl, so she decided to not make any move.

The giant icy blue sword crashed hard onto the short black-haired girl's head!

Even the strong transparent barrier was rippling for a few moments after that violent crash, but the transparent barrier did not show any sign of crack at all, proofing how durable it was.

The short black-haired girl's body smashed violently deep onto the ground as if a tough nail met with a giant hammer instead of the giant sword.

Although the strong transparent barrier protected the short black-haired girl at the last moment, but the shockwave from that powerful strike still managed to hurt her internal organs and broke many of her bones.

Currently, the short black-haired girl planted deep onto the ground and fell unconscious.

'It's stronger than I expected! So I can combine any effect I want into this [Energy Manipulation]... Wait a minute! If I combine my Flame of Pride's extremely hot temperature effect with this [Energy Manipulation], the power will surely greater than this! Uwehehehe... I can't wait to try it!' Tang Li Xue grinned slyly.

Tang Li Xue could disperse anything she created with [Energy Manipulation] after the battle has ended, but it did not mean the energy she used will come back to her. The energy which she used to make that creation will also disperse along with it.

So Tang Li Xue did not let her copy to disperse the giant icy blue sword yet because they still have one enemy to defeat.

The real Tang Li Xue still in [Ethereal Form] while the giant icy blue sword kept floating above Tang Li Xue's copy and both of them sprinted toward where Bing Yi fought, but she met with Hei Yinghao on her way there.

Why are you still here watching my battle? Didn't I say you can help Bing Yi first?" Tang Li Xue's copy asked Hei Yinghao with a tone full of displeasing.


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