Reincarnated As a Fox With System
187 Chapter 187: Battle of Attrition! 1
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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187 Chapter 187: Battle of Attrition! 1

Tang Li Xue gathered all of her [Shadow Clones] including her perfect copy from [Twin Moons] divine ability.

More than twenty of her [Shadow Clones] charged toward the short black-haired girl at the same time.


But almost all of them stomped flat by the giant blue crystal barrier!


Most of Tang Li Xue's [Shadow Clones] dispersed back into white smoke, and it only took one attack from the short black-haired girl to do that!

'What the hell! This girl can even use her barrier-type divine ability like that?! What an annoying divine ability! Let's see if I can pass through it with my [Ethereal Form]!' Tang Li Xue silently activated her [Ethereal Form], and her slender figure vanished into thin air.

Tang Li Xue's perfect copy also activated her [Ethereal Form], and her figure turned transparent.

She ordered the remaining of her [Shadow Clones] to pounce toward the short black-haired girl, while she and her perfect copy stealthy approached the short black-haired girl from two different directions.

"It's futile. If you want to defeat me, you have to fight me directly with all of your power! Such a sneaky way is useless against me!" The short black-haired girl said with the cold monotonous tone.

The short black-haired girl clapped her hands, and her figure instantly encased in the big crystal blue box protecting her from any threat and harm!

Tang Li Xue's copy charged toward the big crystal blue box with her [Ethereal Form] kept activating but...


Tang Li Xue's copy actually failed to pass through the blue crystal barrier even with her [Ethereal Form]!

'Dammit! Her barrier is actually condensed from the ice elemental energy!' Tang Li Xue halted her step and stopped charging recklessly toward the big crystal blue box since she already knew her [Ethereal Form] could not pass this black short-haired girl's barrier.

'Come to think of it... why am I not copy her divine ability first to understand its effect before charging recklessly toward her like this?!' Tang Li Xue shook her head and felt that what she did just now was a bit ridiculous.

The short black-haired girl's lips curved upward when Tang Li Xue's copy crashed onto her blue barrier, and Tang Li Xue copy's [Ethereal Form] also automatically got canceled.

The gelid energy from the crystal blue barrier started to invade the copy's body. Her body was frozen solid as the thick layer of frost covered every inch of her white skin.

"This is over!" The short black-haired girl clapped her hands again, and two crystal blue barriers appeared on the copy's right and left side in an instant.

The two crystal blue barriers moved toward Tang Li Xue's frozen copy with amazing speed from the opposite directions and sandwiched her in the middle.


The short black-haired girl widened her eyes in surprise when she saw another two crystal blue barriers were protecting the Tang Li Xue's frozen copy from both sides and stopped the short black-haired girl's attacks!

Copy Start!

Name: Glacial Barrier

Type: Divine Ability

Copy Completed!

Tang Li Xue peeked at her system log for a moment to confirm the effect of the short black-haired girl's divine ability.

'[Glacial Barrier]... So it really is made from the condensation of ice elemental energy! Tsk, what a troublesome divine ability! This ability is almost identical to Bing Yi's [Freezing Field] but with solid form. The ice elemental energy contains inside this [Glacial Barrier] is also higher than Bing Yi's [Freezing Field], since it condenses into solid form rather than remain as freezing aura.' Tang Li Xue clicked her tongue in annoyance while canceled her [Twin Moons] divine ability.

But Tang Li Xue immediately activated her [Twin Moons] divine ability again and summoned out her copy in front of her.

It would take a few minutes for her perfect copy to recover from that frozen state, so resummoned it like this will be faster than just waiting for her to recover by herself.

"I am really surprised that you can really copy all kinds of different divine abilities. But it doesn't mean anything if you cannot use my [Glacial Barrier] divine ability better than me!" The short black-haired girl shouted to Tang Li Xue and clapped her hands once again.

"We will see about that!" Tang Li Xue's copy giggled with her melodious pleasant voice and clapped her hands too.

The short black-haired girl condensed a big [Glacial Barrier] above Tang Li Xue's copy and stomped down mercilessly!

However, Tang Li Xue's copy already encased herself in the big crystal blue box made from her own [Glacial Barrier], so the short black-haired girl's attack could no longer harm her!

The short black-haired girl's expression turned solemn when she realized that Tang Li Xue's control over the [Glacial Barrier] divine ability was not much worse than herself.

"Now I know why our little puppy is going as far as employing such a dangerous strategy like 'sacrificing the rook to takedown the queen'. You are really a fearsome opponent." The short black-haired girl said to Tang Li Xue with a tone full of admiration. 

"It applies to both of us. You are a fearsome opponent to me too." Tang Li Xue's copy replied back.




"Hello, icy sister!" The curly brown-haired girl smiled cheerfully at Bing Yi.

"So, it's you." Bing Yi said with a cold tone.

"I have already long wanted to fight against icy sister alone one on one since we met face to face in the second trial at the black-clothed men's encampment! Finally, my wish will be fulfilled now!" The curly brown-haired girl smiled even more brightly.

"Stop talking, and let's be quick! I still have to assist Little Xue and Silly Hei!" Bing Yi sprinted to the curly brown-haired girl while kept increasing her [Freezing Field] output and made everything in her surroundings covered by the thick layer of white frost.

The curly brown-haired girl giggled and waved her palm as if she ordered the earth itself to attack Bing Yi!


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